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Emergency Commissions!

I need help to pay for my turtle’s recent surgery and follow up work!

I am opening up slots for crochet doll commissions to pay for my turtle’s emergency surgery from earlier this week. He has a lot of difficulties, including a calcium metabolism disorder and scoliosis, and he prolapsed on Tuesday. The surgery to correct his prolapse went well, but because of his shell and hip deformations, he’s going to need a lot of aftercare. His scoliosis also means he may need additional surgeries in the next few weeks because his shell is putting extra pressure on his cloaca and organs.

To help pay for his recent (and possible future) surgeries, I’m opening commissions for small crochet dolls. These dolls are hand-made, usually taking about 2-6 weeks to complete and ship. Here is my most recent example for @thetartestglitter of their OC Lemmy, including the reference picture I used.

For more examples, click HERE!

I will crochet:

  • OCs
  • Anime/game characters
  • Fursonas
  • Humans (You, even!)
  • Lots of other things

I won’t/can’t crochet:

  • Other artist’s characters (without express permission)
  • NSFW dolls (tiny yarn = very difficult)

These dolls are usually 5-7 inches tall, made of a combination of natural and synthetic yarn, filled with synthetic stuffing, and with plastic ‘safety’ eyes. The base price for these dolls is $70. [I am willing to discuss larger commissions.]

I’m also accepting paypal donations at fadedsepiastitches[at]outlook[dot]com. Even if you don’t want/need a doll, please consider bumping this post.


Emergency Commissions!

So I recently just had to put down a bunch of unexpected money on my car. I get paid monthly so it’ll be a couple of weeks before I get any more income and so I am opening up some commissions in the meantime.

I do these mini-portraits of actors so if you would like one, please message me!

They are on little 3x5 standard notecards and done in ballpoint pen. I can do humans and yes I do need a reference picture.

They take me about an hour or more to do (the elaborate hair took me two hours) so I will take $10 per head or more if you want to donate.

Please and thank you!

Strung Out (Woozi/Jihoon and Hoshi/Soonyoung Threesome Smut)

Summary: When someone can’t touch you, they can’t have any effect on you. Right? Jihoon is sitting in a desk chair an ocean away; but somehow he has you melted, right in the palm of his hand. Probably because he has your boyfriend Soonyoung catering to his ever beckoned whim. Smut.

(A/N: i really, really need to fill more requests. and do it in a more timely manner. so this is the result of me kicking my own ass about that. and i really like how this turned out. i’m quite proud of it. soonhoon is a pairing i don’t often explore - but it’s a pairing i’m really growing to love. i’m a bit upset i couldn’t find a good picture of them with their recent hair to use here. but that’s the one i’m using. so anyway, warnings for this are: mild dom/sub roles, threesome, masturbation, oral, swearing, voyeurism, exhibitionism - all the good stuff. i had a lot of fun writing this, so i hope you have a lot of fun reading. -Tanisha<3) 

When you turned off the shower, you heard voices. Not just the cheerful tone of your boyfriend, Soonyoung, but another. As you wrung out your hair and wrapped yourself in a towel, you tried your best to decipher who it could be.

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I mean like in those old movies were the husband kisses s wife goodbye before heading out to work.

I didn’t know this ship was everything I needed.

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I love love your icons! Could you please make an icon tutorial?? I'd love you forever

thank you! recently i got a couple of requests for an icon tutorial so i decided to make one. i’m sorry for any mistakes in advance. please like or reblog this if you find any of the followings helpful. feel free to send an ask if you have any questions or find any of this unclear. so here’s how to go from this:

to this:

you’ll need:

  • photoshop (i use cs6 but works with other versions too)
  • a screencap or picture (preferably HQ)
  • a psd or basic coloring skills
  • some calming tea (you’ll need this the most)

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100 days of productivity days 43-48// sooo it has been a while since i posted one of these because i’m busy i had like 03938484484858 assessments recently oooops. but nevertheless, here’s a summary of what happened this particular week! i basically spent all my time working on plans for assessments, and i got everything i desperately needed to done!

these photos are of my desk workspace, which have pictures that i’ve found and reblogged on tumblr and loved sososososossoosso much i have them in my workspace to help keep me motivated!

so  i shall post a few more quick summaries and photos to catch up on 100 dop soon, but i’ve been doing things every day i promise🌸


Ever since I posted my latest Riddler commission I recently finished, everyone asked how I made the purple plaid fabric for the accent parts. I couldn’t find the proper fabric, so I made it, and now you can, too! I made this tutorial as simple sounding as possible.

You will need: Your base fabric (the lightest color in the pattern), low tack masking tape (in the width of the stripes you want), and your paint for your airbrush–in this tutorial I only used magenta on pink, just as I used one color of purple for the Riddler fabric.

🏁1)  Iron your UNCUT fabric, and place your tape in a diagonal direction on the fabric, equally apart, in the widths you want your stripes

🏁2) Lightly airbrush your first color layer on. DON’T GO FOR FULL COVERAGE. Just a haze of color! Let dry.

🏁3) Gently pull up your tape, and lay it in the opposite diagonal direction, now. I reuse all of my tape pieces to save tape!

🏁4)  Now put on your second layer of paint, again, just a light layer! Don’t put it on heavy, this is what gives the multiple shades effect! Let dry.

🏁5) Pull up that tape, and now you’re ready to cut your pattern pieces! Lovely plaid!

🏁Of course you can use different colors, stripe widths, and even more directions for more depth and patterns!


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Can I just say, your Julian fanart gives me life and makes me squeal with delight? I love how you draw him and that recent flower crown picture is The Best <3

ahh, oh my goodness thank you! julian needs more love so i really enjoy drawing him ;w;

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Your instagram account is soooooooo aesthetically pleasing you have no idea. I think I had an eyegasm looking thru it. 👀👌

!!!!!!!! thank you so much !!!!!!!!!

I need to post more on it tbh but I never remember to. I have soooo many pictures from traveling but I always forget to post them. like I’ve posted nothing from my trip to Amsterdam, New York, my most recent trip to England, etc etc tragic


This blog is against the whitewashing of all idols!! recently i have been seeing pictures of before and after whitewashed idols!! We as human beings need to respect other peoples colors!! there is nothing wrong with melanin. As a light skinned person I find this very offensive!!

Whitewashers make it seem as if there is something wrong with color! I see before and after kpop idols were whitewashed an I am really angry. In my own personal opinion I think the natural colors of all people are more attractive natural  than whitewashed.

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hey, do you have any advice for focusing on non SI related stuff? I have a lot of trouble focusing on schoolwork and stuff and i recently developed a new special interest and i'm having such a hard time focusing on my school because I just want to be interacting with my special interest instead. and i can't relate my SI to my schoolwork, they're too different.

There are few different things you can try in order to focus on schoolwork.

First, try to see if there’s a way you can make your schoolwork more interesting. Maybe you can make songs of what you need to learn or maybe drawing pictures of what you’re learning will help you stay more engaged. Maybe reading the text aloud in a funny voice will help you focus better or tapping out the rhythm of what you’re reading. Whatever you choose to do, try to find a way to get yourself more engaged in what you’re learning. This should help you focus better.

Next, do whatever you can to prevent yourself from engaging with your SI while you’re supposed to be doing work. If you don’t need a computer for your work, turn off any electronics so that you can’t look up anything related to your SI. If it involves tangible things (books, collectibles, etc), remove them from the space you are working in. Do whatever you can to eliminate your SI from the space you are working in so that it can’t distract you.

Set small goals for yourself. Plan to work for 15 minutes and then take a break for five. You can use that break to engage with your SI if you know you’ll be able to pull yourself away from it at the end of five minutes or you can do something else you enjoy. Set goals for yourself of what you will accomplish in those 15 minutes and do your best to stick with those goals. You can make a deal with yourself that if you accomplish everything you planned to in 15 minutes, then you can take a 10 minute break instead of a 5 minute break. Use timers to keep track of time so that you’re not constantly checking the clock.

If nothing you try is helping and you find yourself consistently struggling to focus, it might be worth exploring ADHD to see if that fits you.


I'm Sorry ;-;

Hey I’m sorry for the lack of art recently, but my real life has been kind of packed with projects to do. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll be able to post more drawings after this week, I just wanted to apologize. I have a few pictures I wanted to draw, but you can send me stuff to draw (like requests and stuff), since I’m in a bit of an artblock. Thank you for your patience! And if you didn’t even notice the lack of arts, then whoops!

Also, I just got SAI, so I need to test that out, so if you have any tips on how to work it, that’d be much appreciated!

First progress picture! Let’s consider this my “before” photo. 
It’s not before starting working out, god I wish I had one of those :< but this is my starting point as of starting this blog soooo let’s call this the “before blog”. 

I’m really trying to get control of my eating habits. I love food. Iat  love it so much. I love carbs more than life itself so it’s been kind of tough learning the discipline I need to make good choices. I’ve recently switched over to 80% pescatarian diet sans eggs and lactose. The other 20% of the time I will eat meat and cheeses because they’re honest to god my favorite and I believe that moderation is key to sustaining these kinds of changes. 


I’m in no way overweight or unhealthy, I’ve always been a pretty active person but my health has been neglected often. I used to have an amazing metabolism and it helps that I’m quiet long in terms of fat distribution. My fat grows in my thighs, butt and belly (literally none going to my chest :’( ), in other words I’m bottom heavy but I also concentrate a lot of my lifting on my legs and glutes. 

Where I’d like to see some improvement is in my waist and muscle definition. I’m trying to work up to visible abs and reducing fat in my core while also decreasing fat in my hips. Also build definition in my legs, butt and arms. 

I think I’m at a good place already but there’s definitely room for improvement!

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This has probably been asked before but what art program do u use ❤

I use Clip Studio Paint. It is pretty similar to photoshop except it has a lot more variety in its drawing tools and tailored more towards drawing than picture editing.

In the most recent update they added an animation feature. If you get the beginner program (which is much cheaper but also more affordable) you can make 24fps gifs, while if you get the pro program you can make full length animations.

CSP also has a lot of patterns to use for texture and has options for creating patterns that are more accurate than some programs. It also has more filter options but I only have the beginner version so far since it has almost everything I need to make what I want (I do need to get the pro for the longer animation feature though).

A nice feature it has is that there are premade templates for if you are making manga or an illustration or an animation. The manga template comes with guidelines for the bleed area. I tend to use the illustration template more than anything since it is pretty much bare and you can make the canvas any size you want 

(Note that the larger you make the canvas, the longer it takes to render into a PNG copy and takes up more storage on your computer than a regular JPEG. You can save your drawing as a JPEG to save space but the quality of the drawing (pixelation) will go down from the original)

I’m sure there are better programs out there but this is my personal preference (financially too lol)


I found arts from @lazyartz, my header I had, my first tumblr account’s account picture, a Valentine thing I reblogged on V-Day, and the icon post someone did where I got one! ^^

Wait when I exited out and went back I found my more recent header omg-

But one thing, though:



More of Studio Pierrot!

So I was looking on the internet recently and I found this picture! (All credits to the person who brought light on this).

Classical Studio Pierrot, Making Sakura look flat so she wouldn’t steal attention from Hinata-sama. I’m actually glad they did it. Just proving that she doesn’t even need curves or boobs to make her beautiful. Try again Studio Pierrot. 


Summary: Katrijn Van Dael’s peaceful life in the city of Eindhoven is forcibly altered after her picture is taken in a cafe. Being mistaken for a deceased woman by the name of Kato Hoeven is the least of her problems when a man called Charlie Vinken leaves everything behind to convince her that she is the dead woman herself.

Recent Chapters: ONE

Note: Needing more story for the characters of Kato and Charlie, I created this work of fan fiction. It’s just a side project I expect to be a few parts of 1000 words each alternating between the views of “Katrijn” and Charlie. Bare with me through the slow beginning and instead look forward to the return of some beloved [and hated] characters. 

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So randomly I somehow saw a picture of him today….a recent picture. Honestly I forgot how he looked and it kinda made me a little emotional. Like right now I honestly do dislike him, not for the relationship or anything but for all the drama he tried to cause and all the stress he brought for no reason and the meltdown he had when he didn’t need to, but despite all of that I still miss him. I miss his dumb smile and the way he laughed but more than anything, more than anything romantic I honestly miss being his friend I though around this time we’d be back to being close friends again and hanging out and doing stuff, playing video games together but as of now we no longer have a place in each others lives and while yeah my life is great and for once in a long time I can say I’m happy with where I am and where I’m going I also thought he would have stayed in my life, mainly because I never wanted him to leave it he just chose to think I did and left. I still wanted us to spend birthdays and parties and gaming and whatever else together even if it wasn’t on a romantic level, but now he’s off doing his thing and I’m doing mine and soon we’ll just be memories to each other, honestly we kind of already are.