i needed some new music

Artist and Music Suggestions?

I need some new artist and music to listen to. Like r&b and vibing type music and I like rap to but not no hard shit.

Artist Such As :

-BOOGIE (Not A Boogie With The Hoodie)
- FKA Twigs
-Daniel Caesar
-Kodi Shane
-Frank Ocean
-Childish Gambino
- The Internet
- Yuna
- SPZRKT & Sango

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you should look up Cherri Bomb, they were an all girl punk group (they aren't together any more). too many faces and the pretender (a foo fighters cover) are great. Hey Violet is the current version of the band but with some guys in it also and a different genre

Thank you anon!!! I’m going to round up the suggestions thus far here, with thanks to you, first anon, @anemonensblog​, @candybarrnerd​, @frecklebombfic, and @serpensthesia​! I listened to whatever was on youtube first unless y’all mentioned specific songs, and linked to those, and I added some of my own. These were all so good??? There was not one thing I hated and it was really nice to listen to so many women’s voices and discover some new things??? You are all wonderful humans thank you!!

 Women Who Rock (for when certain pop star type men…do not)

you know what i truly need right now? the killers’ new music, not because i’m some desperate victim, but because i truly need something that make my heart warm and less sad.

Fannibals I need your help! Send in your Hannigram song rec NOW

Your music? Yes, your music. What song is the Hannigram anthem of your heart? 

There’s a singing contest coming up in early April! 

I was the champion&runner-up of the last two seasons, and this will be my last time competing/the outcome(whether or not I win) really doesn’t matter to me anymore, so I want to do something different.

The problem is, I have literally zero, I repeat, zero fucking idea about what I should sing for the final. Every song that I used to like just doesn’t feel right, and I have no new ones coming in. No inspirations. I have lost the motivation and the passion for performing those talent-show-ish songs I’d performed a thousand times on stage before but never really liked. So, as I have recently mastered the beautiful art of having no fucks to give, I, a person with no fucks to give, have officially lost the last fuck to give.

I’m turning this into a Hannigram tribute.

Yes, you read that right. I’m going to dedicate a lovesong to this beautiful ship and perform it right in front of 1000+ people that probably all hate me with a burning passion and are all desperately hoping to see me fail. I don’t give a flying fuck about whether or not the song suit my style, my voice, my stage presence, is it suitable for singing live, or am I even allowed to sing it. (however, I do need to be ABLE to sing it, so please, don’t give me those diva songs with insanely high notes/ it will need to at least have a existing karaoke track on YouTube, but if it doesn’t, send it in anyway I need some new music to listen to )

So, drop your hannigram song rec(request) in the askbox right now! I will listen to all of them and reply every one of the asks with the one part of the lyrics that I like best!

And the genre? 

I don’t care. Rock, pop, country, ballad, electronic, experimental, broadway, folk, metal, SCREAMO… Everything. 

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Thank you, my dearest Hannibal family. You are all the best. As always… Stay dark, and stay sophisticated! (I apologize I will see myself out)   

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hi friend! what would be some good songs you recommend? i need new music and i feel like you would know some good tunes

this has always been one of my favorites:

@wirtish tagged me to list ten songs you’re vibing on and tag ten mutuals. thanks!!

  1. sleepover (hayley kiyoko)
  2. fine on the outside (priscilla ahn)
  3. buzzcut season (lorde)
  4. cheerleader (st vincent)
  5. sleep awake (mother mother)
  6. seaside town (baths)
  7. let it go (meiko)
  8. us (regina spektor)
  9. run the heart (sleigh bells)
  10. san francisco (the mowgli’s)

i tag @gaymaul @yaddle @softwedge @galakticrebel @roguejedis @yearofthebunny @gemrys @bottomskywalker @lesbianrey @kellytran

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top ten songs/music artists you are loving rn? I am so in love with your blog!!

aw thank you luv! the stuff i’ve been listening to rn is

roger miller / lake

theme for a taiwanese woman in green / devendra banhart

løb stop stå / boom clap bachelors 

staying / many voices speak

plastic / moses sumney

tooi ongaku / zabadak

sugar water / cibo matto

spice / ravyn lenae

submission / gorrilaz 

coconut kiss / niki & the dove

i also love vulfpeck, beirut, oh land, beach house, king krule, sade, big scary, bjork, agnes obel, kate bush, kimbra, sibylle baier, n much more!

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i need some new music to listen too, do you have any refs?

hell yeah

“fake happy” by paramore from after laughter

“coffee’s for closers” by fall out boy from folie à deux

“bittersweet” by panic! at the disco from vices & virtues

“one time” by marian hill from sway

“fireproof” by against the current from gravity

“heaven” by troye sivan ft. betty who from blue neighborhood

“planetary (go!)” by my chemical romance from danger days

“clumsy sky” by girl in a coma from both before i’m gone

and of course

“all star” by smash mouth from astro lounge

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help me i listened to 'the other side of paradise' by glass animals and the chorus sounds e x a c t l y like it could be about chuuya i'm dying, would definitely recommend it, good soukoku song 10/10

I looked at the lyrics and yeah you’re right! It really sounds like it could be about Chuuya ;; so sad!

Thanks for recommending, because I really need some new good music (do you know this feeling when you just can’t hear your current one anymore XD?)

Oh by the way! I also have a song which I really can recommend for Soukoku Playlists! It’s Escape the Fate - Breaking me down

A Court of Queens and Lords: Part 19

Sidenote: I bet you all thought I was gonna take another 2 months for the next chapter, well guess what, so did I. Also, please send me some song recs, I need new music to listen to (preferably in my asks in case anyone else needs new music recs).

Part 1-15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18

Part 19:

It was obvious, wasn’t it? There would be a sacrifice and the war would end. This wasn’t anything new.

Aelin knew she’d be the sacrifice, which reminded her that Rowan didn’t know, unless Manon had explained what had happened when they went into the mirror. Aelin knew this would be a long night, where she’d have to explain herself to Rowan.

She didn’t like keeping secrets from Rowan. It was extremely difficult to not tell him about herself. But it was all part of the plan. She supposed she could worry about that when she was alone with Rowan.

Right now, Aelin had to find out why her destiny was written out in some other world’s book. She observed the new faces, full of confusion and wonder.

“That sacrifice part. You shouldn’t worry about it, that part’s about me.” Aelin said. She felt Rowan tense up since she was still on his lap but he didn’t say anything. He knew.

“What makes you so sure?” Amren asked.

She would’ve been insulted at the fact she was being second-guessed and she would have  retorted, but even she restrained herself from talking back to Amren. Of course, she’d never admit that to anyone.

“In my world, well, I’m the sacrifice to save it.” She then explained her life story to them. Of course, she had to keep it short, but in the end they all understood. She didn’t know if they genuinely felt bad for her or if they were just tired. It had been a long day, and Aelin knew they were headed for a long night.

“That makes sense, but I can’t fathom why a book from our world would narrate your destiny.” Amren pointed out.

“If it’s destiny we’re talking about then the book must have known I’d somehow end up here.” Aelin countered.

“First of all, the book doesn’t know anything. It’s a book. Second, whoever wrote it could have easily written it for someone else.” Mor said.

“Yea, what makes you all think it’s about her. It was written ages ago.” Aedion agreed. Aelin knew he wanted it to be about someone else and it broke her heart.

“We’ll do everything we can to help you,” Feyre said. “It’s about time we started making our own decisions instead of some old riddle telling us what to do. I’m sick of it.” She really did sound tired of not just that, but of everything. Aelin knew how she felt. She too was sick of the endless worrying. It seemed their destiny was carved by people who didn’t care of the consequences, of the suffering they’d impose on them. When Aelin thought about it, Feyre and her had a lot in common. They both had the miserable luck of being chosen to save their worlds.

“I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do,” Aelin said, trying her hardest to not sound grim. Except maybe there was. Could she change her destiny? She hadn’t considered it, but everything was different now. If they won the war here, then maybe she didn’t need to banish Erawan with the other gods. She could find some other way with the help of Feyre and Rhys. They had greater power and maybe, just maybe, Rhys and Feyre could wipe out Erawan’s entire army. Was there such a thing? As going against the gods themselves? She didn’t know. And she knew the chances were slim, but deep down, she hoped she could.

“Fine. So maybe it is about the girl. Maybe it isn’t. We still have to figure out what it means either way. We need answers and we need them now. I’m still not finished with the book and the only useful thing I’ve gotten is that riddle.” Amren said.

“The Bone Carver,” Rhys suggested. “He’s the only thing we’ve got that might have the answers we need.”

“The Bone Carver it is,” said Aedion. “What is the Bone Carver?”

“You don’t want to know,” answered Cassian, as he shuddered.

Aelin didn’t know what the Bone Carver was either, but the point was that they would get answers from it. She had a hundred questions, the first one concerning her time in Prythian. It seemed simple. She could just go back to her own world and leave Maeve here. All she’d have to worry about was Erawan and the whole sacrifice thing.

But things were never that simple. If she didn’t help them, Maeve would win and surely one world wouldn’t be enough for her. She still had a key and that was enough to open portals to other worlds. She’d conquer Prythian and send them to war in Erilea. Even if she did sacrifice herself and Erawan was gone, she’d be leaving her friends and family to Maeve and that brute of a king.

But how long could she stay here with Erawan on the other side? Lysandra was still there. Evangeline, Emrys, people she cared about. And of course, Erilea as a whole. It was her destiny to save them all. To sacrifice herself for all of them.

But maybe Feyre was right. Maybe she could change her destiny. She had accepted her fate a while ago. But everything had changed. And she was not going down without a fight. And if she had to sacrifice herself in the end, she would. She knew it was idiotic to believe in another chance, in another way. But she at least had something to cling to, even if it was fake, even if it wasn’t true.

“I think we’re done here. We can’t come up with a solid plan if we don’t have enough information. Tomorrow we’ll go to the Bone Carver and devise a plan after. As for now, Feyre and I will show you to your rooms.”

Everyone got up from the dining table, elated that they’d finally get some rest. But Aelin knew that the night was just getting started and most would not be sleeping tonight, including her.

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I think this’ll be my last one because I’m running on fumes as far as artists go. I need to get some new stuff!
(Also some people submitted music notes to me instead of asking but those are weird for me to post so sorry id didn’t answer those)

Evelyn Evelyn - Evelyn Evelyn
BadBadNotGood - Triangle
PAPA - I Am The Lion King
Darwin Deez - Moonlit
Architecture In Helsinki - Neverevereverdid