i need you workaholics

@yeahsterek wanted someone to write her fluff, so here we are! Sorry if it’s not that good, I wrote it in twenty minutes, but I couldn’t leave another Sterek fan in need like that. I hope you enjoy it ^^

Derek’s not a workaholic. He doesn’t think so, at least. So what if he loses himself in his work for hours and immediately falls asleep when he gets home? Those are just the consequences of having a nine to five job, it comes with being an adult and actually bringing in money. That being said, Stiles has a hard time believing him.

“Derek, come on,” Stiles whines as Derek lets himself fall face-first onto the couch, groaning when he hits the soft cushions. “You’re gonna have to stop doing this some time soon.”

“I’m just working,” he mumbles, the words muffled by fabric. Stiles snorts and Derek feels the couch dip down next to his waist as Stiles sits down, his hand absentmindedly brushing over Derek’s side.

“You’re overworking,” Stiles says, voice soft and fond as his fingers trail up Derek’s neck, carding through his hair. Derek just hums something back, sinking deeper into the cushions as Stiles continues working his magic fingers, gently pressing into Derek’s skin as he moves them back to his shoulders.

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