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omgcp - study buddies

Nursey walks into the kitchen. “How’s it going?”

Bitty startles, pushing himself away from the sink. “Not too bad, brownies will be out in ten.”

Nursey opens the fridge and takes out a bottle of seltzer. “How was Providence?”

“Good.” Bitty picks up the sponge, squeezes some dish soap onto it. “I babysat Thirdy’s kids while he and his wife went on their first date in, like, a year. It was really fun.”

“Sounds chill.”

“There was a lot of screaming,” Bitty admits. “And coloring. And I taught them to bake chocolate chip cookies.”


“Yeah.” Bitty sets the sponge down, wipes his hand on his pants, and angles his phone towards Nursey. “Look. Aren’t they adorable?”

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Imagine...Dean Making Lunch

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Pairing: Dean x reader

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Bucky Imagine

A Bucky x Reader where the reader falls into really really cold water during a mission, and later at the Avengers tower she gets so sick she faints and Bucky takes care of her?

You ran after the agent as quick as you could through the 2 inches of snow that covered the ground. “I’m following the agent West towards the water,” you spoke into your comm.

“Y/N, keep on his trail,” Steve’s voice rang in your ears. “Bucky is coming from the North and Natasha is on your heels. They’ll be there for backup. He cannot leave, we can’t risk him spreading the information to HYDRA.”

“Copy,” you said short of breath and kept after the man. You continued to follow the man until he stopped at the edge of a small cliff. “There’s nowhere to go now,” you told him. He suddenly pulled a knife from his pocket and went after you. You blocked his attack and reached for the gun you had in your tactile belt. Before you could get a shot off sudden kick sent the gun skidding against the snow. “Y/N, I’m close by,” you heard Bucky’s voice come through.

You got a couple hits to the agent before you could grab your knife and go after him with it. You swiftly cut his arm and thigh as you fought the skilled agent and heard Bucky’s footsteps coming towards you. You flipped away from him, reaching your gun from it’s spot near the side of the cliff, and aimed at the target.

You shot at the man but it was dodged you had to block his feet as they came after you. The man heard Bucky approaching and got his knife ready to throw at his chest. “Bucky,” you yelled a warning and punched the agent who turned and, with a swift kick, sent you flying over the cliff towards the icy water.

You heard a shot as you fell just before you crashed into the cold water. You sunk quickly from the weight of your weapons and struggled towards the top of the distancing top. A crash from the water caught your attention and you saw Bucky swimming down towards you. He grabbed you around your chest and swam with you up towards the water. You gasped for air as you two broke the surface.

“Damn heavy snow boots and dumb Stark tech,” you said kicking off your shoes and tossing your weapons as soon as you were dragged to shore.

“Y/N, are you ok,” Bucky said looking over you with worry written on his face.

“I’m breathing so that’s good,” you said breathing heavily. “Hey,” you said looking at his worried demeanor, “I’m ok. You saved me. Thank you.”

“I’m your boyfriend, and your teammate, it’s my job. Come on,” he lifted you up and put an arm around you for support. “Let’s get back to the quinjet.”


You shivered again which made Bucky immediately jump to your side. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Just cold still,” you told him. As soon as boarded the jet you stripped off your wet clothes and put on an extra shirt and jacket that Bucky found on board.

“We’ll get you in front of a fire and get you some warm clothes when we land, ok?” You nodded with your clattering teeth.

Once the jet landed Bucky walked beside you as you shivered down the hallways, heading towards you and Bucky’s shared room. Your shivering worsened and you felt like your legs were ice blocks, barely carrying your weight. “Y/N, maybe we should stop a second,” you heard Buck say. “Or I could carry you.”

“I’m fine Buck,” your voice came out slower and quieter than you thought.

“You’re shivering a lot worse now, ba-”

“I’m fine Bu-,” you said before your vision disappeared and you felt unconscious.


Bucky caught you as you fell and felt just how cold you actually were. He took you in his arms and ran towards the medbay as fast as he could. “Cho,” he yelled as he carried you into the bay.

“What happened?”

“She fell in cold water on the mission. She’s ice cold and shivering really bad!”

“Get her over here,” she commanded and guided him over to a bed. “Bucky, we need to get these clothes off her, they’re wet. Take off the clothes while I get some supplies.” She ran out of the room and by the time she came back the clothes you had on were thrown on the floor in a damp pile.

“I gave her those on the jet, shouldn’t they be ok?”

“The water on her skin and hair seeped into them, she can’t wear them. I need to put her hair in this warm towel. I need you to take those warming packs and lay them on her back and near her feet,” she said flipping you over.


You woke up sweating in a medbay bed with Buck rocking back and forth in the seat next to you. “Y/N,” he jumped forward as he saw your eyes open. “Are you ok? How do you feel?”

“I’m ok.”

“You said that before and look what happened.”

“What did happen?”

“You fainted walking to the room. I ran you here to Cho. You had hypothermia. You’ve been out for a day and a half.”

“You saved me again Buck,” you weakly smiled. “You’re my hero,” you grabbed his hand.

He squeezed your hand and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “It’s my job, babe.”

“get my towel!”

scenario/summary: while showering you realise your dumbass forgot a towel, so you have to ask your hot roommate, taehyung.

person: kim taehyung / college au

  • so you’re showering
  • takin a nice hot shower
  • and like while showering
  • you get so mad u almost slipped. rip
  • you get so annoyed bc like ur just in the shower not knowing what to do
  • you could either risk it and let taehyung see your naked body
  • but hes ur roommate and ur best friend and its so awkward
  • cause hes literally in the other room
  • or you could ask him
  • i mean taehyung only wears sweatpants around the dorm
  • like no shirt
  • you dont mind
  • cause you both share everything
  • you didnt wanna risk it
  • poor taehyung
  • you are shouting his name
  • he doesnt answer i mean hes probs playing overwatch with jungkook
  • “ok kook hold on y/n’s calling from the bathroom”
  • “have fun? u fuckin-”
  • “KI M TA  E HYU NG”
  • ur turnin into hulk lol
  • “oK IM HERE Y/N!!!!”
  • you’re screaming again lol
  • “tae… i need my towel.. i forgot it..”
  • taehyungs confused, he’s blushing but u cant see him so hes just smiling slightly
  • “you forgot your towel? youre so silly y/n..”
  • okay he could lowkey be turned on, u cant see his tent anyways lol
  • he goes to your room and gets your towel, trying not to make eye contact with ur lingerie
  • “hERE YOU GO”
  • you open the door revealing your head as taehyung hands you the towel
  • “yeh yh”
  • once you close the door
  • taehyung chuckles to himself, “aish tae you almost saw her naked..”
  • he giggles to himself
  • “hm. you’re a lucky man.”
  • he goes back to kook and they both play again, “i’m a lucky man kook”
  • “huH?”
  • turned on lowkey !!!

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Hey, so I saw that nice ask about saeran with a wounded cry baby mc, so how about mc getting a real (real) bad injury and being all "meh, its nothing" but baeran is freaking out? (Also, your writting is top quality, babe!)

A/N: Writing this because I’m so stressed out and frustrated today and I need to let all this steam out somehow. And thank you, anon! You’re so sweet! :)

Nothing registers fully in your head. Only that you’re swaying slowly from side to side like a slowing pendulum, and that your vision is starting to blur as the world around you tilts sideways.

Someone is shouting your name, but it’s like you’re underwater, and a voice is trying to reach you through the thick layer of water that you’re buried under.

There’s a sharp, terror-filled scream that cuts through the air, one that you don’t recognise, the moment your body hits the ground on your side. It only dawns on you that it belongs to you when you feel flames licking the walls of your throat a few seconds later.

And then – and only then – does the pain set in.

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You sent in a art meme! Can I have a 4D Sans and a 3D Papyrus!

You’re in for a hell of a mood swing, friend!

Papyrus pulled out his cell phone and dialed that old familiar number. He didn’t know if he was expecting anything different this time…

I’m not sure what I was aiming for, here. 

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Is "I need you" romantic? Or did Dean mean it like he needed Cas like a glass of wine after a long day at work?

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At the point when Kripke put an “I need you” between the canon romantic couple in Timeless in the episode he knew the SPN fandom would be watching because Misha had a hugely marketed cameo (as the character Dean fanboyed over IN SPN)…

… that’s when I threw in the towel.

Oh Boy(s)--Chapter 3

Prompt: Two best friends, Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield have a crush on the same girl. Harrison thinks Tom hates the girl and confides his feelings in him, causing Tom to continue being standoffish until one night he drunkenly confesses his own feelings to her, invoking an unintentional one night stand. What follows is put confusion and continual frustration. 

Warning: language

Rating: PG-13

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Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Four

(Y/N) walked outside of the home and back outside, her eyes glued to the online ordering page as she thumbs through the ingredient’s list. Her left threatened to buckle as she slowly came down from the high her body had been radiating on since Tom’s presence from moments earlier when each had peaked.

“How’s the pizza coming?” Jacob called over to her as she lounged in a lawn chair.

“It’s coming,” she laughed. “What do you guys want on it?” A slew of toppings were listed by various people, but (Y/N) could only focus on a few at a time as they jumped from pepperoni to beef, and then pineapples.

“Um, no,” Zendaya stated with a laugh.

“I agree,” (Y/N) laughed while clicking the meat options. “Pineapple does not belong on a pizza,” she stated which only lead to a long conversation debating pineapples’ position on pizza, and a slew of laughter to follow.

“What’s so funny?” Tom asked while rejoining his party.

“Pineapple pizza debate,” Laura sighed, knowing the argument would never be completed.

“Yeah,” Jacob interjected. “Z and (Y/N) say no.”

“Well it doesn’t,” Harry admitted.

“Harry’s not wrong,” Harrison agreed.

“You’re just saying that to agree with (Y/N),” Tom sneered.

“She makes excellent points,” Harrison smiled while folding himself over the back of the lawn chair (Y/N) was in and put his arms around her neck. (Y/N)’s eyes met Tom’s and found an unmistakable look of pain, jealousy, and angst fall across his face. Hoping to distract himself, Tom slipped into the water beside the twins and, upon looking at each of their faces, (Y/N) could tell they were taking notice of their older brother’s expression. Tom tried to keep himself from looking at Harrison and (Y/N), he tried to keep his body language from revealing his feelings for (Y/N) to the rest of the group, he tried to keep people from noticing the guilt swelling within him, but mostly, he tried not to think about what had happened in Harrison’s bedroom. Despite how right it felt, he knew it was wrong, and yet there was an overwhelming sensation for him to do it again. He tried to do everything in his power to keep his ears from turning red, but judging by how hot they felt against his head, Tom sighed in defeat. He huffed slightly while going underwater to cool his rising temper and relax the muscles in his face as they tensed unexpectedly when his eyes fell across the girl he had fallen for in his best friend’s arms.

“Everything okay?” Jacob asked as Tom rose from the water.

“Yeah,” he sighed, “I just don’t feel very well.”

“I don’t blame you,” Jacob said with a slight laugh in his tone. Immediately, Tom’s eyes flashed toward his Samoan friend and widened in panic.

“Why would you say that?” he asked hurriedly.

“You’ve been drinking most of the day,” Jacob explained as Tom stole a glance over his friend’s shoulder at (Y/N) and noticed she was looking at him as well.

“Yeah,” he muttered, “that’s gotta be it.” It wasn’t long until Jacob left Tom to his brothers who knew more than anyone else at the party when it came to Tom’s feelings toward (Y/N).

Harry and Sam sat on either side of Tom as the three stared at the stars. Tom had confided in them long ago about what he truly thought of (Y/N), and as much as Harry, Sam, and Tom loved Harrison as a brother, the situation was sticky. Of all the years Tom and Harrison have known one another, they never had this large of an issue between them, and now, because of Tom and (Y/N), the situation had only become stickier.

“He hasn’t told her about his crush, you know,” Harry stated.

“It’s not that,” Tom muttered half-heartedly. “I just fucked things up more than they needed to be.”

“Are you ready to go home?” Sam asked as the pitiful expression on Tom’s otherwise happy face continued to spread. A guilty nod was exchanged and he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“What about (Y/N)?” Harry asked as Tom shifted through the water, desperately trying to get further away from the source of his frustration.

“What do you mean?” Tom asked. His heart pounded against his chest as his eyes darted from one set of eyes to another and then back in hope of reading the twins’ expression, terrified they’d discovered what he was hiding.

“Isn’t she staying in your old room?” Harry asked again. Under his breath, Tom huffed another choice obscenity as he and the twins wadded toward the edge of the pool and began to drip dry as they walked toward their towels. As fate would have it, Tom’s towel was beneath (Y/N)’s legs as she lay out across a lounging lawn chair. Harrison was still showering her with attention in hopes to draw hers over and it caused Tom to become even more aggravated. 

Seeing (Y/N) stretched out, he couldn’t fight picturing her as he had her only moments ago: flat on her back, gazing up into his eyes, her legs wincing beneath him, his lips on her neck. Tom quickly grabbed the towel resting beneath (Y/N)’s legs and tied it in a bulky knot around his waist, hoping to cover the earliest signs of arousal that threatened as his blood pulsed through his veins toward a certain extremity. 

Now that (Y/N) knew how Tom felt about her, she couldn’t help notice the obvious uneasiness that had always loomed across Tom’s face when Harrison flirted with her. It was as though each of them had dialed their ‘natural’ behaviors to eleven–Tom had become more of a grumpy jerk and she had become even more passive in terms of Harrison’s attention.

“What was that for?” Harrison asked, still drunk.

“I needed my towel,” Tom stated in a gruff voice. Instantly (Y/N) narrowed her eyes at the brown eyed brunette, a slight panic in her expression as she feared he’d spill their secret.

“You’re leaving?” Tony asked as Tom and his brothers continued to grab their things.

“I thought Paddy was on the way,” Jacob pressed.

“Dad’s car wouldn’t start so Paddy can’t make it,” Sam lied as he grabbed his wallet and keys from the table.

“Are you ready to leave?” Harry asked. “If not we can come back or I can stay until you want to go.”

“No,” (Y/N) interrupted. “I’m ready to go if you are; there’s no reason to put any of you out more than I am,” she reassured while rising from the chair and wrapping a towel around her shoulders. Both Tom and (Y/N) made their rounds, saying their goodbyes to each of their friends, while Sam and Harry stood at the gate that lead toward the driveway. She was the first to make her way toward the twins and, despite not being an actress, she was being significantly less transparent than Tom.

As soon as the oldest Holland brother made his way toward the trio that had made their way toward the car, the twins piled into the front seat, leaving Tom and (Y/N) to fall into the back together. (Y/N) rested her hand in the middle seat as she eased into the car and left it there as Harry backed out of the drive and started toward Tom’s apartment. As Tom’s thoughts continued to run through his head with anxiety ridden fever, again, his own curious impulse was something he couldn’t keep himself from acting on. Slowly, Tom leaned forward, as if to speak to his brothers in the front seat, giving him an excuse to gently place his hand over (Y/N)’s. 

She was as addicting as the liquor he’d poured down his throat that day. After one taste it was impossible to have enough. He wanted her. He needed her, and as much as he knew he couldn’t have her, he had to know if this was more than sex to either of them. Lightly, he tried to wrap his fingers around hers as Sam and Harry spoke to one another. Her heart pounded as her mind battled with doing the right thing and wanting to further explore the forbidden with Tom. She remained still under his touch, too guilty to do anything other than mentally scream at herself, but no response was not enough for Tom. He had to know. With faux confidence, he looked straight into (Y/N)’s eyes and then to their interlocked hands. She squeezed his hand in hers and then slipped from his grasp with a saddened look on her face.

“Change of plans,” Sam announced, pulling both Tom and (Y/N) away from their internal confections of doing what’s right and doing what feels right. “(Y/N) has to stay with you, Tom.”

“What? Why?” Tom questioned. 

“Mum didn’t say, she just asked if you would mind,” Sam stated. “It won’t be a problem, right?” Tom’s dark eyes locked onto (Y/N)’s as she shook her head. Bad idea, Tom. Really bad idea, she thought.

“That’s fine,” Tom stated with a smirk as a plan began to take shape.


Summary: Jared’s girlfriend writes fanfiction. She did a pretty good job of keeping it a secret … until now. 
Pairing: Jared x Reader
Word Count: 800
Warnings: Implied shower smut. 
Challenge: @bradygabrielle-blog‘s 100 Follower Challenge! Sorry I’m a day late with this! My prompt is bolded in the fic :) 

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Sickness Sentence Starters

“Can’t I have something else? I’ve only eaten soup for two days now.”

“I don’t think there are enough tissues in the world to help me with this stuffy nose.”

“I’m already under three blankets and I still feel cold.”

“When can I take the next dose of medicine?”

“I don’t know what I want to do. I’ve already watched five movies today, but I don’t have the energy to get up and do anything else.”

“I don’t want to get anyone else sick, but I have an important test/meeting today that I really can’t miss.”

“I know I look silly, but I need to have this towel on my head to cool off the fever, so please don’t laugh.”

“This cough drop is really helpful.”

“Please stay still. You need time to recover.”

“Here’s another box of tissues.”

“Do you need me to get you another blanket?”

“Where do you think you’re going? You are staying right here. You’re too sick to go anywhere.”

“I know you’re tired of soup, but it’s not exactly like you could eat a steak right now.”

“You have to wait another hour before you can take more medicine. Perhaps we can do something to distract you until then.”

“Let me feel your head to see if your fever has gone down.”

“Hey, you haven’t coughed for about a minute! Maybe you’re getting better!”