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Episode 3x11 Preview

Let’s talk about this amazing promo:

Claire alone in an island 😢:

Yes, “The New World is nothing like Scotland” 🤣:

Hurry up, Jamie! She needs you 😭❤️:

This guy helps Claire so I think I’m going to love him:

She looks so beautiful here: 

I’m glad to see her much better: 

If you look for the word “sexy” in the dictionary, you will see these gifs:

He’s looking at the horizon 😭❤️:


And I know this hug is not on the preview but I’m posting it because it’s soooo beautiful:

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Who exactly are Clarity and Charity? They are beautiful btw UwU

Dawww Thank you! That really means a lot! <3

well let’s see here…

There’s not much information about the two. (We haven’t really planned their whole story yet, but I’ll give you some of the info :D)

Charity and Clarity are twins from a rich and powerful Eldritch family. They are nice and also selfless; willing to help others in need. Hence the names.

Though, don’t be fooled by their good nature, they are powerful and deadly if provoked or harm those who are precious to them and will do everything just to keep their love ones safe.

That’s all for now~

(More details about them will be revealed in the future updates :D) 

Again thank you so much and hope you have an amazing day :)

more info on my giveaway

For some people asking…

1. It’s not US only :) everywhere I’m getting things from ships worldwide!

2. I decided to choose the winners in February because I’d like to wait until after Christmas so that I’ll have enough money to buy the stuff, but also because the longer I give you guys, the more people enter.

3. You have to be comfortable with giving me your address… obviously. I need it in order to ship the stuff to you, lol. 

4. You can reblog the post as many times as you’d like. 

5. If you are reblogging it to a secondary blog and following me off your main… I will message you and ask you if you have a main blog and check and see if that one is following me. 

6. All the winners have 48 hours to respond to my message, and if they don’t I will choose another winner.

Good luck to everyone entering!!

Make Me Forget Part 4 (G.D)

Summary: Certain moments in life and certain people are worth forgetting. Forget the pain, and forget the ones who hurt you. But sometimes you need a little help to forget. Can he make her forget? Or will she forget him?

Warnings: Some cursing.

A/N: You guys are so supportive & encouraging! I had my doubts about bringing this series back, but seeing all of your comments & positive feedback, I’m glad I did! Anyways! I added more than 1 POV in this chapter. I wanted to add a little bit of Ethan’s POV also a little bit of the reader’s best friend. That way you guys can get a feel of each character, & what they’re like. Hopefully you guys like it! What do you guys think is going to happen between the Y/N & Grayson after what happened in the last chapter? & I wonder why Trey texted Y/N… Hmmm? Leave me some feedback! Let me know! <3


Reader’s POV

* 1 New iMessage From Trey *

I swiped right on my phone, unlocking it, and opened up my message app.

 I clicked on Trey’s name, and read his text.

Trey: Call me.

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How was it looking for batteries when you guys were trying to get home?

Sides: “I think we just need a new battery. Or something we can use as a battery?”

Sunny: *grunts* “Like what?”

Sides: “I dunno. Crystals or some slag? It’s always crystals isn’t it? What about this one?”

Sunny: “….Crystals.”

Sides: “I mean it’s not like this place is gonna have a pile of dura-cells lying around. I don’t see a Tesla headquarters anywhere do you? So would you look at this one?”

Sunny: “Do I look like I can ‘take a look at it right now?’

Sides: “Oop right. Keep the thing from eating us. I’ll check it out.” =D

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God why am I feeling so bittersweet knowing that your Conflict comic is coming to a close? Like it’s just so amazing and Damien is such a kind soul, Celine is so supportive and loving and Wilford a precious bean and they all need to be protected and just I don’t want it to end it’s so amazing. They way you draw them all is just beautiful, please never stop drawing them.

I’m honestly just so happy to see the two bros together, even if it’s off canon. And I hope you guys know, the angst was only there because it makes the happy moments so much better!

Ok so here’s the story of how I came out to one of my friend in the most awkward way ever.

So last week-end we went out with a couple of friends to celebrate my 22nd birthday. And this friend of mine just kept trying to set me up with her boyfriend’s friend. And at first I just try to avoid the guy. Then I wanted to explain my friend’s friend that I was into girl and ask her to tell my friend to stop (thought since I didn’t really know her, I could take the risk of her judging me). But then I think « ok this is ridiculous, I’m just gonna tell my friend the truth » and after half an hour thinking how am I gonna do this and after seeing her trying again to push the guy towards me, I just grabbed her and pushed her to the bathroom saying « I need to talk to you ».

And so once we’re in the bathroom I tell her « please stop trying to set me up with him ». And I’m hella nervous. And she’s like « calm down, I was just trying to be nice to him, he’s a good guy etc… » And that’s when heart racing me who has had a couple of vodka before just forget all the speeches she had rehearsed in the last 30min and randomly blurt out « Look, if I was to like him, he’d have to have bigger breast ». And I’m not sure if she understood right away but then I shyly added « I like girls ».

And turned out she was extremely supportive. She wasn’t shocked that I’m a lesbian, just shocked that we’ve known each other for four years and I never said I was. Didn’t had time to explain I hadn’t really realized it before bc we were interrupted by her friend who wanted to know « what secrets we were keeping ». But my friend promised me not to tell anyone one even though she thinks I should come out.

Anyway, that was all awkward and kept me up all night that night from being stressed about the fact that someone knew my secret but it’s nice to have someone IRL that knows the truth.

Back Alley Knife Shop

Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre


Note: This is very very short, I just had no idea what to do for this! I am so sorry you guys!

Requested by @readsalot73:” Request– Alfie goes to knife shop to replenish his blades. He’s admiring the quality and sharpness of the blades on display when a beautiful short, curvy, sleekly-toned black lady comes to the front of the shop. “I need to see the genius who made these beauties, Miss."says Alfie. "You’re lookin’ at her sweetheart.”, says lady. Alfie is way curious and intrigued. Please write a story from this idea, if your muse permits.😊😊 “

Being a gang leader means having a wide array of knives. Being a gang leader that actually gets his hands dirty means you need to get those knives replenished. The only issue is finding a person that does the job right, unlike some of the nitwits Alfie has gone to. He often gets shops recommended to him by his own minions, at this point he is losing hope of find a good shop. Ollie had recommended him the knife shop he is going to now, although it sounds shady. Ollie told him about a knife shop in an alleyway, a rather odd place for a ‘good’ shop. At this point though Alfie is desperate for a person that won’t fuck his favorite blades up, so he agreed to go to the shop.

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The people that were crying, screaming their names and singing along is all I wanted to do. But my parents are asleep so you know. My mom is salty because she needed to sleep and she is a big fan of them now. And honestly I wish I could watched them. I’m just gonna go to sleep after this. That was great. And now I need that sleep that I was missing. Thank you BTS. But you really hate your armies sleeping. Because most of us just stayed up just to watch you even through country music. Nothing against it but we still were waiting for you guys. We’d wait hundreds of years just to see you guys. Just saying. I love Diana Ross but I need sleep. Tell me if it’s good or not those who can continue watching it.

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Awesome! If you arent too busy maybe you could do a headcannon for Gerard catching you making out with your boyfriend?? I dont know why I just think it would be kinda funny. Love your blog by the way!!

I’m making this Mikey x Reader because I can.

-You and Mikey start getting frisky on the bus while the rest of the guys are off hanging out with other Warped Tour bands. But Gerard sweated off his eyeliner in this damn summer heat, so he climbs back onto the bus to fix his makeup and “…..whoa! hello!” 

-”I really didn’t need to see that much of my little brother’s skin today, Y/N,” Gerard complains, shielding his eyes with his hand. Mikey is mortified and his trying to find his shirt but goddamnit he lost track of his eyeglasses while y’all were going at it and now he can’t see shit. 

-“I’m not ready to be an uncle yet,” Gerard teases, “so just don’t knock her up.” He thinks this is fucking hilarious but Mikey is dying. “I-If you tell Frankie or Toro, I’ll kill you, Gee!” 

-You eventually buy Gerard’s silence with beer and he distracts the rest of the band for the rest of the afternoon so that you and Mikey can have your “alone time”

Week’s Queue (November 19th - 25th)

Hi, guys. There’s this week’s queue. As you can see, you are bound to have a lot of smut.

All stories are posted 2:00 pm BRT (5:00 pm GMT).

Sunday (November 19th): Callaté - NSFW (Steve Rogers x Reader; Avengers)

Monday (November 20th): Hot, wet, tight - NSFW (Castiel x Reader; Supernatural)

Tuesday (November 21st): Princess - Part 10 (NSFW)

Wednesday (November 22nd):  Unexpected - Part 7 (NSFW)

Thursday: (November 23rd): I Just Need You (NSFW) - Mrs Captain Series

Friday (November 24th): Barely Legal - Part 6 (NSFW)

Saturday (November 25th):  Princess - Part 11 (NSFW)

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Punk!Kuroo teasing you with his tongue piercing and then nailing you so hard that you struggle to walk without being wobbly for the next day or so (I’m so in love with punk!Kuroo I need more of him in my life)

Yeah, see this is not okay. I’m about to go to work and I don’t have time to change my fucking underwear. You guys know how weak I am for punks/Bad Boys. 😩

-Admin Lana 💫

kjuares replied to your post “mcfuckingmess replied to your post “so much stuff has happened in the…”

xQc got banned bc he misused the report system, it’s entirely his own fault. He’s a jerk.

oh trust me you dont need to tell me hes an asshole i loathe the guy. i just wish he and others like him werent the ones representing the ovw community in the owl, you know? i wanna support ovw esports and stuff but when i see the personality of the ppl playing, makes me not wanna.

Chapter 35 Part Two

A/N: This is a TWO PART CHAPTER! Make sure you have read Part One HERE before you read this! Hope you enjoy! Hearing from you guys after this would mean the world to me! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

“I want you to trust me…” Those words pulled at her heartstrings, as she too needed to trust Harry in return. How could she ask Harry to tell her about Afghanistan when she was the one hiding something in return? It was now or never, she needed to tell him about Jake.

“I want you to see that you can trust me, that we need to trust each other more because you are right Harry. I am holding something back from you and I am terrified to tell you…” Her confession made Harry’s face form a confused expression.

What exactly was she holding back? What did she mean?

“Harry uh…” Addy searched for the words to tell him. Releasing a tension filled breath Addy figured it was best to just say it.

“Jake came and saw me when you were in Afghanistan and proposed again…”

“What did you just say?” Harry’s eyes flashed towards her seething with anger. “Jake proposed to you again?!” The car veered into the other lane as Addy reached for the wheel begging Harry to pull over.

“Harry please stop the car. I- I shouldn’t have said anything while you were driving.” No matter how angry he was in that second, Harry knew it was best for him to pull over so they could talk about this new revelation.

This gave Adalyn a few moments to search for the right words to explain herself to Harry.  Dropping a bombshell on him while he was driving was the worst possible thing for her to do. Gulping down a lump in her throat she dared not to look at her boyfriend even though she felt his hard gaze staring at her as he put the car in park.

“You never said anything…” His voice was cold and laced with disappointment.

“Henry….” Addy turned her head towards him cautiously, fearful of what she would be greeted with. “I know I should have told you sooner…” The rain started to beat down harder on the windshields making the deafening silence between them more bearable.

“Tell me what happened.” Harry demanded, still unable to look at Adalyn. How could she have kept this from him after everything? It must have been months on end that she hid this vital piece of information from him. A part of Harry started to quickly build an invisible wall between him and Adalyn as he questioned if he could really trust her again.

“It’s not what you think Harry. Nothing happened I swear.” Adalyn tried to reassure Harry, but failed to do so in the way his eyes darted towards her with anger. This was the moment she had to prove to Harry that she was going to trust him, no matter how badly she wanted to look away from him and shut down.

Looking directly into the depths of his blue eyes she told him. “Jake was waiting for me outside of my flat a few weeks after you deployed.” Pausing to try and gain the confidence to continue, Addy took in a deep calming breath.

“We talked… and then all of a sudden he proposed to me and apologized for everything that he did to me.” Harry’s face contorted with pain hearing the words fall out of her lips.

Harry had never been so angry with Adalyn before in his life. The bubbling anger was waiting at the surface ready to explode. Focusing on his breathing to calm his anger he remained silent, fearful she would not finish telling him what had happened in his absence. Gripping the steering wheel he had to look away from Addy.

“I refused it immediately Henry. I didn’t want any part of him anymore.” She begged him to find some understanding. “I told him that I had found someone else and was happy with them, with you.” Tears started to form in her eyes seeing the way she was hurting Harry with each word, hoping that she could turn it around somehow. “I should of told you sooner, but I was just scared Harry…”

Addy’s hand reached out to touch him, but Harry lifted his arm in refusal. “Did you cheat on me while I was gone?” Harry’s eyes slowly turned to lock in her gaze.

Angling her head at him Addy shook her head firmly. “Of course not!” She spat out in anger. “How could you even think that of me Harry?!” A stray tear trickled down her cheek, stinging her cheeks painfully at the thought. Did Harry really think I was even capable of doing that to him after what Jake did to me?

“Yeah. It’s possible.” Harry mumbled, lowering his head to the ground.

The sound of the door opening caused him to lift his head hastily. Adalyn undid her seatbelt and put the kittens in the back seat. Climbing out of the passenger side in nothing but a shirt and jeans, Adalyn felt the rain instantly soak her as she slammed the car door shut as hard as she could.

“Addy!!” Harry hollered after her, suddenly becoming concerned for her welfare. The rain had gotten worse over the past few mins as Harry was barely able to make out her figure walking away from the vehicle through the windshield.

“For fucks sake Addy.” He spat out before quickly opening his door and running after her in the rain.

“Addy! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!” His voice called for her from behind, but she refused to stop.

She had been terrified to tell Harry that Jake was stalking her. She didn’t know how to tell him without it ending in a fight. Addy had to admit that she was wrong to keep everything about Jake from him, a mistake she truly regretted in this moment.

Of course Adalyn would never even think of cheating on Harry. He truly had no idea how he had made her life better. How happy he had made her with each passing day; how her heart was finally able to beat loud and fully with each second. The thought that he now thought of her in that way caused a cascade of tears to stream down her cheeks.

The rain beat down on her hard, instantly soaking her clothing and chilling Addy to her core. Harry continued to yell and chase after her, eventually catching up with her.

“ADALYN! GET BACK IN THE CAR!” He yelled against the pounding of the rain. Grabbing her arm he pulled her around to face him meeting resistance as she pulled her arm back.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!” Adalyn screamed at him as her voice broke.

His chest was heaving with each breath, unable to control his anger. Closing his eyes he couldn’t look at her green eyes staring back at him. He knew she had been crying, and he was the cause of it.

Harry should have known better than accuse Addy of cheating on him. It was a dick move on his part and he already knew the answer before she even spoke a word. It was a dark part of him that wanted to cause her a little pain for keeping such information from him. But now seeing her drenched in rain, pieces of her brunette hair slapped wetly across her face caused his heart to soften and ache at the same time.

“I want you to tell me it all…” Harry closed in their proximity, stepping closer to her small shivering frame. “I am sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I know you would never do that to me Addy.” His hand cupped her cheek making her hold his gaze steady. His hard blue stare softened as he ran his thumb over the cool flesh of her cheek instantly leaving a trail blaze of fiery sensations in its wake.

“It’s what I was thinking about earlier…” Addy pursed her lips together knowing she had to tell him everything. “After I rejected him I started getting flowers delivered nearly everyday I was at work….they came with little notes and were always signed anonymously.”

Addy stepped closer, placing her hand on Harry’s chest feeling his soaked clothes lying taut against his chest. “I thought they were from you… until you came home and said you never sent them.” Pausing, Addy was terrified to tell the prince about how Jake was stalking her.

“It was Jake wasn’t it?” Harry calmly asked, seeing her clearly in distress being terrified in telling him all this. Nodding her reply she shivered from the cold rain chilling her.

“Harry… I am scared.” A profound fear was laced in her voice sending a new set of chills up the prince’s spine. Her green eyes circled with panic unlike something he had never seen before in Addy. Searching for her hand Harry gripped it hard, squeezing it.

“What do you mean Addy?” His blue eyes narrowed with confusion trying to place the fear evaporating from his girlfriend. “You need to tell me…” Harry’s mind was flying in every possible direction trying to find out why Adalyn was so petrified.

“Jake’s been stalking me Henry.” Adalyn forced out between breaths.

Harry repeated her words again in his mind. Jake’s been stalking me Henry.

Before he could even reply Addy started going off. “I think he’s going to do something Harry… I know it. I have felt him watching me… I am so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

Harry’s blood started to boil, coursing this newfound anger within him throughout his entire body. Jake had been stalking Adalyn for months and had been getting away with it. How dare he terrify her still to this day after all he had put her through? Adalyn didn’t deserve to be living in this fear.

How did he not see it sooner? How did he miss all of this? Did Adalyn feel like she couldn’t come to him? What held her back? Addy answered that question in his head for him.

“I didn’t want you to worry more. I wanted you better…” Tears were streaming down her cheeks beside the raindrops beating down on her.

My PTSD… she couldn’t tell me because of my PTSD.

“You should have come to me…” Harry cupped both of her cheeks forcing Adalyn to look at him. “I don’t care what is going on in my life Addy. I need to know things like this… I need you safe.”

Her hands ran up his arm placing them over top of each of his hands as she nodded her head. “I’m so scared Henry…” Addy repeated for the second time making his own fears become real.

“Addy…” Harry’s deep voice commanded. “I swear I am never going to let anything happen to you.” Her shaking hands gripped his wrists firmly as if she was holding on to a lifeline.

“I promise you, you are safe with me.” He did everything he could to calm her fears and to see her eyes slowly start to evaporate the terror she held. Bringing her body tightly close to him, Harry wrapped his arms around her protectively. Against the beating rain he held her there keeping her safe in his arms from whatever came their way.

Adalyn curled into his chest, feeling a sense of warmth in the confines of his arms. She wished she had told Harry sooner about Jake, she would not have had to go through this all on her own. A mistake she profoundly regretted.

It was the first day since she had found out that Jake was indeed the one that sent her those flowers that she truly felt safe. Addy’s hand traveled to the prince’s neck holding it in place so she could start a trail of kisses up to his lips. Inches away from finding their intended target she paused to look up at his worried blue eyes staring down at her.

Pressing her forehead against his she smiled. “Thank you for looking after me…for making me feel so safe.” Tears started to form in her eyes again feeling an overwhelming sense of love for the prince. All she wanted in that moment was to tell him how she felt about him. How she loved Harry. Not wanting to hold anything back anymore, she took a leap of faith.

If Harry was the next one to break her heart, it would be worth it.

“I love you Harry…” Adalyn confessed smiling up at him with green eyes. His blue eyes smiled back down at her as his lips spread into a beaming grin.

“I love you too Addy.”

Hearing him speak those words caused her hear to flutter. Addy never thought that she was even capable of loving someone again after what happened with Jake, but Harry took her heart and put it back together.

Piece by piece, he picked up the pieces Jake had left her heart in and sewed it back together with each loving strand. He had continued to show her an endless love she never thought was possible, but she loved how he proved her wrong every time.

That love is capable after heartbreak.

That love always wins in the end.

That this, is their love story.


Arching her back Addy moved her hips flush against Harry making his member drive in deeper. Capturing her moans Harry lavished her with endless kisses. Opening her green eyes, Addy slowed her movements as she wrapped her legs around the prince.

Harry couldn’t help but smile down at the woman beneath him.

“I love you…” He spoke those three little words again. It felt right, perfect to say them to Addy. He meant every single one of them.

Crashing his lips down hard on Addy’s, Harry’s hands trailed up her body roving over the curves that made her who she was. Harry captured her whimpers while he drove his hips slowly into Addy. Her head tossed back against his sheets giving more access to the succulent skin on her neck.

“I love you more.” Addy whispered in his ear softly while squeezing her legs harder around him, digging her heels into his ass to make him go deeper inside of her. It was a relief to have finally spoken what her heart was feeling for Harry, no matter if it seemed that she had fallen quick for the prince. It still felt right, felt perfect to say.

“Not possible.” Adalyn melted under his trailblazing touch as he explored every inch of her body. Biting down on her lower lip she moaned loudly as his mouth sucked on one of her nipples.

They took their time, basking in the moment of their confessions of love. Every kiss, every touch brought them closer and closer together. It was as if their confessions brought them together on a deeper level, farther than they had ever imagined possible.

Harry grabbed her hands pushing them above her head, keeping them firmly in place with his. Interlocking their fingers Harry thrusted harder into Addy making her clench tighter around him. They became desperate to climax together as Addy whispered to Harry that she was close.

His hand flew to her cheek, cupping it with a soft grip. “Look at me Addy.” Adalyn’s eyes flew open to see Harry’s lust filled eyes. “I want to see you when you cum.”

Biting down on her lower lip Addy’s eyes drifted down his body, taking in the view of his naked form. Nodding her head she locked eyes with Harry.  “Don’t pull out this time…” she searched his eyes for approval.

“Addy… are you sure?” Harry had nearly taken Addy in his front entrance, eventually moving to his bedroom. Completely forgetting to put on a condom, Harry couldn’t wait after their long drive back home.

“It’s ok Harry, I took birth control.” Addy reassured him that they were safe enough.

Within a matter of a few minutes Harry was ready to burst, holding on as long as he could for Adalyn knowing she was nearly there as her moans grew with each thrust. His hot breath blew across her soft lips as he attacked them one last time.

“Cum for me Addy.” Her toes instantly curled as she met his last thrust signalling her climax.

Harry held her trembling body close, as he stared into her eyes watching her sweetly unravel and clench around him. Unable to hold back Harry released inside of her groaning loudly trying to catch his breath. Addy’s legs crumbled weakly around his waist as her body continued to shake.

*End Mature*

Brushing away a piece of her brunette, Harry couldn’t stop the smile forming on his lips. Leaning down he kissed her forehead softly. “You are so beautiful Adalyn.”

An instant smiled graced her lips. Addy had never been this happy before in her entire life. A stray tear trickled down her cheek before feeling a thumb quickly brush it away.

“Hey hey…. don’t cry gorgeous.” Harry kissed the trail her tear left.

“I’m not…” Addy ran her fingers through the tufts of his ginger hair. “I just never thought that it would be possible for me to love someone again…” His head lifted to lock eyes with her.

“But I am so happy I did Harry.” Adalyn bursted into a beaming smile. “I am so happy that it’s you.”

“What? And not Ed Sheeran?” He teased Addy causing her to give him an eye roll.

“At least Ed can sing!”

“Hey!” The prince sat up crawling up beside his girlfriend. “I too can sing… just not very well.” Harry mumbled the last part eliciting giggles from the brunette beside him.

Inching her way close to Harry, Adalyn snuggled into him resting her head on his chest with a stray leg draped around his front. Harry gently stroked his finger slowly up and down her arm while they fell into a comfortable silence.

Closing his eyes the prince felt his body relax into his bed. Feeling her body close to him brought Harry more peace and comfort than Addy knew. His mind could not stop drifting to the image of a soaking wet Adalyn standing in the rain with petrified green eyes telling him how scared she was.

His arm unconsciously brought her closer to his body wanting to ensure she was as safe as possible. He vowed that no matter what, she was his priority until Jake had been dealt with. He made a promise, that he would not let anything happen to her and he meant it.

He would do anything to keep her safe.

To keep Addy in his arms.

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Y'all need to stop acting like you got a stick in your ass just because you couldn't pretend that you were an adult. OkieClover is trying to NOT let minors view inappropriate content for a reason, and I think that you guys should stop blaming it on other things. As a minor, I'm still honest about my age. But the rest of you salty crackers still want to start a war and make everything worse. It's disappointing to see that you're making minors look more immature than before.

Yup. And it’s not even like we’re anti-minors. We’ve got some minors, but they use common sense, good judgment, and are open to discussions that are not solely their own opinions – and, stay out of the NSFW channels of their own volition. All we want are people with some semblance of responsibility and that is not an of-age acquisition.

  • Hide after chapter 149: y’all could show more surprise upon seeing me again, you know?
  • Hide: I didn’t spend three+ years in hiding only to come back and receive such a tepid reaction
  • Hide: where is the swooning
  • Hide: where are the crying people throwing themselves at my feet
  • Hide: where's the hugging and the "I'm so glad to know you're okay"
  • Hide: ...
  • Hide: You guys are so mean to me, I don't even know why I'm helping you. I need better friends.
  • Hide: *looks at the giant angry noodle wrapped around Tokyo that he once called his best friend*
  • Hide: then again, I think I know how I ended up befriending y'all.

inspiredbymace  asked:

Today is my 21st birthday!! Idk how, I'm pretty sure my 15th birthday was last year. I've been following you guys since I was 12/13, crazy how fast time flies! I remember being at your show in philly in 2011 when the crowd sang happy birthday to you. And then meeting you in 2013 on the American rag tour and dropping some hints about the MLsecretproject hah. can't wait to see what you guys have in store in the years to come and hopefully another Philly stop is included and we can hang hahah

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!! Ahhhhh yes we need to go back to philly so bad!

Angry Prompt Starters
  1. “I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.” 
  2. “Clearly, you are a very confused person who needs help to see reality.”
  3. “You are a seriously messed up person.”
  4. “I am SO SO glad I kicked you to the curb!”  
  5. “Fuck bitch, it was a month without even a single word!”
  6. “I’m not even going to bother you with your shit shit anymore.”
  7. “Get your head out of your ass.”
  8. “Get yourself together.”
  9. “You’re not god’s gift!”
  10. “So sweet pea, get your facts straight before you even think of playing with the big grils/boys.”  
  11. “Have you ever thought that this shit happens to you because YOU are fucking messed up in the head?”
  12. “Your lies are just astounding.”
  13. “The web of lies that you weave for yourself and then actually believe them”
  14. “You are really messed up in the head.”
  15. “I understand why people don’t want anything to do with you.”
  16. “You are one seriously fucked up individual.”
  17. “You need serious help.”
  18. “Your “idea” of the world is so fucking messed up.“
  19. "You live in your own fantasy land!
  20. “Stop smoking whatever you are on.”
  21. “Get in the real world bitch.”
  22. “Don’t worry darling, I’ll keep coming.”
  23. “Once again you’ve proved yourself to be a liar.”  
  24. “Oh you’re such a little liar.”
  25. “You are proving yourself over and over again that you need help.”
  26. “Oh my god you make me laugh!”
  27. [text]I expect these messages to be shared with your bitches.
  28. [text] I sent you several lovely messages last night darling, but you didn’t get them?