i need to work on proportions

How to Practice Drawing From a Photo (Can work in Traditional Art)

So, I started this already, but allow me to show you how I capture accurate proportions when drawing from a photo.

Make a new layer.

On your new layer make a grid that matches your photo. Label the grid to keep yourself in order. Instead of focusing on the entire picture focus on one square at a time. 

This allows your brain and eyes to learn to focus on one piece of a photo at a time. One day you find yourself rarely needing this anymore. but, never fret to check your accuracy with a grid!

I’ve been practicing portraits a lot in the past few months. Generally, I try to understand the structure of the face and the light by observing the reference and trying to paint what I see. That’s how we learn how to draw. Since I love painting characters, I try modeling their faces as I imagine them to be, not getting to attached to the features. The reference is useful to give me the right proportions and to make me understand how light works in the skin.

But lately I’ve been feeling quite worried by the fact I might get addicted to references. It’s not wrong, as many artist and teacher says, to use reference to learn and do research. But I need to focus on my imagination now. Draw things entirely from imagination has always been a struggle to me.

So, I’m starting to develop a process to improve that. Not only portraits, but other things too. Before going to bed, I made a study of this reference. Then I went to sleep, woke up today, looked at the reference for about one minute and then I tried to paint again, but this time only from memory.

It was so interesting! Not only has made me studied focusing on remember every brush stroke I made, but also made me see what I need to improve. From memory, the proportion is quite off, his hand is smaller, the overall picture is darker. I believe that if I haven’t spent so much time practicing with reference, I wouldn’t be able to come up with any results from memory, so now, despite of all mistakes, I understand how important it was to practice from references before. It’s also very fun to paint the same thing from memory and see the differences (I have to laugh, so I won’t cry xD)

What inspired me to do this was this stream from a cool artist named Proko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOuIgevbHs8 If you want to improve your drawings from imagination, he has great tips and exercises.

Drew these out so I had references for their proportions for a little animation I’ve been working on, on and off and thought it would be a good opportunity to put a little additional info about them so….

Species: Gem
Gem Type: Feldspar
Alignment: Formally Homeworld, none currently
Pronouns: She/Her
Weapon: Glaive
Special Abilities: Skilled Tactician, Night Vision, One-way Telepathy.
Fact: Albite’s are designed to only need to communicate with each other telepathically because of the isolated tech heavy environment they would normally be in. Because under normal circumstances hearing isn’t an essential skill for them to have, Albite’s forms are incapable of physically hearing.
- Albite was the leader of her research squadron.

Species: Gem
Gem Type: Feldspar
Alignment: Formally Homeworld, none currently
Pronouns: She/Her
Weapon: Chakrams
Special Abilities: Skilled Defensive Fighter, Agility
Fact: Orthoclase are used as disposable bodyguards for worker gems during on-world information gathering and Kindergarten planting incase of hostile life or other unforeseen danger.
- Orthoclase was often picked on for her kinder disposition by the other members of her squadron who were naturally more ruthless.

Whenever I’m starting to work on a fanfic, especially a long one, I start to gather all the related materials about the characters and locations involved, the customs and traditions and all sorts of details for the setting, and so on. This time I needed to check and visualise the height difference of the characters and…

Damn it, All Might, you make everyone else look like midgets. And Enji is 195cm (almost 6′5′′). The proportions are weird, but still…

anonymous asked:

You're proportions are kinda wack. FIX ITTTTT

Once again anon, I need some specifics if you don’t mind. What exactly is it that’s off? Just telling me to fix something isn’t really all that helpful if you want me to improve.


Fennec Fox

Wet Folded from a 10.5 x 29.7cm rectangle (half A4) of Canson Mi Teintes paper. No need to wet fold but it works better with a heavier paper.

Designed May 2016. Half a silver rectangle is an unusual proportion, but just right for this model.

A simple model. It is just fine with no shaping, or you can let your creativity run wild, maybe trying another fox or a wolf. I wanted to make a model that didn’t just use the standard fox head you see on a lot of origami models. Mine also gets some nice curves going on.

marvingarza  asked:

Sorry for bothering you do you have any pro tips or reference for females body and pose it's my first time to draw a female because i only draw males its because to be artist i need to draw both gender's sorry if this is rude I'm 18 still working on drawing to become a cartoon creator or story board artist IDK which one sorry if this question sound confusing

It’s fine!
At first i was really bad at drawing bodies and stuff, so i studied human anatomy and the sizes and proportions of it. Every artist should study at least the basics of human anatomy, even if your style is not realistic.
Lately i’ve been looking up pictures of models doing poses and stuff and replicating them with my characters. Like this one here

It’s a really fun and easy exercise, try doing that! (don’t trace tho ;y)
Even tho my style is really cartoony, anatomy has helped me a lot.
But the most important thing is: Draw and practice everyday, and every time you can.
Hope this helped

Tuesday Tips - All In Your Head
Do you ever feel like you’ve just ruined a figure drawing by drawing the head too big or too small and it looks all weird? Here’s something I realize I’ve been doing. While I’m doing a quick full body gesture, I put down a circle for the head position. Once I figured out the body, loosely, I go back and draw the head over the circle, using it as either the “outer” edge or “inner” foundation of a larger head, depending on the appropriate proportions needed. Works for me. -Norm

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips/guides for drawing people?

oh boy that kinda depends what exactly you need help with bc there is A Lot. proportions are important. it depends if ur asking how I draw people or if you’re asking for help in general but I always suggest to trace stock images to study how anatomy works, tracing for practice (BUT NOT TO USE IN YOUR ART) helps you see and learn how certain limbs are proportioned and how things are placed. u can then go and practice and then eventually integrate it into your own style

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Ciara and teyana got such nice subtle nose jobs i agree! scarlett johansson nose job nice to. I think its bc they didnt opt for a whole new nose just took away what they disliked about their nose still keeping the general shape

Ya I rly like the bridge definition on Ciara and the subtle sculpting on teyana both rly focused on just making their nose still look like theirs just well define and over all making sure it keeps good proportion to their other features.
Like there are some nose jobs (even rly good ones) that rly just focus on making the nose smaller and or thinner so it can look like a typical small thin nose and not really personalized to the individuals features if that makes any sense? The work they got done really helps me know it’s possible for a black person to get nose work that doesn’t take anything away from their original features just adding definition where needed which is nice.
When it comes to the other girl I don’t rly pay much attention to what scarjo looks like so I wouldn’t be able to tell if she got work in her face or not

/gpose 102: Sunlight and Moonlight Replication

Sometimes the natural amount of light isn’t quite enough to bring out the details of your character (especially if they or their armour are on the darker end of things). In these circumstances, it can be helpful to replicate the natural light in the /gpose lighting menu, so you can place it how you need.

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man i need like

to go one layer of the onion outward, with my transition

like before i get to work on transition in the traditional sense

i gotta transition from sasquatch into human

why do i have to be such a lumbering nightmare creature anyway

my feet are too big and everything is too hairy and im just too physically giant to come across as feminine it seems sometimes

and i know, i know, its not all about you know, performing femininity

i get it, im a woman, im “valid”, etcetera, ive heard these things and my identity isnt something that deviates from decisively a woman

but the physical reality of who i am just requires so much fucking work and actually performing femininity- you know, doing things that society expects out of a woman, shaving body hair, painting my nails, putting on makeup, making my hair nice

these are things i like to do, feels good, feels organic, thank you

but when i do them, and then i take a good square look at myself

i still see a goddamn sasquatch before i see a woman and that element of my human experience is very frustrating

Finished the doll.  My paper pattern I thought was working just fine ended up too small in the neck so everything was wonky.  At that point I’d already made the two stupid dresses for it and I was not committed enough to make them all over again after I adjusted the pattern to the correct proportions. 

However I apparently WAS committed enough to spend four hours making the stupid doll a tiny little corset to cinch her waist in the half a centimeter it needed to be to make the dresses fit friggin’ perfectly. 

That’s a mid-completion pic, checking the fit.  I didn’t have any grommets or eyelets small enough so I just poked holes in three layers of fabric and called it good.  It’s a doll, she’s not going to be bending and moving around……..I don’t think.  *eyes doll*  Behold the red pen line where I made a guide for setting yarn hair and then ignored it completely!

Ashley picks this thing up Saturday and then it will live over at her house while she practices hand-sewing.  Going to make several different patterns for her to try. 

Felt like doodling. God, I haven’t drawn anything since… August maybe? September? My hand is weak, my pencil trembles, what are proportions, what is that outfit

Anyway, quick OC infodump: this is Osgardir, the healer to which Elrond is apprenticed in my old fic “Reflection.” A bunch of my headcanons have changed since I wrote that, but it still serves as a “pilot episode” of sorts for the longfic I’m currently (not) working on. When I came up with Osgardir it was just because I needed a healer to fill that role in the story and didn’t plan on using him again, but since I’m doing that longfic I needed to bring him back. He also shows up briefly in “The Ice Between” under a different name: Alwendion, husband of Raemben. I didn’t originally plan on them being the same person, but decided it would be interesting.

Back in Aman and at times during the Long Peace, Alwendion was known as a mightily competent midwife–or a “midhusband,” as it were, since many of his patients were fellow trans men. However, birth rates dropped dramatically in Beleriand, and he reapplied his skills as a healer on the battlefield, earning the epessë “Osgardir,” Sindarin for “amputator.” He lived and worked at Himring until departing for the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Raemben perished in the sack of Himring and Osgardir assumes their two children died as well, though he never received confirmation of that. With nothing else to live for, he followed the Fëanorians through the second and third kinslayings, and from there took a young Elrond on as an apprentice.

He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite OCs and I look forward to having enough spoons to write that damn longfic.