i needed it with the tweet

neil agreeing to go on celebrity mean tweets once he goes pro and he’s reading some out and it’s shit like this:

“i have started a go-fund me to fly neil josten to antarctica and leave him there. still need five more dollars.”

”neil josten is one of the world’s most useless creations since the sloth”

“neil josten has such a big mouth on him i could replace my goalie racquet with him and no one would notice”

“@.neiljos10 what is red and blue all over and can’t score?”

and neil’s like haha so fu- oh shit are these all from andrew’s account??

People desperately want Cole to be a bad person and I don’t know why

He called black people “cannibals”?? 

I’m sure most of you band wagon haters don’t even know WHERE this claim come from (hence me calling you band wagons) so let me help. 

You all need to STOP twisting his words. When he tweeted this it wasn’t a BLM movement. In fact I remember the march and it had NOTHING to do with BLM nor was it against Bernie. One of the people in charge of the march said that the only reason they marched while Bernie was campaigning was because they knew there’d be cameras around and they just wanted to get air time for their cause. Regardless numerous people were hurt because of their actions; namely children were hurt, which was AWFUL. Regardless of what your cause is you have no right to march in anywhere and injure children for whatever reason. So YES that was Cannibalism and no it was not a BLM movement. 

Cole has shown his support MULTIPLE times for the BLM movement and has said multiple times that saying being pro BLM doesn’t mean you’re saying that all lives don’t matter.


Bitch where? Where you a part of the relationship? Can you fuckers even find the so called tumblr post that she supposedly said this? Some of y’all know NOTHING about this. You just hear it from the grapevine and jump ship like some brainless moron. 

Why would you think it’s okay to hold Cole accountable for something a possibly bitter ex wrote on tumblr??? DO you realize how serious it is to just label someone an “abuser”. That’s not a fucking joke and not something you should throw around just because you heard it from this twitter page you follow. 

I’m a creative fucker and I could literally sit here and write a whole fucking essay on hot your dad, or your bother or Usher or some random person abused me but it’ll be all FALSE. Writing it on social media doesn’t make it true. Y'all need to stop acting so foolish and gullible.

You know what’s interesting and paradoxical? While the court never believes abuse victims, social media believes them too much. There’s no balance. Victim shaming is real and unfortunate but let’s not act like SOMETIMES they are not telling the truth.  

How many cases have there been where the *white* woman admits years later that she was inherently lying about being abused years ago. 

So I’m sorry if I’m not going to sit on my my ass and judge some one based on some random crap I heard online. 

For all we know Cole probably converted her from Lays to Doritos and she’s calling that emotional abuse.

You people just like to take one small thing a celeb says, twist it to make them look bad (WITHOUT DOING YOU RESEARCH EVEN THOUGH GOOGLE IS FREE) and then everyone just jumps on the bandwagon. You are all jobless, pathetic, hateful people. You’re BULLIES; you think you’re ben these great millennials but you’re just lying bullies. You pull this crap on all these celebrities and tarnish their image as if its as normal and easy as breathing. Its not fair and its not right. I can’t even imaging being a celeb and having to deal with all this crap; half of y’all wouldn’t last a day with your thin skin and fake woke ass. 

I am sick of the tumblr/social media expectation that celebrities are supposed to be your idea of “woke” or that makes them a bad person. News flash: there’s a real world out there where people are living real lives. No one has time to search all over tumblr to find out the right way to say this or that. 

At the end of the day WE ALL say things that can be taken the wrong way. Its not because we’re trying to be mean, we mean well, we just don’t know any better because NOT EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYTHING AND NO ONES PERFECT. (<- @ all you people calling Lili Reinhart “homophobic” when she’s continually shown her support for the LGBTQ community)

There’s just this cumulative desperation I’ve noticed in the tumblr society where you all try to take who a celebrity is an twist it to fit into what you want them to be. 

They say one thing that gets distorted and all of a sudden you all think you have the right or the power to erase all the good they’ve done and label them bad people. I’m so sick of it. 

GET OFF your high horses because NONE of you people are perfect. And I’m sure there are multiple things you say in just one day that someone somewhere in this world would take the wrong way and deem YOU to be a shitty person.  

At the rate you are all going ALL celebrities are shitty people. Heck WE ARE ALL SHITTY people. 

So I tweeted this out during the charity stream, and for some unholy reason, I feel the need to show MORE people my terrible art. 

I also posted it on my RedBubble, because I post everything on RedBubble, because I’m silly. 

Basically, I know I’m bad, but I’m trying to be brave and accept that failure just means growth. So I’m trying to share things, even things I think I did poorly on, so I can grow and learn. That’s why I’ve been posting more art in general lately.

Anyway, rambling aside, I really appreciate Darkiplier.

@markiplier you said that you are excited to fail, because it means you learn. I’m doing my best to have that attitude. So take this.

ko-yoongi  asked:

Sorry, but I think giving people like this selja person even more publicity than she already gets is not a good idea. This is the internet and people say whatever as long as their identities are hidden. She's probably just a really sad, lonely person - nobody who's okay would feel the need to spread shit like that on the internet. I understand that you're upset, but honestly. What's she going to do. She's powerless as long as armys ignore her.

Like I said, I recommend people to not talk to her or interact with her, and to stay silent and report her tweets.
The thing that I really needed to say it, because I want Armys to be aware of what this person can do. I still don’t think that what Selja said about spreading a false rumor is true, so I waiting to have a legit proof.
But I’m not really ok about the “everyone can says anything on the internet”. Yes, you can say anything, doesnt mean that it can’t be reported. What you said means that we should let it go. But it’s not harmless tweets. Big Hit told us that if someone tries to hurt the boys reputation, we need to report them so Big Hit can take legal action. But if I don’t spread the word, there will be one report. That’s it. There’s laws, spreading false rumors like they did for Namjoon is really serious. But they failed thx God.
If (and its a big if) Selja really tries to spread this false rumor about Jungkook, it can have some big impacts on him and its reprehensible. Even if there’s proof that Jungkoook (obviously) never did that, his name will still be associated with r*pe.
But again I still dont trust what the french army said, till I have a legit proof.

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did you see the tweet from kodaka abt kaede's birthday?

“Today’s Akamatsu Kaede’s birthday, huh! For the protagonist I was entrusting the very important third installment of the series to, I used a name with kanji that have very deep personal meaning to me. Not so far as to call it a prayer, but still.”

Kodaka has a tree fetish, confirmed?


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I think it's pretty clear that the Columbia deal will be confirmed. The media already treats it like it's confirmed and the CEO of Columbia himself talk about Harry's music, so it's pretty much a done deal tbh. And I already know he's gonna get hate for it and I wish people wouldn't critise him for it. We know nothing of what goes bts. We know nothing about the negotiations and what he was able to get out of it. He does. And Louis does as well. They are a team and discuss these things together

Yes, I agree and have said so many times.

If this is about my LaundryDay answer, I was just saying that there’s been no clear statement made and I have a pretty strict rule that I need undeniable confirmation for anything I tweet from there.

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Your ' 4x07 was the best ever' post was beautiful and totally on point. But what they're doing with Clarke (NEEDING her mother) and Kane and Abby NEEDING to talk to each other, is a classic tv set up for someone dying. And I'm scared it's gonna be Abby:(

I’m really really not scared of Abby dying.  First of all, we have Paige tweeting wink emojis and hearts and flowers at panicked Kabby shippers who were freaking out in her mentions after that episode aired, and Paige does not have a troll-y bone in her body. She’s just a nice mom with a big squishy heart who hates the idea of all these kids freaking out and wants to reassure us as much as she can.  (And it’s not impossible that the reason she’s been absent from Twitter since then, along with Ian who has already spoiled Kane’s survival like THRICE via accidental tweets, is because someone from the show or the network was like “YOU NEED TO COOL IT WITH THE FAN TWITTER WE’RE TRYING TO STIR UP SUSPENSE ABOUT YOUR BRAIN THING AND YOU’RE RUINING IT”).  Also, Jess Harmon told some fans in Paris who asked about whether she ever got to do anything with Paige and she said “fingers crossed!”  Which basically has to mean both Abby and Niylah survive and the finale ends with a setup making it clear they’re both returning. 

I think another way to look at the “need” element you mentioned isn’t so much that it’s setting up a death as it is deeply embedding Abby even further into the story as an integral part of many different characters’ arcs.  They’ve very carefully tied her this season to Raven, for example, more than ever before, even more than Season 1.  They’ve built up a relationship between her and Murphy.  Jackson’s more present than ever.  And they’ve recentered the Griffin women and their relationship at the heart of the story, circling back to the way they were the centers of the whole plot from the pilot on.  To me that’s a GOOD sign.  As far as her relationship with Kane, one of the things I love about the beautiful little line repetition of “first we survive, then we find our humanity again” is that it’s a reminder that from the pilot onwards, these two were and have always been set up as a narrative unit, exactly the same way Bellamy and Clarke were on the ground.  Even before they were a romantic pairing, they were a unit who was linked narratively.  So I think they’ve always been intended to continue that way.  I just truly don’t see them writing one of them off.  Especially not with one more whole season, maybe more to go.  It’s always possible that the adults dying in the very last season of the show to leave the kids to like inherit the earth as the new generation is possible, but we’re a ways away from that yet.  DON’T PANIC.

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For Gemma being an adult in her late twenties I believe, she's acting like a child on social media. She should know that she shouldn't respond to the comments that will only bother her, and may be tweeted/commented by younger teens. Don't give into it and just scroll on by.

Anonymous said: you’re 28 girl grow the fuck up

Anonymous said: It just becomes annoying really, seeing that Gemma keeps commenting on it. She could have easily ignored these tweets and comments by just deleting them, or scrolling on by. There’s no need to comment on something if it’s only going to bother you, I’m pretty sure she knows that and it’s annoying that she doesn’t seem to understand not everything needs to be commented on.

Anonymous said: Her apology was a “I’m sorry if you were upset by this” apology. I’m not saying she had to apologize if she didn’t mean it but that’s the lamest apology ever. It would have been better not to say it at all.

Anonymous said: I don’t even get continuing the discussion on Twitter now. That happened hours ago and now she decided to bring up the subject again. It’s just bringing more attention to it and it’s unnecessary. I know it must be frustrating to see everything she does being analised and connected to her brother but like… Just stop talking about it. Stop engaging the fans. What’s the point ?? Urgh

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Listen, Calvin is not my cup of tea ether. he's the exact kind of bro that I actively avoid, but I have not seen any actual allegations of him with minors. only anons claiming it's true. so these anons need to put up or shut up on that accusation.

I never saw any hard actual proof that Calvin did what he was accused of. It was all just rumors and hearsay. Until then, I choose to believe he is what *I* see from him, which is a good friend to Louis. Unlike with Nizam or whoever with him actually tweeting gross sstuff. No thanks.

I’m in no position to know better, so, yeah, this, too. 

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Sorry if this question bothers you but why havent you posted anything regarding dunkirk/harrys solo career on the laundryday twitter??

Because the Dunkirk stuff came out and was confirmed as a slow drip-drip-drip of information, so there was never a big “WOW! Big News!” moment that needed to be announced. In retrospect, yeah, I should have when he was first seen on set, but I was always waiting for official confirmation and by the time it came, I already assumed that everyone knew.

Same with the album info, I almost tweeted about the commercial yesterday, but it doesn’t say anything about the album or who he’s signed with or anything but the date. So I wasn’t sure what to say on Laundry Day yesterday (Harry has a commercial, probably for a new song, but idk!), so I didn’t say anything.

I did, however, reblog the commercial to the LaundryDay Tumblr, fwiw.

Boi if you dont stop

So literally this happened..

i literally felt like hitting her…

So i tweeted to her a few TY and NCT DERPS..

literally these..

ok forget her..

But this girl named c- urchin.. is literally an Urchin…

so i tweeted her the same ty derp..

she retweeted me “oh, no am so sacred he will hang me upside down..”

sorry i dont have any proofs now cause she blocked me. but here is my tweet to her tweet..

i wrote :

“Stop acting bish you very poor at it.”

and then i was gonna send her a new one when she blocked me..

and to that girl who literally said abt the scammer thing..








This is, without a doubt, the stupidest thing he has ever said.

If you get cancer Titanic, don’t go to a doctor. You’re gonna die anyway! Might as well stop eating and drinking and breathing too. We’re all doomed! And for all those people out there who are scared of their loved ones dying if they can’t get access to the healthcare they need, don’t worry. Titanic has all the answers. They’re going to die anyway and you need to get over it you stupid, whining brats!  #makeamericagreatagain 

Usually I can laugh at his stupid tweets but this one is so incredibly naive and idiotic that it made me mad.

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Someone just tweeted that emergency @wesome dude on twitter "not trying to be racist but why does every iris west have to be black" and he responded "try harder" haha.

I need him to try harder and not sat that RHTY is a STEVIE WONDER SONG. Like… how…. Why….

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I remember when Shawn tweeted "light skin girls >" and I got so happy bc I used to hate being light skinned for some stupid reason but a lot of other people got very mad at Shawn for "tweeting such a thing" 🤷‍♀️

okay I see what you mean. But it’s so problematic? You can’t just tweet shit like that? There is already enough of that crap out there. And light skinned girls are literally represented everywhere. We don’t need more representation. That tweet is also such a slap in the face for woc? They are already underrepresented and basically erased in movies and as a culture, and then this white boy who has tons of fans from hundreds of different ethnicities tweets that light skinned girls are better? Considering it was a really long time ago I’m not exactly mad at him? But I’m very disgusted by the thought of that tweet. I have to say though… if he tweeted something like now, I would very probably stop being an ardent fan… I just cannot support blatant racism… 

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Different anon- the thing that makes me think there's more to just a clause/restriction is that Calvin has liked multiple tweets shading Louis' team. And I feel like if things were alright, and they're just working within their limits, he wouldn't be doing that. I feel like we are on the same page here lol, I'm just thinking it's a conglomerate of there being a clause restricting Louis and his team's social media activity as well as Louis having to choose this team. Like he had no other option.

I don’t disagree? Did anything I reblogged indicate otherwise? I don’t feel the need to constantly point out all their failures – I don’t find that an enjoyable use of my time – but I don’t disagree that they suck. What are we arguing about?

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Obviously Louis has social media managers but sometimes it's difficult to say which tweets are by him and which ones are not. The one he tweeted now is obviously by him :( But then how do we know the Fred tweets are not by him? I always assumed that even if Fred was his son, the tweets to gloat about him to millions of fans were not needed unless they were funny anecdotes. That's why I think they are fake but idk

Louis has a particular way of writing. He has some things he does that you can notice when it’s not him. Also, sometimes the tones of tweets are super forced (like the promo tweets and 27282892 replies to fans full of emojis, is the tone of someone trying to personificate him and not really him)