i need to........ practice more......


Thank you so much to everyone who supported me with the commissions, I have no words to express how grateful I am! ♥
The drawing tablet just arrived a while ago and I I’ve testing it out since then, I still need to adapt more to it by practicing a little more, It was somewhat uncomfortable for me to use it at first and I end up with a slight pain in the hand.
Coincidentally today is also my birthday, so this is like a really nice early present.
I’ll be uploading more digital art for now on instead of solely pixel art! ^u^
And to celebrate I’ll be accepting any suggestions to draw for this weekend, If you have one please send it to the questions box! :D

Yet again thank you so much for your help guys! 

Im super unmotivated to draw and i need to practice horses more so im gonna do a sHITton of requests both for practice and for thanks for 1500+

send them in through the inbox.

please dont be upset if i dont do yours

anonymous asked:

Do you like Gorillaz? ( If so you should totally draw them sometime! Only of you want to though )

Hel l yeah i love them. Definitely will draw them someday, I just need more practice to get Murdoc’s face right….