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Reverse Idol (Jungkook)

Before I start this, I gotta say a happy birthday to Jung Hoseok, I hope he’s having/had (depending on the time zone) an amazing bday I’m watching the vlive rn but I’ve seen some gifs and it seems like he was really happy and that makes me s o happy also his new hair is so beyond cute I’m in love!! Last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan line, the final part to the maknae line, our golden maknae who is continuing to prove he’s talented, the first time I heard the whole “chong, jojun, balsa" bit I thought it was hobi but the fact that it’s kook is so amazing bc this kid can really contort his voice and I can’t wait for the MV, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (kook’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • This AU is gonna feature some youtuber!Jungkook (here) to sum it up, he’s a gamer on youtube 
  • Jungkook is another huge fanboy but he’s the O.O fanboy like chim’s the :) fanboy tae’s the :D fanboy but kook is just wide eyed “oh my god oh my god”
  • When he loves an artist, he seems to really just look up to them like him and GD, we all know that boy loves GD I mean wasn’t it him that made kook wanna become a singer/idol that alone says a l o t about how much kook respects him
  • In public he tries to be -_- (it doesn’t last long but he does try) but at home he loses it
  • He’ll hear your song in public and his eyes get really big and Yoongi’s mentally starting the ten second countdown before Jungkook starts  dancing along to it 
  • It starts off with just a bit of foot tapping around the three second mark, at the five second mark, his head starts bobbing, at the seven second mark, he starts swaying until he breaks into the full choreography
  • Whenever he plays your music, everyone just knows he’s about to come running into the room dressed head to toe in your merch and start screaming the songs so they just all prepare themselves, vmin start stretching so they don’t pull anything 
  • Sure enough, kook slides into the room with a hairbrush to use as a mic and start singing as loudly as he possibly can, not caring if he goes off key and he starts doing the dance to the song
  • But it’s actually really cute but all of the other boys get these huge smiles and they gotta join in
  • Okay but kook gets s o fucking into lip syncing or just goofing around and singing like we all remember the Linkin Park video that’s about all the proof I need and the fact that no one was really reacting to it tells me that he’s doing that shit at home too
  • The boys all know your music since I have this head canon that if one member knows an artist, they all know that artist just bc they’re all so close it’s easy to assume they’re sharing their favorite music with each other
  • Him reacting to performances is super cute too bc he gets so into it and he’s singing along and dancing and you can tell he’s genuinely enjoying it and what I love about kook is that he gives the performances his full attention
  • I was watching him react to one of Astro’s performances and his eyes are just glued to the stage and it’s so sweet
  • Of course I gotta bring up his reaction to the Rainism performance he literally started performing in the crowd and it was so fucking funny and cute you could just see how excited he got
  • His fans all know about his crush on you even though he tries to play it cool it’s pretty damn obvious
  • In the background of a lot of his videos, you can see some of your posters and some albums and he just giggles when he gets questions about it which totally gives away the whole crush thing bc your face lighting up at the mention of someone is normally a pretty good indicator that you have some sort of emotion towards them, whether it’s platonic or romantic
  • Plus in his live streams, he’s always got one of your albums playing in the background
  • And Vmin may have just maybe totally told everyone about his crush on you during one of their Q&As and Jungkook may have screamed when he saw them do it he m a y b e chased Jimin with a shoe and threw a banana at Tae’s head
  • Okay so an a m azing anon suggested this and it has become my head canon entirely
  • Jungkook has a tumblr right and it’s mainly art and gaming shit, those are the main focuses
  • He uploads his art a lot, they’re normally drawings of characters or musicians he likes and one day he uploads a drawing of you and everyone flips
  • Not only is it s o realistic, it’s also getting all of the shippers fired up and ready to scream bc it’s obvious it took some time to draw and Tae uploads a few videos of kook on snapchat like two weeks ago where he’s staring really intently at the screen of his phone and no one knows what kook’s drawing so everyone’s excited
  • And then the excitement doubles when it’s revealed that he was drawing you and then Jimin adds onto the excitement by stating it’s not the first time kook has drawn you 
  • You notice the drawing bc everyone sends it to you, even the people who don’t follow kookie send it to you bc it’s rea ll y good we all know how talented kook is especially when he puts his mind to something and he’s not about to half ass a drawing of his crush
  • You tweet out about it bc you don’t know who did it so you’re just like hey this is really good, whoever drew it and then everyone immediately starts telling you it’s Jungkook’s (the boys also help out by tagging you on instagram in kook’s pictures bc they’re wingmen all of them)
  • Kook decides in honor of your birthday, he’s gonna release a cover of his favorite song by you bc he’s released a few covers here and there already so why not do one for you and that does n o t help the shippers’ poor lil hearts at all
  • He doesn’t know that you know who he is yet so he doesn’t even think you’re gonna see it but little does he know, you’re following him on all the social medias bc he’s super cute in all the ways
  • It’s a more laid back version of your song, it’s just piano and kook’s voice which is s o nice and you can’t believe that this is the same kid you just watched dance around in a Pikachu onesie during one of his celebration videos
  • After that, you just h a v e to contact him bc he’s so sweet in his bday wishes to you and he’s just so cute and precious you gotta do it
  • “Your drawing was really cute and your cover was amazing, I’d love to meet you”
  • Ight but to announce your relationship to the public, he releases all of the other drawings he’s done of you
  • “Thnx for being my muse but no, I’m not gonna stop texting you pictures of puppies at three in the morning, they’re important”

i need the article or video or any kind of proof where jaden smith flat out said that thor and dizzee didn’t share a kiss because HE didn’t want to kiss a guy. because i see a lot of people blaming him for there not being a kiss and not noah le gros or the director or the writer. like i see a lot of blame for jaden being the reason and i’m getting pissed off. so i need to see this thing that people are apparently quoting because if i’m going to be mad i need to know i’m being mad at the right thing.

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possible spoiler but josh's dad was reading the script on one of his livestreams and he said "jyrus confirmed" and then josh had to leave his trailer....

Is this for real?  I didn’t see anything like that when was this?  did someone record it?  I need some hard evidence, some proof, the video, the audio.  I need to hear it with my own two ears but I really hope this is true.  I don’t even care if it’s a spoiler.

okay i wanna know where tf did this whole “michael has a kitten kink” come from like i know its probably 28732% true and michael is in fact the human embodiment of a kitten but when he was like 15 he probably didnt fantasize about a hot girl riding his thigh in kitten ears, y'know? like the entire fandom basically now assumes that he has a kitten role play kink all from what? what facts are these assumptions based off of? i need answers.

The Kissing Rock Video(s)

I can’t be the only one confused about the many versions of Alison and Ian at the kissing rock, right? I mean, Alison told us what happened between her and Ian that night:

Alison went to Ian to threaten him with his own N.A.T videos. She wanted the -A texts to stop, and thinking that they were coming from either Ian himself, or people in his N.A.T “perv” club, she went to Ian and confronted him.

If she planned on threatening him to stop the -A messages, then why did she need to film a little “lovey-dovey” video with him. A video where she says, “I know you wanna kiss me”, and he replies, “Come closer”.

Is that one version of the video? Did they decided to film another part where it seems like he kills her?

I mean, in a continuation the girls received from -A, she is seemingly pushed to the ground by Ian, and appears to be dead:

End of the video right? 

No, it’s not. -A, plays yet another continuation of their video, revealing that Ian didn’t kill her. (Alison is heard laughing, then gets up and grabs the camera)

So, end of the video. Ian didn’t kill Alison, all is good. Well, actually, no it’s not. Why did Alison film a video with Ian in the first place? Why did Alison need Ian to look like he killed her? 

I think, and this ties in with my “Alison planned her disappearance” theory, it’s because Alison needed to leave Rosewood, and needed to have back up in case someone questioned her “death”. I think she needed that video as “proof” that she really was dead, and someone killed her. I don’t think she meant for the whole continuation to be shown, (of her getting up laughing), I think she threatened Ian into doing the video. Her blackmail: the N.A.T videos.

The last weird thing about this video that I want to point out is: the way Spencer remembered it:

This is a “flashback” of Spencer’s when she sees Ian in her kitchen in “Careful What U Wish 4” (1x14). Notice something different? Well, for starters, her Alison bracelet isn’t shown, and suddenly Toby’s sweater is covering her arm. Not to mention his sweater looks A LOT darker, I mean, isn’t it like an army green? 

Why such variations of the Kissing Rock Video? Shouldn’t we know the truth if Alison is back now?

Ok peeps!!

So, I am finding myself all nice and bored right now, since my friend is busy, so I am going to do something interesting. The first person to reblog this with a recommendation of what to watch on Netflix, I WILL watch it. No matter what it is. I will watch it. If need be, I will post photographic/video proof.

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So I prompted this to someone: 'Stiles never thought that he'd make a video like that, he also never thought he'd catch Derek, of all people watching it and enjoying it.' And thy wrote me something fluffy, I'm going to prompt you with it in case you want to write me something smutty. So maybe Stiles using a fleshlight and Derek is jealous really wants to be in place of the toy (you know how I love top!Stiles/bottom!Derek ;)

Enjoy!!! How hope you don’t mind; I went for a dom!Stiles/sub!Derek angle.

Stiles makes videos for the Internet. It’s just him in them, and they’re humorous. Quirky little videos that show how funny Stiles can be. Derek enjoys them, but doesn’t let on that he does. Derek doesn’t even acknowledge the Internet in conversation, other than research for the next monster of the season.

The only reason he knew about the videos was because someone mentioned it in passing, and Derek looked it up the next time he was alone. He likes looking at them when he’s reminded of his feelings for Stiles.

The views on the videos are in the low hundreds, and it kind of burns Derek that so many people get to enjoy Stiles. It’s bad enough people in the town see him so much more often than himself. Now people across the world can enjoy him in a way Derek only hopes to in person.

He wants to laugh with Stiles and maybe even joke with him. Derek used to be funny once. He used to have friends who he found pleasure in entertaining.

It would only shock Stiles and the others, and it would just be awkward.

Derek sighs and takes to his laptop in his room. He watches one of his favorite videos of Stiles showing the viewer how to do a cartwheel. Hilariously, Stiles can’t do a cartwheel, and his commentary as he falls every single time always makes Derek laugh.

What he didn’t particularly like - but actually really did like - was that Stiles’s shirt would fall when he went upside down. He didn’t like it because other people were seeing Stiles’s belly and the thick happy trail from his belly button down.

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Okay, bear with me. But I head canon that Dex has a bunch of siblings (like 4) and over break let's just say that one of his siblings (like his older sister) snapchats/records Dex dancing to Skakira "Hips Don't Lie" while he's doing the dishes and sends it to the group chat. Chaos ensues. Dex is doing damage control. Nursey is just curled up and like "Shakira was right, Dex's hips really don't lie."

I wrote a fic where Dex had five siblings (older brother, older sister, younger sister, twin younger brothers) and his older sister would ABSOLUTELY DO THIS. His younger sister was probably dancing along with him because they’re dorks.

The point is, Nursey watches that video way too much over break. When they finally meet up again at Samwell, Nursey pulls him in for a kiss and a long hug. “I’ve missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“What? Of course I’m sure. What the hell, Derek?”

“You’re not lying, right?”

“No I’m not lying, why would–” Dex realizes halfway through his sentence that Nursey is talking about that damn video. “Fuck.”

Nursey laughs. “I dunno… I might need some proof…”

“What kind of proof?” Dex asks despite knowing exactly what Nursey is about to say.

“You should probably show me with your hips.” Nursey whispers in his ear.

Dex punches him in the arm and starts walking up the stairs. “So, are you coming or not?”


“Your room is nicer. Let’s go.”

And Nursey basically loses all chill that he gained over break.

Holocaust Memorial Day- take a moment to read

Even this is “only” the Israeli memorial day, please take a minute to read.

Today is the Israeli Holocaust Memorial day, set to remember all the deathes during the Holocaust and think about the terrible things happened back there, in Europe, 70 years ago.

Lately people ask for more proves- the concentration and extermination camps, all the stories, pictures and the videos aren’t enough for some people.
But I, I don’t need any proof. My families’ stories, my family friends’ stories, my friends families’ stories, my teachers parents’ stories, my nation’s stories, are my proof.
Every year I hear tens of new stories about people who survived the horror, or died in there. Every year my heart breaks again, to another story.

6 million. 6 MILLION.

over 6 million people who died because the things they believe in. Millions others were killed becuase they love “the wrong gender” or because they helped Jews…

Just think about it- over 6 million people, from them were more than 1.5M kids!


RIP over 6 milion Jews and millions others.

Watch on lifemechanics.tumblr.com

I couldn’t even get past 2:30 before I had to rewind it to fully appreciate all of Alycia’s adorablenessses