i needed an awful doodle time


i made a new animatic! and its about awful hospital this time!! using some of AM’s voicelines! its rlly short and the intro is way longer then it needs to be and im rlly srry bout that but i hope some of you still enjoy it!

anonymous asked:

Hey. Thought I would come on and voice my opinions about your comics. But if that sketch format is easier and faster for you to make I would be fine with your comics being done like that. They don't need to be all colored and inked for me to enjoy them, I'd love the story all the same. And I'm sure there are others who would agree with me.

Aw thank you so very, very much hon. I do appreciate this insight. 

When I started doing comics, they were for experimentation. Mostly to teach myself how to do it, challenge myself, etc. In college it was easy to doodle during lectures, but now on my own time I only take two days off a week to have me days. Usually Thursday and Sunday are days I can draw for myself, play games, etc. while other days are spent working on commissions.

I still want to challenge myself, and not slack on makings comics. Though, I kind of have to for time sake. It’s good for finding quick solutions to make things look passable, but even still a single comic page can take tons of hours for me to do. A goal I’d love to set for myself is to do a longer comic, like The Bad Seed, and complete it. I’m not a very fast artist sometimes, I wish I could pump out pages quicker, but I gots a ton on my plate. Tons of things i wanna do all at once 8,) 

BUT YEAH thank you so much for the insight hon. And for anyone else that’d like to share, I do appreciate it. Here’s hoping someday I get efficient enough to do comics at a decent pace 8,)

~Weird Hyenas

After more than a year rotting in my folder I can finally say YES this drawing is finished! \o/

doodled some monster!au cas aw yeahhhhh i have lots of pain drugs in my system rn so idk if these actually look good or not or if its just my inflated pain-induced ego. i looked at items in my asos wishlist for insp for his clothes lmao. that isn’t cas’s blood on his head lol cas bleeds black like the leviathan blob he is. 

iemeraldleaf  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if I could get reference for um You, I guess? I wanted to doodle the chat dad :P

aw omg ;w; absolutely I’ve drawn my persona a few times if that’s what you need <3 

The girl in the last one there is how I used to draw my persona, but I wanted them to look more like me, as well as be male X’3