i need you so badly

When I tell you you don’t get it; it’s not because I don’t think your capable. I’m telling you this. I’ve never been so terrified in my life. My heart for the first time stopped. The thought of you not being okay made me sick to my stomach. And I was mad. So fucking mad at you. You left and you promised to come back and you’re not here. And I’m shaking and alone and I’m just on the road somewhere and I need you. I need you so badly and you didn’t come back for me. Something changed and I can’t fix it. I needed you and you left. And you scared me and idk if I’ll ever be able to forget that.

“Where are you?” I hear him say as he enters the house. “Was just about to take a shower~” I answer him, peeking through the bathroom door only in a towel. “You need… company in there?” He asks while eyeing me up and down. Unable to think straight seeing his perfect body framed by that black tank top, I unconcsiously pronounce the word “yes”. In what seemed like less than a second, he got rid of his clothes and carried me into the shower, taking off my towel in the process. “I’ve been needing this… you… all day long” he whispers against my skin, wet by the water thats falling upon us. “I just love getting home, getting rid of our clothes… and making you mine, in any part of the house” he groans while wrapping those amazing arms around me, while his hand caresses my back and start to slowly go down.
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┊☽ Werewolf!Oswald and Hunter!Jim Van Helsing-ish AU ⚜┊
               Featuring Dracula!Theo

It’s 1 am when we finally get home after eating dinner out. “Was it really necessary for you to wear such a… sexy dress?” He says while taking off his blazer, throwing it anywhere. “W-what… it doesn’t look good on me?” I say while taking off my heels and walking towards him. “If it didn’t look good on you.. - unbuttons his shirt- i wouldn’t have had this urge for the past two hours, of doing what I’m gonna do to you now” he groans as his hands go directly to one strap of my dress, pulling it down and kissing every spot of skin he sees. “Someone’s a little horny…” i whisper to him as I take off his belt and pull down his pants. “Baby, you have no idea” he says as he pins me to the wall and pulls up my dress while kissing me, making sure I understand his intentions perfectly.

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Paring: Tanaka Saeko / Haiba Alisa

Words: 570

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They meet at nationals, it’s the battle of the trash heap. They’re on opposing bleachers but if there is anything that runs in Tanaka DNA it’s the intuition of a threat. As soon as their eyes connect it’s rivalry at first sight, or attraction, or love; but that comes later.

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I wish I could see you right now.

I would shut and lock your office door.
Then I’d pull you up out of your chair so I could give you a nice long kiss.
I’d take your hair down and kiss your neck. I’d keep kissing you as I unbuttoned your shirt. Every time I undid a button I would kiss the newly exposed skin until I had trailed kisses all the way down to your abs. Then I would slide the shirt off you and kiss your shoulders and back. I would circle back around and kneel down in front of you. I would undo your pants and slowly slide them down to your ankles. I would gently tug down your boxers..

Darling the things I want to do. I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you. It’s been 10 months of this constant craving. I don’t know how much longer I can hold it in.