i need videos with better quality tbh

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talk more about sal

✿ buckle up buttercup bc here it comes ✿

♡ ♡ ♡

ok, so as you all know Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano is this beautiful man

he looks so happy here! i love him with every inch of my gay ass heart  ♡


Sal’s birthday is November 6th and shall henceforth be known as a national holiday; all schools, banks, churches, and offices with be closed on this day every year.


Sal has a podcast with Brian “Q” Quinn called ‘What Say You?’ where they just idk talk abt stuff its really great tho they tell really funny stories like the time Sal’s manager at a pizza place was getting married and getting rid of his porn stash which back in the day porn was on vhs tapes. also his manager had gotten all his friends stashes so sal ended up with a box with like 60 porn videos, each one having 8 hours of porn worth $40 each (so totaling $2,000+) and sal ended up being a Porn Library for his friends

of course like any Ja’Thirsty (my coined term for sal fans) i love when he falls

this one is my favorite!

he just falls directly down its great ♡

have you ever heard the story of him holding a pair of pants hostage for a ransom of a jar of peanut butter? no? ok well here it is its hilarious

i relate to him on a spiritual level

we’re actually really similar its #spooky like

he has flat feet, i have flat feet
he’s part cuban, im part cuban
he wears glasses, i wear glasses

clearly those are the only criteria u need to be either the exact same person or soulmates so idk

Sal has this green hoodie and wears it a lot so i bought the same hoodie so we’d match (its looks better on him than me tbh because fucking look at him) this shade of green looks really good on him tho jussayin

(sorry for the quality this is the only good pic i could find of him wearing it without having to screenshot a video)

also have you heard him sing? i listen to this on a loop every night before bed tbh  😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

 the tag i use frequently for sal (but not for every post) is ‘my thick boy’ which is a reference to this monster factory video; a thick boy is described as a boy that you cant knock over with a pail of water. i have also compared the rest of the tenderloins to other monster factory boy types.

also while looking up stuff for this post i found out he was in a front bottoms music video 

hes so cute hes havin a good time also this video is kinda hilarious. sal with silly string is my aesthetic

and of course i dont even have to get into double dutching but heres the transparent gif i made

and now a big dump of gifs bc why not

tl;dr sal vulcano is so very important to me and im p sure he saved my life just by being alive at the same time in the same timeline on the same astral plane in the same universe as me and i think thats amazing 

♡ ♡ ♡

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how do you make your inuyasha gifs so clear and sharp? the original inuyasha anime is so low quality

ahhh well there’s a bunch of things you can do for that ! First of all you need to have decent videos, don’t take them from youtube or something (not trying to judge or anything but i never found good quality inuyasha episodes there??). I think this torrent here works ! (if it doesn’t just tell me and i’ll try to find something else)

also there are two important things you need to do to make your gifs HQ : surface blur and sharpening! It’s very important tbh, surface blur removes the imperfections like pixellation and stuff and sharpening makes the lines look better (does that makes sense lol?) I always use the same action when i make gifs but basically if you use something like this your gifs should look nice :

Surface blur : 


and then you just work with the coloring to make it look pretty! (coloring is also super important but there’s not only one good way to do it, so i can’t give you more advice) I hope this helps and if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask me more questions !