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Kingsman Fic Rec: AU Edition

Fave Fridays is here and this week I’m giving you what will probably be the longest rec list I’ve ever written up. Here’s a compilation of my favorite completed AU fics in the Kingsman fandom! And I just realized that all of them are Hartwin. Sorry.

*Note: I have compiled a separate rec list for Soulmate fics and A/B/O verse fics because the list was too long. That list will be up in in about 12 hours!

**Yes, the categories are indicators of how long the fics are. I’m lame.

Developed and Delicious Full Course Meals

Ace of Spades by manic_intent (manic-intent)

The one where Eggsy is Team Valentine, Harry is still a Kingsman, and they still hook up anyway. A well-constructed plot, tons of great characterization and banter, with some truly scorching smut sprinkled on top. Hands down my favorite AU fic so far.

are we human, or are we dynamite by randomhorse 

The Pacific Rim AU we deserve. Just, don’t doubt me on this. Just go and read it. There’s excellent worldbuilding, a slow burn that IS A LEGIT SLOW BURN, and some truly magnificent characterization going on here. And there’s some Gazelle/Roxy friendship, which is always extra incentive.

Your Highness by Galahard (galahard)

The one where Eggsy turns out to be royalty and Kingsman is the royal family’s bodyguard agency. Tons of buildup and plenty of plot. Also includes Tilde/Roxy. 

Oxford, Not Vogue by persephoneggsy

Model!Eggsy and fashion designer!Harry. Need I say anything more?

Main Dishes to Fill You Up

Golden Crown and Arches by sushicorps (Inclinant) (secondarysushicorps)

The one where Eggsy works at McDonalds. No, really. It’s not a crack fic. Beware: puns abound, and you will never keep a straight face in a McDonalds ever again. 

Collision Course by FlareWarrior

Eggsy accidentally texts the wrong number. It only gets better from there. There are not enough words in the world to explain how much I love this fic.

take a chance (it wasn’t what you know) by eversincewefellapart

The cis-girl!Eggsy fic that, if you go for those kinds of fics, is definitely a must read. 

Not-Coffee For Two by Mintey (eggsyunwinhart)

The obligatory coffee shop AU that was so devastatingly cute that I almost got diabetes. It’s fantastic.

Nearer My God To Thee by Vacilando (getinthefuckingjaeger)

Warning: Major Character Death. The Titanic AU that almost convinced me to go drown myself in the bath. It’s beautifully tragic, and honestly if you’re as masochistic as I am I fully expect you to be reading this. Probably the angstiest fic of the entire fandom.

you make motion when you cry by unhappy_turtle (unhappy-turt)

Wherein Harry and Eggsy are drinking mates and meet at the pub every week. My weakness for pining!Eggsy is becoming very obvious. I don’t care. Go read it. It’s so worth it.

Appetizers That I’d Love to Taste More of

Cold Water Kisses by Mintey

The one where they meet in a laundromat. At 3am. I’m almost heartbroken by the fact that I don’t have more of this fic to read.

Chicken Soup for Two by elletromil (elletromil)

Where two sick people first meet over the last can of soup in the shop. It’s an unrepentantly fluffy fic. I might have giggled too much over it.

Take Flight by late_night 

The one where Eggsy is a nervous flyer and the hot guy sitting next to him helps. WHY ISN’T THERE MORE FROM THIS VERSE, WHY.

to all of the men who have stood without fear by romans

The vampire!Eggsy AU we deserve to see more of. Seriously.