i need your love song

I don’t need your money or a fancy car, or makeup by the gross, or luxurious livings. I just want your time and love. That’s all. I don’t need that material shit.
—  Unknown

Today has been too hard a day for new ideas; but for me, it’s exactly the kind of day to need a love song and someone to hold you close - so i revisited a series of sketches from a high school AU i had wanted to draw back when i first started on Tumblr - because it was exactly the kind of sappy fluff my heart needed right now.

My personal path to love has been blessedly simple and strait forward; sure, there were tears along the way, even the death of the first person to tell me they loved me… but none of that can compare to the difficulty, pain, and fear that others have had to endure on their own paths… If you’ve been as blessed as me, be thankful for it, and be kind and faithful to those who’ve shown you love and kindness. And no matter who you are, or what your path may be, love one another, be kind to each other, and support every single human beings right to seek out whatever definition of love, happiness, and fulfillment they desire.

All of my love and hugs to each of you~ Pidgy <3

self care tip: sing love songs to urself in the mirror. put on big headphones and dance and lipsync at urself like u just caught ur own eye across the club and wanna get to know you better. wink and point at urself. serenade ur own ass. stand outside ur own house with a boombox and belt out some eighties hits. be the romance u deserve

Inspired by Eine Kleine
I like this song ಠ᎑ಠ


soo obsessed!!