i needed a pixel blog thing

Yo I just did a mass unfollow of inactive blogs so I need new blogs to follow. Like if you post stuff like:
•aesthetic (space, forest, spooky, gore/sharp teeth, subverted religious imagery, cute stuff, pixels, or jazz age/art deco era stuff, really anything since my tastes are pretty broad)
•art (any sort, but I really love flat design and unique art styles)(I reallllly love art blogs)
•Fashion (formal wear, ouji, and alt fashion especially)
• Pokemon
•deer, bats, crows, goats, sheep, and similar animals
•supernatural stuff ( esp. cryptids and aliens)
•interesting random things
If I think its interesting, I’ll follow!

anonymous asked:

it's pathetic how a pixel speech bubble "took you forever to edit"

I think it’s pathetic that you feel the need to minimize a pastel pink positivity’s blog work efforts for no reason at all. Some things take more time for other people to complete. Just because something might take you five minutes to complete, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take someone else an hour. (-’:

I need new blogs to follow!!

If you post any of the following, please reblog so I can follow you

-Steven Universe
-Pixel things
-Pastel stuff
-Makeup stuff
-Scary things
-legend of Zelda
-Animal crossing
-P O K E M O n

Hey! I unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs/need more mutuals so reblog/like/follow if you post:

·       ·        Sports animes!!!(Free!, Yowamushi Pedal, Kuroko No Basuke, Haikyuu!!, etc.)

·       ·        Tokyo Ghoul (obvi)

·       ·        Michiko to Hatchin

·       ·        Sword Art Online

·       .        Attack on Titan

·       .        Big Hero 6

·        .        Ouran High School Host Club

·        .        Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun

·        .        Avatar: Last Airbender & Legend of Korra

·        ·        Anime/weeb trash things in general

·        ·        Bee and Puppycat

·        ·        Steven Universe

·        ·        Adventure Time

·        ·        Aesthetics 

·        ·        Nature

·        ·        Cute pastel things

·        ·        Wavy/glow stuff

·        ·        Gorillaz

·        ·        Anything else I’ll probs tag to this post

·        .       (reigisa and korrasami and midotaka and kenhina too pls ALL THE SHIPS)

Thank you loves (“⌒∇⌒”) I’ll check out your blog and there’s a high chance I’ll follow you c:

(if you wanna be mutuals just follow! it’s easier for me to notice)

ok i need more blogs to follow so like/reblog if you post any or some of the following:

  • pink and pastel stuff
  • rococo/shabby chic
  • pixel art
  • animals
  • cute things in general
  • game grumps
  • video games in general (but especially kirby, acnl/achhd, smash, pokemon)
  • space
  • flowers
  • crystals
  • positivity
  • nonbinary stuff
  • ace stuff
  • neuro-atypical stuff
  • sailor moon, hamtaro, yotsuba, himouto,  

bonus points: davejade, jadekat, duane.gif, steven universe

also bonus points if u follow me too

if we’re mutuals already and you know some blogs like this i would love recs/signal boosting pls <3 :*

Need blogs to follow!( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

So not been on Tumblr long & I really need some more blogs to follow, if you post the following like or reblog this & I’ll prob **most likely** follow u bk & maybe **u really don’t have to** could follow bk in return pwease?xD
-One Punch Man
-Cute stuff
-Video Games
-Big Hero 6
-Sailor Moon
-Animal Crossing
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Steven Universe
-Pixel Art
-Dramatical Murder
-No Game No Life
-Cute Japanese fashion
-Studio Ghibli
-Romantic stuff 2 do wiv Anime & Manga the cutesy stuff like I guess Shoujo stuff??
-Kingdom Hearts
I have many more interests but can’t think of anymore..

Reblog if you post...

theres 8 million thousand of these posts on tumblr, but im adding to the mess and making another of my own^^ 
I’m in need of new people to follow, so please reblog this and add in the tags what you post and ill check out your blog!! 
Bolded are things i really want to see more of
-Snk (ereri, eruri, erejean, jeanmarco, yumikuri)
-Madoka Magica
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Fairy Tail
-pixel art 

Thank you!!

Need more blogs to follow!

My dash has been kind of empty lately so I’m looking for more amazing blogs to follow ( ^×^)/♡

Please like/reblog if you post (a few of):

• Colours (palettes and pastels)
• Flowers
• Plants
• Nature
• Cute animals (especially birbs and kitties)
• Kawaii things (items, clothing, pictures etc.)
• Original art
• Pixels
• Typography
• ??? (there is probably more I cant think of right now)

So I can check out your blog and maybe give you a follow! I almost always follow back~

ok so my dash has been very inactive lately and i really need to follow new blogs so please REBLOG/LIKE IF YOUR BLOG HAS AT LEAST ONE OF THESE THINGS

- k project (especially if you like yata misaki bc my son)
- pixels/aestethic/cute stuff!!
- tokyo ghoul
- noragami
- sailor moon
- no. 6
- nge
- studio ghibli (especially spirited away)

thank you!!

I present to you: A thing I made. Get achievements for your suffering!

[It’s transparent, guys. You may use it for your smol transparent needs.]

Hallo Tumblr!

Just went through my following and unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs, so that of course means I need new material to follow! Please like or reblog if you post any of the following;

  • Artwork!! fan art, pixel art, your art, art blogs – just art
  • Fandom (ideally Steven Universe, Pokémon, Star Wars)
  • Nature/Plants/Forest Aesthetic
  • Otherkin & Therian content (ideally Demons, Deities, or Creatures)
  • Wildlife Photography
  • The kind of “~aesthetic~” blogs that post photos of people holding things in front of the camera for no real ideological reason other than to take a photo of that thing but cannot merely place said thing on a countertop or table and instead insist on holding it because ~~minimalism~~. you know, those kinds of blogs

Also!! “Ideally” does not mean that I’m looking for only those specific things! I like to poke around and appreciate all types of aesthetics and lifestyles so if your blog doesn’t exactly match up to my list don’t hesitate to suggest your blog anyway. 


I need more blogs pls

I realise I like never reblog stuff anymore so my blog is getting very boring cause I like the stuff on my dash, but I don’t want to reblog it so here’s a call out to anyone who posts

-aesthetic stuff
-cute art and comics
-social justice art
-stuff with pretty colours???

or just like anything like that?? If you reblog this I’ll make sure to check out your blog!!

Looking for New Blogs

My dashboard has been rather quiet lately, and I’m looking for some new blogs to follow… if you post:

• Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter
• Supernatural
• Mr. Robot
• Until Dawn (especially, Climbing Class)
• Nintendo
• Pixel art
• Markiplier
• Jacksepticeye
• or you just feel that I’d enjoy your content,

please like and/or reblog this post.

Also, if you want to check out my blog and follow me, that would be super cool too. Yeah. I generally post these same things. c: