i needed an awful doodle time

Eremika Week | Day 2 | New Family/Wedding

Title: Happiness and Its Missing Letters

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa

Syn: A series of notes, texts, and words passed between an awful speller and a lonely girl.

Once upon a time, in Crayola markers on brown construction paper:

Deer Mikasa

i luv you and you are pretty and nice 2 me and i like holdign youre hand, pleeze mary me.

luv Eren

Dear Eren,

You need to fix your spelling. I love you too. Love, Mikasa.

Duz this meen you wont mary me

luv Eren

I will think about it. Love, Mikasa.

Once upon a time, in very sharp pencil on a doodled page:

Hey Mikasa,

what is the ansor to number 4?

Eren, this is an english assignment.

but I do not know the ansor.

You’re supposed to make it up yourself, dummy.

what?! than how does the teacher know what is rite?

I wouldn’t be concerned about content so much as spelling and grammar, if I were you.

your so mean.

Learn to spell.

Once upon a time, in dull pencil on a scrap of notebook paper:

Mikasa, have you been ok?


I’m fine. Thanks, though.

No, something’s wrong. What is it?

Nothing’s wrong. What makes you think so?

I mean, you just look…sad. A lot. Anything I can help with?

I’m fine, Eren. Thank you.

Okay. Sorry for intarrupting you.

….It’s fine. You should focus on your work.

Once upon a time, on the blinding screen of a laptop:

Eren: Hey.

Eren: Whats up?

seen by Mikasa.

Once upon a time, in the small space of a cell phone screen:

Eren: You doing alright? I feel like we never talk anymore.

seen by Mikasa.

Once upon a time, somewhere on his own screen:

Eren: where are you right now? your cousin just called me and he’s worried sick.

Eren: Mikasa?

Eren: look I get that we’re not really friends anymore, but this is serious. if your reading this, please answer me. your cousin is freaking out, and honestly I am too.

Eren: Mikasa, I am so serious. your cousins about to call the cops.

Eren: oh my god.

Once upon a time, on her own screen:

seen by Mikasa.

Once upon a time, through the open window:


“…..what are you doing here?”

“Making sure you didn’t get yourself killed, you dumbass.”

“Stop prying into my life.”

“I’ll stop when I know you’re happy.”

“Funny thing: no one’s ever happy. So give it up.”

“I was happy. Once.”

“What, when we were little? We didn’t know anything, Eren.”

“I knew I was happy.”

“Go home.”

“I was happy because I had you.”

“…….that’s bullshit.”

“No, it’s not. It’s true.”

“I’m too tired for this. Take your grade school fantasies somewhere else, Eren.”

“You can’t keep pretending like we weren’t friends.”

“I’m not. We were, and it was great. But now, we’re not. So good-bye.”

“….Fine. Good-bye.”

Later, on her screen:

Eren: Just don’t do anything else stupid.

Mikasa: I didn’t plan to.

seen by Eren.

Later, on his screen:

Mikasa: …can we talk?

seen by Eren.

Call started.

And through the phone:

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.”

“I’ve been….awful. To you, especially.”

“I don’t care about that. I just want to know what happened, Mikasa. I want to help you.”

“And I’ve been stupid, to push you away.”

“You weren’t being stupid-”

“Because you’re the only person who’s cared enough to ask me anything.”

“….is it about your parents?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I’ve got all the time in the world. Lay it on me.”


And on the screen of a laptop:

Mikasa: Hey.

Eren: whats up?

Mikasa: Thank you for listening, last night.

Eren: of course. I’m always here, Miks.

Mikasa: Do you want to maybe do something later today?

Eren: yeah, I’m free. Id love to cach up.


Eren: ……thats not right, is it?

Mikasa: ….some things never change, I guess.

And in blue ink, on a cheap napkin:

Sorry, had to pee. Same time next week? Check yes or no.


And in black ink, on another napkin:

I paid the check this time. You can’t do everything for me, dummy. Same time next week, as always.


And in red ink, on a sticky note on her car window:

Flip me over for a fun fact.

And on the other side:

I love you.


And, written in black marker on a crisp, white index card, it read,

Mary me?

Luv, Mikasa.

And, through tears, he said,

“Yes. Oh my god, yes.”

Once upon a time, before the tree they raced around as children:

“Dear, Mikasa,

I love you. You’re beautiful, all around, glowing like a goddamn angel 24/7, even when the world tries to throw you under. You’re everything good, everything worth living for in this world, and I have never known what I was supposed to do without you. You are– pretty. And nice, and I like holding your hand. I promise to make you as happy as you’ve always made me. God as my witness. Love, Eren.”

“Dear Eren,

Thank you for showing me so much. Thank you for always being there, even when I pushed you away. Thank you for giving me a home, a heart, and something- someone- to live for. I promise to be for you what you’ve been for me, to help you find the happiness you’ve brought me, and most importantly, I promise to fucking teach you to spell. God as my witness. Love, Mikasa.”

And, more or less, the two lived ‘hapily’ ever after. As best as they could.



i made a new animatic! and its about awful hospital this time!! using some of AM’s voicelines! its rlly short and the intro is way longer then it needs to be and im rlly srry bout that but i hope some of you still enjoy it!

anonymous asked:

So I'm like 99% sure I have ADHD... I relate to nearly every symptom, and to every post I see about ADHD but my parents believe kids are diagnosed and since I'm a Smart Just Lazy High Schooler™ every time I try to mention it (ex. "my friend with ADHD said I have like all her symptoms") I get instantly shut down and I can't bring myself to go again. Are there any ways to deal with it w/o any help? :/ especially emotional and with attention / fidgeting I'm just a wreck lol

If your parents won’t work with you at all, I’d suggest maybe mentioning it to your teachers, at the very least? They won’t be able to give you official benefits like extra time on standardized tests and the like, not without an official diagnosis, unfortunately, but you might be able to at least work out some other help with them. I’d go for teachers you know you get along with first, if you do this, since they might be more open to listening to you on this in the first place. 

For fidgeting, I know I used to click/flick around a pen a lot or spend a ton of time doodling while listening to lectures; that’s a thing I know talking to teachers about might help, if you clarify with them that doing this stuff isn’t you ignoring them, it’s your way of paying attention while multitasking. 

Really, though, it’s pretty awful on your parents to reject ADHD as a possible diagnosis. >:T 

If your school has a counsellor you can talk to, that might not hurt, either; it might come down to you needing to shove actual research in your parents’ faces or getting another adult to talk to them about this, but I know that’s not an option for everybody. I got through high school with medication; I know caffeine helps some people with ADHD, so if that helps, that’s an option maybe? I remember my mom tells stories about how she did a lot of her best thinking while long-distance running, and that was a way to get energy out of her and try to focus better, but that might not work for everyone, either. 

ADHD is really hard to deal with without any sort of medication/accommodation, unfortunately. Do any followers have suggestions they can offer that I can’t think of? 

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I know I have been slacking with the request updates. But there’s a few things going in this week that I need to handle first…

FIRST: I’m graduating from High school on Wednesday!

(Then coming back to finish the exams in one month, cause why not? :I ) There’s an awful lot of stuff wrapping up for me during this week. No time to work on art stuff until after Thursday. ;^;

Second: Temporary work.

I currently have some temporary shifts from 5pm-9pm this week since a friend is out sick.

I’ll bw flat by the time I get from home, but that should be cleared at the end of this week?

THIRD: Wrist issues. :U

Unfortunately, the lifting and handling from work doesn’t do to well with the wrist. Adding my bad habit of doodling just makes it worst, they just needs half a day of rest to get back in the game. :^)

[These birbs are finger Doddles in a phone, not tablet draw.]

This is awful and rushed but I’m trying to ACTUALLY do the Inktober thing this year so you’ll take this garbage doodle and you’ll like it!

It just feels like it’s been twenty years since I last used actual ink on actual paper. It’s crazy I need to learn this stuff all over again so I’m starting with low effort easy doodles right in my comfort zone. Hope by the end of the month I’ll have some good stuff to show you. 

aahhh well some time ago i mentioned i loved koe no katachi and someone asked if i could draw something about it but i can’t find the ask now but this is for you whoever you are ;; , my inbox is a disaster and i’ll reply to everyone soon OTL i’m sorry

have an awful doodle of these two kissing because it just needs to happen asap

doodled some monster!au cas aw yeahhhhh i have lots of pain drugs in my system rn so idk if these actually look good or not or if its just my inflated pain-induced ego. i looked at items in my asos wishlist for insp for his clothes lmao. that isn’t cas’s blood on his head lol cas bleeds black like the leviathan blob he is. 

iemeraldleaf  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if I could get reference for um You, I guess? I wanted to doodle the chat dad :P

aw omg ;w; absolutely I’ve drawn my persona a few times if that’s what you need <3 

The girl in the last one there is how I used to draw my persona, but I wanted them to look more like me, as well as be male X’3