i needed some new music

Hello! I’m Spencer. It’s been awhile since I’ve submitted. I’m a 22 year old fumbling through life the best I can. I'mma pretty big nerd when it comes to nature and science and can talk about animals all day. Tell me your favorite band and a song to check out by them cause I need some new music to listen to. :)
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Shuffle Tag~

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  1. VIXX LR - Beautiful Liar
  2. Ravi - Where Should I Go
  3. B1A4 - Lonely
  4. Mew - My Complications
  5. VIXX - Say U Say Me
  6. Beast - History
  7. 2PM - I’m Your Man
  8. VIXX - Love Letter
  9. 2AM - 向我走來 
  10. MBLAQ - Rust (unplugged version)

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Neck Deep - Lime St. (Cover)

i need neck deep to put out some new music so i don’t have to keep covering LNOTGY. i just want new music already. 

anonymous asked:

what're your favorite songs?? i need new music!!

ooooo here are some of my favorite songs of all time!

  • milk by the 1975
  • jupiter by sleeping at last
  • half the world away by aurora
  • dreams by fleetwood mac
  • fallingforyou by the 1975
  • piledriver waltz by arctic monkeys
  • he can only hold her by amy winehouse
  • blue velvet by lana del rey
  • taxi cab by vampire weekend
  • through the eyes of a child by aurora

overalls  asked:

hey z this is random But, do u have any music recommendations? I need some new stuff 2 listen 2

hmm I’ve been getting into phantom pop,

the regrettes,

kevin abstract (hes a rapper so idk if u listen to that but his album american boyfriend is,,, iconic)

the album extraordinary machine by fiona apple is one of my favs of all time and i feel like u would really appreciate it tbh,

the soundtrack for the get down is !! really good, 

sister rosetta tarp made music in the 1930s but i love her,

denim blue and miclain keith are,, one of my fav bands of all time check them out,

cardboard kids are Kool,

empty disco is really cute and gay,

mallrat is gr8,


on guard is a small band from my home town and they have an ep on spotify and I’m really liking them,

willow smiths album is so good omg,

and u probably know her but I’m really into zella days album atm