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Hi! My husband and I are expecting our first child in September, and that got me thinking about pregnant Shadowhunters, how they train, how they deal with the wonderful and (not so wonderful) experiences of pregnancy and such. I have read ALL your series (several times!) since they first came out, and I loved that I feel like they grew with me. Hence, at this new stage of my life, I was wondering if you could share any fun thoughts about pregnant Shadowhunter characters. Thank you!


A pregnant Shadowhunter would never forget their Endurance runes during labor, or of course the protection spell for the baby when they’re born! In general, pregnant Nephilim keep training - and we know from Charlotte that for a good amount of time, they keep fighting! In later months, they need specialized maternity light armor since they won’t fit into their usual clothes by the end. But remember lots of plain old humans fight real wars while pregnant. And win. And if you don’t know the story of Macha, one of my favorite goddesses, check it out:


An inspirational lady!


My giveaways are for my followers, if you enter and win and then unfollow me and delete your blog then obviously you’re not someone who supports me and my content and shouldn’t be entering my giveaways.

I just needed to get that off my chest because it sucks honestly.

Just remember, love always wins. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š
Excusing, Understanding and Forgiving

Snape killed Dumbledore because Dumbledore asked him too. Snape needed to gain Voldemort’s trust in order to win the war. I can excuse and understand Snape’s actions

 James Potter was a pureblood and came from a wealthy family. His family treated him well and he loved them. James had a group of friends who would die for him. James mercilessly bullied a poor, dirty boy who came from a toxic home for no other reason than “because he exists” and he was close to the girl James liked. I can not excuse or understand James’ actions.  

Experiencing trauma at a young age messes with how you view the world. It can make socializing and determining right from wrong more difficult. Snape’s parents neglected and possibly abused him. Hogwarts was supposed to be his escape but Snape was bullied there too. Snape could never properly cope because of a lack of support and motivation. Snape became a teacher and after being degraded his entire life, finally had power over others. He could finally be the one to cause hurt instead of being hurt. I can not excuse Snape’s actions, but I can understand them. 

Forgiveness is based on how big of a mistake was made, what was done to fix it and personal experiences. I can forgive Snape and James because both did many good deeds and fought on the side of the light.

am i upset? yes
will i give up? no

and you shouldnt too

monbebes, we didn’t win today but that doesn’t mean that we should give up!! we have other shows and all that SO PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GIVE UP AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STREAM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND DO NOT GIVE UP


I ain’t tryna be a #H8R..

I’ve come to realize I am waaaaaaaaaaay too invested in this story but I’mma still need Miz and Maryse to win this..

But they won’t..

Thus my rage continues to grow..

Because you’ll have the high school jock, and his cheerleader girlfriend come in here, throw their weight around, win both the battle AND the war, and I’m expected to “lik dis if I cri evrytiem” at Wrestlemania.

At no point have I sympathized with either of them.


theyre adding a blacklist feature which has some negative implications imo

tho im glad theyre finally making the personal stats worth reading. idk why they wouldnt let you see things like win ratio in the first place.

the “times favorited” is a nice feature too since you can know how many people are stalking you now

Burr: Hamilton doesn’t hesitate, he ex-

Hamilton: dAmN riGht I DonT!🤑✍🏻 hesitate? NEVer 🖕✏️💰 I will never 🏋🏻‍♀️ STOP! 🚦🚀 you goTta WErK 👍 if you want to SuCcEd! 🎖🏆 i will WRitE,, till my DamN FIngeRs fall off 😩 if that’s what it TAKES to WIN‼️ I am an orpHan 👉🏼 👪 ❓❌ i DOnt nEED a FAmIlY 😜👏🏼 when I GoT MY TOp nOtCh bRAIn ‼️I WilL SPeaK 🗣 mY MiNd 😈👌🏼 ANd NeVEr BacK DoWn😎💗 FREeDom fOr aMERICA 🇺🇸🗽 JusT Do IT ✔️🎵

I was rereading the comic right before Jack and Shitty’s last game and Shitty says that if they win he gets a lifetime supply of Jack Zimmermann hugs. Well, obviously they lost. But, I was thinking about everything and… here you go.

Tater leaves the Christmas celebration after a slice of pie, bowing out by saying he needs to Skype with his mother. It gives the apartment the odd, after-Christmas feeling where nothing feels quite real. 

But it’s nice, just Jack and Bitty and Shitty in the kitchen, similar to how it was in the Haus. 

“Bits,” Jack says, exasperated. “You just cooked an entire Christmas dinner. By yourself. No, don’t say I helped, we all know a kindergartner could have helped just as much. Let me and Shitty do the dishes.”

Bitty sighs but relents, retreating to the living room. 

“You two are so good for each other it hurts,” Shitty says, shaking his head. “Honestly. Hosting Christmas dinner together. Bitty here for the holidays.”

“It’s great,” Jack says, barely catching a lovesick sigh before it escapes. “I’ve never… I don’t even know how to put it. But I’ve never. Any of this.”

“The great Jack Zimmermann, finally spilling deets,” Shitty says, elbowing him playfully where he’s drying dishes. “’I’ve never any of this’. Such detail. Such poetry.”

“Oh, shut up,” Jack gets out around a laugh. “Because you’re so generous with information about you and Lardo.”

“Look at us, all grown up and in secret, clandestine relationships. We’ve grown up so fast,” Shitty says, wiping away a fake tear. 

“Oh - that reminds me. I have something for you.” Jack wipes his soapy hands off and heads for the hall closet. 

“Hey! I thought -”

“It’s really small. Not a big thing.”

“This is coming from the person who bought his teammate an oven just because -”

“No, this is actually a small thing. It probably cost a dollar. Rounding up. And it can be for your birthday if you don’t want it to be a Christmas present.” Jack reenters the room with a tiny gift bag, which Shitty takes. 

“You’re ridiculous, Jack, I don’t know why - holy shit.” Shitty stops midsentence when he opens the gift. 

“Ah, I don’t know if you remember? But our last game -”

“I said that if we won I get a lifetime of Zimmermann hugs.” Shitty stares at the homemade, printed certificate. 

“Right, but we lost. But I know I haven’t been a great friend these past couple of months -” Shitty snorts. “- but you’re not any less important to me now. So. Yeah.”

“So you just gave me an infinite supply of hugs. In writing.” 

“We can get it notarized if you want.”

We can get it note - Good God, Zimmermann, how does Bitty put up with you?” Shitty says it in an exasperated tone, but his voice gets thick and he has to wipe his eyes a little. 

“You’ll have to ask him, because hell if I know.”

“I’m cashing in on one of these,” Shitty says, waving the certificate a little. “Right now.”

As many of you know, monsta x just recently had their comeback and us monbebes are working really hard to get them their first win. Unfortunately there is tough competition at the moment so it’s getting a little difficult. Even though our fandom is growing, it’s still relatively small. Because of that, I would kindly like to ask for the help of the Army and Exo L fandom to help us with this comeback. We have been working really hard, but we still need more support to make it happen. I know this a pretty big favor, but it would be really nice if we could all put behind all the negativity and unite as fandom’s to help each other out and have each others backs. Please help us by voting for them on the music shows and streaming the video. (Even once is fine). Help our boys get their phones back by helping to get their very deserved first win!
Sincerely a Monbebe who just wants to see them get a win!!!

so yesterday i was thinking about matt and neil’s friendship, specifically in tfc when neil calls matt from the payphone in columbia. can you even imagine how angry matt must have been? we all know that matt basically decided he would die for neil the second they met, and here was his tiny, jumpy new best friend telling him that andrew had taken him to eden’s. matt said, “i’m going to fucking kill him.” matt would willingly have fought andrew for neil. he knows that he definitely wouldn’t win, but that doesn’t matter. neil is scared, neil could be hurt, neil needs help, neil is with andrew. 

andrew would burn the world for neil, but matt would give him the lighter.


As always I would like to emphasize again that we all try our best in helping out. So don’t worry if you’re not able to do most of what’s written here. What’s important is you try to do your best given the available time you have and funds/resources! ^_^ Here are a list of things we can do to help bangtan every comeback.


Only Korean Music Apps counts towards winning in Music Shows. And this criteria often takes up half of the points to win so it’s very important. MELON is the main important app but there’s also GENIE, NAVER.. etc… 

MELON APP - you have to purchase a streaming pass to be able to stream the album/songs to make it count. iOS users can buy their own pass. Android users you need to ask help from iOS users to use your account and buy the pass for you. I bought mine from here. [HOW TO: MELON APP]

NAVER APP - !!!THEY GIVE OUT FREE STREAMING PASS!!! Yes free! You just have to sign up and follow instructions to get it. [HOW TO: NAVER APP]


It only counts if you buy from stores/online shops that counts the purchase in Gaon or Hanteo charts, otherwise your purchase won’t count. We always get good results on this so it really helps bangtan for music show wins as well. So if you can please do consider buying the albums! [LIST HERE]


Streaming and buying the album from here counts for Billboard charts so they’re important too. Please do consider purchasing from here as well and streaming on spotify to help bangtan with their Billboard ranking.


This is to make sure that every time you view the MV, it counts. The result of the views counts towards helping bangtan win in Music Shows. Not only that, we always try to get a lot of views for the first 24 hours. Please do not reupload the video on other sites, stop others from doing it as well, make sure the views only goes to the main one on bighit’s channel. [HOW TO: YOUTUBE MV]


Each music shows have different criteria. But most really have more points for digital streaming. Will post more info if there’s some voting to be done preshow. [LIST OF MUSIC SHOWS AND INFO]

Please feel free to send me an ask or chat msg for any questions!! I reply faster if you’re off anon. Thanks again ARMYs for always doing your best in helping Bangtan~ Let’s also enjoy and have fun this comeback!!!! 


He has a 99.99% chance of stealing yo girl