i need you so badly

ok i desperately hope that fic exists where percy is a tired ministry of magic worker after the war and after his daughters go to hogwarts he has trouble seeing the point to it all anymore so he calls it quits and after idk visiting them or something he remembers the feeling he had going to hogwarts, making prefect, making head boy, having some small semblance of power and control and the ability to make a real difference, to be important again, and he’s suddenly blinded with desire, with the sense that maybe he was on the wrong path all along.

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“Where are you?” I hear him say as he enters the house. “Was just about to take a shower~” I answer him, peeking through the bathroom door only in a towel. “You need… company in there?” He asks while eyeing me up and down. Unable to think straight seeing his perfect body framed by that black tank top, I unconcsiously pronounce the word “yes”. In what seemed like less than a second, he got rid of his clothes and carried me into the shower, taking off my towel in the process. “I’ve been needing this… you… all day long” he whispers against my skin, wet by the water thats falling upon us. “I just love getting home, getting rid of our clothes… and making you mine, in any part of the house” he groans while wrapping those amazing arms around me, while his hand caresses my back and start to slowly go down.
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It’s 1 am when we finally get home after eating dinner out. “Was it really necessary for you to wear such a… sexy dress?” He says while taking off his blazer, throwing it anywhere. “W-what… it doesn’t look good on me?” I say while taking off my heels and walking towards him. “If it didn’t look good on you.. - unbuttons his shirt- i wouldn’t have had this urge for the past two hours, of doing what I’m gonna do to you now” he groans as his hands go directly to one strap of my dress, pulling it down and kissing every spot of skin he sees. “Someone’s a little horny…” i whisper to him as I take off his belt and pull down his pants. “Baby, you have no idea” he says as he pins me to the wall and pulls up my dress while kissing me, making sure I understand his intentions perfectly.

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Sometimes, I cannot resist temptation and read the comments on stories that I would rather cut my eyes out than read, because it totally won’t piss me off just as much as reading the story would…

(Also, someone please knock it off the top of the AO3 tag please please please. I need it to go away so badly). 

You get used to seeing someone everyday and when they leave it’s almost like there’s a hole in your chest and
you keep saying and doing all the wrong things like
not washing your laundry for a week or
forgetting to feed the cats and
everything that this person said to you keeps going over and over in your head like a machine gun on rapid fire because it’s tearing holes through your sanity. you think that you have never loved somebody this much.

you think you have never missed somebody this much.

—  i didn’t know I needed you so badly until now– Lily Rain

My laptop is making awful sputtering and clicking sounds from the back left if I run it for too long. I hope it’s not dying, it’s only two years old :(

Since I’m not allowed to go to work tomorrow, I guess I have time to bring it into a computer shop and see if it just needs the fan cleaned or what. Please don’t die Dorkenheimer, I need you

There is something deeply intimate in undressing our fabric disguises and standing in the glory of our birthmarks, tan lines, scars, the curves of our flesh. When I met you, I didn’t need to kiss you or touch you or make you mine, i just needed so badly to know what was beneath the charade of your every day living. I wanted to know why you always needed to smoke around 1 o clock, and why you kept bringing up your ex girlfriend in the morning. Was there something about the night falling that brought back old memories? I promised myself I wouldn’t be jealous, I was too enraptured in needing to know your mind, and how you got to be who you are today. And I knew it was love when I hoped you wanted the same in return. I imagined the exhilarating tension as I revealed the places on my skin where I wanted tattoos, and you’d show me all the freckles on your back you wish you didn’t have. I’d tell you of the time someone said they didn’t like the dimples on my thighs, and you’d kiss every single one. You’d tell me how you lost your accent since your entire family spoke Italian. I couldn’t explain why but I just wanted to reveal parts of myself no one else ever took the time to see. I hoped you’d be as captured by me as I was of you, that you would care more of the story behind my body’s flaws, than the flaws themselves. I knew it was love when I wanted to rip off my clothes to show you the world I reside in, not for my own pleasure or gain, but just to reveal who I am. And I wanted you to so badly swoon over who you met.