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I love your stuff so much Ahhh I check in every day. I just started playing Ensemble Stars recently and Leo made me think of Idol!Yata. What do you think of Yata being in an idol group where he's the lead (sort of like Knights) and Fushimi being... Probably part of fine (an Idol group led by Munakata that is also the school's student council)? As a side note, there's also a Mikoto look alike in Ensemble Stars called Kuro. I just thought you'd find it funny.

I’m suddenly imagining this as like the unholy fusion of Idol K and Gakuen K, with Fushimi and Yata both being students at idol school and part of rival idol groups. Like maybe they went to performing arts middle school together and started their own little mini idol group, featuring just the two of them. They managed to get some minor popularity, enough that they were both able to get a full ride to this prestigious school that’s specifically made to churn out up-and-coming idols. At first they’re both really excited, like Yata figures this is their chance to get really popular and even Fushimi’s looking forward to it if only because now he’ll have access to better songwriting materials, more up-to-date programs and such and besides, as long as it’s just him and Misaki singing that’s all he needs. On their first day Principal Ichigen Miwa tells the students that they are all free to form their own idol groups and in fact it is encouraged, any students who wish to begin to compete upon the world stage as idols ay have access to all the resources the school has and the idols who become most popular can even get signed sometimes before graduating. Yata and Fushimi fist bump and declare that they’re going to become the most popular duo in the school.

So then one day shortly after entering the school Yata’s practicing in a club room when he’s overheard by an upperclassman, Totsuka, who’s super impressed with Yata’s dancing skills and vocal talent. He asks if Yata’s joined any idol groups yet and Yata says just the one he and Saruhiko are forming, which is when he learns that students are allowed to form multiple groups. Totsuka tells Yata about his own group, Homra, and how it’s a large idol group but they have a bunch of sub units so that everyone can sing with the group as a whole or also with specific people. Yata’s intrigued, especially when Totsuka takes him to see a performance and Yata becomes entranced with lead singer and head of Homra Mikoto. Yata immediately volunteers both himself and Saruhiko for Homra, which Fushimi is totally pissed about when he finds out. Yata doesn’t see what the big deal is because he and Fushimi can still be sub unit together and this way they can get more popularity quicker by being part of the already super popular Homra. Fushimi initially goes along with it but he hates seeing Yata sing with other people, especially when Kusanagi suggests making a new sub unit with Yata as the lead singer and several of the Homra guys (but not Fushimi) as his backup. This is when student council president – and lead singer of rival popular idol group Scepter 4 – extends Fushimi a formal offer to join his group. Fushimi burns the sheet music of songs he wrote for himself and Yata and joins Scepter 4.

After that the two of them become rivals, like maybe Yata’s sub unit featuring himself, Kamamoto, Chitose, Eric and Dewa somehow ends up as rivals towards Fushimi’s Scepter 4 sub unit of Fushimi, Akiyama, Hidaka, Enomoto and Doumyouji. They always end up singing at the same events one after each other and have a similar sound though their lyrics and dances are complete opposites. Yata is proud to be the lead singer of his group, like while Fushimi probably ends up as lead for a few sub units (you know Munakata would want to use that voice as much as possible) Yata just has this one extremely successful group that he’s proud of. But at the same time Yata doesn’t understand how he and Fushimi ended up as rivals this way, in his heart Yata still wants to sing with Fushimi. Maybe the two groups get into some big sing-off after lights out and get caught by the principal, who places both groups in detention and it’s like idol breakfast club as everyone bonds and Yata and Fushimi get locked in a closet together until they work out their issues.

Opposite Direction [Part Two]// Teen Wolf and Riverdale

Summary: Escaping a program similar to the Black Widow program you begin a new life in a town where you’re aware isn’t exactly normal. Working in the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department places you in the eyes of Stiles but when Black Widow finds you with Captain America will you return the favour to her?

Characters: Reader x Stiles Stilinski , Sheriff Noah Stilinski (mentioned) , Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Ms. Grundy (mentioned), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Cheryl Blossom.

Words: 2897

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or Marvel. Nor do I own Riverdale when it does appear. This means I do not own the characters from these shows/movies either.

Warnings: Swearing, injury, past mention of Archie and Grundy.

Requested: @fandomnationwhore

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This is probably going to be only a 5 part series at the most. Also I have no data so I can’t upload unless I’m at work.

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You blankly stared at the two Avengers standing in front of you while trying to keep their identity’s hidden from the people in the building. You weren’t sure how to react when you finally managed to swallow of the bite of your lunch and taking a long drink of water. It wasn’t every day that you managed to be tracked down by people you had fought.


“I’m sure you’ve been watching the news?”

“You mean how you get into hiding after the whole Sokovia thing?” You questioned raising one eyebrow at the two of them, “Because that was a real shitty thing huh?”

“I’m aware.” Steve sighed raising his eyes to meet yours again.

“So why is Black Widow with you? Aren’t you on separate sides of the law?”

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Meant For You // Barry x Reader

Summary: Barry decides to go back in time to save his mother but when he finds he doesn’t have you in the new timeline he tries to go back to the ‘original’ timeline. Only to find he doesn’t have you there either.

Word Count: 1,487

Warnings: None

Barry sits on the stairs of the front porch. His father’s death replaying in his head. He knows he should be rejoicing the fact that they just won, they just defeated Zoom. He knows he should be inside with you, the love of his life, his everything, and be thankful for still having you. But he can’t.

He feels more broken than he’s ever felt. He knows he will never be whole again without his parents. He knows you should be enough to fill the void but the pain is just eating him away. He can’t live like this, he can’t let you live like this. You deserve so much more in life than having to nurture his broken self.

“Barry?” You question in your always sweet tone, causing a tear to fall from his eye. “Are you alright?” You ask while sitting beside him.

You know for a fact he isn’t alright, but you don’t know what else to say. You can’t relate to his pain, you have two loving and alive parents. You grew up with your mom taking you shopping and your dad trying to get you to understand sports. They went to every science fair, your high school and college graduation. You will never be able to feel what Barry is feeling.

“I just can’t stop thinking about my dad’s doppelgänger,” he looks up, avoiding eye contact. “It should’ve been easier knowing he was out there, but-” he starts to get choked up. “But it just made me miss him so much more.”

"Barry,” you grab his hand. “I could never imagine how hard this is on you, but I promise you it will get better. I’ll make it better.”

"That’s the problem,” he looks you in the eye. “You deserve so much more in life than to pick up my broken pieces and try to glue me back together. I feel more broken than I’ve ever been. I know I’ll never be whole, there’s a void that can be filled. You’re my everything Y/N and not even you can fix what’s wrong with me.” He sees your face fall, which didn’t seem possible.

"Barry, you say that now but-”

"No, Y/N!” He cuts you off, frightening you a bit. “This pain is so much different than any pain I’ve ever felt, and I’ve felt a lot,” he takes a deep breath and grabs your hands.

You know all too well what he is about to suggest and your heart sinks to the ground. He has that look in his eyes and you know once he says the words there is no going back.

"There’s only one way to fix this,” he looks you straight in the eyes, his saddened expression turning serious. “I have to go back and save my mom.”

The look of determination in his eyes tells your mind to back down because it’s no use fighting him. But your heart tells you that you need to fight for him to stay. If he leaves everything will change. Especially the two of you.

"Barry,” you sigh.

"I know it’ll change everything, but it’s what I have to do.”

"Barry, if you do this,” a lump forms in your throat. “What happens to us?” You croak out.

"We’ll be together, I know it.”

“How can you be so sure?”

"You can’t deny that the universe is practically screaming at us that we are meant to be together,” he laughs. “We’re married in the future and on Earth Two and most likely every other world in the multiverse! So not only is the universe screaming it but the ENTIRE multiverse!” He says and you smile at the light that is brought to his face. The first time you’ve seen in awhile and possibly the last. The smile on your face disappears almost as quickly as it appeared.

He cups your cheeks in his hands and pulls your face close to him. “Look, I know it’s scary but I believe with every fiber in my body that on every earth, every universe, every life, and every timeline we are meant to be together. We’ll always find each other because you are my everything and I know I’m yours. We were made for each other Y/N.”

"I know,” you melt into his palm, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. “I’m just going to miss you so much.”

"It won’t be long until I find you, I swear.” He says. “And I’m only going to leave if you’re one hundred percent on board. You say the word and I’ll stay.” You could see his emotions shift on the last part.

You can’t make him stay, that would just be wrong. But, him wanting to leave so bad makes it feel as though he thinks he has nothing to come home too. It makes you feel worthless and no matter how many times he says you’re his everything you can’t help but to feel this way. He’s breaking your heart and you can barely look at him.

"Go,” you say, your world shatters when you see the joy fill his eyes.

"I love you, infinitely. You know that right?”

“I know, and I love you just as much,” you feel your stomach clench, your body tense, your eyes sting with tears, but most importantly. You feel your heartstrings snap.

He closes the gap between you two and kisses you with more passion than ever. Both of you know it’ll be your last kiss. The last kiss between the original two of you at least. You don’t know how the timeline will change or what type of person you’ll be, but you know it won’t be the same. It won’t be this. It will never be this again.


Barry has been in the new timeline for a week. Everything is different, S.T.A.R. Labs is now Ramon Industries, he learned Wally is Kid Flash… and isn’t very efficient. Joe is a drunk who didn’t even care for being a detective. Caitlin isn’t a scientist but a pediatric optometrist. Everything was different but Barry can live with it knowing he has his parents back.

But one thing is missing. Y/N.
He’s been keeping an eye out but hasn’t run into her. He’s considering asking his parents about her, maybe they know. They once were close with her parents, before the point in time in which he changed.

He was sitting on the couch watching the news, a new story on Kid Flash in a fight against the Rival. His father was on the opposite end of the couch while his mother was making dinner in the kitchen.

The main news stories had ended and it moved to more local news. Barry starts to zone out at the story on the new installment of the Central City Cemetery. It just reminds him of burying his parents and even with them being in the room it still hurts him. He snaps back to reality when something in the background of the shot catches his eye.

"I’ll just be outside,” he says while standing, eyes still fixated on the television. “I need to make a phone call.”

“Okay, sweetie be quick dinner is almost ready,” his mother called out.

Barry calmly walks out the door but once outside he runs to the cemetery… in a flash you could say.

He makes it to the spot he had seen on the news. He looks at the gravestone that caught his eye and falls to his knees. Tears spill from his eyes and his heart breaks into a million pieces.

Here lies Y/N Y/L/N loving daughter may she rest in peace

Barry didn’t even think before he started running. He knew that a world without you was a world he couldn’t live in. He had to go back and make things right. The time with his parents has filled the hole in his heart but he knows he can’t be Barry Allen without Y/N Y/L/N.

He brings the Reverse Flash back to that night fifteen years ago and does the unthinkable. He lets him kill his mother. It’s wrong, so wrong, but for Barry’s sake… it’s right.

When the deed is done he runs back to merely the second he left the original timeline. He walks into the house only to find Joe and Wally there. Previously, all of Team Flash was here and it confuses him. He pushes it aside and just gives Joe and Wally a hug, when they asks what for he says he’s just happy they’re there.

“Are you okay Barr?” Joe asks as Barry sits down.

“Yeah, I’m okay now,” he sighs, he’s okay now that he’s lived with his parents and now that he’s back to a timeline where Y/N is his.

Well, that’s what he thought. He’d soon learn he was wrong.

Me looking for new phone backgrounds at 3:13 AM last night
  • Me: Okay cute Solangelo background that my parents won't get upset over
  • Me: Shit I misspelled Solangelo
  • Me: That's a Tumblr screenshot wtf
  • Me: That's very bright
  • Me: Am I more than you bargained for yet I've been dying something something merry go round sugar we're going down swinging
  • Me: I need to listen to Fall Out Boy rn tbh
  • Me: Oh shit did my parents hear that
  • Me: Dude wtf is this shit like-*sees cute art* Oh my god oh my god help me please I am dead
  • Me: Okay if my parents didn't hear that they can't hear anything
  • Me: This one or nah
  • Me: HOLY SHIT I KNOW THAT ARTIST I FOLLOW THEM ITS (insert sabertooth-raccoon or cherryandsisters or brunagonda or any Solangelo artist here nuclearweeb)
  • Me: *repeats last sentence like fifty fucking times just with different artist names every time*
  • Me: Are you fucking kidding me I asked for Solangelo not whatever the hell this is is that Kingdom Hearts or some bullshit wtf who is to blame for this bullshittery
  • Me: If I see one more "not ur type" I will delete
  • Me: Nico's reaction there is mine whenever "You Are My Sunshine" is in a Solangelo fic nowadays
  • Me: C'mon nobody can know that they're homo
  • Me: Well that's ironic considering my fic
  • Me: Then again it was for humor and they learned their lesson lmao
  • Me: Or is that it is that the perf background idk anymore rlly
  • Me: That's art of Zayn from One Direction wtf
  • Me: That's
  • Me: That's too OOC
  • Me: Okay /one/ more pic
  • Me: No /one/ more pic
  • Me: Fuck I wanna sing Maroon 5
  • Me: Can elephants talk in their sleep
  • Me: That's not even Percy Jackson wtf
  • Me: Am I high
  • Me: Sugar you're sweet but you're coming down on me
  • Me: Man I must've saved 3000 pics
  • Me: What do u mean I only saved 5
  • : In the end I used one of Mansi's pics of Will bending sunlight around Nico bc I really like that pic and I finally fell asleep yay lmao

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STEVE HOLDING HIS NEW BORN BABY FOR THE FIRST TIME AND CRYING. Steve as a stay-at-home dad, Steve sending 24 pictures per day of his baby on the avengers groupchat, and when he tones it down a bit bc he knows that's kinda obnoxious Tony is like WHATS THE BABY DOING and Natasha is like WHERE ARE MY PICTURES and sam is like HAVE YOU LOST YOUR BABY ALREADY

Peggy’s back at work in like five days. When she comes home from her first day back, she tells Steve that they’d cocked it up so badly while she was gone that SHIELD is now a defunct organization and they’re going to have to start all over.

So while she’s working on that, he takes care of their new baby girl, Gloria. The first few days, he has a terrible time; he cries every time she cries, stands at her crib and watches her sleep for hours at a time, wrangles with his first diaper because he’s afraid if he pulls too hard he’ll hurt her.

She’s so tiny he can hold her in one hand. Most of her body fits on his palm, her head supported by his fingers. It’s kind of hilarious and really, really adorable, so he pulls out his cell phone and snaps several pictures. Reveling in technology, he sends it to everyone, except Peggy, because she’s busy and he can show her later.

After that it becomes a thing; nearly every hour he finds some new pose to send out, or accidentally snaps a shot of Gloria giving the camera the finger, or every time she opens her eyes and he gets to see that beautiful dark brown, just like her mother’s.

In a week, he’s sent almost four hundred pictures, and accrued several hundred more that he hasn’t sent out. JARVIS informs him that his phone won’t be able to store many more. And he realizes that his friends haven’t replied in a day or so.

He can’t bring himself to delete any of the pictures he’s taken, so he transfers them to his computer. He stops sending his friends everything, too.

Half an hour later his phone blings at him several times in a row.

Tony: whats sausage creature doing

Natasha: Everything okay? Haven’t gotten a picture in a bit.

Sam: dude what did you do, leave her on a park bench? pictures???

Clint: I need a new picture for my background

Bruce: HULK WANT PICTURES (Steve’s pretty sure Hulk didn’t send this, he hopes, Bruce has been getting better about joking really this is a joke right?)

Jane: Thor’s getting sad over here. Send help? Or pictures?


Tony: srsly sausage creature???/?? snapchat me smth is she napping is she pooping is she eating come on

He’s mid-reply when someone knocks on the apartment door. It’s Bucky, holding a really big knife, holy crap, and looking frantic. “What happened?” he asks, barging past Steve. “Where’s Gloria?”

“She’s fine,” Steve says. “She’s napping. In her room. Which is a knife-free zone.”

Bucky turns to him and glares, putting the knife—machete?—on the counter. “Where are my pictures?”

“Well—I stopped sending them. I thought you guys might be getting sick of them.” He follows as Bucky turns and walks away, heading to the baby’s room. “I didn’t even think you knew how to look at messages." His phone is going off again.

Natasha: Steve? Starting to freak me out here?

He types out a quick reply and sends it, including one of his more recent pictures, to placate her, because if he doesn’t she might just rappel down into Gloria’s bedroom and he just doesn’t need that kind of paperwork.

Bucky is standing over Gloria’s crib, looking intently into it. Steve comes to stand next to him, and for a few seconds they both just look at the sleeping baby.

Finally, Bucky reaches down with his metal arm and traces one of her very blond eyebrows as softly as he can. “I can see them. I just haven’t figured out how to reply,” he mutters. “Don’t stop sending them. I like them.”

"Of course you do,” Steve agrees. “You’re her godfather. It’s a requirement.”


Family Portrait (Chapter Six)

I rushed into the hospital, holding a pukey Lukey on my right hip and holding an equally pukey JJ’s hand in my left hand. After we had stopped at the house and changed Luke into a pair of pajamas, we got back into the car and I completely forgot about Lucas’ motion sickness that worsens when he gets sick like this. I was driving down the highway, speeding up more than necessary, not thinking about anything at all until I heard his weak voice whisper my name before hearing the hurling sound. As I looked into the rearview mirror, I saw that the kid not only threw up on himself, but also on his older brother.


Jack had been so stunned, sitting next to his brother, covered in puke. He had a look of disgust on his face, but Luke had already started bawling and Jack didn’t want to make the kid feel worse than he already did. Honestly, my oldest son had a strong stomach, being able to keep calm and not throw up when he had been puked on.


As I burst through the doors of the hospital, I had my phone to my ear, being held in between my ear and my left shoulder. I had to call Jack to get extra clothes for the boys. As I passed people, I got many looks. Most were curious, though there were the few with disgusted looks as well as irritated ones, since Luke was still crying.


“I’m on my way to the hospital now, Hailee.” Jack sighed as soon as he answered the phone. The background was loud, I could hear his crappy car rolling along the road.


“No, Jack, I need you to go back to the house. Luke threw up in the car and it got all over the seats and his clothes as well as JJ’s. I need you to bring me some towels, seat cleaner, and pajamas.” I stopped, looking down at my own shirt and sighed deeply. “Also, a new shirt for me.” I stopped in front of the nurses’ station and earned a few sympathetic looks from the women and the one male sitting behind the desk.


“Is Luke okay? What’s wrong with him?” Jack asked, he sounded extremely worried.


“I don’t know, I just got here. Please hurry, Jack.” I pleaded before hanging up and giving the nurses a weak smile.


“Looks like you’ve got a handful there, hun.” A nurse with dark skin and long black hair said with a friendly smile. She looked about my age, maybe a few years older. She was super pretty with beautiful dark brown eyes. “Let’s get these boys cleaned up, and then we’ll see what’s wrong.”


The woman stood up and waved me back in her direction, opening a door and letting me back behind the nurse’s station. I followed her through a door to a bathroom. The walls were all white, and the lights were too bright to be comfortable for anyone, let alone a four year old who wasn’t feeling good. It made him start to cry louder, burying his face into my neck, getting dried puke on my skin.


I tried not to cringe as I set him down and let go of JJ’s hand. I started stripping Luke down first, putting his clothes in a pile next to the toilet. The nurse turned on the sink and wet a paper towel, going to work to clean off Luke’s face.


“Thank you for helping.” I told her, not even glancing up as I lifted JJ up a little so that he could wash his hands. “My, uh, husband is bringing them extra clothes.” I continued, feeling a little awkward using the word ‘husband’.


“And you as well, I hope.” She laughed lightly.


I let out a light chuckle and nodded.


“Listen, I’ll stay in here with these cutie pies, and you go wait out there for your hubby with the clothes. I’m sure it won’t be too long, right?”


I quickly agreed with her and left the room, leaving the nurse’s station and walking back the way I came. Now that I wasn’t distracted, I could properly pay attention to my surroundings. Like all hospitals, this one was clean- very clean. There were plenty of people in there, as well. Each one either had a child with them, or they were sitting alone. The ones that were sitting alone were teenagers. This section of the hospital was the pediatrics section, so it made sense.


As I continued to walk towards the front door, Jack burst through them, his arms full. In his right hand he had a plastic bag that was overflowing with stuff. Over his right shoulder he had another bag slung over it, this one was pink with little flowers and butterflies on it. It would have been weird seeing the bag if you knew us and that we had two boys, if he wasn’t carrying another item. Or a person.


On his left hip perched a little girl, who was silent, eyes wide as the man marched forward into the hospital.

I stopped in my tracks and looked at the two of them in shock and anger and confusion. I wasn’t confused as to who the child was. I was confused as to why he had her and why he brought her here with him.


When Jack saw me, a relieved smile crossed his face and he slowed his pace a bit. He stopped in front of me, started to lean down to kiss me, but stopped. I don’t know if it’s because he saw the expression on my face, or because he saw the puke on me, or he could smell it.


“Listen,” he started, hoisting Emmaline higher on his hip, an apologetic look falling across his face. “I can explain.”


“It doesn’t matter,” I shook him off, taking the plastic bag out of his hand and started back towards the nurse’s station.


He followed after me quickly, trying to explain. I could hear a few things that he said, but I wasn’t completely paying attention. Something about Kelly wanting to go out and have fun, so he offered to watch Emmaline.


“Stay out here.” I told him irritatedly, walking straight behind the nurse’s station, and into the bathroom where my boys stood in their underwear, their faces now clean, as well as their hands. There was no trace of puke anywhere.


Caught up in my own thoughts, I only nodded thankfully to the nurse and silently changed the boys into their pajamas. Luke had finally calmed down, though he had a raging fever and his face was red from crying so much. JJ didn’t looked as desperate to try to keep his brother calm. After I had finished with them, I changed my own shirt and walked back out to the nurse’s station.


Jack was leaning against the desk, Emmaline still in his arms. He was cooing at her lightly, but as soon as he heard the door open, he looked up. His expression lit up as he came around to meet the boys, kissing them each on the head.


“My boys.” He sighed gratefully, “are you okay?” He asked Luke specifically. In return the boy nodded weakly.


They continued to talk to Jack while I turned back around to talk to the nurses. They scheduled a time for me to go meet a doctor to help Luke and figure out what was wrong with him. In the meantime, Tricia, the girl who helped clean the boys up, lead us towards a waiting room that was fairly empty.


It was a room definitely built for small children. The carpeting resembled a highway and a bunch of roads, and also had gas stations built into it so that the children could drive cars on the road as they waited. The cars were supplied in a corner of the room with a bunch of other toys that could keep the children occupied. In another corner there was a bookshelf with beanbag chairs surrounding it, meant for them to read quietly in them. On the wall opposite of all of the chairs was a big screen TV playing the Aristocats.


I settled down in a chair and sighed deeply, pulling Luke onto my lap. He instantly buried his face in my neck. I could tell he was tired. JJ sat on my other side and started watching the movie.


“Mommy, what movie is this?” He questioned, looking up at me with interested eyes.


I looked at him with a tired smile. “This movie is called the Aristocats. It used to be Mommy’s favorite movie when I was your age.”


“Is it just about cats?” He question, turning his head back to the TV, watching as the orange cat started painting the picture of their butler. JJ laughed lightly and asked, “he’s funny, what’s his name?”


“His name is Toulouse, baby. His sister is the white cat and her name is Marie and his brother is the black cat and his name is Berlioz.” I answered, smiling at the boy’s interest.


JJ laughed at the names, “Berlioz is a funny name.”


I grinned and reached over, pinching his side lightly to tickle him, “you’re funny.”


The two of us smiled and laughed at each other for a little bit before settling down and focusing on the movie.


Jack, who had up until now been by the vending machines, came into the waiting room and handed JJ a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and handed me beef jerky.


“How long do we have to wait?” He questioned, standing in front of me with the little girl still on his hip.


I didn’t even glance up at him to answer, “an hour or so.”


Jack sighed and stooped down a little bit, “can you do me a favor?”


Now, I did look up at him.


“Can you not be mad at me for a while? Can you hold Emmaline while I go clean the puke out of your car? I can explain what is happening later after I clean it up.”


Without a word, I shifted Luke and set him in the chair next to his brother, JJ instantly wrapping his arm around the smaller boy, and took Emmaline into my arms. She was definitely lighter than Luke was, but not too much lighter.


Jack sighed defeatedly and left the room, taking the plastic bag with him to go clean up the seats. As soon as he was out of sight, Luke whined and looked at me.


“Mama, who’s that?”


When I looked down at my youngest son, I realized that he wasn’t looking at me. He was in fact looking at Emmaline. And with a rather hateful look.


It was then that I realized, Jack and I hadn’t told the boys about her. I didn’t know what to tell them, if I told them that she was their sister, they’ll be confused as to why she wasn’t living with us like they lived together. If I told them that she was their step sister, they’d be afraid that Jack and I were breaking up and that he was getting with someone else. As of right now, that wasn’t happening.


I looked at the small child in my arms for help. She was smiling back at me, two little teeth in her pink mouth. Her fair skin stood out against my own and her brown hair fell limply on her forehead. She had her father’s eyes, which I hadn’t seen in the picture I saw of her. As a child of only one, I figured she didn’t say much. Maybe one or two words. But you could carry on a conversation with her just by looking into her beautiful brown eyes that twinkled as she giggled lightly.


She was definitely a beautiful girl, and once you looked into her eyes, you instantly fell in love with her. It was something I didn’t want to do. It wasn’t my place to fall in love with a child that wasn’t my own. Even so, I tightened my grip on her and pulled her closer to my body, feeling my motherly instincts kick into full gear, adding another small human to the circle.


“She’s your half sister.” I told Luke without thinking about it.


This seemed to be a good enough answer for him, because he turned around and watched the movie.


As the minutes rolled on, I could sense that all three children were getting more and more tired. At one point I told Jack, who had come back from the car, to pull over a few beanbags so that the boys could lay down and sleep before the doctor came out. After the boys had fallen asleep, sixty-five minutes after we scheduled a time with the doctor, after Jack had offered numerous times to take Emmaline from me, I continued to hold her. I continued to stroke her soft hair until she, too, fell asleep while we waited.

Calum Hood Imagine- Interview (requested SMUT WARNING)

Calum Hood Imagine- Interview. (SMUT WARNING)


You were right behind 5SOS in your career in the music industry. You always competed with your boyfriend Calum for #1 spots on the ITunes chart and of course he would win most of the time with his band but sometimes you got the lead on some singles. You were in a recent interview with BBC Radio to talk about your new album that was coming out and Calum was with you since he had some time off.

“So (Y/N) tell me about what you see in the future, and how you think this album will do compared to Calum’s LIVESOS album that just came out?” The DJ asked. You bite your lip thinking of what to say, “I don’t really know honestly like I hope this album does really well like the last one and yeah it’s gonna be a tough competition between me and my boyfriends band. I’m just hoping for the best but at the same time I also want Calum to do as well.” You laugh. “Now were gonna take some personal calls from some fans of yours and we’ll only take about three so use your questions Wisely.” The DJ said.

Fan 1: “If you had to choose between your career and Calum’s to go with who would you choose?”

“Well like I’m not going to be selfish and pick me of course like don’t get me wrong I love my fans no matter what but like, Calum has grown so much that it’s hard not support him, so I choose Calum over anything really.” You look at Calum through the glass blowing him a kiss as he smiles.

Fan #2: “How long did it take total to make this album and where did you record it?”

“Ooohh that’s a really good question. I think I would say I spent about 5 months total making this album, making sure it was perfect for the fans to like it. I really put a lot of thought and heart into this album and I’m super proud of it. And I recorded all over the place really. Like it just depended where I was, If I was with Calum on tour I would spend my own time recording in hotel rooms and private studios in America and here in the UK. So really it was all over the place.”

Fan #3: “ If you could choose any instrument to play what would it be and why?”

“Honestly even though my boyfriend is the bassist and all I would kill to learn the drums. I think it’s so cool seeing what Ashton does and I’ve talked to him and he said he would teach me on time off but we’ve all been so busy there’s no time. So yeah definitely drums.” You smile.

“Thanks for joining us (Y/N) and we hope to see you again soon this is BBC Radio 1 Morning show!” And the music starts playing in the background. You get a picture with the DJ’s and walk out seeing Calum on his phone, “you ready?” You ask him and he just shakes his head not saying a word or even looking up at you. You grab his hand “Hey is everything okay?” He looks up at you, “Yeah, I just need to go home I’m so tired. And it’s early.” He complained. “You didn’t have to come you know I told you stay home and get some rest but you insisted.” You stated annoyed a bit. “Yeah well maybe I should’ve thought about your new boyfriend the drummer who you wanna learn the drums from so badly before coming.” He laughs sarcastically. “You’ve got to be kidding me Calum! You can’t seriously be mad at that!” You yell in the car on the way home. “Let’s just continue this at home okay?” He suggests before you look out the window staying silent.

When you get home you go up to the bedroom knowing you had the day off with Calum and changing into some sweats and one of his larger band shirts. As you were getting changed Calum came in when you were halfway done getting changed when you were just in your bra. “Hey.” He says coming closer grabbing your waist making you drop the shirt and leaving no space in between you two. “I love you and I’m sorry I got so jealous, but I want to prove to you that bassists, are so much better than drummers.” He smirks leaving you smiling. He kisses you extending his long arms dropping your sweats from your hips down to your ankles with you kicking them off. “Condom.” You say in between breaths. You kiss his neck before he lets go taking off his pants and boxers revealing his length slipping on the condom. You lay on the bed waiting as he comes over and lies on top of you kissing you rubbing your clit with his fingers between the underwear leaving you moaning. He slips off your underwear inserting his fingers in and out, “Oh my god Calum.” You moan, “Just fuck me already holy shit” You breath. He rubs the tip against your clit a bit before entering leaving both of you moaning. “Holy god you feel amazing baby.” He tips his head back moaning before leaning on your panting in your ear. “Faster babe.” You say in between pants. As he goes faster and faster you finally reach your climax point, “shit babe Im gonna cum.” You rub your two fingers on your clit as he keeps thrusting. You scream out in pleasure finally reaching it as he thrusts a couple more times before Calum finally falls beside you leaving you both breathless. “Wow” you take a deep breath. Calum looks at you and smiles, “Now why you see why bassists are better?” He teases. “Yes baby, So much better.” You cuddle up to him.