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Librarian || Bucky Barnes

Relationship: Librarian!Bucky x reader

Summary: You can’t help but slowly develop feelings for librarian Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: none!!!!!!

Word Count: 977 words

A/N: wow i just couldn’t stop thinking about soft!librarian!bucky and well here you go

Being cooped up in the library from late afternoon to early evening definitely wasn’t the ideal way you’d been wanting to spend your Thursday, but your professors clearly had other plans because they were just piling on the work. 

Although you didn’t mind, simply because the librarian happened to be the cutest boy you’d ever seen. He was tall in stature and very well built, usually wearing a large sweater of sorts paired with some simple black jeans. His brown locks were more often than not pulled into a sleek bun, a couple of strands escaping around his face. 

Your favourite days were when his hair was down, framing his face as he had to tuck the strands behind his ears as he catalogued the various assortment of books.

You remember the first time you met those bright blue eyes, being completely entranced in his gaze, his smile making butterflies erupt in your stomach. 

Do you need any help finding anything?” You heard an unfamiliar voice say behind you, startling you a bit. 

“Oh no I’m okay, I’ll just ask the librarian,” you said somewhat quietly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear as you admired the man standing in front of you in his dark green jumper. 

“I am the librarian, sweetheart,” he chuckled as your mouth hung open, a string of apologies flowing out as your cheeks blushed at your embarrassment.  

You’d started coming into the library more often because of him, he never failed to brighten up your day. Even if it was a simple hello you got from him, it made your stomach flutter and your heart thud in your chest. 

“Long night again, doll?” You heard a soft voice ask as you pried your tired eyes away from your textbook, “you know it is, Buck,” you giggled as his own heart fluttered loving the way his (nick)name rolled off your lips. 

“You sure you don’t need anything?” He asked, bending down so he was now eye level to you, “I’m sure,” you said sweetly as he nodded, “you know where I am if anything,” he smiled before leaving you be, leaving your heart hammering as usual. 

Bucky had become your safety net through the months, always there to hear you rant about your professors or that one group member that doesn’t do any work.

He’d been there more than once when school had gotten too much for you and you needed a distraction. He’d been more than happy to wheel in an old TV and play old cartoon while making jokes to ease your stress. 

Which is why you weren’t surprised that you had started falling for him, slowly but surely you had developed feelings for him. You never acted on those feelings knowing you’d rather stay friends and not awkward once friends. 

You were also fairly positive that a man with such good looks most definitely had a girlfriend, although you’d never asked since you didn’t exactly want to venture into that territory. 

“Doll,” you heard Bucky’s voice from where he sat at his desk, “it’s time to go,” he said as you looked up and gave him a weak smile before starting to pack up your things. 

You don’t know how it happened but Bucky had walked you back to your place one night and ever since then it had become a tradition and he refused to let you walk home alone. 

You gave him another tired smile, joining beside him as he opened the door for you, the cold autumn air nipping at the delicate skin of your face, “it’s getting cold,” you said absentmindedly as the two of you began walking back to your place. 

It must’ve been a few seconds after those words left your mouth that you felt Bucky place his beanie on top of your head, smoothing it down, “can’t have you getting cold now can we?” He teased as you let out a small laugh. 

You both walked in comfortable silence, one of you occasionally breaking it to point something out as your arms bumped against each others until you made it to the front of your building. 

“Thanks again,” you told Bucky, standing on the second step of the stairs so you were eye level with him, “it was no problem, doll,” he said softly a small smile gracing his features. 

Tonight felt different. 

Bucky had always made an effort in walking you home, especially on late night, but tonight, there was something more glinting in his eyes. He appeared a little on edge, nervous maybe as he fiddled with his fingers. 

“Hey, uh, are you busy tomorrow?” He piped up, meeting your gaze, “I shouldn’t be later in the evening, why?” You asked calmly despite the fact that your heart was beating a million miles a minutes and your thoughts were racing. 

“I was wondering i-if you’d maybe wanna grab some t-tea with me?” He stuttered and you could’ve sworn that your heart ballooned in love for the man who was always so charming now stuttering and tripping over his words. 

“I would really like that, Buck,” you said softly, a smile on your face as one appeared on his face, “I-I’ll pick you up at six?” He asked excitedly as you giggled lightly, “I’ll see you then, Bucky,” you whispered as you leaned in to give him a quick peck on the cheek before turning around, walking into your building leaving him looking like he slept with a hanger in his mouth. 

His heart fluttered and raced all at the same time the entire way back home as he thought about you, she said yes he mumbled to himself in disbelief as he chuckled to himself. 

“She said yes,” he repeated one last time before walking into his house, anxiously awaiting for your date with him.


A creature that has the upper body of a human with the lower body of a panther. Intelligent, silent and fast.They are part of the free tribe in Eel but It’s very rare to see them together with their own kind; born together, live alone. Specialist for twin swords, daggers and spears. 

She’s a member of a new race of Eel, long time ago I was named her as “Yhaefa” but now we need a new name for her new design and I need your help for naming her! 
Becoming The Person You Needed Me To Be.

Request from anon:Hey, could you do a Bucky x Reader where at a young age you get a vison of your soul mate. The Reader saw Bucky as the Winter Soldier and has been afraid of him. When they do meet Bucky tries to show her he is not him anymore because he has been waiting for her since he was a child and the vision he saw of her has help him get through tough times.

Note: This is my first ever soulmate fic so I have nooooo idea if it is any good or if it is what the anon was looking for but, as you can tell by the length of it (lol!), I had so much fun with it so I really hope you all enjoy it :)

Bucky x Reader (Soulmate AU)

Words: 2,602

Warnings: Visions of violence, mention of injuries and death, angst and then some fluff! Think that is all - if I have missed anything please let me know.

Disclaimer: GIF used is mine <3


Every single person across the world had one and no one ever felt complete until they had found one another. A task of which most took on with a sense of hopefulness and excitement. Some people even dedicated every minute of their daily life to finding the one who belonged to them…which would explain why so many people found themselves unemployed at the moment given that they didn’t want to think about anyone other than the one they were destined to be with.

But not you.

Where others would love the images that invaded their mind of the person they needed to find you dreaded even falling asleep on a night because of the ones that came to you. Nothing you saw was positive in any way and it certainly didn’t have you wanting to find the man involved either. Everything that ran through your mind in regards to your so-called soulmate was the foundations of a bloodcurdling nightmare.

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i know i’ve made a lot of posts about puerto rico

but you don’t seem to understand how serious this is. our island was hit hard by irma but we still have taken in thousands of refugees from the virgin islands. we’ve saved so many people even in the hardest times, people whose homes were destroyed. now we’re the ones that need help. please, keep us in your thoughts. donate. help us. we can’t get through this alone. the usa only remembers us when they need a vacation spot. we are more than that, we are a nation. and we need help.

Voice in the Suit of Wands

Soulmate AU where you don’t know who your soulmate is until you hear them speak.


Rated T for language.


“Ugh…”   Lucy groaned into her folded arms while Mirajane and Cana, who had fast become her friends in the wake of the past few months, respectively patted her head and stared at her exasperatedly. 

“Lucy, this is your fourth time this month that you’ve been here…  You know you can’t push these kinds of things.”  Mira told her gently and Lucy felt her throat clench.  

“You need to get a grip, girl.  We can only do so much.”  Cana sighed and Lucy eyed her scornfully from behind her hair that had fallen over her face.  Cana’s gaze softened a bit and she continued.  “Besides, Mira is right, you really can’t rush this process.  We can only help a little, this is a natural thing.”

“I know, but…”  Lucy groaned again and sighed in defeat.  There she was, in all her hopeless romantic glory, at the ‘Soul’s Destiny’ soulmate locater.  How lame is that?

Soulmates were of prevalence in the world that Lucy lived in.  Lucy spent most of her adult life watching her friends find their soulmates while she was left cheering them lamely on and biting her tongue to keep herself from cursing the ground that her soulmate stood on.  She was twenty three and already decided that she was, in fact, going to die alone.

The only way to know if you have found your soulmate was to hear them speak; it was a different reaction for each pair, so Lucy didn’t entirely know what to expect.  She talked to a lot of people because of this, she was a natural chatter box in the right setting, but still she sat there, alone, in the agency once more. 

She knew that Cana and Mira were just being polite, but she pestered them an awful lot.  The three had become close friends, it was actually one of Lucy’s other friends, Erza, who had introduced her to the duo that ran the agency. Since she had an in, Lucy took full advantage of it and ended up really clicking with the two older girls.

“Trust me on this one, you’ve just got to give it some time.  If you keep thinking about it, it’s going to consume your brain, and that’s not healthy.”  Mira fretted and Lucy lifted her head up to meet their gaze.

“I know, I know, but it’s so hard seeing everyone so happy.  I mean, you have Laxus!  And Cana has Bacchus no matter the fact that their relationship is fueled by alcohol.”

“Hey!  It’s fueled by the love of alcohol.”  Cana intervened and Mira gave her a patronizing glance.  “And the love we have for each other.”

“Either way, I think that it’s just not going to happen.”  Lucy threw her hands up, “Whoever my soulmate is can choke on it.”  Lucy glared at the mahogany desk the two girls were sitting behind.

“You don’t mean that…”  Mira soothed her and Lucy felt like throwing herself on the ground and having an adult fit.

“You’re only twenty three, Lucy, chill.”  Cana pointed out and Lucy felt panic rise in her chest.

Only?!  That’s practically thirty and then I’ll be expected to have kids!  But if I don’t have my soulmate by then, I won’t be able to have kids unless I adopt or have artificial insemination!  And if I don’t do any of that, I’m bound to die an old hag!  I am screwed.”

“Geez, are all writers this dramatic?”  Cana scoffed and Mira looked as though she were biting back a laugh of her own.

“Lucy, Lucy, calm down.  You are not going to die an old hag, you’re way too pretty to be a hag anyways, but that’s not the point.”  Mira patted Lucy’s hands and Lucy tried to steady her breathing.  “Why doesn’t Cana read your cards once more?”

“Aw hell…”  Cana groaned and Lucy started to feel terrible.

“N-no, it’s fine.  I’m just going to go home now.”  Lucy sighed and smiled at the girls.  “You two are great, thanks.”

“Wait!  Let me do one more reading…”  Cana shrugged and pulled out her tarot cards.  There was some magic behind what Mira and Cana did to help people find their soulmates.  Cana had a natural gift for tarot card readings, but she strictly stuck with being a matchmaker.  She didn’t do readings outside of that, like telling people the goods and the bads about their lives.  She didn’t want people to blame her for anything terrible that happened to them, and she also didn’t like seeing something terrible in the cards for someone.  Mira used a special lacrima orb that helped her catch glimpses of what people’s soulmates may look like.  Sometimes it was the color of their eyes or hair, what gender they were, and even what they smelled like, but it was never what their voices sounded like.

“Huh, that’s weird.”  Cana muttered as she flipped over her cards.  It startled Lucy’s thoughts and she quickly flicked her gaze over to the brunette.

“What is it?”  Lucy asked eagerly and Cana frowned down at her cards.

“Well,”  She began, fixing the cards so they were perfectly lined up with one another, “You’ve conjured the ‘Suit of Wands’.”  

“And that means..?”

“It represents the element of fire.  The Suit of Wands tarot is associated with primal energy, much like fire, spirituality, inspiration, that’s good for your writing, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition, and expansion.  The wands can represent the times in your life when things just seem to fit together perfectly, almost uncannily.”  Cana stared down at her cards in wonder, she always looked so full of mystery when she did a reading.  “I think this is an extremely fantastic reading, Lucy.  It’s hard to get the full Suit of Wands to come up in a reading.  I think this is very good.”  

“R-really?”  Lucy’s heart fluttered and Cana broke into a broad smile, nodding. “That’s great!”

“That sounds wonderful, Lucy!  Thank you Cana.”  Mira clasped her hands over her chest and then stood up, disappearing in their back room through the tapestry that hung in the doorway.  “I’d like to take a look in my orb one more time to see if anything ties with Cana’s reading.”  She called and Lucy smiled softly; this was why she came to the girls, they were an amazing team.

Mira hastily returned, biting her bottom lip, her brow creased.  “Well, I did get something.”  Mira started and Lucy found herself leaning in in anticipation.  “I get the feeling that there is a strong relation between your soulmate and one or two people that you know in your life…  But that’s all that I really was able to see.”  Lucy pondered the thought for a moment, she’d need more time to think that part of it over.

“That’s great, thank you both!”  Lucy hugged the girls tightly before setting out to leave.

“Don’t come back here anytime soon!”  Cana waved and Lucy giggled.

“I hope I won’t have to!”

“We’ll see you next weekend, right?”  Mira questioned and Lucy nodded not forgetting the plans that they had made with everyone.

“Of course!”

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Cherry Blossom: I can’t help but feel this tinge of paranoia every time you need to speak to me privately.

Chantilly Lace: Oh sweetheart, I promise it is nothing like that. I only have a question.

Cherry Blossom: Oh… okay. What’s your question?

Chantilly Lace: Two actually. First… can I borrow your easel for a project?

Cherry Blossom: Yeah, of course you can.

Chantilly Lace: Great! Now for the second… will you be my model?

First Degree Burns Part 3

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader (eventually)

Summary: Firefighter!AU. Dean is the new firefighter than has recently moved in, unbeknownst to you. You hear screaming and shouting outside of your house and waste no time to help those in need. You find out your neighbour’s son is still in the house and run in to save him. But can you?

Word Count: 2230

Beta: @misticty – Thanks dude, you are awesome!

A/N – For @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s Favourite Things Challenge with the prompt: Firefighter!AU. This is Part 3. And it is for her SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 17 with the prompt: ‘tell me something I don’t know about you.’

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It’s okay, I know how hard it is to lose someone you love.’ A look of sorrow passed over your face as you thought about worse times, a smile mimicked his previous one. ‘I know what it’s like to lose a child, I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone else.’

Dean’s face had grown pale. He didn’t know what it felt like to lose a child but he had lost his mother and Sam’s mother. He couldn’t think about the pain and despair, it was a heartbreaking thought that he didn’t want to conjure, he couldn’t think about losing another loved one especially his little boy.

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Got7 Reaction  — Kissing Them

Mark  —

Soft and slowly, hands cupping your face as he tries to deepen the kiss even more. This isn’t your first time kissing him and you knew how Mark got when things were taken to another level so you had to make sure to take a breather.

“Do you see how crazy I am about you? I could just kiss you forever.”

“Babe, stop the boys are watching.”

JB  —

He liked to get right into it when he was in the mood and needed some release, but there would be days like this one where he would take his time. Slowly building the tension between you two before finally pressing his lips against yours, trying to be sly and slip his tongue in only to have you scold him.

“Can I just kiss my boyfriend without kissing my boyfriend?”

“I can’t help it, this thing has a mind of its own.”

Jackson  —

It would go from 0-100 quickly, he’d be soft and sweet one second then be rough and pushing you back into the couch to try and get more of you. He’d already found a way to slip his tongue in while running his hands up your sides. He couldn’t get enough of you, even when you were giving him your all.

“Jackson, the guys could walk in any moment.”

“Let them.”

Jinyoung  —

Jinyoung liked to keep things PG-13, especially in front of the other members. You liked to be a little wild and try to turn things up a bit but Jinyoung would always stop you, as if reading your thoughts. He didn’t like PDA getting too heated in front of others and preferred to keep that for the bedroom.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“What? A little spice doesn’t hurt?”

Youngjae  —

You liked to always tease Youngjae and smother him with kisses, you always enjoyed seeing him all red and flustered as you whispered dirty things in his ear while kissing him sweetly. He would go very red when kissing around the others and would always pull away or out of the kiss.

“Youngjae?! What the heck?”

“I thought I heard someone come in.”

BamBam  —

Bam Bam was a very open person all the time, and when it came to your relationship he was no different. Always having hot and heavy make out sessions on front of the other members and making you all flustered in front of the others. Kissing him was just a regular thing you two did quite often.

“They’re looking at us.”

“They’re jealous.”

Yugyeom  —

Yugyeom wasn’t big on the other members seeing him express himself that way towards you, afraid he’ll get teased for it later by them. It was hard to find the right time to actually kiss you since he’d be around them almost 24/7. But he’d manage to pull you away for a few minutes to just kiss you.

“We better get back, they’re probably going to come looking for us if we don’t.”

“But I like kissing you.”

- Admin Nim 🍑

You can draw the crystals you lack for a spell.

I was a secret witch for a loooooooong time and one of the things I would do was draw the crystals I needed for a spell or ritual. Now I’ve had people tell me, “it’s not the same and won’t work! ”


What matters most is the intention. Crystals are just for helping channel energy, so in theory drawing them (or having pictures of them on your phone) would work just as well. And one of the biggest pros to drawing them, they can be destroyed. That fact alone makes them perfect for those who can not safely practice because of reasons.

Be safe guys

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sorry if this isn't something this blog usually posts but I don't know where to turn and I really need help! I've been basically held prisoner by my family all my life and was forced into home school and then I had to drop out. Im not even allowed to leave my hose often. I'm now 20 years old and I'm trying to leave this abuse. I have a GED and no job experiance at all and I'm so scared I won't get hired. I REALLY need tips if anyone has any! Anything will help! Thanks!

I have a GED and that never affected my ability to find work. Your chances are better if you have open availability and seem to be flexible. You’re more likely to be considered over someone who can’t work time or that time. Submit an application everywhere that you can.

If anyone knows of a program that can help anon out of this situation please post in the notes or a reblog. There has to be something that can help them get a place to live and maybe help find a job. -Abby

Dear cis people,

When I tell you I’m trans:

Please don’t act like you know more about it than me, trust me the chances are you don’t.

When I tell you my prefered name, thank you for using it, but there’s no need to mention it. Please don’t mention it at all. I am my chosen name and always have been. I don’t need to be told that I don’t look like my birthname.

Please don’t laugh when I do strange things which help my dysphoria.

Although self explanatory, don’t refer to me as a girl or assume my pronouns. If you don’t know, please just ask.

If you have a question, please ask. But make sure you listen to the answer instead of asking and reasking several times.


Your friendly neighborhood trans guy.

anonymous asked:

i'm really embarrassed to tell my irl friends my real name, but it hurts whenever i hear my old one (and it sounds wrong hearing my birth name with "he/him"). any help?

Devon says:

It might take time to be comfortable with your real name, so that might be the reason you’re embarrassed to tell them. Or maybe your friends aren’t nice people and you need new friends. Or maybe your name isn’t a good fit for you.

I assume you’ve already come out to your friends as trans based on how you worded this, but information on our coming out page might still be helpful to you.

Also check out our coming out tag, friends tag, and names tag.

Best of luck, you’ve got this!!

anonymous asked:

If it's not too much trouble, could I have a matchup please? I'm a pretty protective person, the mom in my friends group. I'm stubborn, and I once I make a plan, I stick with it. I'm pretty friendly, and I like helping people. I swear a lot, but not around kids. But I have a lot of trust issues, and I rarely let people in too close unless they've earned it. I have depression, and a lot of anxiety related to my appearance. My hobbies include: LARPing, reading, writing, listening to music, gaming.

I’d match you with Underfell Sans!

Red finds your friendliness extraordinary, if not a little baffling. He himself has trouble with being polite, and will often ask you how the heck you’re able to be so damn nice to people all the time. It’s a good thing you like helping people, because Red certainly needs all the help he can get. He’s got some issues. He enjoys music himself, and if you happen to read something for him, he’ll snuggle up contently at your side and let your voice lull him to sleep. He likes video games himself, and will probably buy a million co-op games for you two to play together. 

Red can relate to your trust issues, as he himself has trouble with letting people into his life. However, he has no problem trusting you, and feels like he can actually talk to you. If you’re depressed, he’ll do his best to make you feel better, even if he isn’t really sure how to make someone feel better. You think he does a pretty good job, either way. He doesn’t understand why (or how, more accurately) you’d have anxiety about how you look, because you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. 


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But like LISTEN ALL THE THINGS YOU SAID ABOUT FENRYS OKAY. I just have a lot of positive feelings towards this giant fluffy puppy (even though 10/10 he can get in this bed) but he isn't talked about enough!!! There isn't enough spazz!! WE NEED MORE FENRYS SPAZZ AND HEADCANONS AND SHIT. I read all yours and a+ agreed. I'm sorry I'm just really excited cause I love him so much 😭

COMPLETELY AGREE! Honestly the adorable pup needs more page time and love! He has sacrificed so much for his brother and it’s clear that his loyalty is unbreakable toward the people he cares about. And look at his vibrant personality! He also wears his emotions on his sleeve and I just can’t help to adore him for it when he shows happiness so clearly, but also be deeply wounded when it’s obvious he feels so much remorse and sadness!

And did anyone else get teary-eyed when Maeve pretty much rubbed it in his face that she wasn’t going to let him have freedom since he is the one who desires it the most??? *loudly sobs*

P.S. I am thrilled you enjoyed the headcannons! I definitely need to catch up on on them, but right now I’m in recovery mode after Tower of Dawn. I have a long to-do list to tackle! (And I wish Fenrys was on that list if you catch my drift!) 

peregrineroad replied to your post: sheronm replied to your post “peregrineroad…

I think maybe Peter isn’t conscious of it, just because of the way he throws in ‘me and you[…]just like the old days’, trying to draw on Yondu’s attachment to him, even though it’s been in play the whole time and it’s the crew he really needs to sell this for.

sheronm replied to your post “sheronm replied to your post “peregrineroad replied to your post: …”

I’m sure that Peter is searching for ways to get out of the situation. He would if this was anyone else, that’s how he acts in the opening scene vs those bad guys who try to steal the orb, try to pretend to be just a junker. But whether he’s aware that Yondu is helping him in this instance is the question. I don’t think he is consciously aware, he looks too surprised/relieved when Yondu hugs him later. But unconciously knowing this is an act they’ve done together before?

Yeah, I agree with you guys that he’s most likely not aware of it, not on a conscious level – “trying to draw on Yondu’s attachment to him, even though it’s been in play the whole time” – GAH. MY FEELS.

But I also agree with sheronm that they’ve probably done things like this before. Peter seems to slip easily into a working rapport with Yondu, most likely from long experience (they do it in the cockpit of the mining ship in GotG2, as well – as soon as Peter drops into the seat next to him, they both settle into fixing the ship, and bickering, like they’ve gone through the motions a million times). They just know each other so damn well by now, even if Peter doesn’t know that he knows everything he knows about Yondu. He still knows it, on some level. :D

unconventional study tips

- buy yourself new stationery: i get so excited about using new pens that i don’t mind writing that essay i’ve been putting off for days

- use a playlist as a study timer: have a selection of instrumentals and songs with lyrics. take a break everytime a song with lyrics comes on and work during the instrumentals

- make your study space smell fresh: mint and lemon tend to be good options

- write down how much time you spend studying for a test and then the grade you got: then you can figure out how time you really need to spend to get a good grade. this will help you use your time more effectively

- spend your study breaks showering or exercising for about 30 mins: then come back fresh and quickly review what you have learned. this will help the information sink in

- don’t always study in comfy clothes or pyjamas: do your hair or makeup if you want too. this will put you in ‘get shit done’ mode

- record yourself explaining topics you’ve just studied: explaining/teaching topics helps you learn so much better, and you also have a little video to review before tests

Source: minimaliststudy

it is with a slightly heavy heart that i say this, but takeover will be going through a more thorough revamp. lately it has seemed as though the dash has been at a stand still – for whatever reason, there hasn’t been as much inclusivity as there previously was, members could be found only speaking to their ship partners and not trying to involve or engage with others. this is not the kind of activity that helps a group thrive, and as such i felt as though the only true way to help make things better off for everyone was to revamp under a new name. as such takeover will be no more. 

 if you are interested in carrying over your characters to the new group ( @starrcaderpg ) you will have to reapply for them. if you are interested in doing so, but need time, the group will not become open to the public until tomorrow at 7 PM CST. i will gladly place characters on reserve for you, but if you fail to apply within the time frame the character(s) will be open to anyone who may decide to wish to take them up. plots are more than welcome to continue on within the new group should you wish them to, but are not required. thank you to everyone who has put in the time and effort to be here within the past five months, and should you not choose to join the new group, you will be missed. <3

iibellecreativeii  asked:

Hey Jenna. I watched your video on how to choose your next writing project and I am still having difficulty. I have too many ideas and I'm not intensely passionate about any of them, some of them are planned out, some just a blurb. I'm really having trouble as I was really passionate about my last manuscript so I'm not sure how to be that way again. Do you think I should take a rest and look for an new idea or begin on one of my current ones? How do you get the passion flowing?

Based on what you’ve sent me, I think you need to take a breather. You sound kinda stressed, like you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Relax. Take some time off. Enjoy life. Either you’ll develop some passion toward some of the projects you have planned, or a new project will pop into your mind that you’re actually passionate about.

If it helps, a personal story: after I published EVE, I was looking for a break from the EVE universe and a new project to work on. I had a fantasy story all lined up to start, and it was planned to the T, but I honestly wasn’t super passionate about it. While I was sorting out the details, a new idea popped into my head - the idea that ended up leading to The Savior’s Champion. I don’t think circumstances would have led me down that path had I been super rigid or fixed regarding what I was currently working on.

I’m glad I chose TSC, because had I stuck with the project I was already working on, I think I would’ve been slightly miserable. It was a marketable idea, but my heart just wasn’t in it.

saphyremelodies  asked:

OMFG I would die to see what kind of unwanted relationship advice Varlen would give to Sylathi

[Open Scene: Varlen, lounging on the floor, shirtless, an upside-down book in his hands. He pretends to startle, rather unconvincingly, when Sylathi enters] 

Oh, Sylathi! My my, fancy running into you here! 

In your quarters. 

Well, seeing as you are retiring, ah… alone tonight allow me to offer you some priceless romantic advice. No, no, please - there is no need to protest, my dear. It is my pleasure to help you in your time of need.

Now, I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘love conquers all’, yes? Well, I am here to tell you that this is absolutely true, and while you have made a good start with this whole Herald-slash-Inquisitor business, you still have a ways to go. 

If you want your partner to fall deeply and madly in love with you, you must first lay waste to your enemies. Sack their cities. Salt their fields.  Assert your dominance. Rule with an iron fist. Only then will your partner see the full extent of your ability to love, and by virtue, your ability to love them.

anonymous asked:

Why is Ariel consistantly being a crappy friend? I know Naveen hurt her but dang girl! Your bestie NEEDS you and if I were Jasmine that would have been the time Ariel got called out and then some.....

I think one of Ariel’s struggles is getting out of her own head. She’s gone through a lot this year - for sure. And she’s internalized a lot of those situations and is getting blinded by them. 

And in doing so, she’s ignored a lot of Jasmine’s signs for help and friendship. Which really sucks….

Plus, Jasmine keeps her emotions bottled up on this topic which only worsens it (cause trust me, anon, I want her to address it as well).