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Alexander Hamilton (in talking about the opening song) and COLORS SYMBOLISM

Note: I spent to much time on this and I love Hamilton and color symbolism to much not to delete this cause I’m just looking way to much into things and I tend to do this but maybe I’m right *shrugs* who knows.

So the opening number fucks me up because. Okay so let me explain a few things first, 1: I’m mostly talking about visuals so fight me about it if you don’t like it. 2: I put a lot of thought into these little things so don’t mind me.

Okay so when it starts Leslie and Anthony are on stage singing their thing. But Anthony is in white/very light tan color and Leslie is in I’m gonna say like a plum color jacket weird thing (idk how to explain it). Then Daveed comes on and he’s also in the same color as Anthony, same with Oak. And then the ensemble has the same color on. And even Lin is in white. And now you guys are probably thinking why I’m so into the colors of their costumes well sit the fuck down and let me tell you.

Okay well as Lin is singing “Just you wait” and everyone else is singing “in New York you can be a new man” Lin gets this brown jacket on and he gets some books (I think) and a bag that is also brown.

Now let’s back up for a second, I am very passionate about colors and their meaning cause it intrigues me and I’m a nerd. And so Plum (the color) is a designated purple/violet and guess what colors make purple and makes their meaning. BLLLUUE BLUE AND REDD. And the meaning of purple is historically, royalty (which ties into this but give me a minute cause it’s not what I’m talking about). And that’s because it is hard to make the color purple into cloth and so it meant if you had that color you had a lot of money because it costed so much (end quick color history). Also before I’m talking about blue and red, there is a saying that goes “born to be purple” which basically (back to the royalty) goes to people who were born into a noble or royal family AND OH LOOK AT THAT IN WAIT FOR IT BURR SINGS ABOUT LIVING UP TO LEGACY.

Okay so first up is red which means: Love, Danger, Luck, Passion, Joy, and Bravery (though I am sure there is many more I am listing some common ones). While blue means: Calm, Trust, Sad, Intelligence, and Strength (there are also many more but I don’t need to list them all let’s be real). So basically purple comes out from combing at least one from each color (symbolically). And so if I put Calm on the post (for blue) and Passion (for red) cause Aaron is a calm son of a bitch but he’s passionate (one does act I and act II) about getting ahead in life and passionate about being president (and then Alex died). BUT GUESS WHAT HE’S MORE CALM IN THE BEGINNING SO THAT MEANS THAT THE REASON THAT THE PURPLE IS SO DARK IS CAUSE HE’S SO CALM AND COLLECTED IN ACT I SO THE BLUE MAKES IT DARKER.

OKAY now back to the white and brown. So I’m gonna start with brown cause this should be fast (but idk so good luck you’ve read this far) so brown often is like an responsible color. One of its many meaning is that it has a “keen sense of duty” and “a sense of belonging with/for family”. Which is exactly what he is doing at that point. Taking charge, using his mind for benefit and trying to get ahead in his lonely unwealthy life (at the time of him being a kid).

NOW ON TO WHITE. So the ensemble actually wear white a lot in it but since almost everyone has white on it’s different. The colors that Leslie and Lin were wearing were probably to highlight those characters and contrast the white costumes to show they are important and to LiStEn To ThEm 1!1!!!1!!(the antagonist and protagonist are another good reason). But white is a very clean slate type of color(or shade what ever you call it I’m going with the majority for this though) and if someone likes it you can’t really blame them cause it’s a nice color. It’s an untelling color and so it makes sense for them to wear it. BECAUSE we know nothing about the characters yet, we don’t know where they are from or their causes. Plus almost everyone plays two characters so it leave a blank slate there as well.

hannigram - an abusive relationship?

Spoiler alert: it’s not. (But it kind of is. I’ll go in depth about that in a moment.)

I wrote this for a conversation I had in twitter, and thought I wouldn’t need to post it here, but since I saw yet another person claiming that hannigram is abusive I thought I’d post this.

People use the term abusive about relationships that are unhealthy (in their opinion), as evindence for why it should not be shipped/supported. The correct definition of abuse is:

“Treating badly or injurously, mistreating, especially psysically.”

And of relationship abuse it is:

“A pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors used to maintain power and control over a former or current intimate partner. Abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual or physical and can include threats, isolation, and intimidation. Abuse tends to escalate over time. When someone uses abuse and violence against a partner, it is always part of a larger pattern of control.”

So according to this it is abusive, I get it. They both try to kill each other multiple times, they manipulate and lead each other on. They don’t sexually abuse each other though, which at least in my opinion is the worst sort of abuse and I couldn’t ship a couple who did that to one another.

The other thing in this description that doesn’t quite match Hannigram is “abuse tends to escalate over time – it is always a part of larger pattern of control”. The mental abuse between them is at it’s worst in S1 where Hannibal manipulates Will into believing he’s a killer - but this is not to show his power over him, it is simply the only way Hannibal can bring Will into his life. Hannibal has after the first half of S2 been ready to drop the manipulation and violence between them as soon as Will does. And I haven’t seen anyone blame Will of being the main abuser, even though it could be argued that it’s solely his fault that the abuse continues.

The reason why Hannigram doesn’t fit the normal description of abuse is because their relationship is meant to be read as symbolic, not as a literal ideal of love. It’s fiction, and it should be treated as such. Fiction is great, because we can explore possibilities and relationships etc. that aren’t possible in real life. Thankfully the majority in this fandom are really intelligent and understand this, and only few people have failed at understanding what the shoe is about. That group still exists, and that’s why I felt the need to post this

What I believe the antis actually mean when they say it’s abusive is not just that it is violent and manipulative, but that “It’s an abuser/abused relationship, Hannibal is evil and Will is innocent, their relationship won’t work and does more bad than good for both of them, or at least for Will”.

Like I said earlier, it’s not a healthy relationship and it’s not one that I literally want for myself or for anyone I care about - but it’s not unbalanced. At least when we reach the end of third season they are certainly equals, there’s no denying it. I understand that some people don’t ship it because it’s too far from an ideal realtionship, and that’s okay, but hating on it and denying the fact that they’re equals who both choose each other in the end is just plain ignorant.

Will has always been alone, always been different. His relationship with Hannibal gets so close so fast because Hannibal is the first person who actually sees him. I’m gonna quote a Hannigram fic here because I think it described their relationship so well. (Will to Hannibal:) “You always wanted me to be the best version of myself when no one else accepted me for what I already was.” Just like Hannibal let Will see him, Will also let Hannibal see him. Hannibal didn’t “make an innocent puppy become a murderer”, he helped him to become what he already had the potential for.

If the antis and/or deniers have only seen season one, I need to admit that I understand them. Will did kind of seem like an innocent dog loving introvert back then if you didn’t pay much attention to details (like how coldly he treats the parents of the missing girl, how he isn’t afraid of human contact but despises it, how his humor is so dark that it often shocks his colleagues and friends and so on. I could make a post about this, if anyone is interested about that let me know). The first season is about Hannibal manipulating everyone into thinking Will is a killer, experimenting on Will and he does seem like a coldhearted psychopath there.

In season two we see Will gaining more power back, him manipulating and even seducing Hannibal. He isn’t afraid to kill a man in the progress, he eats people with Hannibal almost flirtatiously. This is not what an “innocent” man would do, or even what innocent man physically could do. The darkness inside him is becoming more clear, and even he himself admits that even though he wants to, he can’t hate Hannibal.

Will (to Peter): “I envy your hate. Makes it much easier when you know how to feel.”

He still betrays Hannibal in mizumono (even though he does call him at the last minute to warn him). Before I always though it was just because Will was still trying to cling to some sort of morality, but after Hugh’s comments it is obvious that Will was also afraid Hannibal didn’t and/or couldn’t love him the way he loved him, and so he thought it would be dangerous for him to run away with him and trust Hannibal with his life and wellbeing. Here is what Hugh said:

“I think Will has probably in some way never conceived the possibility that Hannibal could be in love. I mean, he’s got such a black heart. The awareness that they have this connection is something Will knows and is probably in some way profoundly ashamed of, and is also, you know, he keeps coming back to and actually kinda fills him with joy as well. But I don’t think he’d ever give it the name love, because I don’t think he’d ever associate love with Hannibal. – He’s never thought of Hannibal as being capable of love. Because like most of us, he probably had love put off on a kind of pedestal, as an idea, a more perfect thing, as he made the awful realisation: ‘Oh crap, maybe this thing I’m feeling is like love.‘”

I think it is clear to everybody at this point that Hannibal loves Will. His love, though, isn’t your typical “murderer obsessed with a beautiful and innocent woman (obviously man in this case)”. Hannibal loves Will because they understand each other, because they share a way of seeing the world, but also because they have interesting conversations and because they share the same sense of himor and have fun together. In a way, it’s just normal love, just deeper and richer since neither of them has ever had a change to explore that kind of love with anyone else before.

So to conclude: if you take it literally, yes, it is abusive, but that doesn’t make it wrong to ship it, by Hannibal standards at least. (The whole show is a little fucked up so if you can’t live with that why are you here?) Also, it has been abusive until this point only because they (well, mostly Will) have still struggled to accept their feelings for each other. Hannibal has only physically hurt Will if he has betrayed his trust or tried to hurt him first. Personally I don’t believe Hannibal would ever hurt Will again if they were to be a real couple. He also stopped the mindgames and manipulation as early as when Will got out of prison, knowing what he was. And Will has hurt and betrayed Hannibal mostly because of the reasons I stated earlier, because he thought it was the only way to save himself. If they stopped their game of cat and mouse (a game of cat and mouse where the roles change from time to time, or maybe even better description would be a game of cat and cat like Bryan called it) I wholeheartedly believe that they could live in a relationship where neither of them abuses the other.

Like Bryan once said, the core of their relationship is that:

“They had imagined they were unique before they saw each other. Obviously it took Will longer to appreciate that because he didn’t quite realize what he was dealing with in Hannibal, but Hannibal sees it instantly. It’s two people who have never been - I mean Will probably wears it heavier - but still, essentially alone in the world and then see some kind of, maybe not mirror image but the other side of their coin.”

And like Hugh said:

“In a sense the two of them have been wandering the Earth, totally isolated, because they have such a specific and elevated mentality. Not identical, but it is as if not only are you the greatest chess player on the planet, you’re actually the only person on the planet that can play chess. And then suddenly you walk into a roon one day and there’s a guy playing chess. I think that’s how they feel about each other.”

If you leave out the murder and cannibalism and manipulation, Hannigram is about two people who are different than anyone else finding love in each other. Their relationship evolves slowly from friends to lovers, and even though they try to move on neither of them can because they share something so intimate. So in its own, weird and symbolic way, i think Hannibal and Will’s relationship is build on a much better base and is possibly even healthier than many other ships and canon couples out there.

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lady Red, oh queen of the fandom, how do I stop people from hating so much on DA characters that I love? It's all over my dash and I can't even follow people anymore without having this problem

You can’t, my dear. Characters from all kinds of media will sometimes be demonized by some people. It always happens. You just need to learn not to read their posts or ignore their hate. For your own sake.

Mind you, I’m not talking about rational, intelligent critique of characters. Noticed I said demonizing. As in mindlessly hating and oftentimes attributing more -if not all- negative traits to characters than they canonically possess. Keeping in mind that all -or most- characters have at least one(1) good quality.

But objectivity is hard for some.



in reference to this ask meme post

i only made one pun and i’m honestly feeling so shocked right now

probs the only crossover post i will ever do but it just needs to be done ok also this gif is just perfect

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  • Hidan’s fucking STOKED when he gets to Jurassic Park. He dragged Kakuzu with him so they could pretend it was work, but really all he wants is to see the dinosaurs.
  • FIRST STOP: Velociraptors! Velociraptors are his favorite because they’re just like him, lean mean killing machines (he says. Kakuzu thinks he’s more like the Massospondylus, known for being one of the least intelligent dinosaurs.) 
  • When people start running and screaming, he immediately grabs Kakuzu and runs toward the danger. He wants to see what it is, maybe there’s a loose dinosaur and they’ll get to see it up close.
  • As soon as he sees the T-Rex coming, Kakuzu says “fuck this shit I’m out” and bails. Hidan, naturally, thinks the monstrous dinosaur would be an excellent sacrifice to Jashin and gets ready to perform his ritual.
  • He’s so busy drawing his little ritual circle that he forgets to pay attention to the T-Rex, and the next thing he knows, it’s dark and squishy.
  • He immediately blows his lid. He’s screaming bloody fucking murder, trying to move his arms - whoops, he’s got no arms left. Ofc, this only makes him scream louder, cursing the goddamn stupid fucking dinosaur and pretty much everything else under the sun.
  • After a while, he gets bored enough he starts a running commentary. “As we slowly work our way through the intestines…” “And now, if you look to your left, you’ll see we’re approaching the anus.”
  • He might actually die of boredom when suddenly, he sees sunlight. He immediately yells, “OH THANK FUCK SWEET SUNLI-” and then he can’t hear shit as his head drops to the ground.
  • He’s pissed off, covered in dinosaur shit, and oh god it’s in his mouth - and then another dinosaur realizes he’s alive and snaps him up like a tasty, shit-flavored midnight snack, and he’s doomed to relive this nightmare over and over again until he dies.

geddit cuz he was gonna say shit but he couldn’t hear himself saying it cuz he fell into a pile of shit oml i’m awful byee


(First off, I need to credit @daggertattooh, @tellmethisisnotlove, @whisperedlouis, @bananastagram and @banana-louis on the proof from their blogs/accs. I need to underline the fact that I just put these facts together, meaning, I just put everything together in this post.)

Hi there. If you’re not in the 1D fandom or have no idea about this situation, I need to advise you to stop reading right here out of two reasons:
1. It’s a long ass post
2. You may not understand

I need to make one thing very clear to all of you throughout this whole post.
I’m actually so fucking tired and disgusted and last but not least, FUCKING SHOCKED by the level of trustworthiness this situation is reaching. There is no way in this fucked up universe, I will be ever convinced this is real, ANY SINGLE THING OUT OF THIS.

This is not real. Louis hasn’t conceived a baby and I TRULY BELIEVE THAT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO BABY. Do I cross a line by saying this? Did I just trespass? Well gues what. I DON’T CARE.

I trust my own intelligence and I trust my capacity of reading and interpreting situations, and hell, I TRUST MY OWN BRAIN.
I trust my ability of separating ‘’what I’d like” from “what I find likely”.

Honeslty, it would be so much more easier for me to say “Okay, Larry isn’t real. We were wrong. No Larry, no nothing. Louis is this person.” BUT HOW CAN BE THAT POSSIBLE TO DO? Answer? It’s not.

This whole story IS MADE UP. It’s not about the fact that some things don’t add up. It’s about the fact that NOTHING adds up. It hasn’t ever, from long before Briana supposedly got pregnant, through the announcement, the develpoments, the obvious turn in the plan and finally the birth and these brilliantly idiotic afterglows. I respect anyone giving up and accepting other possibilities, but please, don’t come to me saying this might indeed be Louis’ child, because I can’t physically bring myself to unsee, unread and ”un-understand” facts.

Briana was never ever expecting a baby and that’s what I’m indissolubly confident of. Are you so defeated to imagine a long term closet option? An option inwhich Louis is hiding in the closet?

I need to underline the fact that I AM NOT in any way blaming Louis, if the closet option is real.

Considering this option, I need to bring up the Elton John case.

Elton John was married to a WOMAN for several years (17, if I’m not wrong) and also had two kids, all of this before coming out as gay.
I sincerily hope it won’t have to be the same in Louis’ case.

Now, let’s all do an imagination test and suppose Briana really was pregnant (and really gave birth):

Why was her social media wiped off in 2014 fall? Why did she cover her belly on every single party pic, when she was drunk off her ass? (let’s not even mention how alcohol could have damaged the so-called real baby permanently, thank you very much). And why is it that the first time we saw the “belly” it looked less than a pregnant belly and more like a ‘well, so far I have been hiding my belly, but now that there is a pregnancy scandal I might as well show it you because you will all see what you want: pro people a pregnant belly and larries a food belly"? And most of all why did Louis angrily say „IT’S NOT REAL” three times in a row when a babydoll was thrown on stage? (Harry did something like that as well, I may add)

Why was Simon Cowell the first to react to the baby news (aka SYCO aka Modest) and why did Briana never attend a concert in the US with minimal flight time when they were there for months (during her pregnancy)? Because she had rather fly across the ocean 22 weeks pregnant and show up coincidentally on the same show as Cowell, dressed in black, using a scarf and a handbag to yet again cover her belly???? Why did we never get a normal angle of the said belly? Why was the picture we got, posted by a mutual of Simon Cowell’s? And also, why is that all the boys spoke up about their family being there, but Louis and Harry didn’t? Why was this the first time when Harry flat out ignored a pregnant woman in the crowd? The same Harry who grabs every chance to congratulate on pregnancies, the same Harry who draws a pregnant air belly like a pro, and the same boy who has his instagram favorites and iCal full of baby birthdays? Why is it that Louis can react to Rovers accusations in 40 minutes and by nature protects everyone and everything that’s precious to him, yet after 2,5 months he yet didn’t seem to step up and protect his very own child and very good friend baby mama, who is by the way mocked and ridiculed by every article in the whole wide world? How are people explaining the difference between actions and narrative? Why is a buzzing father out there, partying and ignoring the shit out of his own very good friend baby mama, when we all know how loving and affectionate he is towards kids? Why is everything going against the norm in how this very pregnancy is handled by Louis’ own actions, the media and their PR team? Also adding, the same PR team which congratulated the Little Mix singer on her engagement on the day it happened, but remained crickets about a baby? About a FUCKING BABY???!

Don’t forget the complete silence by not just Harry but everyone surrounding Louis as well. Why no excited statement from his mom and sisters? Why is it that the only time we’ve heard from them was when a pap shoved a camera in their faces and they had no choice but to respond? Why did we get a totally messed up timeline with ultrasounds and sonograms at as early as FOUR weeks? Why were we told about this to begin with rather than keeping it hush hush and paying it off like any actual accidental celebrity pregnancy would happen? Why has no other celebrity or interviewer or journalist brought it up to Louis? OUTSIDE Michael Strahan on LIVE TV where Louis was forced to answer BECAUSE IT WAS ON FUCKING LIVE NATIONAL TV?? Why did we get those pap pics of Briana leaving a passport office with documents that turned out to be the wrong docs for what that passport office does, literally a week after going to the Bahamas? Why did we get RBB making blunt and poignant references to the baby with a pregnancy test and baby bottle and the blue and green stickers shocked, sad and angry?

Why is that everytime before there is an update in babygate, the „oh so private family” goes public on social media to warn us about some shit and then goes private again? Why is it that every time before anything happened - even the pregnancy - anons were warning bloggers?

How absurd it is that a celebrity pregnancy is announced at the first trimester, at 9 weeks and when you call them out for this insanity, they change the date to 11 FUCKING WEEKS??? Why are they even RISKING a pregnancy by announcing it, when they could have laid low and the public would not even had known about it, because they go on hiatus coincidentally when that baby is supposed to be born? How is that those lucky paps who were looking for a millionaire, just happened to find him COINCIDENTALLY when partying with Briana in a LOW. LEVEL. CLUB?? Why did the media know immediately the name of said „mystery blonde” waaaaay before this obsessed CIA fandom did? Why is everything so public with this? Why is this chirpy band not talking about buying baby clothes, pregnancy accessories. Why is there no tweet about „what the fuck is a breast pump”? Why is there no nursery talk, or pretty much anything that convinces people that Louis Tomlinson is indeed a father?? Why is every single quote from Louis’ bandmates and friends, commenting on the pregnancy, so carefully crafted that no one ever says the words „baby”, „dad” or ” Briana” and instead use such vague wording as: “He’s very excited with what’s going on at the moment and I feel that stuff like that happens sometimes.” OR “He’s taking it very seriously.”?? Why is there no talk about how the band is going to break up, because we know that the real Louis Tomlinson is a very fucking dedicated person and if he indeed fathered a child from a one night stand, he would clearly, definetly deal with it? But instead it is all about judge rumors and record label rumors?

You don’t even have to ship larry to see how shady this whole pregnancy thing is. Celebrities don’t announce pregnancies like that. ESPECIALLY ACCIDENTAL PREGNANCIES - especially accidental pregnancies with some random girl who was also fucking other people around the same time. Celebrities don’t fucking announce that shit to the world??? Especially if they’re not even 100% sure it’s theirs??? Even then, that’s still not a story they’d sell to fucking tabloids.

Why did Tracy comment on a Louis picture “it’s not like the news is out” and worried about Briana’s Facebook and Instagram at a time when she did not even know Briana was pregnant? Why did Briana’s mom follow baby stores, people babies (where the news broke later) and other baby sites on instagram, when Briana did not even miss her period, MUCH LESS PISS ON A STICK? What was that ‘no bump’ pic from Halloween? What was that ‘no bump’ pic from Christmas? Why are the pregnant bump pics stolen from ’@amberfillerup’? Why is it that when you put together no face (and) bump only pictures, the body type and the bump exactly match Amber’s? Why are all bump pictures without head? Why are the papped bump pics showing no real natural bump? And why are bump pictures only on their socal media? Why did they try so damn hard and failed every single time to post a convincing photo where it is clearly Briana and an unmistakable natural real baby bump? Why did Briana post a pic with the caption ready to pop when she actually had 3 more weeks ‘till the original due date, Feb 3rd? Why did her so-called papped pic, one week before birth, not have the bump so low that it was ready to pop? Why did an update account break the news and why did we all get anons about the birth more than 24 hours before it actually happened?

Another question is why did Louis William Tomlinson have a written hospital band??
Hospital bands ARE NOT WRITTEN. The privacy codes and the barcodes on the bands are what keeps the hospital running and everyone accounted for. So no, a written hospital band IS NOT a hospital band. Handwritten bands are of the past. Hospitals all across the country use digital wristbands with barcodes. The barcodes are in case they give you meds (they scan your barcode and keep record of time and date the meds were given to you). And if we wait a second and think, who the fuck would sit all day to write shit on those wristbands? So basically we’re all arriving at the conclusion that this hospital band is just as fake as the rest of it, yeah?

Continuing, why were all the headlines in the form of a question „has Louis become a dad?” or say “twitter claims”, because it’s literally unheard of for a celebrity baby announcement to happen like this. Why was the rep not available for comment when the birth happened? Why did Louis wait for almost a day to tweet about his twitter-happiness? Why did not he tweet the baby’s name and instead sell the story to The Sun? Why did not he say a single thing about the baby, when he was papped walking around just the day before? Where are the bandmates’ congratulations? Why is Jay, Louis’ mother, who is a midwife and is mother of 7 kids, NOT in LA for the birth? And don’t tell me she did not know about it when the update accounts and the media were very ready to break the news. Why are Larry manips circulating in the press after the birth was announced? Why is there custody talk and money talk in the press when they had 9 months to decide? Why does The Sun say that the birth certificate is not filled yet, that they have not even decided if he will be a Jungwirth or a Tomlinson, if they have not even decided about money and custody? Why are people close to the band (but not on 1DHQ’s payroll) like Smallzy, congratulating in a sarcastic way? Why are news outlets stressing that Tommo never discussed the news publicly, but did confirm it in an awkward moment on US television? Why are news outlets still saying that the rep is unavailable? Or about the Jungwirth family expecting an exaggerated amount of financial support from Louis? Or that the morning after the birth he was seen shopping for sunglesses?

Hello again. YES, still no baby.

There’s no baby.

Never was.
Protect Penny Blake 2k16

I’ve tried to keep quiet about this since the first time she was on my screen, but I can’t take it any longer. I’ve come across horrible posts about both the character and the actress, who has been blamed for Derek’s death and Callie and Arizona not getting back together. She’s responsible for neither, people. I understand that you are hurt that your favorite character is dead or that your favorite pairing isn’t together, but I wish you could open your eyes and realize that Penny isn’t responsible for any of it. Also, it sickens me to see (once again) an actress being bashed for her looks. I wish people were mature enough to base their criticism on something other than someone’s looks or their completely biased and incoherent opinions.

After seeing a few posts on my dash saying that “literally no one likes Penny Blake”, I’ve felt the need to say this: I DO LIKE PENNY BLAKE AND SAMANTHA SLOYAN. And I’m not the only one who does. I may not love the fact that Penny and Callie are together, but she gave us some glorious scenes with Meredith. Samantha is a great actress and if you want to bash Penny, you should at least try to find a more intelligent argument than the boring ‘lack of chemistry’ excuse. Also, I will never understand why people feel the need to make one thousand posts about something/someone they hate. How about you try something more constructive and talk about what you love? Let the ones who like something enjoy it, for God’s sake!

I‘ve already mentioned it, but I still want and hope Calzona will have their happy ending. But, even if it never happens…I just want BOTH of them to be happy with whomever they choose to be. I love Arizona, I did since the very first episode she was in and I still do. However, the behavior of some calzona stans is making me grow more and more distant from everything related to this character, and it’s a shame.

Just like I’ve been doing for years with all these people feeling the need to bash Erica Hahn for no reason, I will block everyone who posts cruel and disrespectful things about Penny/Samantha. For those of you who don’t like her, don’t worry, I’m using ‘the opes’ tag on every post I make/reblog about her and Callie together.

in need of assistance

hey everyone, I really hated doing this before but I really need some help again. i know i posted earlier about how i had -$97 in my bank account, but thanks to one stroke of intelligence, i was at least able to bring myself out of the negatives. however my current account balance is $2.97, and in about a week i have a cell phone bill of about $100, maybe more, upcoming due to my phone malfunctioning and draining literally all of my data. on top of that, i have an electric bill of about $80 and an internet bill of about $70 to pay i don’t know if i can survive until next week without my next paycheck. my parents are also telling me i can’t have access to my savings account and take money to give me enough to go until next week. at the very least, my rent is paid, but if i don’t get some assistance, i’ll behind next month and won’t have any money for bills at all. i don’t even have money for gas for my car which will be a problem since i have to drive to work. i feel like an absolute fool for putting myself in this situation but i am really desperate right now and really some assistance… i think something like $250 dollars or so should tide me over until my next paycheck. please, it’s not much.

anything will help and i’ll be incredibly appreciative. my paypal is frozenkeyblade@gmail.com. …thank you for reading