i need your guidance

Art block is making me grumpy and frustrated and liable to stab a pen in my eye, have a completely historically accurate doodle of a cave girl in a fur bikini hunting a dinosaur.

I think it’s important to draw even when you feel like you can’t draw, and to share even the silly five minute sketch little things. I dunno, it’s acceptance haha.

Back to the grindstone…

Should I go try and see The View tomorrow????? It hopefully won’t be too cold standing out in the standby line and there’s always a chance the cast will swing by and maybe sign some autographs and maybe take some pics OMGGG, but I would have to wake up at like 7 and that’s so early for meeee and i’ll be all alone and what if i don’t get onnnn???? IDK WHAT TO DOOOO HELPPPP

You know how in cartooons and stuff a character will travel back in time, nab whatever, and the object they took becomes really old(its age)?
Well, wouldn’t that technically also world with going BACK? So, they wouldn’t exist in that time period/whenever they travelled back to and would await a point where they did exist AT THAT AGE. The only time they were the same age was when they travelled back, so they would be stuck in a repitition or the whole thing would cancel itself out. If they got stuck, everything would be stuck so wouldn’t a whole time line collapse or something?
Science side of Tumblr, can you please help? I’m trying to figure out if it would be that one person who stopped existing, of that whole timeling would shut down, or if it would open an alternate universe(as we call them) where the reaction cancelled itself out and if things would continue as is. Help? Please, Science Side of Tumblr?

faziglota  asked:

My vacation is coming to an over and I'm starting high school. First time. Any tips? (I NEED GUIDANCE FROM THE GOOP GODESS I PREFER YOUR HELP OVER GOOGLE'S HALP!) I love your blog

Let’s see, are you new at school, or just new on high school?
If it is a new school, try to keep it cool, and people would probably try to talk to you first, try to talk with the one next to you though, thats how I started my friendship with my best friend!!
If its high school in general, try to avoid procastinating, its gonna be a rough enemy, also if you don’t understand a topic look for a tutor or try to learn on your own, i know some teachers aint exactly good on their job!

❛    well, gee, eh…  you’re one big beaver.    ❜  
❛    stop tellin’ everyone i’m dead !    ❜  
❛    i don’t care about the time you and binky found the world’s biggest pine cone ever.    ❜ 
❛    it wasn’t a pine cone,  it was a pine nut,  and it was huge,  even bigger than your fat head.    ❜  
❛    but mostly,  it’s about a monster.    ❜
❛    if the snow’s white,  then it’s all right.  yellow or green,  it’s just not clean.  i learned that one the hard way.    ❜  
❛    you went too far that time.    ❜  
❛    i love… dew.    ❜ 
❛    i love dew too.    ❜  
❛    your brothers need your guidance.    ❜ 
❛    everything will become clear to you when you see things through another’s eyes.    ❜  
❛    mom says the spirits make all the magical changes in the world,  like how the leaves change color,  or how the moon changes shape,  or tadpoles change into frog.    ❜  
❛    you know,  for a change,  maybe they could just leave things alone.    ❜  
❛    i told you,  woman,  i’m right here !!    ❜  
❛    he taught me that love is very powerful.    ❜  
❛    gesundheit.    ❜  
❛    i don’t want anymore brothers.    ❜  
❛    see  ?  he’s had enough of you too,  eh.    ❜  
❛    act like we’re not here.    ❜  
❛    i’m not a beaver,  i’m a bea—  no, i mean i’m not a bear,  i’m a MAN !    ❜
❛    hey,  i’ve got a mountain to get to.    ❜ 
❛    go away,  eh.  you’re breaking my concentration.    ❜ 
❛    never try to milk a caribou.    ❜