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ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ's Solo Debut Will Feature Collaborations With KAMELOT, ARCH ENEMY Members

Alissa White-Gluz’s upcoming solo album will feature collaborations with a member of KAMELOT and at least one of her bandmates in ARCH ENEMY.

The ARCH ENEMY frontwoman says that the idea for a solo project came about as a suggestion from the band’s former lead singer Angela Gossow, who has been managing ARCH ENEMY’s career for almost a decade and also oversees Alissa’s personal affairs.

“[Angela] was, like, ‘Well, you need something. You need something that you can do, because I know you’re a workaholic and you’re not gonna be able to just sit there like this waiting for the next ARCH ENEMY tour,’” Alissa told France’s Duke TV (see video below). “And she’s totally right — I needed something else to be able to work on. And also, I have a lot of ideas that maybe don’t sound like ARCH ENEMY and it would be kind of silly to just force them into ARCH ENEMY.”

According to White-Gluz, her debut solo album will be released under the ALISSA banner because she wanted to “keep it simple” and “make it very clear who it is and what it is.” In order to make the disc, Alissa “did a huge life overhaul,” which included building a studio and investing a lot of time and money into learning how to engineer and record, program drums and improving at playing guitar. “Of course, on the album itself we’re gonna have real musicians playing all of these things, but in terms of just getting the style down and the songwriting, it’s something that I need to start on my own,” she explained.

Half of Alissa’s solo effort has been written so far over the past year, and it contains some musical surprises. “It doesn’t really sound like ARCH ENEMY — it’s pretty different — but I think it’s pretty cool,” she said. “For example, a song that I’m writing with Oliver [Palotai, keyboards] from KAMELOT doesn’t sound like KAMELOT and it doesn’t sound like ARCH ENEMY, but it’s members of both.”

Former NEVERMORE guitarist Jeff Loomis, who joined ARCH ENEMY in late 2014, didn’t have any of his songwriting ideas included on the latter band’s new album, “Will To Power”, but will play a prominent role on Alissa’s upcoming disc.

Jeff didn’t write with Michael [Amott, ARCH ENEMY guitarist and main songwriter], because Michael was already writing so well with Daniel [Erlandsson, ARCH ENEMY drummer] that we just actually had too many ideas,” White-Gluz told France’s Loud TV in a separate interview (see video below). “But all of Jeff’s ideas are really good and I’ve heard them and they’re gonna be released, so people will hear them… Jeff is gonna be one of my collaborators on my solo project, because how can you say no to that? [Laughs]”

“Will To Power” will be released on September 8 via Century Media. Co-produced by Amott and Erlandsson, the album was mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator and friend Jens Bogren (OPETH, AT THE GATES, DIMMU BORGIR).

For You ~ pt. 13

| all parts up to date |

~ Jealousy ~

“________-ie? Is that you?” I look up from my phone to see a familiar face.

“Oh, annyeonghaseyo, Ahjumma.” I bow surprised to see my mother’s longtime co worker and friend.

“It’s been such a long time since I’ve last seen you, and you’ve become more pretty.” She compliments me with a warm smile.

I lower my head, bashful. “Thank you. You still look just as young.”

She waves her hand, brushing off my attempt to return the flattery. “Don’t lie, Minhyukie has told me many times that I’ve been wrinkling up.”

“Oh, is Minhyuk back from Japan?” It’s been a long time since I last heard my childhood friend’s name.

“He doesn’t need to be back to tell me these things.” She mutters sarcastically. “But no he’s still in Japan.”

“Ah, it’s also been a very long time since I’ve seen him.” It must have been 4 years since he’s decided to go to school in Japan.

“That’s right, and we always thought you two would end up together.” I grin amused as she brings up those childhood memories.

“Does he have a girlfriend now?” Once more she waves her hand dismissively.

“I worry for him to be honest. There are so many nice and pretty girls Japan but he just….” She trails off and looks at me sharply. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

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@yeahsterek wanted someone to write her fluff, so here we are! Sorry if it’s not that good, I wrote it in twenty minutes, but I couldn’t leave another Sterek fan in need like that. I hope you enjoy it ^^

Derek’s not a workaholic. He doesn’t think so, at least. So what if he loses himself in his work for hours and immediately falls asleep when he gets home? Those are just the consequences of having a nine to five job, it comes with being an adult and actually bringing in money. That being said, Stiles has a hard time believing him.

“Derek, come on,” Stiles whines as Derek lets himself fall face-first onto the couch, groaning when he hits the soft cushions. “You’re gonna have to stop doing this some time soon.”

“I’m just working,” he mumbles, the words muffled by fabric. Stiles snorts and Derek feels the couch dip down next to his waist as Stiles sits down, his hand absentmindedly brushing over Derek’s side.

“You’re overworking,” Stiles says, voice soft and fond as his fingers trail up Derek’s neck, carding through his hair. Derek just hums something back, sinking deeper into the cushions as Stiles continues working his magic fingers, gently pressing into Derek’s skin as he moves them back to his shoulders.

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And Long Past Midnight - Chapter 11

TITLE: And Long Past Midnight


RATING: M, sexual content, language.

GENRE(S): Tom Hiddleston/OFC RPF, Romance, Drama

SUMMARY: Syd Martin is structured, organized, and almost always working. When she spends an off-night in a way she usually wouldn’t, in the company of a man that she never dreamed she could, Syd finds that her actions hold consequences long past midnight.  

NOTES/WARNINGS: This is not a drill. I am actually posting the next chapter. I am also already working on the next. No promises, but I’m hoping it will be up much sooner than this one. This was a real challenge to write (and re-write) so an feedback is very welcome and wanted.

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“If you look at your watch one more fucking time, I will light you on fire.”

My head snaps up from checking the time for probably the fifth time in a quarter hour. I look first to Jules who is leaning against one of the prep counters, chewing his fingernails like they owe him money. His gaze is murderous, so I glance to Mary for confirmation.

“How long?” I ask.

“He quit two days ago. He’d probably ‘light you on fire’ so that he could smoke you.”

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By Organization for Transformative Works

From a prompt by @hoppinwildely

Judy knew it was courteous to wait, but she was so hungry, and the cucumbers had just the right amount of seasoning, and there was enough here that she ought to be able to stretch it out for the whole meeting.

Still, she was halfway through her salad before there was a touch of familiar presence at her side, and she looked over to see Nick Wilde grinning down at her progress.

“You said noon.”

Judy made a salad-muffled noise of surprise and protest and hopped off her patio seat to hug him hello. Nick raised his own food clear of her ears.

“Okay, Carrots. Okay. Not even going to let me eat my own lunch first?”

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