i needed some new music


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤

Artist and Music Suggestions?

I need some new artist and music to listen to. Like r&b and vibing type music and I like rap to but not no hard shit.

Artist Such As :

-BOOGIE (Not A Boogie With The Hoodie)
- FKA Twigs
-Daniel Caesar
-Kodi Shane
-Frank Ocean
-Childish Gambino
- The Internet
- Yuna
- SPZRKT & Sango

Owl City asks

Dreaming: What is your favorite Owl City album?

Stars: What is your favorite Owl City song and why?

Fireflies: Which song was the first for you? Where did you hear it?

Sky: Which music video is your favorite?

Saltwater: Which artist that has featured on Adam’s songs is your favorite?

Cherry: What song by another artist that Adam has featured on is your favorite?

Wish: Which song is your least favorite?

Wonder: Which cover/demo/unreleased song is your favorite?

Glow: Which song written for a movie is your favorite?

Introvert: What is a notable tweet from Adam that you like?

Paint: Which cover art is your favorite?

Umbrella: Which song would you want to be your theme song? Why?

Fuzzy: Which song would you want a music video for?

Heart: What album is your go-to when you need it?

Deer: What would you want the next title track to be called?

Sailing: Which of Adam’s other projects is your favorite?

Duet: Who would you want to feature on a song?

Wings: What are your favorite lyrics?


tbh i need new music for my long ass flight next week aaaand blogs to follow so i’ll do blogrates for the first time and prob the last time ever? be warned this will take me like 7 days to accomplish but like.. i’ll do them. 


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i need some new friends

hmu if you like…

-drag queens

-“punk” music

-“alternative” music

-face off

-parks and rec

-the office

-law and order svu


-heathers (the musical and movie)

-house md


-buzzfeed unsolved

-bo burnham

-bobs burgers

-mr robot

-life is strange

-the walking dead game

anonymous asked:

you should look up Cherri Bomb, they were an all girl punk group (they aren't together any more). too many faces and the pretender (a foo fighters cover) are great. Hey Violet is the current version of the band but with some guys in it also and a different genre

Thank you anon!!! I’m going to round up the suggestions thus far here, with thanks to you, first anon, @anemonensblog​, @candybarrnerd​, @frecklebombfic, and @serpensthesia​! I listened to whatever was on youtube first unless y’all mentioned specific songs, and linked to those, and I added some of my own. These were all so good??? There was not one thing I hated and it was really nice to listen to so many women’s voices and discover some new things??? You are all wonderful humans thank you!!

 Women Who Rock (for when certain pop star type men…do not)

anonymous asked:

hi friend! what would be some good songs you recommend? i need new music and i feel like you would know some good tunes

this has always been one of my favorites:

Fannibals I need your help! Send in your Hannigram song rec NOW

Your music? Yes, your music. What song is the Hannigram anthem of your heart? 

There’s a singing contest coming up in early April! 

I was the champion&runner-up of the last two seasons, and this will be my last time competing/the outcome(whether or not I win) really doesn’t matter to me anymore, so I want to do something different.

The problem is, I have literally zero, I repeat, zero fucking idea about what I should sing for the final. Every song that I used to like just doesn’t feel right, and I have no new ones coming in. No inspirations. I have lost the motivation and the passion for performing those talent-show-ish songs I’d performed a thousand times on stage before but never really liked. So, as I have recently mastered the beautiful art of having no fucks to give, I, a person with no fucks to give, have officially lost the last fuck to give.

I’m turning this into a Hannigram tribute.

Yes, you read that right. I’m going to dedicate a lovesong to this beautiful ship and perform it right in front of 1000+ people that probably all hate me with a burning passion and are all desperately hoping to see me fail. I don’t give a flying fuck about whether or not the song suit my style, my voice, my stage presence, is it suitable for singing live, or am I even allowed to sing it. (however, I do need to be ABLE to sing it, so please, don’t give me those diva songs with insanely high notes/ it will need to at least have a existing karaoke track on YouTube, but if it doesn’t, send it in anyway I need some new music to listen to )

So, drop your hannigram song rec(request) in the askbox right now! I will listen to all of them and reply every one of the asks with the one part of the lyrics that I like best!

And the genre? 

I don’t care. Rock, pop, country, ballad, electronic, experimental, broadway, folk, metal, SCREAMO… Everything. 

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Thank you, my dearest Hannibal family. You are all the best. As always… Stay dark, and stay sophisticated! (I apologize I will see myself out)   

you know what i truly need right now? the killers’ new music, not because i’m some desperate victim, but because i truly need something that make my heart warm and less sad.

I need some new blogs to follow and people to chat with!!

Reblog or feel free to follow if you post/like any of the follow:
Theatre tech
Orange is The New Black
How I Met Your Mother
New Girl
Life in Pieces
This Is Us
The Office
(I really need to find some new TV Shows to watch)

Musicals I enjoy:
DWSA (and SA in general)
Anything Sondheim
The Great Comet
Fun Home
Catch Me if You Can
Bonnie & Clyde
Finding Neverland
Etc. (The list goes on and on, I can’t lost everything)

Very much looking for more Techies to follow and chat with!!