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Air B&E (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Natasha, Clint, unnamed Male Target, OFC Jeff. 

Summary: When a mission requires close proximity with your least favorite teammate, you try to make the best of it, but a change in plans adds new challenges and possibly a new opportunity. ( basically Bed Sharing Trope meets Enemies to Lovers Trope. Kinda.  :D )

Warnings: sexual situations? pretty vague.  

Word Count: 2.8k

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: Hey, ya’ll !! I’m back from vacation and the idea for this fic was sparked by my sleeping accommodations. heh. I kinda fell in love with it and even made time to write in the evenings after being super tired from traveling. I hope you enjoy this and any feedback is appreciated! Love you guys!! :)



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“Alright! So here are the keys, the WiFi password is posted on the fridge and let me know if there’s anything you need, anything at all. Okay?” said the overly enthusiastic young man before you.

You accepted the keys with a smile, “Absolutely! Thank you so much, Jeff. It’s even better than the pictures.”  

“I’m so glad,” he grinned. “Well, I’ll leave you to it. It was so nice to meet you both.”

Your eyes flickered to the man beside you, tight smile upon his face. “You, too, man,” he coolly responded.

Resisting the urge to roll your eyes, you clasped the hand of the heavy left arm draped over your shoulders. Technology allowed the metal plates to be shielded with a holographic flesh arm, but it still weighed a ton.

“Bye, Jeff.”

He nodded before stepping out into the hall. The moment the front door lock engaged, you shoved the arm off and put as much space between you two as possible.

“This plan is stupid,” Bucky said with contempt as he collapsed heavily onto the couch.

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Voltron as things I've said at cons

Allura: I’m gonna put my hair up in a bun- no you’re not you drunk bitch

Shiro: listen I love and value you all but I’m going to politely ask you to shut the fuck up as it is 4am and I haven’t slept since Thursday.

Hunk: you’re going to get us arrested and I have to pee dude. I can’t pee in a holding cell man. There are no doors and you know I’m a shy pee'r

Keith: all I’m saying is that if I get cut in line one more time the line won’t be the only thing getting cut.

Pidge: “did you actually pay for the hotel wifi?” hell no. The password was the fucking hotel name with a 1 at the end.

Lance: dude don’t look at me if you’re going to be attractive ok I don’t need to be reminded of how not straight I am every 3 seconds.

Coran: _____ won’t let me go back to the dealers hall because I’ll “buy everything” but I’m pretty sure that’s the dang doodlin point so????

Type of couple you are at parties

- Clay Jensen -

The unsociable couple. You guys spend most of the time in the corner, not making any effort to talk to anyone. I mean, the only things you need are each other and the WIFI password.

- Justin Foley -

The hook- up couple. You guys are upstairs, in the bedroom. Of course.

- Zach Dempsey -

The lit couple. You guys are on the dance floor all night trying to get everyone involved. You instigate games like truth or dare, spin the bottle or beer pong. You guys are the life of the party.

- Tyler Down -

The party crashes. You guys weren’t even invited but managed to jump the fence and blend in with the crowd. You always get separated and was somehow roped into listening to some drunk girl talk about her problems.

-Jeff Atkins -

The helpers. You two have taken it upon yourselves to make sure everyone was having a good time. You request songs, pour drinks and make sure that everyone had eaten at least once. And at the end of the night, you always seem to be dropping some drunk kid home.

- Montgomery De la cruiz -

The scavengers. You two can always be found in the kitchen. I mean, you only come to parties for the food, right?

- Alex Standall -

The sleepers. You guys drank way too much alcohol, way to early and now your passed out on the sofas.

- Tony Padilla -

The no shows. You guys didn’t make it to the party. You had spent too much time getting ready or Tony’s car had broken down on the way. Anyway, before you knew it, you were already two hours late so you decided to do something else.

I work at a country club in North Florida and golf is MAJOR here. This week is a big member tournament and a photographer came out to take pictures of the course. He asked my gm to use wifi etc. to upload said photos. Sits at the bar and has two drinks. We’re busting our asses because it’s dinner time, the members that played are having cocktail hour and one of our managers that was there all day needed to leave but is stuck in the madness. THIS FUCKING GUY says he needs to cash out so I ask what he was drinking (a Miller Light is in front of him but he had something else as well) and he says “If you don’t remember, I’m not telling you.” BITCH. I said Sir, I’m sorry I didn’t serve you. He says “Well ask her then, I’m not telling.” With a full fucking bar and chaos all around. WOWOWOW PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKING STUPID!!!

organizing study time

Study Time is the Best Time!

I’ve read my share of Study Tip blogs and one of the biggest piece of advice they give students is always “organize your time”. WELL HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT?! It doesn’t come naturally to most people. I’ve practiced a lot over the years to be able to plan my study time effectively. I decided to give you guys a little tutorial on how to organize your time following a study time table.

OH! AND I made you guys a study time table that you can print out FOR FREE(free downloads are located in “printables”)! You’re welcome and I love you too.

Let’s begin!

Using your time Table effectively:

Write in ALL activities; work, class, travel time, appointments. Color them in using markers, & try to use different colors for each responsibility.

After you’ve written in all of your MUST DO responsibilities, NOW you can block out study time. Be realistic. Block out times for eating/cooking/relaxing too. Try to set aside time EVERY DAY to study.

Think about it: WHEN DO YOU STUDY BEST? Are you an early bird? A night owl? If you have the option, schedule study time for when you study best.

Think about it: What classes/subjects do you need to study the MOST? Personally, I don’t need to devote as much time to art history as I need to devote to Chemistry. Each class is different. Be honest with yourself! If you aren’t very successful with math, schedule extra study time for math.

Try to block your study times to be between 2-4 hours with 10 minute breaks every 50 minutes. Those breaks are necessary! Even if you can only schedule study time for 1-2 hours, that’s okay! Something Is better than nothing!

“BUT WHAT DO I STUDY?”, you ask. Look at your class syllabi and take note of when your exams are, and what will be on them. THEN make your study sheets according to what you are studying for each exam.

Space out your studying! If your exam is in 2 weeks, don’t plan to study just 3 days before. It’s better to study an hour a day for 2 weeks, than 8 hours a day for 2 days. You will retain information better, and you will feel less anxiety.

Detail what your study session will be like. I made you 2 study organize pages, one is a time table and the other is a to-do list. Use this to-do list to plan your study sessions in detail. Use it to write down all your subjects and what assignments/chapters/research/papers/projects you need to do for each one. Before you plan think to yourself “What do I need to get done in this study session?” Do you have to take notes, read, essay brainstorm, research, complete homework etc.

Plan studying accordingly…If you know you need the internet, don’t go to some place with shitty wifi. I’ve actually done that so many times haha.

If you have smaller timeframes to use (30 minutes- 1 hour) for example, in between classes, use those to read, skim notes, look at lecture slides. Small things that don’t require tons of material. It takes me 30 minutes to take the train to school and I usually use it to read ahead before class!

ALWAYS remember to set aside some relax time. YOU WILL GO CRAZY if you don’t do this. My relax time is usually getting to bed early and watching a show (preferably star trek TNG with my husband) haha, whatever I’m a nerd.

I hope you guys find this helpful. Sometimes your workload can appear overwhelming, so I hope this helps you organize and prioritize!



Me preparing for season 2 of Sense8..
  1. Make sure both laptops’ batteries are full in case of a power outage (You can never be too careful) 
  2. Test wifi connection on both laptops and a mobile phone. 
  3. Test aforementioned mobile phone’s hotspot on both laptops in case the wifi connection fails (You can never be too careful) 
  4. Make sure mobile phone and power bank are fully charged (Check number 1)
  5. Make sure the alarm is set on the right time. 
  6. Create another alarm in case the 1st one doesn’t go off (You can never be too careful) 
  7. Start up laptops, run diagnostics, and test sound. 
  8. Run the diagnostics again ‘cause you can never be too careful. 
  9. Make sure that everything I need is in the fridge, and that there’s enough coffee to float a boat.
  10. All done? I’m now ready.

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Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries - BBC News
The malware is thought to have been created with tools stolen from the US National Security Agency.

I haven’t seen any of this about my dash, so this is as good as any time to talk about it.

There has been a virus going around, called WannaCry, that is basically taking all of your files ransom and ‘you’ll only get your files back if you pay’. It’s a worm, to be exact, so you don’t even need to click on a malicious link or download a bad file - just being on a network is enough, be it your home wifi, a work or school network, you’re at risk. 

Here is a video that goes deeper into it.   

Rest assured, you’re not completely vulnerable. Here’s what you need to do:  

-UPDATE YOUR COMPUTER. Windows 7, 8 and 10 fixed these backdoors in the latest updates. 

-TURN ON YOUR FIREWALL. I can’t guarantee for 100% that it will work, but it’s better than nothing. 

-MAKE A BACKUP OF ALL YOUR FILES. If your computer does get taken over, it won’t be completely lost. Make a backup of Windows when you’re at it too, that way you can just wipe your computer and restore everything the way it was. 

DO NOT SEND THE MONEY TO THE HACKERS. You probably won’t get your files back anyway, better save those $300 for other stuff. You can’t trace the money either, because they are asking it in bitcoins - which is untracable. 

Stay safe, peeps. Save your computer.

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What is this slow burn fic you are working on?

“I say we also change the wifi password,” Hazel said, grabbing the remote from a very offended Piper.  

“You guys are so not getting tequila in your mojito!”

“I do accept watching Bridget Jones,” Hazel stood up and walked to the shelf under the tv, where all their DVD’s where.

Annabeth groaned while Piper shrugged. “I’m gonna need more tequila on my mojito.” Annabeth threw more popcorns at Piper.

“Oh, shut it, you love that movie Annabeth, don’t lie.”  

Annabeth throw one last popcorn that Piper caught with her mouth, making Hazel laugh. “I’m gonna order some pizza…Hawaiian pizza”.

It was her roommates time to groan. “Asshole! I don’t eat ham!”

“Half hawaiian and half cheese.” Annabeth said grabbing her laptop and going to the domino’s site.

“I don’t like pineapple on my pizza!” Hazel threw a pillow to Annabeth who avoided it.

Annabeth smiled at her roommate. “You choose the movie, I choose the pizza.”

“And what do I choose!?” Piper said from the kitchen.

“Drinks!” Hazel and Annabeth said at the same time.

Is an Annabeth-Hazel-Piper roommates AU with slowburn Percabeth and friends with benefits Jasper.


I got to play the role of host & tour guide this weekend. 

A girl friend I made in university that I haven’t seen in years came to visit me, she came to the university as an international student from Pakistan & she went home to open her own business [art gallery] once she graduated. I really didn’t know what her plans were until she showed up on my doorstep because she’s quite the free spirit, but we are both introverted creative nerds so I was less worried about her wearing me down than my previous highly extraverted guest.

My friend reminded me one of the benefits of being an American, the ease of travel. I couldn’t imagine having to apply for a visa just to be a tourist for a few weeks in another country, she was not very happy with how difficult it was to get the French visa though she said border control didn’t give her too hard of a time at least.

She did not get to my rental until midnight of Friday so I took her out for some late night pizza, there is a small mom & pop shop run by a Naples family by where I live. Their daughter is the main waitress & she was super excited when she overheard us speaking English to one another so she joined us for a bit. She was so lovely, but I felt a bit sorry for her because it seemed like she really did not like Nice too much & really wanted to go back home. One thing I’ve noticed from other Southern European expats [Spanish, Italian & Portuguese] is they seem to become really disenchanted with Nice after a year or so.

Saturday I took my friend to Antibes, which is the unofficial British capital of the French Riviera. The roads were utter chaos since it is a bank holiday weekend though. Nice to Antibes is usually a 20 minute bus ride, it took 2.5 hours each way so we were both exhausted & slightly salty after the whole ordeal. We did see the Picasso museum, which had stray cats running through it so naturally I befriended all of them. We also did the Cap d’Antibes coastal hike & it was absolutely gorgeous. It was not a very late night on Saturday because we were both exhausted from the bus, we tried an overall-mediocre-but-good-for-Europe Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Overall, I much prefer everything about Nice over Antibes. However, Antibes is much more logically laid out because the city was renovated all at once. It is also quite a bit cleaner than the rest of the Riviera.

Sunday, my friend went to a town called St Paul de Vence, which is a very artist town so she can view all the galleries. I didn’t want to risk getting angry at the lackluster French Riviera bus system again so I stayed behind to catch up on some work & finish booking everything for my quick UK trip. I am staying for a week; it will probably end up being London, Birmingham & Worcester. I still need to book a few more hotels, this is my least favorite part about trip planning… Just have strong wifi & no bed bugs, then I am perfectly fine.

We beach bummed in the afternoon, my first time sunbathing of the year. Still as pasty as ever, but at least I didn’t burn?

The PSG vs Nice game was chaos. We arrived about 2.5 hours before the game start because I knew security would be chaos & it absolutely was. I even got checked, which I usually get waved through security without even a pat down because apparently I am the least intimidating person ever. The game was fun & loud, my main critique is the cigarette smoke was worse than usual.

At least France is not utter chaos like Austria where you can still smoke inside enclosed spaces, but since the stadium is only “partially enclosed” you are allowed to smoke in the seats. No big plans for the rest of the night, we said we were going to get tapas though I think we have both lazily melted into the living room furniture.

Who doesn’t know that, you want to buy something, but you are broke or you can’t afford it! Here are my tips to save money so you can buy the thing you desired for a long time or for a trip!

  • Don’t buy a phone with contract, that’s extremely expensive! For exemple, you want an iPhone and you absolutely need a flatrate/data plan, buy it separately! You can’t afford to pay your phone once, pay every month 35 €, more or less, the more you pay per month, the more relieved you will be financially. Most of the electronics shops offer 0% interest, since it’s a small credit. You need a data plan or similar contracts, buy a prepaid card and it top it off when you need it. You will save so much money, because prepaid cards are way cheaper than contracts. Here is an exemple: most of the high end phone contracts with data plan and stuff costs around 35 to 50 €/month. Most of the time the contract last 24 months. If you pay 45,90€ a month, after 24 months it will cost you overall 1106 €. Depending how much you use internet/phone etc… You can save around 300 €.
  • Who still uses SMS/Phone, use WhatsApp or the dial function on WhatsApp (most of my friends uses whatsapp), you will save so much money on phone contract.
  • If you a « light » data user when you are outside, search a provider that offers you free data in exchange you will have some ads. I use Netzclub (German provider, it’s cooperating with O2). They offer 100 MB. Sometimes I top it off to have 500 MB (around 6-7 €). I pay most of the time 15€ every 6/8 months.
  • Pick out carefully your clothes , where you know you will never get bored with it + it’s awesome for the environment + you will have more storage in your room. Invest in « good quality » clothes, with that I mean mostly clothes made with « cotton », they last forever!  I have clothes that I wear since 6-7th grade (not kidding), good pair of jeans/cardigans/shirt… Don’t buy cheap clothes (like Primark, similar shops) They don’t last you forever, imo, the style is awful, of course there are some good stuff at Primark, but it’s rare, check if it’s cotton etc. Buy your clothes only when it’s « sales time », most of the items will not go away, also applies for the size (@shops like Zara, Mango etc.)
  • When you go out, you don’t need to buy something to eat or drink all the time, organise a picnic with your friends or bring your own food if you don’t eat at the canteen in school, you will save up your lunch money for other stuff . Have always something to snack or a bottle of water with you.
  • Buy everything online, it’s way cheaper! Especially clothes & make up (not always, mostly high end stuff), way cheaper than in store! Brand shoes like Doc Martens, Adidas etc… can get super cheap if you keep an eye on it: check Amazon, Asos, Urban Outfitters (I found Doc Martens for 40 € once, Nike for 5€, not kidding)
  • You don’t have a credit card, no problem use PayPal or a prepaid credit card!
  • Avoid shipping fees, by looking for the same product on other shops, most of the time the product I want to buy has like 4 € shipping fees on Amazon and on Ebay there is none + the product is cheaper!
  • Use sites that compare prices, some of them use the « alarming » system per mail to warn you when it’s reached it’s cheapest price.
  • If you are a student, living alone, keep an eye on food offers, their supermarket leaflets, buy your food at discounters, you will save a lot of money.
  • If you are an european student (it’s more the case in Germany), use your bike, you will save a lot of money on public transport + it’s awesome for the environment + it’s really healthy.
  • If you want to save money you need to be patient!

  • Take the Bus (if you have the time), they are super comfortable (imo), have WIFI (basically life…) & it’s way better than high speed trains (you don’t have a lot of place to stretch and you don’t have wifi). It is super cheap too. (I think it’s more established in Germany)
  • Compare the prices of high speed trains or regional train; same for flight tickets on the internet! (In Germany, there is this Sparpreis Ticket for the ICE, and you can save 60 - 100 € most of the time, but concerning the hours you have to be flexible)
  • Buy all your tickets/ do you reservations all in advance! It’s way cheaper.
  • Travel as light as possible if you can, you can save money on luggage at low cost airline (like Ryanair, Germanwings etc…)
  • Sleep at Hostels + where breakfast & dinner are included, you will save money on food while you are travelling and you meet a lot of nice people at Hostels. It’s a great way to make friends and learn to know the people there, so you will not do the typical tourist stuff.
  • Do your hostels reservations on websites like hostelworld/hostelbookers, where you pay a deposit, if you don’t have the money now, but later. You will pay in cash when you arrived or in case you can’t make it, you will have you deposit back (it depends what deposit you took).
  • If you want a calm environment or not share you room except with your friends, check Airbnb and split off the price of the accommodation with your friends(extremely cheap) or look at hotels where the price is for a room (3-4 max) and not per person, look at Ibis Hotel or Ibis Budget Hotel!
  • If you are sleeping at hostels, bring a padlock with you for your locker!
  • Buy an Interrail Ticket if you are travelling in different countries in Europe.
  • Try to combine Bus/Train if possible (ex: in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Poland etc.) you will save a lot of money there too.

I hope these tips were useful! I worked really hard on it. It would be awesome to hear your feedback, just send me a message!

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How about something friendship related, non romantic relationship. Maybe sharing a bed cause Trini keeps having nightmares from Rita.

^^ Hope this is what you wanted. I tried to make it more friendly than romantic but I couldn’t help it. And sorry I got this up so late. I didn’t have wifi at my aunts. Cool. Enjoy. If anyone else had anything you can send prompts too. I like writing and need something to do at school.^^

Kimberly was laying on her bed in a sports bra and boxer, both a shade of pink. Over time all of the rangers had adapted to having signature colors. For Zach it was easy, black was what filled most of his closet already. Trini however took a little while to get more comfortable to the bright color. The pink rangers thoughts slowly drifted from the team to one particular ranger.

Kimberly’s gay-dar maybe hidden but it was well developed. From the first time she ever used it with Kat in the 7th grade to when she became the queen bee in high school. Kim-bi-ly Hart had always noticed the small girl in her biology class. Once she knew a name google was her best friend. She practically stalked her on all social media outlets. And when she became a ranger with her she had to hide it. Why would Trini like her back. Her phone buzzed on the night stand next to her bed.

T: hey
K: Hello. What’s up Trini?
T: i can’t sleep
K: Why?
T: nightmare why are you up
K: It’s nothing.
T: i call shenanigans
K: What does that even mean.
T: it means you’re lying and avoiding
K: Nothing. Just can’t sleep.
T: open your window

“Welcome to my room.” Trini feel into the room head first. When she looked up her eyes bulged out of her head. Kimberly’s toned abs were one of the most beautiful things Trini had ever seen. Her legs and arms only added onto her beauty.

“Hi…. hello.” Her whole mouth went dry. “I hope you don’t mind that I came over.”

“I don’t but you’re like 15 minutes away at all of our top speeds.” Kimberly pointed out.

“Yes I am. And what does that mean?”

“It means you must have been over here before then. Or at least already on your way.”

“Maybe I was sitting in that tree but you can prove nothing.” Trini said as she took off her jacket.

It was Kimberly’s turn to swoon. Trini had on black legging with a yellow tank top. The tank top didn’t leave anything to the imagination with the way it flowed around her. Kimberly laid on her bed and Trini followed suit.

“What are you doing?” Kimberly asked as Trini made herself comfortable as a small spoon.

“Getting comfortable. Your warm and I’m cold. And I’m tired but when I sleep in my bed all I see is Rita. All I smell is the salt water. All I hear is my body being thrown against the wall.” Tears began to flow down her face.

“Shhhhhhh. It’s ok. It’s ok. I’m here. Sleep Trini. I’ll be here all night.” Kimberly rubbed small circle in her back before her hand to her stomach. Trini grabbed onto her hand and pulled it up to her chest. It took all of Kimberly’s will to not scream. Her hand was completely on Trini’s boob. At the same time Trini was dying inside cause she had accidentally put Kim’s hand on her boob but she hadn’t move it.

The night dragged on as the two became more and more intertwined, both emotionally and physically.

Can't get to the wifi login page? Browse to!

Sometimes (all the time) when I connect to my office wifi network or a public hotspot I end up failing to retrieve the login page for one reason or another. Sometimes my browser’s auto-redirect tries to hit the internet for instruction on how to handle the new network and fail miserably.

By browsing to “” I just about always get redirected to the network’s login page. Since I’m not trying to hit something outside the network the redirect happens inmediately. Then I’m free to look at all the porn I need to!

Note that if you go to and it brings you to an insecure router control panel you probably don’t want to be on that public network.


Nokkuso: Thank you for our tour’s first day at Harmony Hall Zama!
Since the tour starts now, I will continue to do my best ( ^ω^)b

There were also various announcements, and I look forward to working with you all!
The photos are with the president and everyone else!

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First of all, this blog is but a baby but I love it already and I wish you all the best! 💛 okay so, Tony has had a Bucky Bear since he was little and he still has it till this day. Bucky is smug about it, Steve is slightly jealous.

Tony didn’t keep his prized possessions at any of his main properties. The house in Malibu too prone to catch on fire on any given day, and the tower had been an active target for alien invasion since the day he moved in.

Instead, he kept them at one of his vacation homes. It was in a small town on the coast with the best security system money could buy, and fewer than ten people in the world knew that he owned it. This arguably made it the safest place for them, especially since most people would think his favorite trinkets were worthless junk.

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So far I’m done reviewing two chapters for Finance. I didn’t get enough sleep last night. My goodness I am exhausted! My friend slept over last night because she had no wifi at her house at the moment and I didn’t want her sleeping at the library. So she did all of her work at my place and it took her until 6:00 Am to finish. I was reviewing all of my finance terms and making sure she had everything she needed and I tried to help her as much as I could. I didn’t want her to suffer alone so I stayed up with her hehe.. Alright! Time to go eat some chicken wings with the girls!  


Oops We’re All Humans