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That short film your brother made was absolutely incredible! It was beautifully shot, and the dog was so cute! I voted for him, and he should be proud of his work

Thank you so much, we really appreciate it!! 9.5/10, love the art on your blog, followed!


hey guys, my little bro entered a film contest and he needs help getting votes! if you vote, just msg me and I’ll give you a blog rate! i just wanna help him out and it’d mean the world to him if he wins since he’s only 17. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!

link: https://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch?search=Evanescent

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1, 2, 4, 5, 18: Flug?

1. Their physical weak spots

Flug isn’t very fit and is too tall and lanky. All you need to really take him out is a good punch in the ribs or knocking him out at his kneecaps. However, Flug has a quick recovery time, as seen with how fast he recovered from being strangled. So if you knock him down you need to immediately follow up with more attacks. The dude is tenacious.

2. Their emotional/moral weak spots 

Flug’s anxiety makes it hard for him to execute his plans thoroughly and the more anxious you make him, the higher chances you’ll win. He  makes more blunders and is less focused when you take his bag off, he is very self-conscious of his face.

This guy has some morals that you can exploit, since I do view him as Lawful Evil. He has a soft spot for things that are innocent in nature or act like children, and does not like seeing them in harms way. You can also use his friends against him because he cares about them too much.

4. Best places to kiss on their body 

Flug like kisses along his neck, arms, and hand. His neck is pretty sensitive so if someone kisses/nibbles/bites it you’ll definitely get a reaction out of him. 👀

He’ll laugh if you try to kiss his stomach and will probably push you off of him. (Tickling overstimulates him)

5. Guilty pleasures

Dude loves anything and everything about airplanes and has a lot of shitty games/movies that are all about dogfights (like, airplane fights, not… dogs fighting). He also does speedruns on his free time because he loves exploiting glitches in games and trying to find the quickest way to either beat or break a game. (It’s not like he has a lot of spare time to actually play the games correctly.)

18. Things they’ll never admit

He’ll never admit that he thinks he isn’t cut out to be a villain. He isn’t being evil for the sake of being evil but because of other reasons. Without those reasons, he might not have been evil at all. I mean, he does want a Nobel Peace Prize….

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Crane pulls a Price-in-the-2015-NHL-Awards and wins it all

Crane: It’s not enough.


Crane: Not everything. Not yet.

Matty: …like…the…Masterson?

Crane: *narrows eyes* I want the Jack Adams.

Matty: Devon you are not a coach.

Crane: …and the Selke.

Matty: …you need to be a forward for that.




Once Leo has all of his things packed, they both head downstairs and make their way out of Cecilia’s house. Melody doesn’t turn around from her place on the sofa in the living room and Leo is saddened when she doesn’t return his wave.

Leo: “I’ll see you soon, Mum! I love you! Byeeee!”

Aubree wraps an arm around Leo’s shoulders and guides him in front of her as he skips out of the front door ahead of her. She looks back over her shoulder and feels her blood boil as Cecilia flashes her a wicked smile.

Aubree will win Melody back, but she needs to focus on Leo first. She vows to come back here one day and enjoy the expression on Cecilia’s face when she whisks her wife out of the house and away from all of her oppressive control!

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Your brother's film was super great! Loved the use of foley! One of my cat's just went missing and I wish I had seen it earlier, would've hugged her one last time! Voted and tell him thanks for giving me hope she might return! 😊

thank you so much Noah! i’m so sorry to hear that i hope you find her :’( 10/10, love your content and followed!


hey guys, my little bro entered a film contest and he needs help getting votes! if you vote, just msg me and I’ll give you a blog rate! i just wanna help him out and it’d mean the world to him if he wins since he’s only 17. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!

link: https://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch?search=Evanescent

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i feel like everything ive done so far has been for nothing....

No it hasn’t. That orange asshole will NOT stop us and discourage us this way. He is trying to use this as a way to emotionally manipulate us and use fear as a way to control us. But we can’t let him win that way. We are stronger in numbers and way stronger than he will ever be I can guarantee that. We need to believe in each other and I definitely believe in you

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Hello!! You just need to know your A++, winning the amazing person award, and your followers (and especially friends) are lucky to have you around! (From a mutual who thinks your queen of kindness)

A…anon i love u… 💖💖💖 im far from it, i just try my hardest.

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How about SFW 3,4,8 and 9 for Kirishima please? Thanks!! I love when u do these kinds of things!!

And I enjoy making them!

Kirishima Eijirou:

#3 - Arguments headcanon
When it comes to you, 90% of the time he never wins any arguments because he’s practically wrapped around your finger from having fallen in love too hard - even if you know it or not.

#4 - Playful/Silly headcanon
Don’t need to ask him why, but he loves tickling you awake when you’re too stubborn/lazy to get up. For some reason he enjoys getting the perfect reaction of out of even more one second.

#8 - Sleeping headcanon
He’s like a koala bear when slept with. He’s either clinging to the pillow, or latching his hands/legs/arms over some part of you. Bonus points if he smothers you completely.

#9 - How friends/family of the couple react
Everyone’s just so thrilled that Eijirou has someone to care for and hold dearly to his heart. There wasn’t any negative reactions at all.

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I just voted and oh my god, made me miss my dog so much 😭 I hope he wins! Very emotional yet enticing short film, best of luck 💕

thank you tons!!!! 9.5/10 love the memes, FOLLOWED :D


hey guys, my little bro entered a film contest and he needs help getting votes! if you vote, just msg me and I’ll give you a blog rate! i just wanna help him out and it’d mean the world to him if he wins since he’s only 17. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!

link: https://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch?search=Evanescent


Kino: I didn’t think I’d get voted…

Kou: Really? You?

Laito: Heee.

Ayato: Who cares, as long as I didn’t get vot- *sees one vote for him* WHAT?! Ore-sama with that crazy woman?! *shrugs and leaves*

Laito: Pfff.

Laito: Anyway, there’s a looot of time to vote~ Keep on voting please, we need huge numbers of votes to close the poll and win the bet~!

Kou: Who are you betting on, anyway?

Laito: Secret~, nfu.

Anton Chigurh: You need to call it. I can’t call it for you. It wouldn’t be fair.

Gas Station Proprietor: I didn’t put nothin’ up.

Anton Chigurh: Yes, you did. You’ve been putting it up your whole life you just didn’t know it. You know what date is on this coin?

Gas Station Proprietor: No.

Anton Chigurh: 1958. It’s been traveling twenty-two years to get here. And now it’s here. And it’s either heads or tails. And you have to say. Call it.

-”No Country for Old Men”

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5, 9, and 19 for the YoI ask meme!

5. favorite rare pair: yurio/some fucking manners

or idk emil/mickey except emil is too good for this ship… idk emil seems into him for some reason and i like emil so want him to be happy, pls get mickey away from his goddamn sister

9. favorite location: hmmm good question… i feel as though i have to say everywhere in barcelona 😭💍 but also victor loves hasetsu and how can i not love what makes him happy

19. what are you expecting/hoping will be in the movie: i’m hoping it will cover this season’s worlds and set up season 2. i’m hoping and expecting that yuuri will win his gold medal. i think yurio needs to fall from the podium for any sort of character development–he needs to lose big. i hope victor is happy, i hope he goes back to dominating the field except for when he faces up against yuuri at worlds who smashes all his records and takes gold and victor can’t be happier about it. i do expect the movie to have at least some romantic focus on their relationship–i’m not gonna go as far as to expect a wedding, but i’m expecting something to progress it. 

ask me yoi themed questions!






Sorry if I missed anyone! 

So uh, my first little FFXV thing

    You glanced around the small strip club and swallowed nervously. Talking to the guys earlier had been one thing, go in and dance, win the contest and act like a dumb person to get the info they needed about the Regalia. But being here all the sudden…seeing all the beautiful women, and men, dancing. Some on poles, some just on tables. You felt suddenly shy. ‘No! I have to do this!’ you thought to yourself. ‘They are counting on me!’With that mantra going through your head, you took a deep breathe and signed yourself up for the contest. You were thankful that your boyfriend wasn’t around to see this, unsure on how he would act to you dancing for someone other than him. Time passed and finally your name was called. Plastering a fake smile, you climbed onto the stage, grabbing a hand around the pole, waiting for the music to start. And then you started dancing. 

Prompto : Hiding in the crowd, Prompto watched you dance. Watched you slowly strip, smiling seductively at the judges, the ones who the guys needed info from. 

He gripped his camera tightly, his teeth grinding as he watched. It was the same smile you gave him in the bedroom, the same sultry look. ‘Do they actually see me that way?’ 

The thought passed through him so quickly. His grip loosened on his camera, which was thankfully on a strap, hitting his chest slightly. Maybe they didn’t see him that way anymore. Maybe they were actually excited for this contest. Maybe, maybe, maybe…all the maybes passed through his thoughts. He couldn’t concentrate, he felt sick to his stomach. He turned away as you slowly took off your top, shoving his way past the guys.

“Are you seriously going to miss the show, Prompto?!” Gladio shouted before whistling towards his S/O. 

The show. By the Six, he wanted to turn away, but he wanted you to be safe. So he turned back around and watched the whole thing. Then they announced the winners. And you won. 

Biting his lip hard, he watched you enter the room with two of the judges. Then he bolted. Did he want to make sure you were safe? Yes. But could he sit there and just wait, and just imagine? Knowing you’d find someone better? No, no he couldn’t. So he ran outside and waited. He didn’t know how long he waited, just staring at the pictures he took of the both of you, when a familiar hand touched his shoulder. 

“Prom? Are you alright?” You asked him, concerned evident with your tone.   You had seen him upset and insecure before, but this…this was different. 

“Yeah, fine, Y/N.” He didn’t even look at you as he spoke, just continued looking into this camera. 

“Prom…what’s wrong?” 

“If you…if you want to be with someone else, you can.” He said a few heatbeats later. 

Your heart fell into your feet as you heard him speak that. How did he not know, after all this time how you felt? That you loved him with all of your being? That you wanted no one but him, for the rest of your life? ‘Well, best to tell him.’ you thought. Moving so you were in front of him, cupping his face gently into your hand so he would look at him, you spoke softly. 

“Prompto Argentum. I’m yours for as long as you will have me. I swear it by the Six.” 

He finally looked at you as you spoke, his eyes wide and mouth open in surprise. Many moment passed before you started to get worried. Then he slammed his lips against yours, his tongue sliding into your mouth, claiming you hungrily. You moaned softly against him, feeling him pick you up and pressing you hard against the building. Not wanting to be undone, you tried to fight against him for dominance, but for once, you lost quickly. He grabbed your wrists into his hand, quickly pressing them above you, his knee rubbing in between your heat as his other hand jerked your shirt apart, the buttons flying everywhere. A gasp slipped past your lips. The dominance he was showing causing your juices to start dampening your underwear.   

“So eager for me, Y/N?” Prompto asked, his voice husky with lust. He rubbed his thigh harder against you, a moan passing your lips. He nuzzled his head in between your breasts, moving his head to suckle one of your nipples.


“That’s it, Y/N. Tell me what you want.” He purred inbetween suckles, switching to your other breast so each of your nipples were well pleased. 

“Please, Prom! I need you!” You cried out, hips bucking against his leg. The want and need causing your head to spin. This side of Prompto was different, and you couldn’t lie about how you loved it. 

“You know,”  He said with a soft growl as he placed his face in the crook of your neck, his free hand unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. “Normally, I’d take my time. But not now. I’m going to make you scream my name so every one of those bastards knows who you belong to.” And with that, he quickly shoved his cock into your pussy without warning, without even making sure you were wet enough. A loud cry passed your lips as he slammed himself into you over and over and over. His hand rubbing your clit as he did, the feeling too much as you could feel your orgasm start to grow more and more, his name passing your lips faster and faster, crying out loudly. 

“Please, Prom! Let me cum!” you cried out, your hips bucking faster and harder.He didn’t even bother responding, just continued to slam into you, rubbing your clit even harder until you screamed his name, stars covering your eyes. He moaned your name as his seed spilled into you, panting slightly into the crook of your neck before he kissed you softly, his cheeks turning pink.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered slightly. Normally he was an attentive lover, your pleasure counting more so than his own. You couldn’t help but laugh slightly, leaning your forehead against him.

“Don’t be. I like this side of you…and besides, I didn’t need to do anything besides get into their office to get the information.” 


“Yeah, they left me alone for about fifteen minutes and they had the documents on the desk. So I took it and ran.” You smiled at him before rubbing the tip of your nose against his. “Iggy is looking at it now.”


“I love you, Prompto. I wouldn’t even do anything to hurt you.”

 “I love you, too, Y/N…”

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Your brothers video about the dog honestly touched my heart, I'm gonna go home and hug my dog so hard now ⭐️⭐️⭐️ EVERYONE GO WATCH AND VOTE!! ITS SO GOOD!

thanks so much for the support! 10/10 blog LOVE THE AESTHETIC +followed


hey guys, my little bro entered a film contest and he needs help getting votes! if you vote, just msg me and I’ll give you a blog rate! i just wanna help him out and it’d mean the world to him if he wins since he’s only 17. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!

link: https://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch?search=Evanescent

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Hi also I have a question! Just wondering how do you think the classpects are chosen for the characters? Do you think it's based on what is needed to win and or for exposition purposes or is it based on who they are deep down?

Hello! And well…

A session of SBURB is a series of events that are going to play out no matter what. The Reckoning, the Ectobiology, the players. It is all already there when you enter the session, and it has always been. So of course, the classpects are part of it.
Your role is indeed who you are and how you affect the world around you. And that is something that can not be chosen, it’s a part of you. You were born with yout title. 

Now, I do not believe God Tiers are chosen for gaming pourposes. As there are countless void sessions in wich it’s almost impossible to win. An example is the Alpha Human session in Homestuck. They were born with their titles, and they did not had the necessary aspects to create a universe (Time and Space). They could only win because the Beta kids managed to escape the Scratch and they did had the necessary aspects.

As I said, I strongly believe that a classpect is within you. So it is not something you choose. :0
This explains why many have problems with growing in their titles. Sometimes is hard to accept who you are or what you did. A deep self analysis and critique migth help finding out a classpect. 

However, if you are asking for creating OCs you can go nuts! Either you create a character and based around his personality give them a title. Or you think of some titles and built the characters around them. You can also pair them as you sould like. Maybe have a very friendly team, or a really dangerous one. It is your decission, just make sure they have the fabrics of the universe. In this case you do have the power of choosing. :3

I hope this helped!

Alright alright new ideas

Okay! So things to note,

Someone wanted to change their vote,

And I got a new idea for a choice

This time I will give very minimal information, but enough to let you choose.

So nows your time to change the vote if you’d like. It still needs 3 votes to win

So, here we are.

1) Revenge/ this will have the biggest impact on the star manor

2) Revival/ still alot of impact to the manor

3) Redemption/ little to no impact


4) Reveal/ just about as much impact as revenge.

Take what you now know, and be smart! This will start right after purity!