i need you here with me all the time


It’s like—years and years of memories are filling up my head and so many of them are of the newcomers—people—people like you—coming here to torture me. Torture people around me, torture Philip, kill us, hurt us—and I remember every moment of it. Like I’m living it all at once, all at the same time. And it hurts. It hurts so much and I—God, I need you to believe me.

which, as they kiss, consume by @andromeda—galaxy


Dr: Well Matsuno-san by the looks of it you’re 3 cm dilated so we still need to wait a bit more.

Ichi: H-how much more?!

Dr: I can’t really say I know, but you have to reach 10 cm.

Ichi: 10 CM?!! I’ve been here for an hour and you tell me that shit?!

Dr: Birth takes it’s time, so all we can do is wait.

Ichi: This is agony!! I blame you, Shittymatsu!

Kara: E-eh?

hello y’all!!

so you know how it’s my birthday tomorrow correct? well instead of drawing me art or giving me whatever else, maybe you can donate some money for me to get a doggo!

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so yea! bleas… help me get a doggo……. it would mean the world to me :’^)

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thank you!!

I won’t say I’m in love (Zelink)

Whilst in Gerudo Town, Zelda begins talking to Urbosa about Link. Maybe she does like him, but she can’t admit it to anyone. Pre-calamity.

“I do not understand it Urbosa.” Zelda paced up and down. The Champions were in Gerudo town, making final checks with Vah Naboris. Zelda managed to sneak away from Link and was speaking to Urbosa.

“I told my father I did not need a knight and yet, here one is following me around all the time. I’m not a child. He’s barely a year older than me so why does my father feel he’s adequate to protect me should the need –which there is none- arise.” She stopped pacing and sat with an agitated sigh next to the large Gerudo.

“You’re father just wants you to be safe.” Urbosa said, trying to reason with the Princess. “Besides, you could have done worse.”
“What do you mean by that?” Zelda looked up at Urbosa who was now smirking.

“He is rather handsome, don’t you think?” Urbosa laughed at how Zelda began blushing profusely.

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Tobias: What kind of a friend are you? You haven’t even told me that you were here, in Twinbrook Uni!… I thought – I was sure all of this, your departure, your Football Academy was for entering Sunset Valley University!…

Nate: Tobias, I’m sorry…

Tobias: You’re sorry? I spent half a year missing you like freaking hell, and I was finally ready to move on with my life!

Nate: Please, let me speak!

Tobias: Know what Sanders, you can go to hell with your half-arsed explanations. That’s not how best friends act. I need some time on my own, don’t follow me. (storms off)

Nate: Tobias… (shakes his head) …damn, what else could I expect?

kgoblin  asked:

I don't even watch GoT but all the analyses on here have me shippin Jonsa now

Oh, yay! Welcome to the ship! I hope you have a wonderful time! Let me know if you need anything shipping wise, like fanfiction (If you read that) or meta, something like that! Really, I’m so happy we’ve got another on board and I know the fandom will be thrilled to have you!

hello everyone, i know its a hard time and i know it hurts bad and i just wanted to tell you all that if you need someone to talk to: i’m here for you.

it hurts me as bad as it hurts all of you and my heart has been broken since yesterday. i loved chester so much, and i always will, and i promise we’re all going to be okay, not now, but one day. 

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Headcanon! Lavellan got a lot of panic attacks Solas would always comfort her through when she first joined the inquisition, and they lessened over time. After he left, she learned to hide she still gets them time to time from everyone else because she knows she has to fulfill the role of leader Thedas needs her to be. She begins getting them a lot again post-Trespasser because of losing her arm, etc., and Solas comforts her through the Fade without her knowledge.

This somehow became a Sene and Abelas thing. Very lightly sort of NSFW. :sobs:

Here we have “canon” Sene Lavellan: Solas left. Trespasser happened. it’s all true. Everything’s terrible. Thank you, @lavilsa, for the lovely prompt. I’m sorry it kind of got away from me. <3


Her big red hair was like a nest that night, in the Fade. It was a hot halo. Sene’s hair had become an angry place. He had lived there once when it had been butterflies.

“You left,” she said to him. It was all she said those days. They were standing under a huge, tall tree next to the Fade ocean. It was dark. The sky was a purple enemy. He’d been holding her hand, and at first, she’d let him, but now, she yanked it away. “Are you coming back?”

He said nothing. He was a desperate man. “Sene.”

“Why did you summon me here,” she said. “Just to piss on your territory, as usual?”


He was staring at the space between them, huge and tall and wound. He had called out to her, because he had felt her anger across ten thousand metaphysical seas. It scared him. But she didn’t want his comfort. He had ruined this. She wanted to get out of that dream so bad, she got down on her hands and knees, and she started digging in the wet Fade soil. She thought if she kept digging, she’d dig her way right to the center of the boiling earth and come out the other side. Wherever that was, it was better than here.

“Sene,” he said. “Please, wait.”

“I’m not listening,” she said, dirt in her fingernails. “I’m digging. See?”

She was sick of holding hands. Gasping for her breath, she began to panic. She was digging, digging anyway. Digging for dear life. Then.

Awake. Her heart was a wild animal in her chest. She opened her eyes to a hot, dark world, and she was not alone.

“Ise?” It was him, just Abelas. He was the only one who called her that. He was alarmed. She must have been talking again. In their tent, somewhere in the Emerald Graves, there was very little light.

“I’m sorry,” she said. She sat straight up, holding on tight to the implanted joke that was her new left hand. It itched constantly. “I’m sorry, Abelas.” She was sticky. She felt his big, hard hand on the back of her neck. It was a comfort, in its way. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

They looked at each other through the weird shadows of the tent. His eyes were some kind of far away swamp place. Green, wet and warm and sad. She tried as hard as she could to soften up for him that night, but it was no use. “I’m sure.”

He was an easy man at the end of the day. He nodded, letting her have her space.

The next morning, Sene and Abelas fucked up six or seven demons at the crux of two rivers. These were gnarled creatures and had been haunting a local alfalfa farm, killing the goats and the barn cats. This, for Sene, was plain charity. It was how she got to sleep at night. They never accepted payment. They just traveled from problem to problem, fixing things where they could.

They had been on this merry-go-round for two months. Every time they hit a town or village, there was a courier there, waiting for Sene, with a message from Sera or Josephine. Please come home, the notes would say. Please just tell us where you are. Are you okay? Sene would always sign her name at the bottom and send it right back.

She wasn’t heartless. She was just gone.

When the demons were dead, Abelas came over to help her to her feet. They were both sweating. The day was a sweltering hot box, and there were trees on all sides. She picked a dried leaf from his collar and ground it into dust in her palm. He swatted a few bugs out of her hair. Her bow was in the weeds.

“Good work,” he said.

“Where the fuck did they come from?” she said. “I thought the rifts were gone.”

He shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“We have to find out,” she said. “There could be a cave nearby. An entrance to the Deep Roads.”

“Could be,” said Abelas. “You want to hunt it now, or later?”

They stared at each other. She said nothing, but he could feel the anger inside her, building into a familiar need that would not go quietly. It was so big, her anger. It could eat entire worlds. It could kill. It could suck his heart from his chest and abandon it, weeping, to the sidewalk.

She took a deep breath. “What do you want to do?” she said.

He said nothing. If she was leaving it to him, he knew what that meant. He tossed his staff and grabbed her by the hair and kissed her hard, felt her give beneath him. They backed into a tree. The birds sang overhead the whole time.

There were glimmers these days, when Sene thought she might be happy. In the middle of the night, the aftermath with the grit still in her teeth and in her eyeballs. Abelas was a good man, a powerful specimen, a strong partner. He was her friend. He traveled easy. He listened to her, made her paper cranes in the evenings that would fly around and get caught in her hair and make her laugh. She tried not to think of it too hard as he undressed her that day in the Emerald Graves. That he was in love with her. He always had been. Because she really fucking wished she loved him, too.

Abelas was an ancient elf of considerable power and an excellent mage. He was big and tough but he was soft inside, made of puddles, and she liked that about him. Together, they were doing some good in this world, even if it was patchwork. Even if the Inquisition was dead. Even if it was, ultimately, fruitless.

He could really give her a run for her money though, that part was true. He was not the Wolf, but he would do. It was the story of his life as he took her there, filled her need. Like digging. One day, he thought, if he tried hard enough, maybe he’d find her on the other side. Not so angry. Just a girl, like she’d used to be, smoking dope by the fire and laughing. Sene.

@thevikingwoman I apologize. ;_; for @dadrunkwriting

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I love your personal posts. It's really great to hear what is on your mind! I never want you to feel the need to apologize over a personal post! We are all here for you after all you have done for us! You are super duper loved!! Also: does Mama use he/his or they/them pronouns? I don't want to be disrespectful....

Thank you. Sometimes I just really like to share one of my stories. Since it’s all tagged people don’t have to read it 😆 Mama usually uses they/them pronouns but told me on Tumblr it doesn’t really matter. If you’re unsure you can ask Mama next time the ask is open. Thank you very much for being considerate ❤️

rahhh I feel like I’ve been complaining abt work a lot & it is mostly okay but I don’t think anyone I work with Communicates w me like they maybe should? like they trust me to ask questions when I need to which is fine but also! I shouldn’t need to, sometimes!! just give me all of the relevant information the first time!!!!

I figured I would come out of hiding and finally introduce myself. I’m Mod M, and you’ll be seein’ me around here quite a bit! I’m primarily in charge of the information blog/tour side. Speaking of which - there’s a new change to the tour stuff including lineups and tour schedule! Please go check it out when you have the chance! Either way, if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. I was also wondering if we wanted to continue to do set times? Let me know. Looking forward to continuing to be a part of you all!


So, story updates will pick up again fairly soon since I’m almost done uploading everything to Ao3. However, I am going to change up how I do it.

All story updates will be on Ao3, then linked here. You don’t need to be a member of Ao3 to view the story. I know this is an inconvenience, but the quality of the images as well as always being able to read it chronologically, on mobile or not, has won me over, and I hope it will be worth it for you too. I spend a long time getting their facial expressions and body language to match the dialogue just to have the images end up so small and blurred on Tumblr. Tumblur? Ha. Anyway. Tumblr is really not made for long series stories. 

It also allows for me to tag adult content when it appears in story in a way that you’ll see before you click it, so you can plan reading it or not while not having the images separated entirely from the story post on a different blog. I don’t want to surprise people with adult images, especially since you can’t block the tags on the app, but I also never really liked separating the images from the context of the story.

I will still be posting random pics from gameplay, outtake pictures from story or portrait taking, townie shenanigans, build stuff, etc as well here. You’ll just have to click through a link to get to story. I will probably also being going a little longer between story updates, since it works better to have the entire episode done before I put it in on Ao3.

Side note: Episodes on A03 are what I’ve been calling chapters here, and chapters there are what I’ve been calling parts here. I had to go with that out of necessity with their system, so it might be slightly confusing initially.

Link to entire series is here!

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Hi, when your back to writing and stuff, and I'm not trying to push you here because I know how hard life can be and I understand but when you get back into it you almost need to update 'His Wedding' first. I'm in some kind of limbo and need these two to have a happy ending (preferably together) lol I keep rereading it to keep it fresh because I love your writing so much! Anyway take your time and do your thing first of course but I just wanted to let you know :)

hi, i know you mean well and all and i tried to take this in a good way, i really did. but i cant. you need to stop with this demanding. and what do you mean by “need to update” like am i getting paid to update any fics around here. because if so, then please give me a commission and i’ll proceed with the story even tho it will be written crappy as fuck

and stop with this “i need them to be together” bullshit. have you seen them? their relationship is beyond repair and their time together is running thin. hell, even i can’t do anything about it that’s why i’m stuck with the writing. because i don’t know.

so stop sending me messages to update a fic faster bc i truly can’t unless i have the fucking inspiration to fucking do so.

you say “take your time” and all that, but here you are again, in my stupid ask box, writing and demanding the same thing again.

i can’t do this anymore, sorry.

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Where is Misha?

Misha is working 24/7…last minute changes happened, director is dethroned (but you didn’t hear this from me) …and new director wants to make some changes and give his own twist to it - meaning that Misha (and ofc everyone else) is a busy bee, trying to make everything ready for new season that starts in September

Thing is that I don’t feel Sims at all … I still have bunch of ideas for my reds but uuuuughhh can someone make pics for me?? I’ll pay you in loooots of hearts and kisses and money emoji 😁 I don’t want to start my game and even less to go and do rp reblogs and stuff 🙁so if you need me, you can find me here on main blog…

I hope that my interest in Sims will be back soon bc I have lots of things to show that I have on my mind for a long time… 

It’s times like these that I wish I could draw But imagine this…

Ed and his team have been trapped by some grown-ups and need a diversion in order to escape

Ed: What do you want me to do?? dress in drag and do the Hula?

*Kyle doing a bongo solo*

Ed: *in a grass skirt and a coconut bra singing to the grown-ups* HUAH! if you hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat eat my friend Kyle here because he is a treat. Come on down and dine on this juicy swine. All you gotta do is get in liiiinne

Ed: Are you Achin’

Kyle: yup yup

Ed: For some bacon

Kyle: yup yup yup

Ed: He’s a big pig

Kyle: Yup yup

Ed: you could be a big pig too *hip thrust* OY!

*Both run away screaming from oncoming grown-ups*


He finally looked up at Rae, a small smile on his lips.

“Little dragon,” Landen started, eyes on his son. “What would I do without the two of you? You’re the only light left in my life.”


“I’m going to be alright,” he garanteed his son. “I just need time… I need time to recover. You don’t know all I went through before the two of you were in my life.”

“But,” and he continued. “You’re right, you two need me.”

“Dad, I’m here for you,” Rae smiled. “I know it’s not much, but you can cry on my shoulder. I miss her too, you know, and I miss you.”

“Oh little dragon,” and Landen pulled his son to  a hug. 

The two remained hugged for a few minutes, silence extending. Neither of the two cried, it was past the time of grieving, all they needed was comfort, son and father. Landen finally pulled back and Rae rubbed his father’s arms, looking at him hopeful.

“I’m a bit better now, Rae, don’t worry, I don’t want you or Regina to worry. I’ll be alright.”

Shout out to all of you having a tough time right now
  • Whether you’re struggling to make content
  • Feeling lost or alone
  • Having an identity crisis
  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Dealing with the loss of someone you love
  • Or going through personal issues that feel like they just won’t end

I love you and you’re doing great. Just remember, a journey is not a straight road. It is littered with mountains and rocky edges and cliffs that sometimes feel too high to climb. But you’re going to get past them, and continue on. You’re doing great. You’re valid. I love you.

turning off tumblr’s updated IM ‘online/offline’ feature

Whenever you’re logged in on your account, it’ll show a green dot next to your icon in the instant messaging list. ex:

Some of you people out there (like me) with anxiety problems might be panicking, or maybe you just like your privacy and don’t want people to be able to tell when you’re online every single time. Fortunately Tumblr did a good, and gives you the option to turn this feature off.

All you need to do is go to your account settings ( or go to http://www.tumblr.com/settings/account ), found here:

And turn off this option:

Now if you look, the green online dot is no longer there, but I’m still logged in! 

Sidenote that sideblogs don’t have the ‘availability’ option, only the main blog does, so you don’t need to worry about going to the settings of all your sideblogs to change this.

However know that if you have the availability setting turned ON, all of the sideblogs attached to that blog will ALSO be labeled as ‘online’ whenever you are logged in as well.