i needed a break from my normal posts

Turning Safe-mode OFF...

…because it’s doing my head in with all these unnecessarily blocked posts and some of my fav Simblrs have had their icons blurred for so long I’ve almost forgotten what they look like and I’m sick of it.

It means I won’t (I think) be able to report your posts as NOT being sensitive in content, sorry about that D: I’m just fed up with the whole debacle and need some “normal” for a bit. I’ll probably go back to it again in a little while but I just need a break from the nonsense of it because it’s annoying the crap out me.


A sad day

I’m sad to see the day come where I have to make this post. I really don’t like having ANY sort of politics on my blog, because I believe that politics is just a way to break people apart and distract from the beauty of science, but here we are.

For those of you who don’t know what net neutrality is, here’s a reddit post that explains it pretty well: (the comments are worth a read too)


Politicians are being stupid.
All is normal in the world, right? WRONG.
This is a special kind of stupid.

The web should be a place of freedom, not monitized by massive corporations wishing to censor what you can see and are able to access!

And the worst part is, both sides of the political spectrum agree on repealing it! (Probably paid by big ISPs, if you ask me, but I have no proof of this)

If net neutrality is repealed, I’ll probably just delete me account, as there’ll be no real point of continuing to make content in a world where the web is not free.

I hope this isn’t the case, but it seems politicians (on both sides, sadly) are hell bent on allowing ISPs to monetize every aspect of the internet.

Tumblr, among many other websites, such as reddit, have saved net neutrality from demise to the hands of the crooks in washington, but I’m not sure if we can delay this a second time.
HOWEVER, if you feel strongly about this, call your senators and representatives! Sign petitions (if you’re of age) do whatever you feel is right to keep our internet a free place!

Politicians want to make the internet a place controlled completely by ISPs- who will censor and block information the don’t want you to see, unless you pay up- and if this new law passes, then I’ll be leaving Tumblr permanently, just thought I’d give y'all a heads up. Also, sorry for ranting :/



I came home today and found another set of lovely packages on my desk. This time around I have received the 2 post-card sized prints by @giushia and @shadoouge along with the bookmark by @toondoon1010 and the pre-order only print by myself ( @easyminds ).

All that I am waiting to receive now is the 2 sticker sheets, and the 2 charms. I know the sticker sheets will be at my door in about a week or so. However, I still have yet to hear from @acornpress regarding the charm orders. I know they are backed up on orders because of con season and they are slower than normal due to one of their machines breaking (information can be found here if anyone is curious and wants to know more information) so I am unsure on when they will be shipped. 

Sadly that means until I get the charms, my estimated date on when I wanted to have the pre-orders, artist packages, and the giveaway shipped will need to be pushed back. At this time I don’t know what date I am hoping to have everything be shipped out by as I am waiting to hear back from acornpress.


I AM taking a break from full length fics for like… a week. Need to get my sh*t organized and put together and everything up on AO3 and my Fic Masterlist Updated.


I will be filling a few prompts, and writing a few quick fics, and I always have my phone on me so don’t think because I’m not posting a lot that I’m not available to chat!

Will be back to normal writing/updating next week, but until then check out my AO3– NotEvenCloseToStraight— or my Fic Masterlist on my blog to check out any stories you might have missed out on!!!

Normally I wouldn’t post this but I just wanted to give notice and ask for your thoughts/prayers. I might take a break from here for a few days because today I found out that my uncle has liposarcoma. Which is a very aggressive type of Cancer. Things don’t look good right now, my family is in shock, and I need to take a few days away from here. I’ll be back soon. 

Hi everyone. A lot of you have been asking if/when I’ll be coming back from my break, so I’ve decided to give y’all a long overdue update.

If you started following sometime during the last 8 months and have no idea who I am, you probably know me from one of these comics:

In a lot of ways forcing myself to make comics on a daily basis was super great. I got a lot of regular practice, it forced me to try out a lot of ideas (I think a lot my best work would not have come out had I not pushed through my less-good ideas), and the sense of accomplishment—my days adding up to something tangible—was truly gratifying. But in the long run the constant deadline became a crushing burden and sucked a lot of the joy from the process.

I do miss making comics. I’ve even made a handful of comics during my long break that I plan on sharing with you one day. But I recoil when I think of making cartooning an endlessly recurring obligation again.

I’ve put off this update for a very long time because I desperately wanted to say, “I’m back! And here’s some new comics! And everything’s back to normal!” But I can’t. And I need to give myself permission to move on.

Will I ever go back to posting regularly scheduled updates? Probably not.

Will I post a new comic sometimes when the mood strikes me? I hope so.

Thank you all so much for reading and enjoying my comics. It’s an end of sorts, but also a beginning.

Love, Mike


Tomorrow will be all Harley Quinn post. Thursday is full of NGC goodies. Most if not all future post (even this one) will be schedule.

My break from tumblr was haft hearted but this break is very serious. I need to concentrate on my life. Post will continue as normal but I will not be on as much. To those who I call friends I will do my best to reply and keep in touch. I just wanted to share my love of superheroes and I think I provide content that people enjoy. Weather it’s art, cosplay, or images of superheroines (safe and not safe for work).

I am and will be fine. I’m not exactly happy but I’m working on it. Somethings make me uncomfortable and things should be left private. Perhaps being more open was a mistake.

Either way I hope you all enjoy the content. Be safe and kind to others. Respect people.


anonymous asked:

I need help! I put the manga on pause a while ago, because I hate waiting and would rather binge, but then actively started avoiding it because I saw the Erwin spoiler, but the new season of the anime got me excited again, so I decided to catch up and I regret my desicion! I can't stop crying!

just take a break from the manga for a while. give yourself time to process and understand that erwin is gone just as you would with other person you would grieve, and then come back when you’re ready.

there’s really nothing you can do about regretting reading the manga; it would have happened in the anime eventually and that would have been just putting all this off, but that’s not the point. the point is that you did read the manga and now you need some time to just recover. 

Imagine telling your best friend or your spouse “I need time away from you for my own sanity” “I need a break” “I’m so excited we will be seeing less of each other”-imagine posting photos of you excited and the other person crying with the text “I’m so glad they are going back to work after a summer off! I need a break from them!!”

It’s not normal to do it with adults. But it’s all in good fun to do it to your children.

Okay got it.

EXO’s reaction to being drunk

Anonymous said: Exo reaction: how they act around you when they are drunk?

OMG I was literally wishing to get a “drunk” request so thank you so much! Also, sorry it took so damn long! Every time I decide to make a request I get distracted by the beautiful men on my dash xD Woops!

Baekhyun: He would be the drunk that always calls random people and rants about everything and nothing. *mumbles sloppily*: “Do whales like to be under water or are they more into the surface, but are just too fat to get up there?” he would ask his friend from high school that he hasn’t talked to in 2 years. When around you, he would also just talk about random stuff, and keep clinging on to you while whining. “My head hurts!”

Chanyeol: He would both be the “don’t know what he’s doing” drunk and also the “seductive drunk”. He would be the type to bite peoples hands and do whatever he usually does, just all the time, on everyone. When people get annoyed at him, he wouldn’t even notice, and just keep doing it.

He would also be the drunk to become extremely flirty and horny. Just…. do that all the time *gif* and do naughty things under the table… If you know what I mean…. sorry not sorry

Chen: Jongdae would be the type to just get even more random and fun than usual. Instead of just laughing normally he would throw himself to the ground, and instead of dancing normally, he would get up on a table and dance. Then he would shout random words to everyone and pull you up on the table with him. “DANCE WITH ME Y/N! I LOVE THIS SONG!” …. Later on the night, he would get more quiet and also very clingy and cuddly, telling you how much fun he had and how much he loves you.

D.O: He would be that guy that doesn’t care about anyone or anything else in the room. He would be totally in his own little bubble, getting fascinated by every little thing. You would be able to hear small cute sounds coming over from him, like: “Ahh cool!…. Wooow!” and when you go over to him and ask him what he’s doing he would happily show you what makes him fascinated.

It would most likely be a toaster.

Kai: He would be the cute and sweet drunk, who also eats everything he sees. He would often look at you lovingly and smile, and then keep eating his food. “You’re so beautiful Y/N!” he would suddenly say and kiss your cheek. Then he might feed you his half eaten food, not knowing that it’s half eaten.

Kris: He would actually not get drunk very often, but when he does he would go crazy. He would dance around crazily and shout to everyone that he’s the best. When he gets tired from dancing he would go to some random table and start talking to the strangers. He would be looked at weirdly, but after some time the people would accept him being there, and maybe even start to like him. He would start telling dumb jokes, and everyone would laugh because they’re drunk. “And then!!! He smacked me in the face!!” he would yell enthusiastically.

Lay: He would be the dorky and cute drunk that just does silly and adorable things all the time, but also the touchy drunk. He will kiss your neck, kiss your cheek and hug you all the time. He might also start groping your ass, not knowing what he’s doing exactly.

Luhan: He would be the aggressive drunk that would get into fights just because he thought a guy was hitting on you. “You know what? I will fuck you up!” he would say, threatening him. If you try to pull him back he would just push you away (without hurting you) and keep threatening the dude.

Sehun: He would be the moody one that could go from laughing his ass off for some odd reason, to suddenly getting very salty and sassy. Not for any specific reason… Just.. Didn’t feel like laughing anymore.

Suho: He would be very respectful with you, but quite idiotic with the guys. He would make sure you were feeling okay and drink your drink for you to show you that he cares, and to make sure you don’t get too drunk. (It’s a thing the guys do to show they care in South Korea… I think xD - don’t hang me up on that!) But when he’s with the guys he would get more crazy and dance around, making a fool of himself.

Tao: He would be the emotional drunk who would starts crying constantly. Both from sadness and happiness. I imagine him dropping his drink and then start crying and screaming out: “Oh no not again! I can’t do this anymore!” and then start crying of laughter because someone else dropped their drink.

Xiumin: You would not notice a very big difference from his normal “party mood” self to him being drunk. He would be on the dance floor, partying hard. He would maybe make some friends on the way and talk normally with them outside, to take a break. He would act pretty normal when he needs to, and be really crazy when he feels like it.

gayhoseoks  asked:

Hello~ I'm glad you're alive, I know there are times when things are rough but, remember there'll be better days. Everything will work out~ You will find happiness = ^ . ^ =

Hi there sweetie! I honestly love seeing messages from you, whether it is on anon or not! I am doing much better and feel my mental health back on the normal side of the scale! ^^ Taking a break and buying a much needed book helped me a lot and is continuing to do so! :) 

The List

Summary : Since he was born, Natsu has had heart problems. And feeling like he’s been a burden to his friends and family, he moves away. But it isn’t long until he is admitted to the hospital. If he can’t find a donor soon, he won’t make it. Can a blonde nurse help him make his last days enjoyable? Or will she give his will to live just enough strength and time to be saved?

A new two-shot for all you lovely people!! Hope you like it, it’s a little different than what I normally write. But I really enjoyed writing it!!

“A specialist?”

“Yes,” Natsu’s doctor spun around in his chair to smile at his patient, albeit sadly, “all I can do for you now is medication to ease the pain. Dr. Clive would have a better idea how to help you.”

Natsu rubbed the back of his neck, not looking at the doctor. Ever since he was born he had a weak heart. He could still play and run around like other little kids, but it always ended with him in the hospital after a day at the park. Eventually, his father told him it was too dangerous to play like that. So Natsu had to start staying inside, even at school he’d have to watch his friends from the classroom window.

Sighing, Natsu glanced around the room, the only sounds were the clicks on the doctor’s keyboard. He had spent half his life in the hospital. He was hoping that after years of staying healthy and fit, it would make this visit a little different. Only to be totally wrong. Turns out things were only getting worse, and if they couldn’t find a replacement soon, his life wouldn’t last much longer.

“I just need you to sign a few forms here,” he was handed a pen across the desk, along with a stack of papers, “and I’ll send you and your father an email to the hosp-”

“No,” Natsu messed up his signature when he jumped, “it’s OK. I’ll just tell him.”


Natsu bit the inside of his cheek, he had no intention of telling his father this. Or his brother and sister-in-law. Or his friends. They had been with him through all this, keeping him safe and healthy. But he always felt like he was holding them back from living a life where they could be free of the burden that was his life.

“It’s in Crocus?”

“Oh, yes. I know it’s a few hours away, but you’ll only have to see him every few weeks. Maybe a 4 hour drive.”

Natsu’s stomach lurched at the thought of that long a car ride, back and forth… every few weeks?! He’d probably die.

“OK,” his doctor said after he handed him the last signed form, “I’ll get these to the office up in Crocus, and I’ll let you know of your first appointment.”

Both men stood and the doctor held his hand up to Nastu, “I hope things go well for you.”

“Thanks,” Natsu shook his hand, and smiled with what little confidence he had left.

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Everything In Between - Part 9

Hey everyone, I’m back from my vacation. I know @malvaloca93 asked how it was, and it was absolutely amazing. It was everything I needed. Sorry it took me so long to post, but anyway, here it is. It’s funny that this part has a beach scene, because that’s where I was this break. But anyway, I hope you guys enjoy. It’s kind of long.

Thanks for reading,

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A week ago a 4th year nursing student got to watch an open heart surgery and then follow the patient into the CVICU, and of course it’s the patient I’m admitting. I told the girl it was the blind leading the blind since I’m new haha.

Thankfully the pt was ridiculously stable (didn’t need fluid boluses and was only on propofol; it was a wonderful break from the chaos my unit has been) so I had no problem with her sticking around and me showing her what we do.

After I did my assessment she was like “So I noticed you didn’t listen to the bowel sounds for 5 minutes, is that because this is a post op patient and you would still do it with a normal patient?”

befitandchase  asked:

Because I'm overworked and need a break from writing, how 'bout some Olicity and failed sexting?

I normally do these things in order (well try to) but I just couldn’t get this idea out my head!!! SO yes I had to write this… Oh and yes I actually don’t use text language so I didn’t here either… I hope it makes sense, and hopefully makes you laugh :).

Also I’m posting this before I go out tonight so yes ENJOY!

Prove it.

It was a crazy busy day. Ever since she had learnt she owned Palmer Technologies and Oliver refused to take it back from her. She had been working so hard to bring it back to its former glory under the Queens name. So now she was sat in the CEO office, staring at so much paper work she had already had enough after all her morning meetings suddenly her phone beeped. Olivers name instantly made her smile.

Can’t wait to see you later ;)

Don’t think I can make lunch sorry, so much work to do

Oh… That’s a shame…

Sorry baby

It’s okay, I was just looking forward to devouring your lips

I’m so sorry, seriously I would if I could

Her phone was silent for a little while, as she turned her attention back to the papers in front of her when suddenly it beeped again.

I want to come over there, rip your clothes off and pound into you. Make you scream my name as you come all over the desk destroying all your paperwork…

She groaned her hands shaking slightly.

Oliver. Stop it! I have that much paper work I don’t even think any of it would get destroyed

That’s what you took from what I just said? Haha

Yes… I want to duck you too, but that’s not looking likely…

Duck? Hahahaha

FUCK! I want to fuck you Oliver… I want you so badly; I want to feel you stretch me, to bend me over the desk.

Her free hand fell to her breast, the floor was empty her assistant had gone to sort out some more paperwork. So she allowed herself this moment.

What are you wearing?

Doesn’t matter…

Oh yeh it does ;)

Just an orange dress

Felicity you’re not helping here, I’m so painfully hard right now

Prove it

She sent it before she even had time to think, she clenched her thighs closed at just the thought of him gloriously naked. Just then there was a tap on her door, her hand flew from her breast as she looked up to see Diggle striding in.

“Hey! What are you doing here?”

“Well someone said you might not get lunch so I am here to deliver it.” He handed over a brown paper bag and she happily took it placing it on the table. Her phone buzzed as Oliver replied, Diggles eyes glanced at the screen and she flipped it before he had a chance to see anything.

“Thanks John I really appreciate it.”

“Hey it’s Oliver you should thank, he made it.” She beamed then her heart fluttering in her chest. “I’ll see you later Felicity.” He said softly heading towards the exit. She grabbed her phone, turning it around to see an email from Oliver rather than a text. She shook her head as she opened it, the image of his cock in hand so painfully erect made her mouth dry, the dull throb in her centre growing. Then suddenly she saw the email sent to caption. Holy crap he had sent it to her mother as well.

OLIVER! You sent that email to my mother as well!

No way, I didn’t…

Oh yes you did!

Oh crap what am I meant to do?

Suddenly Felicity’s email chimed, Donna Smoak replied.

Oh god she’s replied Felicity!

Slowly she opened the message.

Nice to see my daughter has a VERY big guy taking care of all of her needs.
Even more so to know you two must be having one hell of a sex life.
But next time sweetie, maybe a little less eager and check who you’re sending it to. Mum xo

Felicity stared in disbelief at the message, feeling her cheeks flush with embarrassment.

Well that certainly killed the mood

Yep, sorry my bad

It’s okay she handled that better than I thought

But I’m never going to live that down am I?

Probably not, maybe sexting shouldn’t be our thing

You’re probably right. I’ll see you later babe

See you later. Oh and thank you for the sandwich Diggle just delivered it. Smells amazing.

Nothing’s too much trouble for you

I love you xoxo

I love you too xoxo

She stared at her phone for a little while longer, before turning back to the paperwork. A soft smile unable to stop spreading as she thought about the man she loved.

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Hey guys sorry I’ve been quite absent over the past week, I’ve been busy and went on holiday with my friend. Needed a break from tumblr too. I don’t usually post photos but a lot of you ask me what NZ’s like so here are a few pictures from my trip. Hope you all are doing well :-) Back to normal posting now!mine


A couple of sketches and (very slight) progress on the MMP thing.  Posting these now because I’m going to try and take a break from drawing for a bit.  I’m burning myself out and, while I normally love drawing stuff, it’s starting to feel unhealthy how much I work.  Having a work ethic is good, but I also really need to learn how to not be busy.  Knowing me, this will likely be a short break, so you’ll be getting more content probably Monday.  But I’m going to do my best to not draw anything else over the course of the weekend.  Wish me luck, I guess.