i needed money cause i had none


How Times Have Changed


4 Years Ago: 

As I shuffled behind Craig I wrote down everything he said, not wanting to mess up or make any mistakes on my first day. Occasionally he would stop at a table and explain the procedure of taking away dishes or ordering or even cleaning at the end of the night, everything didn’t seem as complex as I had always thought. Fighting back the nerves I took a look around the cafe, seeing it was only half full which calmed be slightly, slightly.

“So that’s the tour. Any questions?” He clapped his hands as he went back behind the counter and leant against the glass, I examined all the different cakes and pastries, seeing all the names and watching another staff member making various drinks within minutes. Re-reading my notes I shook my head and smiled to my new boss. “Right then,” He smiled and went out the back then returned with an apron, a pad of paper and a pen. “These,” He handed me the items. “are going to be your supplies, use them wisely.” I placed the pad and pen on the counter as I tied the apron around my waist, the white and teal stitching contrasting against my black top and jeans.”Welcome to Faunas.” He patted my back and left me to it, my first day of a part time job, can’t be that bad could it?

Not long after serving a few elderly ladies some tea and cakes I was getting the hang of it, making the drinks was a bit fiddly but the food was the easiest part. The bell rang signalling a new customer and I turned around to greet them but I paused as they sat down. “Y/n!” He happily yelled as I glared then finished handing the kind lady her scone before walking over to his table. 

“Don’t yell for me.” I angrily muttered to him as I sighed. “Please, it’s it’s my first day. I need the money.” I pleaded and he remained silent. Letting out a sigh of relief I removed the pad and pen ready to take his order. “So, what would it be Cal?” He pondered for a moment, glancing past me to see what items we had on display by the counter. 

He held this strange expression whilst he thought, his eyes squinted making his brown eyes less evident and a pout would form causing me to giggle to myself. “I’ll have your number.” He smirked causing me to hit him lightly with my pad of paper. 

Scoffing I waited for a serious response but none came, “In your dreams Hood. Now do you want anything or are you here to bug me?” I raised an eyebrow to him as he picked up his jacket and strolled out of the cafe. 

“Nice buns!” He yelled as the door shut, causing a blush to appear across my cheeks joined by a small laugh. 


For each saturday I worked Calum would always come in and order something, he wouldn’t do much for hours besides watching me work from table to table, he was relentless with wanting me to go out with him, asking for my phone number but I denied each time. I always used the same reason and that was merely because I wanted to have the upper hand, that and I didn’t need a distraction right now. 

This lasted for a solid two years but became less frequent as I started to take on more shifts when I could. Occasionally he and his band would come in and order quite a few cakes or get some lunch and make some comments on how good I looked or how Calum should speak louder and make eye contact when he talks to a waitress. Usually when this happens he would start to blush and make me giggle before walking away and serving other customers.

Except after a solid seven months of him coming in to see me he stopped, at first I thought nothing of it despite missing a pick me up on a Saturday that used to be a guarantee. Now I just did my job with less joy, I still tried to be cheerful for the customers but as the weeks passed by, I really started to miss him. 

I continued to work for another year or so, but most of the time I worked out back and made the cakes rather than being a waitress I became a pastry chef. After that year I had saved up enough to do what I wanted, I could finally go and travel. Having graduated this past month it left me with all this time and no real rush to go to a college or university, instead I could go escape this town for as long as I wish. 


“You ready to see her loverbird?” Luke nudged me as I tried to stop the shaking in my leg and the trembles in my feet. I shrugged it off and remained silent, thinking intently. 

“What if she doesn’t remember me? Or want to see me again?” I begin to list off a bunch of excuses not to go back to the cafe, it’s been three years now since I last saw her, since I saw her beautiful smile or those gorgeous eyes. How she lightly laughed at some poor jokes customers told and was so interested in their day. I just missed her.

Ashton popped his head around in confusion, “Oh yeah she sure isn’t going to remember Mr Calum Hood the now worldwide musician.” He joked and I raised my eyebrows. What if she didn’t like it? The idea of me being famous and all this change happening? 

“Look Cal,” Michael spoke up as he turned his head and peeped through the seats. “Y/n hasn’t seen you in years and who knows what’s happened to her. But it’s worth a shot at least otherwise you’ll regret it like not asking her out properly before we left or even said goodbye.” I felt a sinking feeling in my chest and lowered my head, just looking at my feet. 

“Nice one Mike.” Luke scoffed as he nudged me, “Just wait and see eh?” I simply nodded as we stopped. 

As I glanced out of the window there it was, the same cafe that caused a rush of nostalgia to hit me in the face. Memories played in my mind as we used to talk briefly or joke on Saturday mornings, of how I walked to the cafe the day we were leaving to say goodbye but didn’t have it in me. “Second chances are worth a shot.” I mumbled as I climbed out hearing the guys cheer me on as I opened the door to the cafe. 

One waitress spotted me walking in and sort of observed me, “Calum right?” She pointed to me as she pondered, I simply nodded. “Congrats by the way on all your success.” She smiled and I thanked her. 

“Does Y/n still work here?” I abruptly asked as she picked up a couple of plates from an empty table, pausing as she held onto a glass, hesitating to respond. 

“Oh Calum,” Her tone became less cheery, and I felt curious, a pit began to form in my stomach. “Y/n quit years ago. Went to travel the world, her mum comes in sometimes to tell us how she’s doing but it’s less frequent now.” I shifted on the spot as she explained. “I’m really sorry. If I had her number I’d give it to you but Craig was the last person to know her number.” She explained.

“Where’s Craig? Is he about?” I asked with a hint of hope, wanting to just speak to her wherever she may be. She lowered the glasses and I heard her sniff.

“Craig, well my Dad passed away last year.” I placed my hand on her shoulder and gave her a small smile which she returned before taking the dishes away. “Sorry I couldn’t do you any help.” I shook it off before heading back to the car where the guys all eagerly awaited.

I shook my head as they lowered in their seats and I collapsed into mine, letting out a loud sigh. “Forget it guys.” I admitted defeat at last, “Y/n’s gone.” I mumbled as we drove off back to our homes.

As I leant against the window, watching people pass by I saw someone crouch down to tie up their laces with a large bag on their back. I let out a gasp hoping it was her, but as they stood up I turned away, it wasn’t Y/n. 

Part Two

Cherik holiday Regency fluff for @significantowl. Hope you’re feeling better and having a good holiday season, my dear! <3

This probably owes some setting/plot elements to Julia Quinn and Lady Whistledown, because I was re-reading those recently, and I am sometimes a literary sponge.


On December eighteenth, in the year eighteen-hundred and nineteen, in London, the River Thames froze over.

This meant that every person who’d ever said words to the effect of “when the Thames freezes over I shall—” was now forced, by virtue of keeping one’s word, to, for example, “cut my hair,” or “wear a coat that shade of violet” or “get married”.

Which in turn meant that Erik Lehnsherr agreed to a social excursion.

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Dylan O'Brien - Giffoni Film Festival - part2

These are the Q&A of the afternoon. i paraphrased from the live stream, if you notice that something has been written wrong or doesn’t make any sense, please telll me and i’ll correct my mistakes. I have to tell you: he talks a lot and i’m a very slow writer, so there’s something missing but  i think i got the important stuff!

1)Do you watch any other tv shows? In which one would you like to have a part?

I watch House of cards and Walking Dead. I actually have to be in the WD’s promo, I always wanted to be a zombie for a day. i know someone who could made me but the same day of the shooting , I was on The maze runner set.

2) Most of your fans are teenagers, how do you handle the demonstration of affection? Do you ever desire not to be famous?

I took me a lot to being used to it. I’m shy, I got anxiety. I think the only way is to be thrown in. I’d like to go around like normal people do. In the end of the day is good but it was tough

3) If you were in THE MAZE RUNNER universe would you react as Thomas does?

I’d like to think I’ll react the same way. I’don’t know, I’ll ask the same questions as Thomas, I would want to know. I wouldn’t live in fear.

4) GiffoniLab /Web Idea. The question was about Youtube and how many people use it to show their talent.

You tube is great to try and have feedback. The kids love cinema and all the things related, they should use this tool as much as they can, not thinking were it can take them. It matters that I learned a lot doing it. Never get down if you ‘re not getting famous. It’s about keeping doing those things and learn.

5) The latest sci-fy movie are based on dystopian future. What do you think about this change,  about telling story where everything is negative?

This kind of movies are a way to talk about people. THE MAZE RUNNER is focused on how the kids react to the situation. Maybe it’s why is become so popular. It’s also focused on what’s good in human, on the instinct primal reaction. They show that humans can be good.

6)What kind of carrier do you expect for yourself? Have a favourite actor to rely on?

I don’t see a particular future, I want to learn more, challenge myself. I love acting cause I keep learning, I won’t ever be perfect. I have a lot of favourite actors, an endless list, even kids younger than me or the same age, they are all inspiring. There are Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks but I don’t want to be like them, doing the same path. The matter is to be youself not to be like someone else.

7)Are there any differences between tv and movie production? What do you think about the tv series golden age?

There is a huge difference. Priority are different. Tv is mostly about getting the day and respect the schedule. On film set you can try doing the same thing in different ways and there’s more time to do theme. Now there are more good tv show than movies, some of them look like movies. Sometimes it seems more important to please the fanbase and making money, there’s nothing original.

8)When and how have you felt different in your life (this year Giffoni’s theme is: BE DIFFERENT)

The first time was when I moved to California with my family and I didn’t feel like I fit in, I had no friends. That made me start making video ’cause was something that made feel good. Now I’m sorry ‘cause I’ve never told that to my friends at the time and they only found out later, by themselves. I was afraid of being outcast. You need to embrace your individuality and none have to make you feel like you have to change. You should be how you think you should be. You have to embrace yourself.

9) Opinions on the Festival

That’s perfect, that’s how it should be. Kids keep passion in things like movies. They have imagination and they believe. It’s how these kids should be feeling, it’s about doing it and loving it. It’s a great lessons to make love movies to kids.

10)Being different it’s a bad thing?

It can be bad sometimes. Stiles survives by being different. Just be everything that’s inside of you.

11)Stiles at first was very sarcastic and funny, now is more serious. It’s been difficult for you to change that?

It was difficult for me, I was scared. I did it because I had to and because I feel like you have to push you through doing something different. I started with comedy and nogitsune was challenging. I enjoyed it in the end I wanted to keep going but Stiles had to come back

12)Do you see yourself directing a movie in the future, what kind ?

I’d like to, I started making video because of this, then I started acting. It’s important to act and direct, doing both. Who knows, I’m gonna work a lot.

13) Chooses that doesn’t reflect yourself

Acting it’s about being human. You giving youself doing it. I use what is inside me. I’m inspired by the characters but there’s always a part of me in them.

14)Main gold in your life and some advice for us?

I don’t have a main gold, I want to be good with the ones around me. I want to have a family, being a good dad, a good son. Do your best to being decent. This is life, imperfection is beautiful, that’s the way it is. Celebrity are not perfect, you’re better than many of them.

15)What’s easier to film, a tv show or a movie?

The movie is different every time. TMR for me was exhausting every day, every show or movie are different.

16) What would happen to Stiles if he gets turned?

He’s ok as a person. He could help them. I’d like to but I’ll hate to lose him as a human.

17)Being loyal and helping is Stiles superpower, have you some advice to be better people?

You don’t have to have superpower to be a superhero. Being good everyday is what makes people heroes. I’m not a superhero myself, I just try to be good. You just have to do that. Emotions, feeling, we have the tools  to being good.

18)The strangest thing that a role has required and something embarrassing that’s happened on stage.

Being on a broomstick and every episode of TW. On the stage: I dropped my sticks when I was with my band in high school.

19) Have you ever showed a part of yourself that you usually hide?

It happens all the time. Acting help me confront with things I don’t’ want to deal with. Being here talking to you, it’s difficult for me. It’s part of life. It’s like you grown up.

Worth the Pain - a playlist for Jean Valjean.
listen here

Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles (performed by Paul McCartney) All the lonely people, where do they all come from? || I Fought the Law - The Clash (Bobby Fuller Four cover) I needed money cause I had none./I fought the law and the law won. || Roll Away Your Stone - Mumford and Sons Darkness is a harsh term, don’t you think?/And yet it dominates the things I seek. || Only Remembered - Coope Boys and Simpson Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling/ Only remembered by what we have done. || Long Way to Get - Bob Schneider There’s a man I’ve never met before who looks a lot like me / There’s a little place called heaven that I’ll probably never see || Leading Me Now - The Tallest Man on Earth To the site where I flew from you when your pace just scared my blind/ We will come back and joke of days when I sold you to the unkind. || My Girl - Otis Redding I got sunshine on a cloudy day. || Demons - Imagine Dragons I wanna hide the truth/ I wanna shelter you. || Ain’t Gonna Lose You - Brett Dennen I can’t stand the thought of another man. || Lay Down Your Weary Tune - Billy Bragg (Bob Dylan cover) Struck by the sounds before the sun/ I knew the night had gone. || Chimes of Freedom - Bob Dylan In the wild cathedral evening, the rain unraveled tales/ For the disrobed faceless forms of no position.