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How are you? I hope well! Can you do a rfa+v and Saeran having to do seven minutes in heaven? Like honestly not even as drunk just sober. (Requests aren't open;-; but maybe later? Also I rlly love your blog like I'm most done with the masterlist^°^)

Author’s note: I hope you guys like this!!!! i’m still rusty ok it’s been awhile edit: I FORGOT V AGAIN someone please send in a request that says “add v” so I remember to edit him in here


  • “You wanna play cards? I brought them with me so we wouldn’t be bored!!”
  • Does he… Does he really not know what we’re supposed to be doing?
  • You looked down at Yoosung, who was already on sitting on the floor shuffling the deck
  • “Lemme guess… you’ve never played Seven minutes in Heaven.”
  • Yoosung paused for a second before shaking his head
  • You sat down next to him and smiled
  • He’s so cute…
  • “So what game do you wanna play, MC?”
  • But then again, this IS Seven minutes in heaven
  • “Strip Poker.”
  • Yoosung’s face turned bright red
  • “H-Huh? Strip?”
  • You smirked
  • “I’ll start.”
  • In one quick moment, your shirt was thrown across the room
  • “Okay, now you’re turn.”
  • Yoosung who had now achieved a new shade of red blatantly stared at your chest
  • “I-I… uhh, w-well-“
  • What the hell?
  • Yoosung looked behind you
  • “I think it came from the other side of the door.”
  • You stood up and opened the closet door, and in tumbled Zen and Jumin.
  • “So,” you crossed your arm and looked down at the two very guilty looking boys, “You wanna explain yourselves?”
  • The two of them began stuttering out excuses
  • “W-Well Yoosung’s never played before-“
  • “-I heard you were taking off your shirt-“
  • “-And I thought he might need guidance-“
  • “-So I wanted to hear the rest.”
  • You glared at them
  • “First, Jumin don’t be a perv, and second-“
  • “We were in the middle of something.”
  • You looked back at Yoosung, who had taken off his shirt
  • “And now that MC and I are even, I’d like to get back to the game.”
  • Despite the confidence behind Yoosung’s words, his face was as red as ever
  • You turned back around and smirked
  • “You heard the man!”
  • Jumin and Zen slowly got up, both mumbling curses under their breath.
  • You closed the door behind them
  • “Now, where were we?”
  • In the end the two of you ended up stripping to your underwear and then just playing go fish for the rest of the time


  • “W-What? I can’t be in a closet alone with MC!! How will I control myself?”
  • You walked over to the closet and gave Zen a smirk
  • “Who says you need to?”
  • 0.1 seconds later Zen was standing in the closet how the hell did he even get there so fast???
  • You closed the door and turned around
  • “So,” you clapped your hands together, “Show me what you got.”
  • Zen smirked
  • “You sure you can handle it?”
  • You raised an eyebrow, “I think you already know the answer to that.”
  • Zen smiled
  • “This is gonna be-“
  • Was all Zen could get out before hitting his head on the light
  • “Ohhh s-shittt…”
  • You rushed over to Zen, who was now bent over in pain
  • “Are you okay? Do you need ice? How bad does it hurt?”
  • Zen looked up at you with hazy eyes
  • “Slooowww down, youuu’reee talking wayyyy toooo fast!!!”
  • I’m not sure what’s more concerning… Zen’s slurred speech or the giant lump forming on his forehead.
  • “We need to get you out of here right-“
  • “NO! I want to give you… seven minutes…in…….”
  • THUD
  • “He did WHAT?”
  • Jaehee swung to door open, her eyes immediately traveling down to unconscious Zen
  • “What happened to his face? And why is the closet light busted??”
  • The rest of the RFA stood behind her, patiently awaiting your answer
  • “Well,” you looked down at Zen and smirked, “I guess he unleashed the beast a little too early.”


  • As soon as Jaehee closed the door she sunk down to the floor and sighed
  • “Finally… peace and quiet.”
  • You nodded, sitting down next to her
  • “Who the hell let Seven DJ anyways?”
  • Jaehee laughed, “I don’t know, but it was a horrible decision.”
  • It would’ve been fine if he just turned the damn the volume down…
  • You looked over at Jaehee, who was responding to an email on her phone
  • “Work’s got you pretty busy, huh?”
  • She gave you a sarcastic glare
  • “Doesn’t it always?”
  • The two of you began ranting about Jumin and the rest of the RFA
  • “I mean, does he think I’m just made out of cat toys? He can’t keep-“
  • “Wait… Jaehee?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I think our seven minutes are up… Did they forget about us?”
  • Jaehee checked her phone
  • “It’s been 12 minutes,” she looked back over at you and smiled, “so I think it’s safe to say they have.”
  • The two of you exchanged glances
  • It’s so nice in here…
  • “You wanna stay?”
  • Jaehee’s eyes lit up
  • “I thought you’d never ask!”
  • She set her phone down and yawned
  • “I think… I’ll take a nap.”
  • You reached up and turned the lights off
  • “Sounds good to me.”
  • You stared at the ceiling, waiting for the drowsiness to hit you
  • That was when you felt something warm slump on your shoulder
  • You looked over at Jaehee and she gave you a sleepy smile
  • “Do you mind if I use you as a pillow?”
  • Be still my heart.
  • “Y-Yeah!”
  • Jaehee closed her eyes, and within the next five minutes, she was asleep
  • The next morning Seven found both of you sleeping in his closet
  • And yes he was naked 
  • And yes he screamed
  • And yes you and Jaehee both screamed back
  • But it was still the best seven minutes in heaven you’ve ever played even if it wasn’t just seven minutes


  • As SOON as the door closed he had you pinned up against the wall
  • “W-Woah, slow down there bud.”
  • Jumin closed his eyes and sighed, letting go of the grip he had on your hips
  • “Sorry,” he backed up and ran his hands through his hair
  • You practically feel him holding himself back
  • “Why are you so worked up??”
  • Jumin leaned back on the wall opposite of you
  • “It’s just, while we were out there, Zen kept… flirting with you.”
  • His nose crinkled when he said the word flirting, as if it were a disgusting word
  • “I know secretly dating is hard, but I really think its best.”
  • You looked up at him, “Especially with everything happening with your company…”
  • Jumin nodded, taking a step toward you
  • “I suppose I can’t blame Zen. You do look ravishing tonight,” Jumin smirked
  • You smiled back at him, giving him a small twirl
  • “Thank you, my boyfriend helped me pick this out.”
  • “I must say, your boyfriend has great taste. I bet he’s handsome, too.”
  • “Oh yes, extremely.”
  • Seven’s yelling interrupted your conversation
  • “Hmm,” Jumin looked at you, “Do you think five minutes in enough?”
  • You pushed yourself off of the wall and grabbed Jumin by the tie
  • “Won’t know unless we try.”
  • And as it turns out, five minutes was more than enough time to… scroll through Jumin’s pictures of Elly


  • “So.”
  • “Yup.”
  • “This is fun.”
  • “Really fun.”
  • For the first two minutes, those were the only words exchanged between you and Saeran
  • I have to do something to break this silence.
  • You cleared your throat
  • “Uhh… so how are you?”
  • SERIOUSLY??? Is that the best I could come up with?
  • “I’m fine.”
  • “…Cool.”
  • You looked down at your feet
  • I’m good too, thanks for asking.
  • this poor child doesn’t know how to socialize have mercy on him
  • When you looked back up at him, his eyes quickly darted away
  • Was he staring at me?
  • A light blush crossed his face
  • That’s… kinda cute.
  • You bit your lip
  • Well, this is seven minutes in heaven
  • Before your brain could tell you otherwise, you leaned forward and lightly pressed your lips against his
  • After getting over the initial shock that someone was actually kissing him Saeran grabbed your chin and deepened the kiss
  • When you pulled away, both of you were out of breath
  • You leaned back against the wall
  • “…So.”
  • “Yup.”
  • “That was fun.”
  • Really fun.”
  • Seven swung the door open
  • “TIME’S UP!!!”
  • You looked at Saeran and smirked
  • “Let’s do this again sometime.”
  • Saeran followed you out the door and grabbed your wrist
  • He pulled you back and lowered his voice so the other’s couldn’t here
  • “Name the place and I’ll be there.”
  • Oh, this was going to be f u n.


  • You looked back the rest of the group
  • “Please help me.”
  • Jaehee gave you a pitying look and Zen saluted you “in honor of his fallen comrade”
  • Before you could anyone else’s reaction, Seven grabbed your hand and pulled you into the closet
  • “Your closet is a lot smaller than I thought it would be.”
  • Seven let go of your hand and laughed
  • “You do know I wear almost the same thing every day, right?”
  • You reached out to feel one of his shirts
  • “This one is my favorite.”
  • You pointed to the shirt Yoosung had gotten Seven for his birthday
  • It had a picture of the RFA on the front and the word “family” in Arabic on the back
  • “Mine too.”
  • Seven stepped closer to you
  • “You wanna see why I was so excited to get you in here?”
  • You felt your face heat up
  • “W-Well, I mean-“
  • “What?”
  • As soon as the lights went off, Seven turned you around so you were facing the door
  • He wrapped his arms around you, giving you a tight hug from behind
  • “Look up.”
  • You tilted your head to look up at the ceiling
  • “Oh my…”
  • Glow-in-the-dark stars were scattered all over the top of the closest, turning the dull ceiling into a tiny galaxy
  • “It’s beautiful.”
  • Seven buried his face in the crook of your neck
  • “So are you.”
  • And that’s when it hit you
  • You were literally in heaven in with Seven
  • “Thank you.”
Romance readers, I have a request!

I have finally decided to say “Fuck you!” to social stigma and the expectations placed upon intelligent young women that make them think they can only read so-called Worthy books! I am going out there and I’m going to read that historical romance I so desperately crave! 

But, proud battle cries aside, I haven’t the faintest idea where to begin. The only romance I’ve ever read before (aside from Jane Austen, etc.) has been a few Georgette Heyer books that I borrowed from a bookshelf when nobody was looking. Much as I loved some of the silliness, the overdramatic plots and speeches and the swoonworthy heroes, some of it was Uncomfortable. 

Could anybody be kind enough to give me a good place to start looking for silliness, ridiculous plots, overdramatic heroes and sassy heroines without the Uncomfortable? 

Ivar the Boneless x Reader
Ivar is having dreams of you, of the goddess he sees on walking his nights. You prove him things, show him things and he can’t handle your ways or the fact they are just dreams. Until one day battle proves him wrong.

Request for: @kolvanismirk
Warnings: Smut - Violence - Ivar point of view
Words: 3535

Taglist: @missbrightlyred @itharley @burningsunshin3 @float-autumn-leave @inthenameofodin @zombie-zayde @decaffeinatedeaglefart @nothingbuthappydays @dani-si @ivarbarnes @supervalcsi @sweetvengeancee @mysticsthinking @odins-missing-eye @kirah34 @laketaj24 @tiredofthisgeneration @mcuimxgine @sugakookiexx @dangerousvikings @natmors

Dreams should supposed to be dreams, drawings of ones deepest desires and thoughts. This wasn’t that, this was a vivid as a stormy night on sea, this was warm and alive, more alive than every time he dreamed about you before. Your shadow danced on the fire before his tent, walking on your tips, graceful, balanced you came into his eye sight. Ever since you entered his dreams you left him speechless, he was gazing at you, feeling the insecurity crawl through his chest as he looked up to you.
‘Ivar.’ You smiled to him, a smile he couldn’t place. A smile that wasn’t charming or graceful, not seductive or gentle. It was a smile containing all of that and he pulled the corner of his lips up in a short tug. ‘Did you miss me?’ You tilted your head. You were looking to the way he pulled his body up on his hands, how he rested his back against the headboard. As a king he desired much, he desired you but it didn’t left his lips as your fingers scour over the sheets that covered his legs. He looked down to the edges of his small miserable legs, trying to figure out maybe why they were so miserable and why you were here again, in his dreams.
‘Who are you?’ He asked, looking up to you, a woman dressed in a light dress, with flowers braided through your hair. He almost found it to be godlessly. It had to have a meaning, all of this, you visiting his dreams, but without asking he wouldn’t know … now he was asking.
‘I’m here to help you King Ivar, I’m here to lead you the way.’ You answered him, crouching down aside the bed to grace him with one of your elegant smiles.
‘I don’t need guidance.’ He found his voice to be harder, maybe annoyed by the fact you were talking riddles to him.
‘You need some things at least, reassurance, prove.’ You’re fingers scour over the fabrics that covered his legs. He tensed, looking confused, looking lost as he felt something change within him.
‘Prove of what?’ He shifted his deep blue eyes back on yours and you lifted your fingers up from his legs.
‘Prove of enjoyment, pleasure.’ You answered him honestly. It didn’t took him long before he knew where you were talking about and his eyes shifted back to his legs as you stood up.
‘I can’t,’
‘It’s just a dream right? Isn’t that what you always say?’ You asked him polite. Ivar looked aside, to the way you crumbled your dress between your fingers up before you straddled yourself down over his lap. Ivar gasped, feeling the vibration of your weight spreading a certain warmth throughout his body. It was a dream, it was just a dream. ‘Are you going to let yourself define by one slave?’ You asked him, fingertips resting against his jaws. Ivar looked to the middle of your throat before he slowly looked up to you. He felt his hate, his misery after what happened with Margrethe. The rumors that he couldn’t please a woman where hardly a part of his rage these days. He was born to lead but apparently he needed to do that without a son to give his legacy to. Despite you foresaw otherwise. He rolled his jaws while looking into your eyes. You smiled again, lowering your lips down to his. How could this felt so real? The pressure, the taste, Ivar shivered throughout his body while you moved your lips. The uncertainty, the feelings of them pulling him back now. He grabbed your shoulder, pushing you back.
‘You are not real.’ He hissed between his lips.
‘Is that what you think? Or is that what you want to believe?’ You ask him, digging your nail in his chest, pulling it down so he had a feel of reality.
‘You are not real.’ He repeated again, angry on himself on letting this happen. Why where you always returning in his dreams, where you a goddess guiding him through or where you just a fragment of his desires. You nodded, almost respectfully before clipping the leaf formed clips lose from your shoulders. The dress stroke in a fluent motion down over your body, assembling around your hips. His jaws clenched as he took in a breath, looking over your nakedness in this dark night. ‘I’m as real as you let me Ivar, let a dream not stop you from greatness, taste it.’ You gestured, moving your hips a little deeper in his lap. He gasped, feeling his body reacted on what he saw and felt. You were bringing your head back closer and he let you. His fingers found the naked skin of your side before sliding to the back, lifting all the way up over your spine. Feeling your lips, feeling your movements, it wasn’t real. But he let it, he grabbed for your hair at the back, pulling at it so your head kicked up, his lips leaving traces over your neck. The soft sign leaving your lips encouraged him. Ivar never felt like he felt now. His free hand touched your breast before he took it and knead it between his hand. Your reacting, the little moan, the way you rocked your hips slowly into his left him speechless for he felt something react of his own. He grabbed you around you waist turning so you landed with your back in the bed. His hand grabbed for your throat, not knowing how to act on the madness of this dream, not knowing how to feel about his own body. There was so much uncertainty that it made him angry. He clenched his fingers around your throat, hissing before pulling your head up and slamming it back in the bed.
‘You are not real!’ He growled, wanting to see you turn red for the lack of oxygen. But it was a dream and you just smiled, finger raking over his body, grabbing between his legs to what was hard and ready. He shivered, his whole body burning before he lowered his head again and kissed your lips. He left your throat, fingers eagerly grabbing into your skin, into your breasts, almost aggressively.
‘This is you Ivar, fully alive.’ You panted against his lips as he ripped the dress from around your waist. You made him feel alive, for the first time a dream came actually true and it wasn’t even real. He felt the pulse between his disturb legs, he felt the sweat covering his forehead, he saw you close your eyes, moaning when his fingers pinched the soft flesh between your legs. There wasn’t a foreplay in all of this, he felt alive and he wanted this, he wanted this since he chocked Margrethe to silence. That damn slave. His mouth became intoxication, biting down your skin, rocking against you while you started to erase the cloths from his body. He was dreaming, he was dreaming, he kept repeating that when he slammed himself inside of you, opening his own mouth for the impact he brought down on your body. ‘You can, you see?’ You panted, proving him what he could do. Ivar hissed, grabbing for your hair as he moved his body into yours, over and over. Enjoying the ring of his own voice over your lips, enjoying the screams out of your throat. He enjoyed the feeling, how it felt being inside a woman. He grunted, going hard, leaving marks on your body while you scratched your nails over his chest, red marks starting to bleed. ‘You can, you will, you are the greatest King walking this earth and this is just,’ you moaned through your words, feeling the heights turning around in your body. With one last rock he came, grunting like a wild beast he dropped down on you. You strangled your fingers through his hair. ‘let me prove that to you my king.’ You whispered in his ear, fully out of breath. He turned his head, a nose stroking against your cheek as he looked into your bright eyes from aside.
‘How can I believe a goddess like you if this all is a dream?’
‘Because we will meet again.’

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I wish I could see your eyes again.
Not just passing you by, glancing quickly before averting my eyes to something less painful. But up close in the sunlight, staring into them so I could see every pigment of light greens and yellows.
I wish I could see them like I used to, full of love and not hatred. I wish you looked at me with them in the same way you had before. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel so numb. Because I remember how it felt when you looked at me that way, in the sunlight, up close, with all the love in world. I remember how full I felt. I remember feeling like that was home and I had finally found where I belonged. I remember feeling like that was my place, right in your eyes.
I feel so out of place lately. I don’t know why I’m here anymore, or what I’m doing. I need guidance.
I wish I could find myself again, in your eyes.
—  v.m
Advice For People Questioning Their Sexuality

 Date a few girls, date a few boys. If anyone makes fun of you, wrap an arm around your partner and tell them to fuck off, questioning yourself is a perfectly normal part of life and is a necessity for you to be happy as can be. So, don’t stress too hard. If you are stressing, talk to someone who will understand and most importantly, someone you trust, EX: parent, best friend, doctor. Trust me, you’ll feel great when it’s all over. :)

(If you want more advice, just message me, I’ll be happy to help)

Dearest sweet Aaliyah, 

Last week I felt like my world was collapsing. I had just received devastating news and I didn’t know how to process it. I didn’t know how to deal with it. Being strong suddenly seemed like a foreign concept and so I buckled under the intense emotion that kept washing over me in waves. As in all defining moments of my life, I turn to you. I place my headphones over my ears and hit play on my phone allowing your haunting vocals to seep through and soothe my raging soul. 

“Here take my hand and, wipe those tears from your eyes…” 

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Art Critique PSA:

I’ll preface this by saying that I am pro critique.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without countless artists redlining my work and helping me make it better.  This post is not about the merits of critique.  This is about something that bothers me on a personal level, which is the habit some people have of attempting to offer critique (or being flat out negative in a useless sort of way) after a piece has been finished.

When you come across a finished piece of art on someone’s blog or in their gallery, then you’ve officially missed your opportunity to offer negative criticism critique.

Originally posted by plumkat

So unless the artist asks for your opinion, consider the following before leaving your comment:
  • Is it T.rue?
  • Is it H.elpful?
  • Is it I.nspiring?
  • Is it N.ecessary?
  • Is it K.ind?

Originally posted by nnnewtscamander

If you see a finished work that you like, tell the artist!  It makes them feel happy and encouraged.  But don’t leave negative comments, because the artist is no longer working on that piece.  So telling them what you don’t like about it only accomplishes two things.  One, it gives you a false sense of authority on the matter, and two, it discourages the artist and can make them feel like failures who should just give up.

The piece is done.  There’s no changing it.  So why point out what’s wrong with it?

Believe me when I say that artists are their own harshest critics.  If there is something technically wrong with perspective, proportions, etc., they already know, and probably reached a point where they needed to just be done with it.

Pointing out those types of errors on a finished piece just brings the artist down, and it’s condescending, too, because it assumes the artist isn’t already aware of the issues.  Trust me.  They know!

The only time it is polite to offer critical input on an art piece is when the artist has specifically requested such, and chances are they already have sought critique somewhere else.  Artists don’t generally seek out critique on their personal blogs.  Instead–and to much greater effect–they usually ask for help from artists and mentors IRL, or on sites that have designated critique areas.

And yes, I know everyone is entitled to their opinions.  But ask yourself… does that mean you need to subject others to them at all times?  The answer is no.  You don’t.  So T.H.I.N.K before you comment, and if you have any doubts, MOVE ON.

Take Me to Church

AJ Styles/Reader
1720 words; smut/explicit

Vague set-in-some-unspecified-time historical AU and priest/preacher AU.

Also the religious imagery in this is pretty overt, so please don’t read it if that might upset/offend you.


It’s always too hot in church, the air thick and heavy. The wooden pew is hard against your body, and droplets of sweat are inching down your spine in a steady trickle. You shift slightly as you try to concentrate on the words of Brother Styles’ sermon, aware that your best white cotton dress will show the damp.

You hear your mama’s voice in your head, telling you to sit up straight, and you put your shoulders back, taking strength from the words. She passed a few years ago, in an accident along with your daddy, and as an only child, you were left alone in the world. But it’s not so bad, as you’ve managed to make your way a little, finding work as a seamstress in the Ladies’ Fashion store in town.

Brother Styles was the one who put in a word for you, helped you get the job and find a room in a boarding house of good reputation. He was so kind to you after your parents died, a true gentleman. You listen to him speak now, pacing up and down the raised platform at the front of the church, warning of the fate that awaits all sinners: fire and hell and eternal damnation.

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Love At First Glance

Rudolph Valentino x Reader

A/N: Let’s just pretend that Rudy hates The Countess for what James did to him and he’s growing tired of Natasha. He doesn’t love her like he used to and she’s too drawn to the modern world that she doesn’t really care for Rudy anymore.

Los Angeles. The overcrowded city that you weren’t necessarily a huge fan of. Being surrounded by many people still made you feel alone. Normally, the trips you go on are with your family, but this time around, you brought your best friend, Stacy. The both of you didn’t care for a fancy room as you’ll be out more than in, so you got the cheapest motel you could find in Los Angeles.

There are many touristy places you two planned on visiting. You even planned a visit to the Hotel Cortez as there’s been many rumors that it’s haunted. Instead of booking a room, you paid a visit at the bar and even roamed the halls to see if you two will pass by a ghost.

You would feel a slight cold breeze every now and then, but no actual ghost. Boring. The only somewhat exciting thing was meeting the owner of the hotel named James March. He was very different, but I guess when you have money like that you can say and do whatever you want.

Your best friend grew bored as well, so you found it as your cue to leave and find a different place to visit. Before you could walk down the stairs, a couple passes by. The woman was beautiful and pulled off the short hair look very well and the man beside her was very handsome. There’s was not an ugly feature on him. He was almost perfect.

You couldn’t tell if they were together or not as they weren’t holding hands or making physical contact. They were just looking forward, looking more than ready to get to where they need to go.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N?” Stacy waved her hand in your face to snap you out of it which did work.

“Oh crap I’m sorry.” You chuckled. “I zoned out for a moment.”

“Mmhmm.” Your best friend started walking downstairs and you followed. “I saw you going goo goo eyed over that guy.”

“Shut up Stacy.” You playfully rolled your eyes while watching your step walking down the stairs.

It is now mid day aka you and your best friend were exhausted already and needed a quick rest so you both took an Uber back to the motel.

You wake up after only 20 minutes of napping, but Stacy was knocked out cold and you didn’t want to wake her. A snack was what you’re craving and you just remembered that there’s a vending machine downstairs, so you grabbed a few dollars and headed down.

Walking back up, you were texting your mom and updating her about your trip and didn’t realize how full your hands are holding your snacks, making you drop a bag. “Oh shit!”

As you were bending down to pick up your bag of chips, someone came out from the room next to you and accidentally stepped on your chips, luckily your hand wasn’t there.

What a small world it is because it just so happens to be the damn right good looking guy you’ve seen earlier at the Hotel Cortez.

He looked so good wearing a suit that looked like it was made just for him. You’ve always had a weakness for well-dressed men. That James March guy you met would’ve been attractive, but his Gomez Addams mustache bothered you.

“Apologies-” He paused, gazing at you once you stood up all the way. “-Mi Amore.”

“O-oh that’s okay.” You wanted to slam your face on the wall for stuttering so badly. Also, you were confused as to why someone like him is staying at a dump like this.

“Allow me to buy you another, yes?” He insisted, closing the door behind him.

“Yeah.” You cleared your throat, hoping it would help prevent you from stuttering again. “Okay sure.”

He wasn’t much of a talker so you introduced yourself first, putting your hand out to shake his hand. “I’m Y/N.”

The man stared at your hand looking puzzled then grasped it and kissed the back of your hand. “Valentino. Rudolph Valentino.”

You couldn’t help but smile and blush like a little school girl, so you went and walked downstairs in front of him so that he wouldn’t see.

Arriving at the vending machine, he handed you whatever cash came out of his pocket. “I only need $2, Rudolph.” You chuckled at the sight of the money he was willing to give you.

Rudolph put the remaining money back in his pocket and rested a hand on your lower back. “Please Mi Amore, you may call me Rudy for short.”

Wow, you didn’t notice his Italian accent at first. Your heart was pounding out of your chest from this little nickname he gave you instead of calling you by your actual name. Was he flirting or does he call every woman that? And that innocent gesture of touching your back. Jesus.

“Well Rudy, thank you for the chips and I hope to see you soon.” Of course you want to scream out for him to take you on a date or even grab coffee, but you didn’t want to seem desperate. You put your hand out again to shake his goodbye and he ignored it, which slightly made you feel embarrassed, but instead, Rudy lightly grabbed your hand, hiding it in between both of his.

“Do you have plans later this evening?” He asked, then let your hand free.

“I’m not sure, I would have to ask my best friend because she’s staying with me. Why?” You tried to play it cool although you’re hoping and praying he’s going to ask you on a date.

He started making his way back upstairs and you followed. “Care to join me for dinner?” Rudy glanced behind him to make sure you were following.

“Um sure.” Again, you played it cool but inside you were screaming yes! “I don’t think my friend would mind if I’m gone for an hour.”

“Perfect.” Rudolph looked up in question and back to his focus on you. “It seems I am no longer familiar with this city, so I would need your guidance on choosing where we go.”

“I’m new here too, but we can figure something out together. I’ll knock on your door when I’m ready because us girls take forever to get ready.”

“Of course.” He grinned, then allowed you to walk back to your motel room alone. It was just a few doors down from his. What a coincidence.

You glanced behind you to see if he was still standing in the same spot and he was so you saw it as your cue to say see you later. “I’ll see you in a few.” Rudy slightly bowed his head, then proceeded to his room.

As you shuffled towards the door, unlocking it, you rushed inside and closed it with your back and started smiling uncontrollably. You rushed over to wake up your best friend, throwing your snacks on the bed.

“Stacy! Stacy! Guess what?” You shook her body to wake up and she struggled to open her eyes.

“Huh? What?” Stacy’s voice was raspy from her nap and she felt slightly groggy. You sat on the edge of the other bed so that you could give her space to pull herself together. She sat up with her legs crossed Indian style.

“So you remember that hot guy I couldn’t get my eyes off of at the Cortez?”

“Yeah what about him?”

“Tell me why I bumped into him earlier and he ended up asking me out on a date! Tonight! Just my luck right?”

“No freaking way, Y/N. You’re lying.” Stacy didn’t believe you whatsoever, I mean, what are the odds in something like this happening?

“I’m not. I’ll prove it to you later.” You huffed, then rushed over to the bathroom to wash up and ignored your hunger. Even though it’s hours from now, you still needed time to find the perfect outfit in your luggage. Let’s just hope everything goes perfectly.

[in my house in 2019 or so]

me, on my knees in my closet, speaking in a hushed tone of reverence to the $400 mads mikkelsen death stranding statue i consult when i must make a hard choice: this decision could impact the rest of my life, for better or worse. i don’t know what to do, death stranding mads mikkelsen. i need your help. i need guidance.

mads statue: [holds his finger up over his lips the way he always does, a glint in his eyes as the candles in my closet flicker around us]

me, tearing up: you’re right. i know. i don’t know what i would do without you.

me: [orders a second identical statue of mads mikkelsen from death stranding]

Minds and Ages (2/3)

Diana x reader (Clark is your cousin. I recommend reading the first part) PART 1

Part 1 Summary:

You meet Wonder Woman at the club you work at and end up agreeing to join the Justice League on your own terms. Diana seems interested in you, but since you are kind of oblivious, you didn’t see that until later on. You end up leaving after having a stare down with Bruce and then you run into your long lost cousin, Kal-El. This final part is going to include a fight, a super mad Superman and Wonder Woman, and you getting super injured, which will scare the life out of Kal-El (not literally). 

(A/N: This is going to be more about Clark and you. Part 3 is when all of the fluff is gonna happen with Wonder Woman. This part sets the scene for the final part, basically. Part 3 will be up tomorrow evening, so keep a heads up! Hope you enjoy!)

After I ran into Kal-El, he decided to walk with me to my apartment. I knew very well that he was angry at me and angry at himself. I knew he wanted to yell and scream at me for leaving him alone with the Kents when he was 8, but he held it in - at least until I told him to speak what was on his mind. Though, he didn’t scream at me, as much as he wanted to, he just didn’t.

He shook his head and looked up, taking a deep breath before speaking. “How could you up and leave me like that? I looked up to you as my role model and you were my best friend, but then you left. Why in the hell did you leave me? Especially when I needed your guidance and love?” He said, controlling his emotions as much as he could.

I wiped my eyes, but more tears came flooding out, just like the guilt that I had kept hidden for years. I sniffled and answered, “I promised your parents that I would let you find your own way before we were sent here, Kal-El. I-I…if it was up to me, I would have stayed. I would have never left you like that because you were basically my little brother and you still are. I forgot about the promise I made to your parents when I swore that I wouldn’t leave you, until a few days later. We were attached at the hip, so I figured I would have to leave in order for you to become who you are today. You’re a hero and I never expected any less of you. It runs in our blood.”

We stopped when we reached my building. Kal-El still had tears in his eyes and I knew he was still holding a lot of stuff back. 

I sighed and forced myself to look at him. “I deserve whatever you have to say to me. Say what’s on your mind, brother.”

He choked back a sob at my choice of words, even though that was not my intention to cause him so much pain. He breathed and glared at me, although the anger didn’t reach his eyes.

He shook his head. “You left me alone! I needed you the most, nobody else! But you let your stupid ‘I never break my promises’ get in the way of what was actually happening! I went through depression and I blamed myself for a long time, thinking that you didn’t want me! I thought that you blamed me for not rescuing my parents.” His voice lowered to a whisper as he continued, “I thought you had died. I wanted to kill myself to be wherever you were and I was only 10! I wanted my sister back.” He growled and then he flew off in a fury.

“Kal-El, I am SORRY! Please, come back to me, little brother.” I sobbed, looking up into the night sky. “Please. There is more to our story than a promise I made to your parents.” I shook my head and went into the apartment building, quickly retreating into my home. I breathed deeply to keep calm down and sat on the couch.

I already knew how our reunion was going to happen, but as much as I prepared for it, I felt completely destroyed. I left him alone to fend for himself. I wasn’t there when he needed my love and support. He even thought I had died and he blamed himself for that.

And I wasn’t there when he needed his cousin. His best friend. His sister.

That night, I ended up falling asleep on my couch in an uncomfortable position, being too tired to change it.


I woke up still on my couch, but I was now laying down and had a blanket over me. I never sleepwalked, so I was momentarily confused until I felt a familiar energy that belonged to none other than Kal-El. He wasn’t in my apartment, but he was flying around the area.

I sat up, pulling the blanket off of me, before standing up and stretching. After I was done, I noticed a note on my coffee table.

It read, “Y/N, my cousin. My sister. You may have abandoned me when I was young, but the love you always showed me carried on through me. I’m still hurt and angry at you, but I’ve also missed you so much. I was just shocked last night since it was all so sudden. I am not forgiving you yet, but I just wanted to show you that I do care. The Justice League wants to meet you at 2:30 pm today at the Wayne manor. Please, be there. There’s a threat wandering the streets and we need you now, more than ever.”

I smiled in a sad way. I was excited to meet my team, but I was sad about him not forgiving me. Yet. I walked to my room, got dressed, and then headed out on my journey to Bruce Wayne’s mansion.


As soon as I arrived, I was led inside and to the room that the Justice League members were in. I smiled at Bruce’s old man.

“Thank you, Alfred.” I said in appreciation. He grinned a little and nodded at me.

“Welcome to your new team, miss Y/L/N.” He said and then led me into the room. Everyone that was there stopped doing what they were doing and looked at me.

Diana came up and put a gently hand on my shoulder as she introduced me to the team. “Everybody, this is Y/N Y/L/N. Y/N, this is Barry, Hal, Bruce, Arthur, Victor, and Clark.” I smiled in greeting at everyone, but Kal-El ignored my gaze.

A few minutes passed with the greetings, before Bruce cleared his throat, catching all our attention. “Alright, we have a serious problem on the streets that needs to be dealt with immediately. This metahuman has kryptonite, so Y/N and Clark - be careful out there as much as you can. His weakness is concrete. So for this mission and this mission only, I give you permission to tear up the damn streets. Alright? Now get ready and let’s go, because he’s at the airport waiting for us.”

We all hurried to our changing stations. Kal-El, or Clark, was still ignoring my presence, so I gave him space until we arrived at the airport. We were standing in a stand-off, just staring our enemy and his goons.

I turned to Clark and sighed. “I know you may not forgive me for a long time, but I love you and I care a lot about you, so be careful as much as you can.” I left out the part that I had a very good feeling that one of us wasn’t going to make it out of here, even though this asshole wasn’t as dangerous as most of the villains they’ve faced.

He turned to me, but before he could say anything, the battle began. We charged as a team into the battle and fought our way to this prick that called himself Mal. As I was busy fighting 10 guys, I managed to glance at how Clark was doing and I saw that he was pouring through them as if they were nothing which made me proud. But then I saw Mal aiming this glowing green gun at Clark, pulling the trigger without hesitation when he saw that Clark’s back was turned. I knew that the bullet was made of kryptonite, so I did the only thing I knew I owed to Clark.

“Kal-El!” I shouted.

He didn’t hear me.

So I ran at him super fast, though things seemed to move in slow motion. I pushed him out of the way in time as the bullet passed through my chest, just missing my heart. But that didn’t matter because the bullet got stuck in my chest and exploded, sending green gas throughout my body, making me choke and gasp, fighting for air as much as I could.

“Y/N!” I heard Diana scream. “Oh, gods no! Clark, she needs help! Take her to back to the mansion, we’ve got this. We will be there soon, just get her to safety, please!”

He nodded as he thought the same thing, sending a deadly glare in Mal’s direction before picking me up and flying me away, resisting the little bit of weakness that the kryptonite caused him as it flowed out of me. In a few seconds, we were in the living room of Bruce’s manor.

Clark held me as tears gathered in his eyes. “Y/N-El Y/L/N! Don’t you dare give up on me!” He said as my eyes started closing. “You promised that you would be here for me! Please, you’re the only family I have left! Don’t leave me again.” He begged, slowly rocking me. He ran his hands through my hair as I weakly smiled at him, tears flowing down my cheeks.

“I-I am sorry, Kal-El. I have failed you, but I love you, little brother.” I gasped, using the last ounce of my strength to rip my necklace off of me and give it to him.

“Take good care of it, brother. I l-love y-you.” I breathed in the last breath I could muster up before I let it go. My eyes then showed nothing as Clark cried out, begging me to come back.

He grabbed my face and shook me a little bit, panicking and denying that I left him again. “Y/N, PLEASE!” He yelled, crying his eyes out. “You said you wouldn’t leave me, girl.” He let out a cry while he looked up and screamed.

“You promised me, Y/N.” He continued sobbing.

“You promised…”

(A/N: I may be being a little bit dramatic, but I actually teared up a little bit while writing this. Hope you enjoyed it though! The next and final part will be fluff with Diana and forgiveness between you and Clark.)

Visual cues showing that Kylo’s place is not with the First Order

In the Force Awakens, when the FO are about to fire the weapon against the Republic, we get a pointed shot of Kylo on the Finalizer and it sets up this theme that he’s constantly on the outside looking in:

In the TFA novelization, there’s a passage where Kylo outright disagrees with using the weapon:

“I want the entire Ileenium system destroyed.”

Daring to disagree, Ren took a step forward. “No - Supreme Leader, I can get the map from the girl, and that will be the end of it. I just need your guidance.”

This is a visual way to show that Kylo does not agree with what’s happening, no words needed. 

Now with the official The Last Jedi trailer, we’ve got ourselves a similar shot:

Kylo is, once again, on the outside looking in. The glass pane is used as something that divides him from the First Order. These walkers being constructed are going to be used during the battle with Resistance on Crait, the base that his mother is on. Contrast this with a very similar shot of Leia from the Last Jedi teaser:

Both shots are constructed very similarly. Dark silhouettes placed on a light background that’s being framed by window panes. The major difference is that what Kylo’s looking at has a physical barrier between them and Leia’s does not, signifying that Leia is truly aligned with the Resistance. Is Kylo truly aligned with the First Order, though?

Don't Mess With Pan's Lost Girl P.3

Warning: violence, swearing

Word count: 2134

A/N: Hey look it’s Pan yay. Smut next time, maybe. I’ve written smut before but not so sure how detailed I’ll get still not so used to it. But eh maybe I’ll get into it who knows.

Part2: https://pan-imagines-ig.tumblr.com/post/155792540279/dont-mess-with-pans-lost-girl-p2


“Just up ahead, do you see it?” The little glowing lady that was currently perched upon the wheel asked as she pointed straight ahead. “Yes I do.” I said holding the wheel steady. After a moment of silent sailing the ship met with the soft sand of the beach that was ahead. “Welcome to Neverland.” Tinker bell said looking back up at me. “I can tell you’re new around here, mostly cause you said you wanted to go home and that’s not an option everyone knows that. So let me just tell you that this island is lost boy territory and lost boys aren’t to fond of pirates.” She said flittering up to eye level. “Yeah well from what I’ve heard back in pirate town neither group like each other, but I’m not a pirate, even if I do look like one.” I said biting my lip and looking down at my attire. “Alright well, at least lose the hat.” She said tapping her chin. I took it off and let it fall from my hand to the ship deck with a thud. “Now we gatta get rid of the other pirates.” She said gesturing to my sword.

With a sigh I pulled it from is holster and slowly turned to see the look out was still fast asleep. I crept quietly behind him and placed the sword at the base of his neck. Oh shit, I can’t do this I’ve never killed anyone before. How can I start now I mean sure this might all just be imaginary but it damn sure feels like reality. I hesitate running this all through my mind weighing the pros and cons. Fuck it. I think but as soon as I do sleepy head wakes and quickly turns around pulling out his own sword. “Shit!” I shout as he lunged forward, I try to dodge the blow but his sword gets my side and I feel blood trickling down my side. I look down quickly before looking back up just in time to deflect his sword from hitting me in the chest. With the amount of blood I’m losing and all the strength I’m putting into pushing his sword away with mine, my vision becomes spotted and I begin to feel light headed. Just as I feel I’m about to pass out Tinker bell darts in front of the pirates face blowing a gold dust in his face causing him to collapse on the deck. I let my weak body fall as well and catch my breath.

“Well that didn’t go to well. Was that your first fight or something?!” She shouts in her tiny high pitched voice. I roll my eyes at her and examine the gash in my side. “Damn it.” I curse under my breath and dig through my bag finding a flask of rum and my tank top. I put the top in my mouth to bite down on and pour the rum on the cut. It’s not the best way to clean a wound but it’s all I got, no matter how bad it burns it works. I then remove the top from my mouth and put it under my corset so that it covers the wound. “What was that, the gold stuff?” I ask shakily standing to my feet. “Fairy dust.” She answers crossing her arms over her chest. “Right. Of course it was.” I sarcastically reply shaking my head. “It won’t keep him asleep forever, I helped, now you finish.” She said and I glanced at my sword. With a huff I placed the tip of my blade over his heart and felt the blade sink in easily. “Now was that so bad? Ok before we go kill the rest of those bastards coat your sword in this.” She says handing over a small bottle filled with a dark liquid. “What is it?” I asked popping off the top. “There’s a plant, very deadly, called dreamshade. I managed to make it into a liquid so that the lost boys could cover their weapons in it and get quicker kills.” She said and I raised my eyebrows nodding. “Alright.” I said carefully pouring it all over the blade. “Let’s go kill some pirates.” I said with a smirk and she rolled her eyes at me.

“So I have a question, you seem to be pretty cool with these, lost boys. And you found me, a girl, dressed as a pirate, driving a pirate ship, why did you decide to help me? Ya know cause pirates hate lost boys and vise-versa.” I say waking away branch leaves as I walked through the thick forest wilderness. “Cause no pirate would one, allow a female to steer the ship or two, come anywhere near Neverland. Ah here’s my stop. Good luck to you my dear.” She said with a nod of her head and quickly flew off. “Wait! I still need your guidance!” I shouted after her but it was no use. “Well shit.” I said as I looked around and noticed I had no idea where the hell I was going. But I also noticed the sun had begun to rise making me feel a little better, I probably wouldn’t last an hour in this forest alone if it was dark.

I began to walk again when I heard a few tiny foot steps approaching. I crouched behind a bush and put my hand on my sword handle. I closed my eyes and focused on my hearing trying to see if I could tell which direction the steps were coming from. At first I heard nothing but then again, to my left, I heard something. There were two of whatever it was, I opened my eyes and looked to my left. I was out of their line of vision but I could see them perfectly. Two boys, maybe a year or two older than me, but still young. They were dressed as if they were playing combat rescue, wearing camouflage colors with leaves draped around them and mud smeared over their faces. Each of them held a weapon, a real weapon. One had a cross bow and the other a sword. “You’ve got to be kidding, these are the lost boys.” I mumble to myself and move to get closer but stay out of their vision. “Well fuck me.” I whisper as I watch them look around searching for, I’m guessing, me. “Sorry kids but I’m not losing this one.” I mean sure the pirates weren’t that hard to deal with, thanks to the dreamshade, but as ruthless as these kids look they don’t look like to much of a challenge.

“Now!” The boy in green shouted as he paced back and forth in front of the cage. “What am I to do with you?” He said stoping his pacing, placing both hands on the bars and leaning in close, he flashed a quick wicked smirk. I did nothing but harshly glare back at him with a cold hard expression. I had been on this island for a whole month running around trying to stay alive, a cost of that was injuring a few lost boys. I didn’t want to, a lot of them were much younger than me, like six or seven years younger. I had grown cold, heartless soon I didn’t care how old they were, I just needed to survive. So I stood, not saying a word and gave him a piercing cold glare. He just simply chuckled and pushed himself up right again, off of the bars. “You know appearing on my island and injuring not just a few but an army of my lost boys is not something you can just avoid, there are consequences!” He said beginning to pace again, he spoke as if he was giving a speech to everyone present, even though it was only directed at me. Surrounding him and the cage I occupied, was a swarm of young boys their ages varied but none older than the boy in green. And he couldn’t be more than 16. “Now that we have captured you, this cage is where you shall stay until I decide it’s time to kill you. Sleep tight.” He said and with the flick of his hand his ‘lost boys’ moved out and towards their camp that wasn’t to far from the cage. “Felix! You take night watch!” The boy ordered a taller, cloaked, boy with long dirty blond hair. The boy simply nodded and leaned against the cage as the rest continued on.

A few hours had passed when I decided I was bored and wanted out. I was stood leaning against the far right corner of the cage staring at the cloaked boy, Felix was his name, while chewing on my bottom lip. He seems like an easy target. I thought as I sauntered over to where he stood shoulders back and chest puffed out. “So Felix, that is your name right?” I asked my voice just over a whisper carful not to draw any attention from the camp. The sun was now long gone and the camp was lit by an enormous bonfire. I looked at Felix but he hadn’t moved a muscle. “Hmm, well Felix. The name’s Mariana,” I said, still nothing. “Come on I’m bored out of my mind, least you could do is have a conversation with your prisoner.” I said slipping my hand through the bars and rubbing his shoulder gently. He looked down at my hand and I noticed his chest rise and fall and a slightly quicker pace. He turned around slowly with his head low. “Come on Felix, can’t even look me in the eye?” I teased as I moved my hand to the hairs at the nape of his neck. He slowly lifted his head locking eyes with me. “There we go.” I whispered softly tangling my fingers into his hair. His breathing became more rapid and he let out a low moan, leaning his head against my touch. “Now all you have to do is open the cage and we can talk. Unless there’s something more fun you have in mind.” I said with a smirk as I leaned closer to the bars that separated us. “No!” He shouted and abruptly moved away from my touch “You hurt my friends, many of them are just barley holding on to life. You deserve nothing but to rot in there forever.” He spit at me and turned away back to his position and didn’t say another word for the rest of the night. I just rolled my eyes and went back to my corner, with a huff I plopped down criss-cross with my arms folded over my chest.

As morning came again so did the boy in green, he nodded at Felix as he approached, “Go get breakfast, then some rest.” He ordered, Felix nodded in response and walked toward camp. “Morning love” The leader, I figured, said turning his attention to me. I gave him a sickly sweet smile, “Morning.” I said and he smirked. “Ah and she speaks. Honestly love I thought you were going to give me the silent treatment forever.” I rolled me eyes and gave him an expressionless look. “Just tell me, who are you and how did you manage to run around my island for so long without getting caught?” He asked confusion clear in his voice. “Let’s just say you and your lost boys are a lot easier to handle than the pirates.” I said grinning at his fuming expression. He let out a long deep breath before speaking again, “Are you saying we’re not as challenging.” He asked irritated. “Believe me I’m just as surprised as you are, I’d think your boys would be better fighters than a bunch of drunk old slobs.” I said and he shook his head. Clearly offended by what I said about his soldiers, he walks back to camp leaving me alone. I puff out my cheeks and turn so I’m facing out away from the camp. I begin picking at the grass when I spot a patch of purple flowers. I eye them skeptically and reach out to pick one. “Lavender?” I speak to myself and inhale the sweet smell before blacking out.

A couple hours later I wake up still in the cage, the sun is still out and I don’t hear anything coming from the camp. The boys must be out playing. I look around and see the flower laying not to far from my face. That wasn’t a lavender. I move away from it before carefully picking it up. “I’m definitely getting out of here tonight” I think running all the possible out comes through my mind figuring out the perfect escape.