i need your guidance


rule 63 kagami and kuroko meeting up at a cafe over the weekend ♥

(no kagami is not being rude, she’s texting the rest of seirin to see who’s up for some street basketball in the evening ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ )

  • Kara: Cat texted me!
  • Kara: What do I say?!?
  • Kara: Should I ask when she's coming back?
  • Kara: Wait no that'll sound desperate she just left
  • Kara: I miss you?
  • Kara: No no no too soon
  • Kara: I need your guidance!
  • Kara: NO! I need to show her I can do this without her
  • Kara: Am talking too long to replY?
  • Kara: What if she gets mad that i don't answer her back immediately?
  • Kara: Ok ok I'll just text back hello
  • Kara: WHAT DO I DO NOW?? ALEX !!!

Should I go try and see The View tomorrow????? It hopefully won’t be too cold standing out in the standby line and there’s always a chance the cast will swing by and maybe sign some autographs and maybe take some pics OMGGG, but I would have to wake up at like 7 and that’s so early for meeee and i’ll be all alone and what if i don’t get onnnn???? IDK WHAT TO DOOOO HELPPPP


Hello friends ! 

Uni starts again soon and I’m in desperate need of some extra income, so I’m opening commissions. 

Check the captions if you’re confused about prices, I added some precisions.I’ll draw for any fandoms but if I’m not familiar with yours I will need some guidance. And I draw nudity but not explicit porn, basically my limit is erotism, I’m not comfortable with drawing erect members or body fluids. Don’t hesitate to ask for more informations, my askbox is open ! 

I’ll be taking all payments through paypal.

IF THIS SOUNDS COOL TO YOU, you can email me at busylilblop@gmail.com to set up a commission !

If you can’t it’s cool but could you signal boost this post please ?

Thank you again, I love you all !

You know how in cartooons and stuff a character will travel back in time, nab whatever, and the object they took becomes really old(its age)?
Well, wouldn’t that technically also world with going BACK? So, they wouldn’t exist in that time period/whenever they travelled back to and would await a point where they did exist AT THAT AGE. The only time they were the same age was when they travelled back, so they would be stuck in a repitition or the whole thing would cancel itself out. If they got stuck, everything would be stuck so wouldn’t a whole time line collapse or something?
Science side of Tumblr, can you please help? I’m trying to figure out if it would be that one person who stopped existing, of that whole timeling would shut down, or if it would open an alternate universe(as we call them) where the reaction cancelled itself out and if things would continue as is. Help? Please, Science Side of Tumblr?

Today is Val (aka cinnieminni’s) birthday. To celebrate we’ve spent the entire weekend looking at cute things and watching scary movies.

If that isn’t the best way to spend a birthday, I don’t know what is.

Also, I’m going to attempt at making a cake. I can cook pretty damn well, but I can’t bake for shit. Shine your divine light on me this day oh glorious Pillsbury Doughboy, I need your guidance.

“Please forgive me, but I desperately need your guidance. I apologize for awakening you ahead of schedule but I fear we may all be in grave danger Especially you, my lord, if left in your weakened state For I believe that Lucian is alive and well Here Now In this very city preparing to hit us during the Awakening ceremony. Even more disturbing is that if I’m correct it would mean that Kraven is in league with him.”

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