i need wifi at all times

Can't get to the wifi login page? Browse to!

Sometimes (all the time) when I connect to my office wifi network or a public hotspot I end up failing to retrieve the login page for one reason or another. Sometimes my browser’s auto-redirect tries to hit the internet for instruction on how to handle the new network and fail miserably.

By browsing to “” I just about always get redirected to the network’s login page. Since I’m not trying to hit something outside the network the redirect happens inmediately. Then I’m free to look at all the porn I need to!

Note that if you go to and it brings you to an insecure router control panel you probably don’t want to be on that public network.


So far I’m done reviewing two chapters for Finance. I didn’t get enough sleep last night. My goodness I am exhausted! My friend slept over last night because she had no wifi at her house at the moment and I didn’t want her sleeping at the library. So she did all of her work at my place and it took her until 6:00 Am to finish. I was reviewing all of my finance terms and making sure she had everything she needed and I tried to help her as much as I could. I didn’t want her to suffer alone so I stayed up with her hehe.. Alright! Time to go eat some chicken wings with the girls!  


No doubt probably a conversation between Edmund and Lucy

*two knocks proceeding the door slamming open*

“Ed! You can’t just barge into my room!”

“If you don’t mind, I’m crashing here for the evening.”

“Don’t you wanna spend time with Peter? He’s home from uni–”

“He’s sleeping and snoring like a bull! I need some quiet time…and wifi.”

“Get out!”

“Never realized how colorful your room is compared to mine…”

“Because I’m a happier person.”

“Do you really need that many scarves? Aslan, Lu…you must have fifty.”

“Out of my room or all fifty will be your noose!”

“Goodness…I’ll go. I’m not convinced about that happier person thing.”


      hey kids! from friday, february 17th, 2017 to friday, february 24th, 2017, i will be away on a school trip to europe! i’ve mentioned this to some people, but now the big day is upon us. i won’t be bringing my laptop, but i will have my ipod ( which i basically use like a phone, i just need wifi ). so i’ll probably only be around during the mornings and nights, maybe a little bit during the day. i don’t have a queue set up because this week has been hell, but i’ll see if i can’t make at least one post a night. i’m nervous because this is the first time i’m travelling without my parents and i’m literally a baby but i’m excited, too. i will be in CET – central european time, so add 7 hours to what i’m in now. i look forward to this adventure and hope all goes well. have an excellent week, everyone. ––– billie.

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Punk stuff



My Chemical Romance 

All Time Low

Sleeping With SIrens

Pierce the Veil

A Day to Remember 


Fall Out Boy


Panic! At The Disco

Black Veil Brides

Green Day

5 Seconds of Summer

Bring Me the Horizon

The 1975

The Neighborhood


Gerard Way

Walk The Moon

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 My current living situation has changed as we will be staying at a homeless shelter. Our cats are fine at the moment as well, and hopefully we will be able to take care of them when this durration is over.

 We’re currently getting some help in housing, more so than we would have and things may be looking up (but getting housing in a week seems like a tough prospect I’ll hang on to hope). For the time being, I will have a smaller online presence as A. there is no internet at the shelter at all, despite there being a wifi network, no one knows the code to get on it and no one is giving me it period :( B. It’s far from the library and any other wifi spot to the point I need to use the bus to get around; C. I need to focus on other things at this time, mainly downloading and working on paperwork.

 So thing’s aren’t going to be perfect and simple for a while, it’s going to be a long haul for the moment and I’m going to have some troubles for the get go in trying to secure stable housing.I hope all of you are doing well right now, I’m going to try to get through this.

Thanks for the help and support.


Oops We’re All Humans

Benefits of an online grimoire!📖📲
  • <p> <b></b> 1.) You can add things so much faster<p/><b></b> 2.) Seriously, see something you want to write down? Copy and paste, add a link!<p/><b></b> 3.) Depending on which word document you use you can find information by typing in one word.<p/><b></b> 4.) I have my grimoire on my phone and who do you know that goes somewhere without their phone?<p/><b></b> So technically you have your grimoire with you at all times, so you can access it at all times!<p/><b></b> 5.) Wanna add cool witchy pictures but can't draw for the life of you? What do you think Google images are for?<p/><b></b> 6.) You can even customize each page!<p/><b></b> 7.) You can share it directly with other witches<p/><b></b> 8.) I have waaaaaaay more on my phone grimoire than in my written one.<p/><b></b> 9.) You don't even need wifi to access it! Literally anywhere works! (This is also depending on which word document you use but most should be accessible)<p/><b></b> 10.) It's neater. My handwriting is such chicken scratch and when I pass my grimoire down lines of generations how tf are they gonna read it?<p/><b></b> 11.) Did I mention you can add things soooo much faster?<p/><b></b> 12.) If something happens to your device, remember that there are ways to get it back or you can just back up your information on a flash drive just in case.<p/><b></b> 13.) You can print out the pages and add it to a physical grimoire.<p/><b></b> 14.) Like damn guys, an online grimoire was the best decision I've ever made.<p/><b></b> 15.) You at school and a bitch talking smack bout you? Pull out your phone and send a nasty hex their way.<p/><b></b> 16.) Honestly guys, it just makes your craft so much easier.<p/><b></b> 17.) Don't think it's not very witch like to have an online grimoire, it's the 21st century you don't have to have a leather bound BoS.<p/><b></b> 18.) Someone wants to borrow your phone? Don't want them to open up your grimoire? Put a password on that shit.<p/><b></b> (There are apps that let you put passwords on apps)<p/><b></b> 19.) Somewhere and you find wonderful store with wonderful witch supplies? But oh no! You forgot your grimoire at home! How are gonna know what to get and their uses?? Pull out ya phone and crack your online grimoire open!<p/><b></b> 20.) You don't have to choose one or the other. I personally have a written grimoire and an online one.<p/><b></b> 21.) Again, there are ways to backup information if you lose it for any reason<p/><b></b> Give it up for technology, everybody!!!<p/></p>

Tonight is the first episode of Shadowhunters I won’t be able to stay up to watch and I want to cry because I need Malec to talk and I need to see Magnus meeting Max and I just want to scream. I hate not having wifi eichzuahwbrkdkaak!!!

But hopefully I’ll have it tomorrow by the time I get home from work so guys, goodnight! Enjoy the episode tonight and please come and scream at me in my inbox as the episode is happening or afterwards and I’ll be so happy to read it all when I wake up tomorrow morning!

I’m so jealous! Enjoy the episode!!!! ❤️

I am super tired I did a lot today but in neat news I was finally able to access someone’s wifi today for a little bit and traded a lot of the pokemon I needed to complete my Alola dex.

Didn’t get all the ones I needed but most everything except Pokemon that evolve with a trade item and one of the version exclusive ultra beasts. Hopefully next time I’m visiting that place I can try to get what remains THEN I can get the item that makes shinies spawn more often and actually go shiny hunting.

AHHHHHH it’s my bby choromatsu :>

I challenge everyone to name all the references in this!!!!

Tomorrow I’ll repost links to the speedart and redbubble of this

Also shout out to @sketchere for cheering me on, and telling me to sleep at 2 am

Fic Rec of the week (August 5th 2015)

I made a long one before 3 weeks of holidays with no wifi. Enjoy and have a good time ! See you on september, with a probably VERY long fic rec of the week.

- Wanna Get Lost In The Dark Of The Night    , by slayylouisslay : Louis loves the night and Harry loves Louis.

Larry short OS (2k). Smut and bottom Harry, that’s all. (thanks louis2k15 for sharing this one!)

- You’re the pulse that i’ve always needed, by hilourry : Harry and Liam are law students at Yale University. Louis is a dance major at NYU along with his best friends Zayn and Niall. Harry wants Louis, but Liam gets to him first. And no, Harry definitely doesn’t love his best friend’s boyfriend. (He sort of does)

Lilo/Larry OS (23k) ! Nice plot ! a bit strange because it turns from pinning +++ to smutty smut  to fluffiest fluff ever, but well, it works! I’m a sucker for Dancer!Louis.

- Shy Eyes , by isthatyoularry : Coffee Shop AU where Harry is 21 and famous and he has been in love since the moment he saw those cerulean blue eyes.

Short Larry OS (2k) with a very shy and famous Harry, it’s so cuuuuute !! No smut at all then ;)

- Under the lights tonight, by @lillourry : Harry’s an A-list supermodel, Louis’s his make-up artist boyfriend. They’re something of a dream team.

Larry AU (20k) in the model world. Started with young students in love, and how they are going through their dreams. No angsty at all, great smut; You have to read it!

- It Happened like a Firefly’s Light, by anonymous : Harry Styles. It was a name everyone knew, a person the public loved. But he had one impossible task. Write and record his third album in a month. This is where Louis Tomlinson comes in. He wasn’t famous, not by any means. But this songwriter was going to make Harry’s album possible. That is if fans, the media and falling in love don’t get in the way first.

Larry AU (47k). Ok, famous!non-famous AU are my thing. This one is cute, not the most realistic I ever read , but cute. Barely smutty, and some great songs are linked on it.

- Oops, I like you, by say_thanks : He thrives in the attention, at the knowledge he makes these boys with their tattooed dicks and pierced whatevers, so hot and bothered. These boys with their confident smirks and broad shoulders and hands, touching Louis wherever they can. Louis reduces them all to a wet, moaning, mess, every time.Usually he doesn’t see those guys again. It’s not generally part of the plan.But then Harry tightens his grip on the back of Louis’ neck and Louis ducks his head to taste the sweat beading under Harry’s chin, kissing the ink curling up Harry’s neck, then kissing his way down to get his mouth on the god forsaken nipple piercings. He listens to the way Harry breathes his name, and for the first time silently asks, Can I keep him?

Short (5,5k) Larry AU, starting with clubbing, continuing with smut smut smut, and finishing with fluff. My fav quote : “Harry grins. He’s looking at Louis like he wants to eat him for dinner. Louis wants to inform him please do that, but first, his manners. “

-But it’s better of you do, by aliferuined : Louis definitely does not care about Nick’s opinion of him. And Nick definitely is not obsessed with Louis.

Tomlinshaw-Uni AU (10k), drama student! Louis can’t bear to be in the same place that writing student!Nick. Smut just for the fun at this end.

- We may fall (but we get up again)    , by jmcats : a 27 Dresses AU where Liam is everyone’s favorite best man and he just might be madly in love with his boss … and maybe with an arrogant writer who hates weddings as much as Liam loves them, too.

OMG. OMFG. I will praise intenselouis for decades just because she made me discover this fic. So, Ziam-27 Dresses AU, 58k. If you saw the movie, you know the story. Add some GREAT smut. And it’s soooooo well written. And trust me  if I say that it’s not very often that I cry of happiness at the end of a fic.

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can there be a horse camp for tumblr equestrians?

you can bring your own horse or ride a camp horse, you don’t have to wake up until 10am, there would be wifi in all of the barns and all over the camp, starbucks will be provided three times a day, a talented photographer is placed in every barn and two at every arena (which there would be ton of so they never got crowded).

i need this to happen

 When your PMS cramps arrive

When there’s no food in the cupboard

When the wifi is slow af

When you stub your toe

When drivers don’t indicate

When you tired of gender inequality, heteronormativity, sexuality erasure, misgendering, racism, unemployment, poverty, cost of tertiary education, unrealisitc body standards, trivialisation of mental illnesses and disorders, and the countless other issues present in our society.

Hey now! I didnt get any help, but I might be able to help you!!

I wasn’t able to physically escape my house from my abusive parents but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you

I’ve got my room clean, a queen bed, and an extra twin beg on the floor!
My mom (the abuser) does not bother guests when they come over!
You can stay over for a pretty long time!!!

I do have dogs, but they are small and friendly. They do bark at the window all the time however.

Ive got a small TV and aircondictioner,
As well as 200+ books, wifi, roku, extra clothes, and lots of nail polish
Plus a giant park across the street

You wont have to interact with anyone but me, and I can bring food upstairs.

My age limit has to stop at 18
I can only help people who are DFAB (designated female at birth) right now, sorry to everyone else

If you are in Maryland/Baltimore and need to get away from an abuser for up to 2 weeks, please let me know!!!!


my parents finally upgraded their phones and are so happy with it. they keep asking questions how the wifi and internet works and how to use a touchscreen and im happy to help them because every time they figure something out they get so excited about it.

you guys need to remember that your parents didnt grow up with this kind of technology so of course they are gonna ask questions and want your help. you need to be patient with them because its still new to them. i mean after all they are parents, they raised kids and they need all the patience in the world lol

ahahaha someone on my facebook just posted a photo of one of those very misguided signs outside coffee shops that are all, “no wifi here! call your mom! make a friend!” and i know others have made these points many times, but seriously:

-we all know you’re too cheap to pay for wifi.

-people use the internet to communicate. if i need your wifi, i probably intend to communicate with someone. maybe my mom. maybe a new friend.

-wait, so cell phones are okay but wifi isn’t? how exactly are you defining “acceptable” technology?

-no seriously, just shell out the money for wifi. it will pay off in a very literal way.