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Is anyone else confused as to why Peters bedroom looks so completely different in that clip than it did in Civil War? It’s bothering me a lot more than it should be


warning: smut!

pairing: tom holland x reader

words: 1,452

a/n: first smut so bare with me! (and let me know what you think 🙈)


“Thomas,” you whisper shouted at the feeling of his hand ghosting the inside of your thigh. You glanced over at your boyfriend who, along with several other friends, listened intently to Harrison’s story.

“Hm?” He hummed, glancing back at you with a smirk.

You were relieved to notice that no one was paying attention to the two of you. You took a deep breath, cleared your throat, focused back on Harrison.

Within seconds, Tom’s hand slid further up your thigh. Your stomach did flips as you nearly choked on your drink.

“Tom,” you whispered again. “Please.”

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Title: Warm Hands

It’s this time time of the month again and Y/N has to deal with even more pressure and emotional breakdowns. But fortunately, her roommate Tom knows how to cheer her up.

Words: ~ 1900

A/N: Finally, I’m able to upload again. I’m so sorry for being so inactive lately but I guess you know how school just takes over your life… I hope I can brighten up you day with this imagine! :)


I had been crying my eyes out for a whole hour and had eaten a total of 2 and a half bars of choclate when I heard the key turn in the lock.
I lived in a flat with the two boys I loved the most: my brother Harrison and his best friend (and my crush) Tom. One of these young men - or both - were about to be received by a miserable me, lazily laying on my side on the couch and trying to drown in my self-pity. And I didn’t even bother to look a bit more decent.

“Someone home?”, Tom’s voice halled trough the flat and I cursed under my breath. Of course it had to be him. Harrison had seen me likes this over a million times, which is something a brother simply achieves after a couple of years. But Tom… ugh, my crush didn’t need to see this.

I thought about answering but decided against it - my words would’ve come out as incomprehensible sniffs anyway.
“Oh my god, Y/N, are you okay?, Tom swiftly made his way over to me, kneeling on the ground to be on eyelevel with me. “Um, NO!? Look at me!”, I said loudly, scoffing at the question he obviously shouldn’t have asked. He jumped at my sudden outburst and his beautiful eyes widened in shock. “Sorry. I’m so sorry. I just…”, Tom replied quickly and his expression softened before I snuggled my face into the pillow. “Can I…. do you want anything?”, he asked hesitantly and turned my head to look at him, a cute little smile on his face. I blushed, seeing this gorgeous boy offering his help and I nodded. “Can you get me another choclate bar?”, I replied quietly, putting on my puppy face before his smile widened. “Of course I can.”, he rubs his hand over my arm briefly before standing up and going over to the ‘Cubboard of Necessities for Life’ or whatever Tom always called it.

Another wave of tears rushed over me when I realised what I had done. A sniff escaped my lips after Tom turned around, his smile vanishing when he saw me crying. “No, love, stop crying… what’s wrong?”
“I h-hate myself. I’m s-so s-stupid…”, I sniff with tears running down my cheek, “I’m not even capable of getting chocolate myself.”
“No, don’t say that, love.”, Tom placed the choclate bar on the table before he sat down on the edge of the couch, his hand brushing over my arm again. I dared to look up into his eyes, my cheeks instantly blushing at his concern for me. “But I am. I’m stupid. I have so much work to do. And it’s just so much and I’m stupid because I can’t get on with it. And now I’m crying in front of you, which is stupid because I don’t want you to see how ugly I actually am. And I really-”, I rambled until Tom’s pointer finger pressed slightly against my lips, silencing me in a millisecond.

“You’re the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, you hear me?”, he chuckled softly and my heart refused to beat anymore. A smile formed on my lips before my eyes teared up again, my red cheeks heating up.
“You’re so perfect, Tom. I don’t even deserve you.”, I cried, hiding my face in the pillow.
I heard Tom chuckle before his hands brushed up to my shoulder and then to my face to put some strands behind my ear, his fingertips brushing over my cheeks. Feeling the shiver run down my spine, I bit my lower lip to hide a dorky smile while my heartbeat increased.

“Can you move?”, Tom wanted to know, “I think you need some cuddles.”
With a slight nod I moved over, so that Tom could lay next to me, his arm sneaking under my head while his other arm was lazily wrapped around my waist. It was a very small couch and Tom laid on his back, letting me almost no space but I wasn’t complaining at all. Instead I let out a satisfied sigh when my relaxed body snuggled into his side. After a few moments of silence I could litarlly feel my brain go mushy due to him stroking my back.

“I’m sorry you have to endure this, Tom.”, I apologised before pausing a moment, “It’s just… I’m on my period.”
“I know.”, he breathed, squeezing me briefly, “Don’t worry about it.”
I felt his hand leaving my back, brushing over my sides before he sneaked his hand under my shirt, causing me to tense up and squeak in surprise. “Relax, love.”, he whispered in my ear before his unusually warm hand stayed on my lower abdomen. My body caught fire or so it felt and I pressed my face against his collar bone to hide blush from him while his thumb brushed over my skin. I couldn’t help but hum at his satisfying gesture that loosened the tension in my stomach a bit and I hesitantly wrapped my leg over his to get into a more comfortable position.

We had never been this intimate before and I loved how all of this was making me feel. I closed my eyes to concentrate on my other senses, his intoxicating smell surrounding me and his touch making my flesh crawl. We stayed like this for at least twenty minutes with no need for any words. The choclate bar on the table was long forgotten. Chests lifting and falling, the only sound breaking the silence were the few times one of us swallowed. “You’re hands are always cold.”, I stated quietly and he only nodded in agreement, “But they’re really hot today.”
“I guess they finally fit the rest of my body, don’t they?”, Tom chuckled and I only let out a brief laughter, not wanting to agree or disagree. “Maybe it’s because of you.”, he spoke out his thoughts and I slightly laid my head back in my neck to look at him.

He had a nervous smile on his lips and his brown eyes looked at me so softly, his pupils dilating. I held my breath as our stare intensified and I could feel the urge to kiss him building up inside me like so many times before.
A strand of his brown curls fell on his forehead when he slightly moved his head closer to me, our lips being about an inch apart. His warm breath hit my lips and I closed my eyes when our noses brushed together. My tongue darted over my lips, wetting them slightly before I dared to move a bit closer. The tension between us rose and my heart jumped to my throat when his lips brushed against mine, barely even touching them.

One little move later, our lips were pressed together and my hand left its place on his chest and went up to his neck to pull him a bit closer. A hum left my throat when Tom moved his lips and then stayed still again, electricity shooting through my veins. My fingertips brushed through the curls in the back of his neck before I moved my lips slowly and Tom moaned quietly and exhaled deeply. His thumb pressed into my hot skin firmly before his hand left my abdomen, hovering over my sides before stroking my back.
His arm under my head moved before he supported his weight with his forearm, slightly leaning over me and tilting his head to deepen the kiss.

Our lips moved so slowly together and his scent around me was sending me to heaven. This was by far the slowest but yet the most passionate kiss I’d ever had and my brain was still trying to process what was happening but it was too focused on not fucking this up.
I felt a few of his strands fall on my forehead, tickling my skin and making me smile into the kiss before he pulled back, our lips smacking quietly.

I let out a shaky breath when I opened my eyes, his face still being so close to mine and a gorgeous smile formed on his lips. With his eyes not even fully opened, he brushed his nose against mine and his heavy breathing was interrupted when he swallowed. “I’m in love with you.”, Tom whispered, his lips brushing over mine while he spoke and I blushed, a soft chuckle escaping my smiling lips. Not giving me a chance to answer him, his lips were on mine again after he tilted his head. He kissed me in the same slow pace as before but this time I felt his tongue grazing over my lips, begging for entrance. I moaned into the kiss when our tongues met and his hand started to wander back to my abdomen, rubbing it slowly. I moaned again, the feeling of our tongues dancing making me my skin tingle. “You taste like choclate.”, he mumbled against my lips and I chuckled before he pressed his lips on mine again. “That’s just the taste of misery.”, I managed to say and Tom pulled back now, shaking his head with a laughter.

He lets himself fall on his back again, his arms pulling me into his side before I snuggled my face into the crook of his neck. “I’m in love with you, too, by the way.”, I pressed a kiss on his collar bone and he chuckled softly, “I know.”
“How?”, my eyes widened at his statement, I had always been so careful when it came to my feelings for him. “You let me kiss you.”, he replied simply and I nodded slightly.

Silence filled the room after a yawn had left my lips and I closed my eyes, enjoying Tom’s embrace and his radiating warmth. The feeling of safety and Tom’s steady breathing helped me doze off pretty quickly. I completely lost the track of time and honestly, I couldn’t care less. After a couple of minutes I finally fell asleep in the arms of the boy I’ve been crushing on for so long.

“Oh, what to we have here?”, Harrison’s voice woke me up but I only snuggled closer Tom, not caring about my brother seeing us like this. He would’ve found out someday anyway.
“Would you lower your voice? She’s asleep.”, Tom mumbled tiredly and I assumed he had been sleeping as well. Or at least he had almost been asleep. “Too late now.”, I yawned, sitting up and strechting my arms. I felt Tom’s eyes stare into my back and I turned around only to see this tired but yet loving expression on his face.

“I knew you got the hots for her but I didn’t think my little sister would be into you.”, Harrison laughed before letting himself fall onto the little space left on the couch.
“Well, he takes better care of me than you do.”, I smirked, raising my eyebrows cockily and Tom chuckled at this. “Pff, he does not.”, Harrison crossed his arms, playfully rolling his eyes.

“Oh, and I only approve of this”, he motioned between me and Tom, “as long as you guys don’t mess with my sleeping schedule.”

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problematic fave yet again

Slytherin!Tom AU - Epilogue

One | Two | Three | Four

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*Note: this is SUPER cheesy and SUPER fluffly like it’s so gross i love myself read at ur own risk xoxo. also i loved writing this series. hope u all enjoyed it as much as i did :’)

“Okay class, that concludes today’s lesson.” I sighed in relief, feeling the weight of Creatures Care stress being lifted off me as I packed my bag.

“Eager to leave, are we?” I smiled at the familiar voice, not having to look up to see who it was. “You seem to be in some sort of – rush? Off to somewhere, Hufflepuff?” I repressed my giddy laugh, slinging my bag over my shoulder as I turned around, seeing a small bouquet of Petunias covering my favorite face.

“As beautiful as these are,” I said, bringing my hand up to take them, moving them out of the way, “I much rather prefer the face behind them.” I smiled, leaning in, smiling when Tom’s hand came up to cup my cheek and hold me in place as he kissed me.

“Yes, I’m sure you do, darling,” he pulled away, pecking me once more before pulling away completely, “but, I did promise you Petunias everyday – and I’m nothing if not a man of my word.” I rolled my eyes at him, wrapping my arm around his waist while I held the bouquet in my other hand, leaning into him when I felt his arm wrap around my shoulders as we walked out into the beautiful spring air of Hogwarts, the feeling of the weekend settling in.

After mine and Tom’s moment in front of Hagrid’s home, we had gone on a few disastrous dates – Tom had tried to impress me once with a charm, only to have it turn our food into something non-edible. He fractured his arm another time, and almost gave me a concussion a different date. He almost threw in the towel, saying he was too much of a danger to be around me. I offered to plan the next date – we ended up going to Hogsmeade, drinking a couple of butterbeers and talking for a few hours. After that, Tom’s first-date jitters seemed to have disappeared, because we’ve been on several other dates afterward, accident-free.

“Nicholas invited us to his game tonight – but he’s got food poisoning. So, he most likely won’t be playing.” I scoffed, shaking my head.

“Nicholas? Not playing? Doubtful.” Tom laughed, nodding in agreement. “I’ll send him my best wishes – but, I do not want to see him projectile all over the field.”

“I was hoping you’d say no.”

“Why?” I lifted the Petunias, smiling as I brought them up to my nose, sniffing them.

“I’ve got somewhere I’d like to show you.” I plucked one off, lifting it to place it behind Tom’s ear.

“Oh? What is it?” He shook his head, allowing me to place the flower on him and also allowing me to fix his hair around it.

“You’ll have to wait – until tonight, Hufflepuff.” He leaned down, kissing me softly and walking the opposite direction, the flower still tucked safely behind his ear.

“Until tonight, Slytherin.”

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A Little Something More

Summary / Request: ‘Hi👋 can you do a Tom holland x reader. Where the reader is apart of the cast of spiderman (reader could be love interest) and during filing and press tour they fall in love😍 I just need some Tom fluff BTW I LOVE YOUR WRITING 💕 / When the line between friends and something gets smudged, lies the three moments in time where the relationship between Tom and Y/N gets a little more defined.

Warnings: cursing

fluff / Gender Neutral reader

requested: anon

Word count: 1550

Originally posted by marvelgifs

               Tom Holland and Y/N Y/L/N, More Than an Onscreen Romance?

               Tom Holland and Co-Star Y/N Y/L/N Caught on a Date in Atlanta

“Are you sure aren’t a thing yet?” Alex, Y/N’s visiting best friend, asks once they enter the trailer.

“No I swear. We just happen to be really good friends thank you very much,” Y/N says taking a spot on the couch, “as much as I would want to date him, it wouldn’t be professional.”

“Good friends my ass, I’ve seen the way he looks at you and it’s more than just an act. Co-stars date all the time. Look at Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. I could keep going,” Alex lists, “and since when have you been all professional, I remember when you told me that you showed up hungover to work.”

“That was one time! I was young-,”

“That was last month.”

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Comfort - Tom Holland

Word Count: 770

Warning: light swearing, mentions of bullying

Summary: Your relationship with Tom goes public after pictures of you both kissing leak and Tom comforts you.

A/N: This is for the amazing @babyparker . After seeing that adorable picture of Tom and Tessa she needed some cuddly!tom, I just had to write this cuddle filled fic for her ♥ it’s also very short but cute :)

You woke up to Tom leaving small kisses on your shoulder as you both laid on the couch. The both of you had off work today and decided to make it a lazy day. Nuzzling deeper into his sweater you smiled wider with each small peck he left on you. He played with a few strands of your hair, twirling them around his fingers. The mid afternoon sun peeked through the windows and the apartment was silent. Just how you liked it. You lifted your face from his chest and watched him contently. The two of you sat this way for a while until your phone began to ding repeatedly.

Tom leaned forward, grabbed it off the round coffee table and handed it to you. You thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and a grin. He smirked and laid back on the sofa closing his eyes. But your grin soon faded as you saw your notifications blowing up with messages about Tom and your relationship.

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