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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 3,610

Request: OMG I’m so happy to see that the requests are open again! I want to say that I LOVE your writing and I was wondering if you could do a Steve x reader smut where they have a strained relationship but then they have to share a bed during an undercover mission and that leads to sex, possibly with rough/Dom!Steve after all the tension (maybe they had to pretend they were a couple for the mission or something). Feel free to change this if you want I trust your writing genius :)

Warnings: Smut, Dom!Steve, hair pulling, captain kink, dirty talk, orgasm denial, light spanking, light choking, oral sex, swearing, Steve is a little tease

Author’s Note: I’d like to again dedicate this one to @scarlets-wanda, who tried to sneak the fact that it was her birthday last week past me! So in return, I wrote this for her. Enjoy.

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2. bts // waking them for sex


 it would happen the night of a concert. when you would be backstage, watching him perform, looking at his entire body. the way his body would twist and turn made heat rush to your core. afterwards, he would be too tired for sex and just wanted to sleep, which you respected but your core did not. he layed peacefully beside you, soft snores coming out of his mouth as you lay awake with your thighs pressing tight together. finally, you couldn’t help it, you needed him.
“jin. jin.”
he blinked a few times, trying to wake up enough to know what was happening, “y/n? what’s wrong?”
“i’m horny.”
his eyes would widen at first, but then a smirk would play along his lips.
“ okay baby, but just so you know, you’ll be getting a punishment. you should know not to wake daddy up after a show.”

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 now, we should all know how much yoongi loves his sleep. so, when you would be laying beside him, very early in the morning, needing him, it would be difficult to get what you want. in the back of your mind you knew you shouldn’t wake him, he’s been working hard these past few days so he should get some rest. but the aching that was in your core needed to be dealt with. “yoonnnggiii.” at first, he would be reluctant to wake him. he would shrug your hand off of him and push his head father into the pillow. 

 "yoongi. please.“ you whined. 


 "i need you really fucking badly.“ he wouldn’t understand at first, but then he would feel you slightly grind up against him. a little grin would spread across his face, knowing exactly what you wanted. 

“fine. but next time you want me to fuck you, please don’t wake me up." 

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 waking him would be fairly easy since he is always in the mood for sex. he is also a light sleeper. so whenever you would stay awake at night, thinking about namjoon himself, you just had to wake him. 

“namjoon.” you would have to say once.

“mmh yeah?” 

“i can’t stop thinking about the way you fill me up.” his cock would start to twitch at your words as he turned over and looked at you, his eyes filled with lust.

“oh jagi, i fill you so good.” a smirk evident on face as he climbed on top of you.

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 he would be working all day and all night on his mixtape, determined to finish it and produce it. so, when one night he actually came home to his bed, you couldn’t help but be horny. you haven’t seen him in a long time and you needed to be pleasured. you would feel bad for waking him, but you needed him. 

“hoseok, babyyy.” 

“mmh.” he wouldn’t want to wake up at first, but then he would feel you slowly creep your hand down to his cock and palm him. “what are you doing?”

“i haven’t seen you in a long time, i’ve missed you.” he would soon get the idea and realize himself that he hasn’t gave you pleasure in a long time.

“im sorry jagiyah, let me make it up to you.”

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 it would happen the night of him taking you to dance practice with him. you would sit on the floor, watching for hours, sweat dripping down him from working so hard. you watched all of his muscles flexing and turning, making a burning heat run through your entire body. you couldn’t wait to get him home to you could get what you needed. you were disapointed though when you actually got home, he was too tired and just showered and passed out on the bed. but the heat inside of you didn’t leave and you didn’t want to wake him so, you took matters into your own hand. you trailed your hand down to your core and started circling your clit. your movements would wake him, he would be confused at first but, you didn’t stop.

“wait, stop. let me take care of you kitten.” 

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 he would come home from tour, he had missed you so much, but he was also very tired. he would spend an hour with you or so before passing out on the couch. you were a little upset, you were sick and tired of using your vibrator to replace him. so when he came home you were extremely needy but he needed his sleep. you sat beside him, continuing the movie you guys had been watching but as asson as a sex scene came on, you lost it. you wanted him, you needed him. you practically jumped on him, making him bolt awake. you started grinding slightly and kiss his neck, making him groan. 

“god, have i missed you.” he would groan out.

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 i he would wake you up first, not purposefully though, he would be having a wet dream. he would be gridning his cock into your side and moaning into your ear. at first, you thought he was awake, feeling the extremely hard cock on your thigh, but it dawned onto you that he was asleep when you kept saying his name and he wasn’t responding. the feel of his cock on you made a shiver run through your body, straight to your heat. you would turn around to face him, grabbing his cock and sliding your hands over his chest. he would wake up from the feeling with a moan.

“ah jagiii, you treat me so well.” 

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Deception is Key

To @clouds-crying-rain. Sorry it took too long, (shit happened) :D

based on this lovely prompt. 


“Don’t you get it, Shiro?” Lance gripped the small screw in his hand, the pain giving him the focus he badly needed. “We don’t have a chance against the Galra. They outnumber us by millions. D’you think we can fight every fight, win every battle without any permanent casualties?”

“Don’t say that, Lance. I know you don’t believe that. Voltron is strong, we are strong as long as we work together as a team, we can defeat them.” Shiro took a step forward but the Galran soldier held him back. “Please Lance, don’t go.” Shiro pleaded, his voice so vulnerable that Lance almost turned and wrap Shiro in his arms…


Lance saw the glint in Lotor’s eyes. Lotor was Zarkon’s only heir, tasked to rule over his father’s empire and to bring an end to Voltron. His attempts were always a failure that it was almost funny. But after a few skirmishes here and there, Prince Lotor has learned Voltron’s strengths and weaknesses, so much so that he was able to execute a flawless plan that led them here. 

“And what if I stay?” Lance turned to show Shiro a mockingly sweet smile. “What will I come back to?” In order to make this convincing, Lance needed to cut deep and true. He needed to open the floodgates and drown.  

“A team who treats me like shit? That no matter what I do, I will never ever be enough? Because if that’s it, then I’d rather sell my soul to the devil that is the Galra than to be reminded every single fucking day that I am a worthless, good for nothing Paladin who’s just a waste of space.” Lance was doing damage, he was still wearing his helmet and the comms were live. He knew that, but once the floodgates that was his emotional control crumble, be ready to drown; survivors be damned. “You think I don’t hear the whispers and mutters of each of these people who have the balls to call me their friend? ‘Lance messed up again.’ ‘Guess who couldn’t keep it in their pants?’ ‘Why me? He’ll just mess up one way or another.’ Guess what fuckers, I heard all of that.” Lance felt his eyes burn, but not with tears this time.

“So tell me, Shiro, what good will come out with me coming back to those bastards, huh? And don’t say that the team will change or any of your leader bullshit because I know, based from experience, that people don’t change that easily. Hell, they’ll probably play nice because I’m a fucking time bomb. They’ll say sweet things because they know that if they mess up, I’ll do this again. I can practically hear Pidge saying it right now.” This is good. Lance didn’t want to let Shiro talk because he knew that his facade will crumble if he did. 

“Please. If not the team, then me. Come back to me, Lance. I-I’ll be good to you, I promise. Lance, please. I-I love you, Lance. Don’t go please. I can’t lose you.” Shiro’s voice was watery and thin, that even in this distance, Lance can see the tears that glisten on his eyes.

*Caution: Shangst approaching*

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Through The Phone

Rated: M

Warning: Dirty talk galore, mentions of graphic smut, season 3 Game of Thrones spoilers.

Summary: The sexual frustration is real when Namjoon goes on a month long business trip, halfway across the world. So when the chips are down and the tides get rough, and you can’t actually get to one another… what do you do? You go to the next best thing of course - phone sex. 

Note: where did this come from and why tf did it get fluffy at the end thats not the way pwps are supposed to end i hate myself. btw the pacing is probably a little rushed because i wrote this between the hours of 2am and 5am :))

Words: 3.1k

You rolled over onto your back in bed, sighing dramatically as you pushed the covers off of your upper body, suddenly feeling too hot for them. The coldness of the bedroom was a contrast to your warm exposed skin, immediately arousing your nipples from the chilly sensation and giving you goosebumps all over. You turned your head to the side to look at the alarm clock that sat on your nightstand.

2:06 A.M.

This had been happening to you a lot lately, waking up in the middle of the night because of the intense dreams you’ve been having. Even in your sleep, you couldn’t escape the extreme desires you had that seemed to be getting harder to deal with more and more each and every day that passed without your fiance.

You shamefully pressed your thighs together, trying anything that would help ease the intense yearning sensation you felt between them.

The dream you had just experienced that involved your fiance had gotten you so worked up, that you could feel the evidence of your arousal leak out of your folds and drip down one of your ass cheeks onto the sheets beneath you. You felt your face heat up at the fact a simple dream about Namjoon had provoked your body so severely. But it was silly actually, because you were the only one in the room. The only one in the entire huge apartment, to be exact.

You were utterly alone, so why must you be so shy by the way your body was reacting?

With a sigh escaping your lips, you reached across for your phone that was on the complete opposite side of the bed at the very edge - a result of your restless sleeping, no doubt. And without a second thought, your fingers flew across the screen and soon your phone was calling your fiance.

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The Wooden Bead - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Hello can I request a very tomboy and boyish reader x Jeff?”

(I’m English so i don’t know if this will be any kind of inaccurate, I’ve struggled with using ‘soccer’ here instead of ‘football’, sorry if there are any mishaps. Also I hope this is kind of what you envisioned!)

“PARSONS, OVER HERE! PARSONS I’M OPEN GODDAMMIT!” You screamed at your teammate, who was refusing to pass you the ball.
“DON’T FUCKING PASS IT TO KING! Oh, you fucking did it. Idiot.” You spoke more to yourself.


“What the hell, Parsons? You saw I was free but you blatantly ignored me?” You confronted the stocky girl in front of you. Although much smaller than her, you packed a mean punch and would be happy to show anyone what happens when they cross you. You weren’t really into stereotypically ‘girly’ things, you were more boyish in your mannerisms, look, and activities, but stereotypes in general pissed you off, despite the fact you probably fit quite well into the tomboy category.

“Sorry, I just didn’t feel like passing to you, L/N.” she brushed you off. You scoffed. She was unbelievable.

“You knew I was your best bet. I can’t believe you lost that for us.” You shook your head.

“It’s not my fault you can’t play soccer, L/N. there’s no hiding Coach’s charity case this year.” Romelda Parsons spat. There was no such thing as Coach letting on a charity case each year, she was just trying to intimidate you. The snooty brunette girl had been jealous ever since you’d joined the team, purely because you were so much better than her - maybe the best on the team, and coach paid far more attention to you than to her.

You were ready to show her.
“You little-” an arm eased you back, and another was put up to Parsons face.

“Easy, easy.” A smooth, calm voice interrupted your angry thoughts and soothed your boiling blood.

“Fuck off, Atkins.” Parsons gritted her teeth at the well-built honey-skinned boy holding you back.

“PARSONS! Over here now please!” Coach beckoned Romelda, and she almost snarled her teeth before walking off to talk to him.

The boy in front of you turned to face you. His blue eyes smiled at you while his lips did the same. He was wearing baseball gear, which fitted his muscles snugly. There was no denying the fact that he was insanely attractive.

You’d seen this boy around lots.

Jeff Atkins.

Loved by everyone, baseball player, popular, and you thought; way out of your league.

“You okay?” He asked with concern laced in his eyes.

“I can fight my own battles, thanks.” You muttered slightly, but stared him down nonetheless, you couldn’t let him know he phased you.

“That’s what I was worried about,” he chuckled. “1. You absolutely wreck Romelda, 2. Coach sees, 3. You get in trouble, 4. Maybe get a suspension, 5. I don’t see you playing soccer.” He smirked before continuing, “I can tell you pack a mean punch in there, Romelda wouldn’t stand a chance.”

You pretend to ignore everything he was saying, but really you were drinking in every detail.

“I know she wouldn’t.” You said defiantly.

You paused while you watched the way he grinned at your words and scratched his chin.

“I didn’t think Baseball practice was now?” You mused.

“It’s not.”

So, what was he doing nosing in your business anyhow?

“Why are you here?” You crossed your arms, your team had dissipated back to the changing rooms by now, and it was just you and Jeff on the field.

“I like to watch the girls soccer.”

“You perv!”

“Not like that! It’s just, you’re an awesome player and I hold great admiration for you, watching you play fuels me to play my own game.” He explained.

“Don’t be silly.” You scoffed.

“No, it sounds silly, but it isn’t. There’s something so clear about your passion that just makes me want to live my life.” He smirked, noticing your expression. “Don’t laugh at me, L/N.”

He knew your name??? He was just a boy from school, a boy way out of your league, who you’d never imagined knew of your existence. But instead, he was a boy who watched every soccer practice, complimented your play, and knew your name. You had to play it cool.

“I’ll keep a straight face, Atkins.”

“I should be off, we’ll be practicing soon and I wanna get a few hits in myself before the team comes, but thanks for entertaining me.” He started off, and you felt a pang of disappointment as he turned his back to you.

“Oh, and Y/N? That goal was incredible. Best thing I’ve seen in days.”


It had been a few days since Jeff Atkins had saved your arch nemesis’ life, and incidentally pervaded into your life. He smiled at you in the corridors now, and you could’ve sworn he even winked once. On Tuesday, after a few judgemental comments about your clothing, you found a note in your locker;

You always look awesome Y/N. In fact, i might have to steal some clothes sometime. -J

Which you could only assume was from the man himself. On Thursday, Atkins slipped you the last chocolate muffin in the cafeteria. And on Friday, you had practice again.

Your play was slacking, your usual fire was off and you were distracted.

“L/N- pay attention! Ball coming your way!” Jess warned. You kicked your foot out just in time, but the hit was poor. You continually looked up at the bleachers, hoping to see Jeff watching you, but to no luck. His no show disappointed you.


“What is wrong with you today, Y/N?” Jess caught you up after practice. She was clearly concerned.

“I don’t know, Jess, I guess today isn’t my day.” You sighed.

“You drop your lucky charm or something?”

“Something like that.”

The team left for the changing rooms and you slumped on the bottom row of the bleachers.

“So a lucky charm, huh?” You immediately knew the voice coming from above you. You turned and saw Jeff coming down the steps.

“I don’t have one.” You were blunt, you needed to remind yourself not to get feelings for a boy so out of your league.

“Maybe you should get one, you looked in need of one.” He slumped down next to you.

“Thanks, I appreciate the compliment.” The sarcasm dripped from your tongue.

“Not because you played badly by any means, but because you looked a little lost out there today.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, my brain doesn’t appear to be working recently.”

Jeff dropped a wooden bead in your hand. It was nothing special, simple, wooden, spherical, with a hole in the middle. A plain wooden bead.

“Uh, thanks?” There was question in your voice.
He chuckled.

“It’s your new lucky charm. Don’t lose it, I promise it’ll help you win the match next week.” Sincerity coated his words and his eyes bore into yours, with a jokey overtone.

“I will keep it close. But I might wash it first, if you found it on the floor.” Of course, you didn’t really care where it had been, and you wouldn’t really wash it, but you were curious as to where it had appeared from.

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t on the floor.” He chuckled again, and started to stand. “I’ll see you around, L/N. Keep an eye out for me at the match.” He winked before walking off.


You squeezed the bead tightly before placing it back in your gym bag. The game was starting, and you were not ready.

Obviously, all your nerves went out the window after your third goal of the match, at only 20 minutes in.

You won, which was no surprise to everyone, except you. You spotted Jeff making his way down the stairs and ran up to meet him.

“You were right! I can’t believe it worked!” You shone like the sun from happiness.

“I hate to say I told you so.” His eyes sparkled at you.

“It’s insane, you’re magic!” You mocked, feigning shock.

“What can I say?”

You smiled at each other for a moment, basking in your happiness.

“Actually, can I admit something embarrassing?” His tone turned awkward.

“You’re not magic?” You joked. He laughed.

“No, um, actually I was really nervous to talk to you. Seeing Romelda and you at each other’s throats the other weeks sent me into immediate rescue mode, (not that you need rescuing), and I didn’t realise until the adrenaline had worn off that I’d actually ended up speaking to you, but by that point I was too far in my rescue.”

You laughed at the idea of Jeff Atkins being scared to talk to you.

“You’re just so cool. You don’t care what anyone thinks, you’re passionate, you’re an amazing player, I love your style, not to mention how smart and gorgeous you are.”
“What I admire most is honestly, how badass you are.”

You blushed, taking compliments was a struggle.

“Jeff stop messing, it’s not funny.” You rolled your eyes playfully.

“I’d never- this is the most embarrassing part-” he took a deep breath, “I sorta like you.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Jeff Atkins? Likes you?

“You do?” Was all you could think to respond with.

“Yes.” He breathed, and moved closer to you.

“Is this-” he asked as he leaned in toward your face and cupped his hand on your cheek. You nodded forcibly in consent, before he pushed his lips onto yours.

After a while, and with regret, you broke off.

“But- you’re so out of my league.” You breathed, doubting yourself.

“I play baseball, Y/N, leagues are my thing.”


“Jeff! Please tell me you sent out the invites on your way home!” You screamed downstairs at your boyfriend.

“Of course I did!” He shouted back up.

You threw various wedding catalogues off the bed to reach the top you’d been looking for, before throwing it on.

“You ready babe?” Jeff yelled at you.

“Just coming!” You yelled back, before pulling out from under your top, a string, with a plain wooden bead on it.

Good Morning, Sunshine

Wade Wilson (Deadpool) x Reader

Request:  “wade wilson/reader fluffy morning sex ?”

A/N: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s five fics. Sorry for blowing up your dash.

You hated mornings.

As a somewhat functioning adult living in the daily grind, you knew early mornings were a requirement to have some kind of income. Before you met Wade, that’s all there really was: the daily grind. Since he walked into your life over a year ago, there’s certainly been some excitement added. He’s made so many of the things you hated, fun. You were convinced that it was impossible for him to make mornings anything better than average.

Wade, being the devious shit he was, decided he could do a lot better than average. So, naturally, he woke you up over an hour before your alarm was set to go off. Needless to say, you were less than pleased.

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On Edge - Part 2 - Request

Requested by anon:  Can you make a heated sherlock imagine where he hasn’t had a case in a while but hasn’t been able to go to the drug dens or smoke because of Y/N so he takes out his frustration on her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (doesn’t have to be smut but it could be real HEATED)

And the bunch of people who asked for a sequel.

Summary: Sherlock has no cases and John forbid him to smoke. (Y/N) continues to mock him about it, without telling him where his cigarettes are, which leads Sherlock to find other ways to take out his frustration and, at the same time, showing her what it’s like to be on edge.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Warnings: Smut - edging, fingering, teasing, oral (male receiving), unprotected (wrap it up, guys), rough -, dominant!Sherlock

Word count: 2,164

A/N: Such a long time since I wrote the first part… Wow.


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| Part 1 |

“Don’t tell John, he’ll kill me if he knows I’m supporting your addiction.” Sherlock turned his cigarette on with a lighter he had on his shirts pockets.

“I feel like my addictions are changing.” He muttered.

(Y/N) shifted slowly, changing the weight of his body from one foot to the other and looked away. Sherlock noticed how bothered she was, yet she looked so sensual, standing there and looking like a stranger. A Greek goddess in a sea of British culture.

She was staring at him, expectantly. Waiting for him to stop smoking in order to pay his full attention back at her.

Sherlock bit his lip at the thought – the memory – of her flustered face buried on his pillows, squirming under his body. “Oh, screw this.” Sherlock mumbled, throwing the cigarette out of the window before pushing (Y/N) to the wall.

He kissed her as if it was the last time he would see her, making sure to put the right pressure between her legs. Feeling how his own body started to react back at her.

“Thank God John’s on holiday.” Sherlock whispered, “We are going to be very busy, my dear.”

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“Buried” (Chapter Fourteen)

This… this is a good chapter. Holla for NSFW. I honestly love this moment between them so much, maybe one of my favorite sexy scenes ever. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.


Enjoy :)


“So. Bucky is a handful.” Tony pulled the various items out of the shaving kit, smiling when he opened the razor, running it over the leather strop to smooth the edges, lessening the chances of leaving Steve with a cut.

“Yeah, that’s putting it lightly.” Steve agreed, slumping into the low chair and letting his head rest on the back, keeping his chin tilted up. “He always has been though, ever since we were kids.”

“He loves you.” Tony glanced up at him as he poured shaving soap into a small bowl. “A lot.”

“Feelings mutual.” Steve sucked in a quick breath when the cool soap landed on his skin, Tony moving the brush in quick movements to spread it into a thick lather that reached from nearly his ears down to under his chin.

“That alright?” Tony asked and Steve swallowed, looking nervous.

“Don’t slice my neck, huh?”

“Steve.” Tony said in mock horror. “Don’t you trust me?”

“To have a razor at my neck?” Steve raised an eyebrow and Tony grinned, holding up the razor to show him.

“Too late now, isn’t it?” Tony looked down at Steve’s legs and then back up. “So I need to be–”

“Yep.” Steve nodded and spread his legs wider so Tony could move between his knees. “You good?”

“Yeah.” Tony took a deep breath. “Yeah this is good.”

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For Day 1 of @voltronwhumpweek2017

Prompt: Fever

Ship: Pre-Klance 

Setting: College AU 

Exhaustion is a heavy weight around Keith’s shoulders. Between classes, work and baseball, sleep is a luxury he can’t seem to afford often. At most, he gets around four hours of sleep a night. He can hear Shiro’s clipped, worried tone grating in the back of his mind and telling him how unhealthy and dangerous that is, but what’s a guy to do? 

Professional baseball is his goal, has always been since Shiro first gave him a baseball when he was eight. But, staying on the team means keeping his grades up; plus, some scouts don’t only look at his playing. Some will dive deeper into the world of academics to see which players can properly balance school work and sports. 

Keith is determined to be that player; he’s determined to be the athlete that every scout desires. So, if he loses sleep because of this, then so be it. He’ll manage. 

At least, he thought he would manage. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any dazatsu headcanons?

Only   t o o    m a n  y

-Atsushi purrs in his sleep sometimes, also when Dazai (or anyone lol) scratches behind his ear or neck.

-Dazai gets cold easily so he cuddles Atsushi A LO T.

-Atsushi helps Dazai with his bandages whenever they need to be changed. (In the mornings)

-Dazai is so used to Atsushi fixing his bandages for him that when Atsushi isnt around, he often forgets to fix them himself if they get loose, sometimes they get so loose that he trips over them.

-Atsushi likes nose kisses alot and he laughs every time and Dazai cant stop smling, everyone is disgusted.

-Atsushi isnt too affected to see Dazai only in his bandages, but if he walks in on Dazai without them:

-Sometimes Dazai lets Atsushi cuddle with him without the bandages, and Atsushi keeps kissing every part of his body thats usually covered by them.

-Atsushi likes biting/licking Dazais ears because its one of Dazais weak spots. (Dazai might whimper)

-Often when Atsushi isnt paying attention to Dazai, Dazai keeps himself entertained by playing with his hair or long belt.

-Sometimes he pulls the belt hard wich makes Atsushi snatch it back with a pout.

-Dazai gets flustered rather easily and he cant handle it so he tries to always be the one making Atsushi the flustered one.

-Atsushi often asks Dazai to tie his tie for him.

-Atsushi has a special presimmison to play with Dazais hair.

-Whatever Atsushi does to Dazais hair, he keeps it like that all day.

-Atsushi has a CRAZY sex stamina, he often ends up riding Dazai who is too tired to move after cumming 3 times Atsushi please he is old.

-Atsushi has sensitive nipples and he hates it but Dazai LOVES IT.

-Atsushi often worries Dazai is going to dissapear without saying a word to anyone.

-Atsushi and Dazai have sex at the Agency alot and have been caught at least 5 times by Kunikida. (Kyoka is kept far away and safe by Ranpo)

-Atsushi is very shy, before he gets Dazais dick inside him, then he starts being loud and bold. ( ͡ຈ ͜ʖ ͡ຈ)

-Dazai likes to make Atsushi sexually frustrated in public.

-Dazai likes to tease Atsushi in every way, alot, every day. He is grabage.

-Kunikida often sends Dazai and Atsushi on tiny missions together JUST TO GET THEM OUT OF HIS SIGHT.

-When Atsushi cries Dazai doesnt know what to do.

-Drunk Atsushi is VERY clingy and flirty and Dazai has to keep himself calm.

-If Dazai goes on a mission without Atsushi, Atsushi cant sit still. He tries to keep his mind busy with work but he is worried and scared, Dazai returns everytime with a smile and praises Atsushi for waiting like a good boy and Atsushi follows him all day, and Dazai doesnt mind.

-Dazai is fine with the idea of Atsushi topping him.

-Dazai insists on going with Atsushi on dangerous missions, unless he is needed badly somewhere else.

-Dazai and Atsushi stargaze on sad nights and hold hands.

Drunk Fun - Stuart Twombly [Drabble]

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(S): Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 1062

Notes: I might make this into a series?? This would be the prologue so please let me know what you think, because I think I wrote Stuart badly so I need feedback.

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Jimin laughed loudly; head thrown back, hand over his mouth. “Oh my gosh, hyung–”

“Will you promise me?”

Yoongi had been laughing too, but Jimin could see the steely set of his eyes, the furrow of his eyebrows that shows when he’s deep in thought. He’s really serious about this, Jimin had realised, the mere fact gave him butterflies. Yoongi hyung wanted to work with him that badly.

“Or should I write up a contract,” He’d offered when Jimin had taken a little too long to respond. “Just so that it’s set in stone. Or your signature at the very least, do you have a pen Jiminnie? I can just get my notebook from the–”

“Hyung.” Jimin said, a fond smile on his face when Yoongi very visibly shook away those thoughts and turned to listen to him. “No need, here.” He freed his hand from Yoongi’s own, pressing his lips together when he amusedly noticed the flush of his hyung’s cheeks, as if he’d only just noticed they’d been holding hands–knowing Yoongi, that really was the case. Instead Jimin laced their fingers together, holding their hands up between them. “I promise I’ll form a unit with you.”

CallMeBettyJo (maintenance)

“What’s wrong, Reetchy?”

CallMeBettyJo was taking Miss Priss (or possibly Mister Priss) for a walk and found R’ch’tki clicking teeth over a scanner. R’ch’tki swiveled one eye to look at the human. Xi stroked her hair; part of the negotiation between the pair of them would R’ch’tki would accept the human ‘nickname’ and she would accept hair strokes. R’ch’tki found stroking CallMeBettyJo’s very soothing, something xi badly needed right then.

“This scanner should be working. But it keeps glitching, even on simple, test scans.”

“Hmm, have you tried percussive maintenance?”

R’ch’tki swiveled both eyes to look at the ship’s human. Xi processed the term, double checking the translation.

“I am uncertain what that is.”

CallMeBettyJo smiled, took the scanner, and pounded it against the wall. 

“Percussive maintenance; it either works, or the items breaks enough to really fix it or replace it. Either way, success. Here ya go.”

She handed it back and continued walk. Once xi was certain she was out of hearing, xi examined the scanner. Oddly enough, it was working. Xi filed the term away, and made note never to try it with anything rare or valuable.

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Vernon smut where you two are dating and things get heated. Thanks

Thanks for the request, and I hope you enjoy it! 

+ if this feels too long like this, please drop us a message and I’ll put the scenario under a “keep reading” 💕

“Can we have a break?”

Vernon lifted his eyes from the staircase to you, eyebrows raised high, and slowly lowered the large bed you were somewhat able to carry with just the two of you. “In the middle of the stairs?”

“Just a second, please?” you pleaded again, adding a small pout to it for further effect on your boyfriend: your arms were dying. Vernon shrugged as his lips tugged into a smile.

“Alright, let’s sit down for a while.”

You sat down next to each other with the bed lying on its side against the stairs. A huff left your lips. “We really should’ve thought about getting the delivery, don’t you think?”

Vernon shook his head, appearing as determined as he had been when you were buying the bed and were asked if you wanted it delivered, to which he had given a flat no. You tilted your head, at which he chuckled. “It would’ve cost an amount of money I’d much rather spend on, you know, you and food.”

“You’re stingy at the oddest of times,” you said with a playful roll of your eyes and shook your head. He laughed and got an arm around you to hug you.

“Haven’t regretted it so far,” he noted and looked at you with a cheerful smile. “We’re almost home, and as soon as this bed is where it’s meant to be, we’ll get to rest, alright?”

The look in your eyes was hopeful when you moved your gaze to him. “Will you make the bed, too?”

Grinning, he booped your nose. “We can discuss that later.”

“Deal,” you giggled and leaned your head against his shoulder for a while, allowing yourself to catch your breath while your arm muscles recovered a little from the strain of carrying the bed.

A moment later, the two of you decided it was time to continue - the sooner you did, the sooner you’d be done with it. Vernon was wearing a loose tank top, and you had a tough time not focusing on his arms, the muscles even more defined than usual when you carried the bed.

That naturally had absolutely nothing to do with how distracted you were while making your way up the stairs, and even nearly fell over a few times.

When you had finally gotten the bed to your shared bedroom, you both let out heavy, relieved sighs.

“We did it,” you sighed and leaned against the wall behind yourself. Vernon chuckled and took his snapback off, running his fingers through his hair.

“Should we have lunch now? I’m getting hungry,” he mumbled and placed a hand on his stomach when it grumbled. You laughed and agreed happily, ignoring how your stomach grumbled, too.

You made and ate lunch while talking, and both of you were more than happy about finally having a bigger bed - his old 120cm one had felt a bit too small more often than not during the few months you had lived together - and couldn’t wait to test it out that night.

Or earlier, you noted as your gaze continued scanning Vernon’s arms, shoulders, and just about everything else about him, including his jawline, Adam’s apple, his lips parting when he was about to get some food into his mouth… He didn’t notice, too much anyway, and suggested you’d make the bed together when you were done eating. At that point you didn’t have any complaints about that: the sooner the bed was ready for use, the better.

Before you were able to put the newly bought sheets on the bed, you still moved it around the bedroom a little as you tried to find the perfect place for it so that it wouldn’t be too close to the wall on one side nor too close to the closets on the other. With that done, you finally got to put the sheet on, followed by your freshly washed pillowcases and duvet covers.

While Vernon straightened his duvet, you walked to him slowly, placing one hand gently on his arm and one on his chest.

“So…” you began, your fingers tapping his chest lightly. “Should we test it?”

He swallowed and his eyes widened the slightest bit as he turned to look at you. “You want to–”

“I want you,” you said, acting innocent even as your hand began slowly moving down Vernon’s body. Your hand only stopped when it reached the waistband of his jeans, covered by the top he was wearing, and your lips tugged into a small smile. “What do you say?”

Vernon took a good look at you, although his answer was ready even without taking in the opened buttons of your shirt and lips he desperately wanted to kiss. He licked his lips slowly, and you could feel his hand on your lower back, pulling you a bit closer. “I mean… I suppose we should test it now, just in case there’s something…” His hand slid to your ass, and you grinned when you felt him squeeze it. “…wrong with it.”

Chuckling, you leaned closer to him, your lips barely brushing against his. “Brilliant.”

He finally closed the distance between your lips and turned more towards you, both of his hands now on your ass. Your hand that had been on his arm soon moved up to his hair, but your other hand continued moving on his upper body, making him breathe more heavily while deepening your kisses.

The kisses alone were enough to get you riled up, and it was only amplified by his hands on your ass, squeezing and holding it firmly from inside of the back pockets of your jeans. With your tongue dancing with his, you slowly slid your hand under the loose tank top he was wearing and chuckled when he sighed, obviously shivering under your touch.

“I know you well,” you mumbled against his lips while your fingertips grazed the skin of his chest, just lightly enough to have him letting out quiet noises of pleasure.

“Too well, if you ask me,” Vernon muttered with a grin that died as fast as it had gotten to his face when you slid your hand down with just as light of a touch and palmed him through his jeans.

You could feel his already half-hard state through the denim, and smiled into the kisses you were exchanging, passionate and hungry. “Oh, you know you love it.”

Vernon couldn’t even disagree, and so he just sighed contently, his hips bucking the slightest bit into your hand. He did, however, also know you quite well, and so you could soon feel his hands moving up your sides and eventually continue unbuttoning your shirt. When his hands then placed on your bare waist, you shivered, and only got more excited when Vernon’s hands slid higher, all the way until he could cup your breasts through your bra.

“That’s not fair,” you breathed heavily, feeling yourself get more aroused than you had already been, and especially when he slid your bra down enough to hold your breasts without anything separating them from his hands, you whimpered.

You were so sensitive, and you could only imagine the level of sated you’d be in by the end of your little test.

Little by little you undressed each other, both more than excited to advance, and when you were naked and he only had his boxers on, you pushed Vernon lightly down to the bed. He grinned.

“Well, at least the bed’s not too soft,” he said while crossing his hands under his head and looking up at you. You placed your hands on his bare thighs and slid them up until you could hook your fingers on the waistband of the boxers he was wearing.

And it didn’t even make a sound when you fell on it,” you hummed while pulling his boxers down slowly, letting his hard length free. The mere sight made your mouth water, and you licked your lips quickly.

Vernon bit his lower lip playfully and watched you curiously as you began leaning down, your breath ghosting over his cock. “We’ll see if it’s still quiet when we fuck.”

Your core clenched at his words, and you kissed his shaft with a thoughtful hum. “I doubt it will.”

He agreed with you and hissed when you moved your mouth on his shaft, the skin of it soft against your lips, and let your wet tongue glide on it.

“I didn’t know I needed this so badly,” Vernon noted with a sharp intake of breath when you swirled your tongue around the head of his cock. You hummed smugly and continued working your magic on him, your hand holding the base of his length while your tongue travelled along it playfully.

You gave him teasing, kittenish licks on the head, and some longer and slower ones on the shaft. Vernon’s breathing grew heavier steadily, and by the time you were wrapping your lips around his tip, red and aching for attention, there was pre-cum pooling on the slit.

He sighed in satisfaction when you finally engulfed his cock, your cheeks hollowing as you welcomed it into the warmth of your mouth.

“Yes,” Vernon hummed appreciatively, and as much as he did want to look at you, at your pretty lips wrapping around him so well, he wanted to focus on the feeling of it to the point that he shut his eyes. You took note with a small smile and continued swirling your tongue on the underside of his length as you moved your head up and down at a differing pace.

Sometimes you’d move your head down faster, sometimes so slowly that Vernon almost whined, but whenever you lifted your head, you did it while sucking on him lightly, and that if anything had his toes curling.

It didn’t take him too long to be so close to the edge that he had to put a stop to it, with his hand finding its way to your hair and his unsteady voice calling out your name. You opened your eyes and looked at him pant with flushed cheeks, and let him fall off your lips.

“Come here,” he said huskily and beckoned you to come closer, and you obliged readily as you straddled him and leaned down to kiss him with a bright smile on your lips, cupping his cheeks as you kissed passionately. His hands found your ass quickly, and the way he held it had you sighing against his lips.

For a while the two of you just made out, although the longer you did, the more you found yourself grinding against him, your pussy gliding easily on his shaft, which only increased the impatience of you both.

As you angled your hips so that your clit got some very pleasant friction from his length, you sighed into the kiss. “So when are you going to do something?”

With a grin tugging at his lips, Vernon flipped the two of you over so that you were on your back on the bed, and began kissing his way down your body. You bit down on your lower lip with your hands in his hair, and let out a shaky breath when his lips were pressing to your mound.

“Nice and ready,” he hummed with a quiet chuckle when he felt just how wet and swollen you were, your most sensitive parts practically begging for touch. You whimpered when he spread your legs and pressed a kiss to your clit.

“Vernon,” you sighed contently and tightened your grip on his hair a little as he began exploring your wetness with his tongue. Your legs quivered and your hips bucked against his face almost instinctively, which amused him as he pushed your hips back to the bed.

“Can’t remember the last time you were this horny at this point,” Vernon grinned and gave you a long lick that ended with your back arching when the tip of his tongue finally left your clit, and your whine rang in the room. He could feel his cock twitch, and he knew it wouldn’t be long until he’d be grinding into the sheets underneath him.

“I’ve… been a bit sensitive and needy in that sense lately,” you sighed in satisfaction when Vernon continued eating you out slowly, merely giving you a taste of it.

Something seemed to click in his mind. “Is that why you’ve been looking at me a lot?”

“Maybe,” you swallowed and laughed at his surprised expression. “You can’t blame me, honestly, you’re just so attractive, I’ve wanted to just… rip your clothes off you, and I think you can imagine what else.”

“I’d still like to hear what exactly that ’else’ is,” he grinned, but regained his seriousness as he moved his right hand from your hip to your dripping entrance and slid one finger into your soaked core with ease.

You whimpered contently at the insertion of his digit that was rather soon joined with a second. Playing with his hair, you closed your eyes and returned to the things you had been imagining for the past few days, and saying them out loud only made it even more satisfying how his fingers were moving inside of you. “Such as… you fucking me against the wall, and I’d be holding your arms and all that… you fingering me until I’ve come at least twice… just y-you, ah, showing me a really good, rough time, really.”

Vernon ground into the sheets and moaned into you, both at the image you were painting and the moan you let out in the middle of your sentence. His fingers continued moving inside of you, but he lifted his head momentarily. “Which one of those do you want to turn into reality first?”

Whining as he curled his fingers inside of you and rubbed your sweet spot, you bucked your hips up. “A-anything, I just need you to fuck me.”

He groaned and pulled his fingers out of you, sucking them clean while grabbing a condom from the drawer of his nightstand with his free, clean hand. You pouted at the loss, wet and needy beyond belief, but tried to stay patient, as difficult as it was when Vernon was right there, putting a condom on his length that you just really wanted to be in you.

“Come on,” you pleaded and tried to reach for him in vain, only to get a playful chuckle from him.

“Not quite like that, baby,” Vernon said with a grin and touched your thigh lightly as he sat down on the bed. You frowned, and he raised his eyebrows. “I was thinking more like, you on your hands and knees, and me showing you that rough time you wanted.”

You shivered and gulped, but found yourself nodding eagerly. All the desperation within you was present in your voice as you spoke. “Please.”

He tapped your side as a sign that he was ready, and you readily got up on all fours in the middle of the bed, your ass jutting out invitingly. Vernon swallowed hard and moved to stand on his knees behind you, placing his hands on your ass and squeezing it. You moaned quietly when he continued touching your ass while lightly grinding against you, slicking his condom-covered cock with some of your arousal in the process.

“Enough playing?” he asked with a hum, and when you said a frustrated, desperate “Yes”, aligned himself with your entrance with one of his hands. Vernon licked his lips, feeling just how ready your pussy was for him, so wet and warm. “Okay.”

With that, he pushed in with one, smooth thrust that had you moaning in satisfaction, your hands balling into fists around the bed sheets as you leaned down. “God, yes.”

It amazed Vernon how obvious it was how badly you needed it - he could move inside of you with ease, and it appeared that every thrust of his had you feeling amazing, or that’s what he (correctly) figured from your moans and the way you were clenching around him every now and then.

And when you begged him to go harder, he couldn’t say no.

He placed his hands on your hips and began thrusting harder and a bit faster, thus also increasing the wet noises of him moving in your soaked pussy. You clenched the bed sheets, moan after moan leaving your parted lips as Vernon fucked you into oblivion - or at least that was how it felt when you finally got the satisfaction you had been needing for days yet hadn’t, for one reason or another, acted on.

His hips met your ass thrust after thrust, his skin slamming into yours in the best way you could imagine. Occasionally he spread your ass cheeks a little, just to take a look at how well you were taking him, and he groaned every time. “You feel so good, baby.”

You gasped when he pushed in deep, and began pushing back against him with every thrust of his. “Y-you too, holy fuck.”

Vernon bit on his lip while grinning a little: oh, he knew exactly how good you thought he felt inside of you. The way your core clenched around him would never lie, nor did your moans and you fucking back against him. The bed creaked a little underneath the two of you, but noticeably less than the previous one you had had.

You were wet and tight around him and each thrust drove him closer to his high, and it was with a grunt that he moved a hand down to your clit, his fingers easily starting a torturous dance on your sensitive bundle of nerves that had you gasping for air and your legs shutting at the amount of pleasure.

“You really are sensitive,” Vernon stated the obvious, and you mewled as your only answer, your eyes shut tightly as you merely focused on how it felt to have him pushing into you, his cock rubbing into all the right places and his fingers rubbing circles into your clit. You could feel your orgasm building up steadily, the knot in the pit of your stomach tightening as he rammed into you, and eventually it was only a matter of your own will whether you wanted to come just yet or not, which you didn’t.

Although, Vernon always had his own way of tearing down any and all willpower you had when it came to holding yourself back.

“Come for me, baby, I can feel you’re close.”

His grunted words were all it took for you to cry out as you came around him, your knuckles white from how tightly you were holding the sheets and your legs quivering from the intensity of your orgasm. You could only then feel how sticky your inner thighs had gotten, but didn’t have much time to focus on that because Vernon still delivered you some hard thrusts until he released into the condom.

“Oh my god,” you breathed while letting yourself fall flat on the bed, and turned your head a little so that you could smile at your boyfriend, who soon lay down next to you, smiling at you, too. “So, the bed… I’d say it’s a good buy.”

He chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair before taking off the condom. “Oh yeah, the bed. It seems really good.”

“Plenty of room, at least,” you said with a smirk, and Vernon agreed with a laugh.

Once he had disposed the condom, he lifted his arm with a smile on his lips. “Now come in here.”

A happy smile spread over your face as you moved closer to him and cuddled into him with your hand on his chest, rising and falling peacefully with it.

Like you had predicted, you felt incredibly sated, and wouldn’t have traded your place in Vernon’s arms with anything.

Although, no matter how sated you were, it did definitely not mean you wouldn’t have been all over him during the late evening, too - you just needed a little bit more.

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Halloween Prompt 🎃 - “I don’t care that you’re not human” + Werewolf!AU

A/N: Halloween Drabble requests are closed now!! Sorry if this isn’t the best, I’d usually have Jewels write the smutty stuff but she’s out at a concert! Happy Halloween everyone !!!! <3

Word Count: 467

Warnings: Suggestive af, Jaebum is a tease, he also has a kink for begging

Jaebum had been teasing you all night long.

It started with a couple light touches at first, but he grew more adventurous as the night went on. You were out for dinner with the rest of boys and used to keeping PDA to a minimum, per request of them, but Jaebum seemed to be thinking differently. You were alright with his new shows of affection until you guys sat down at the table and he casually put his hand on the inside of your thigh.

Keep reading

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Can you rec any stories?

Oh boy. You better strap in, because I have read a lot of fics. Most of these will probably be Dick Grayson centric, though, so just a fair warning. I’ve seen a couple people format fic recs like this, and I really like it. I hope it’s organized enough!

Of course, you can always go through my fic recs tag, too!

The Bonds that Tie by DawnsEternalLight 
Words: 59,507 (between 2 fics)
Summary: A series exploring the Batfamily growing closer together.
My Comments: Absolutely amazing and heart wrenching. The first fic in this series is finished, which is a lot more about Dick and Damian’s relationship, but the second is still ongoing, which is more about Jason and Tim. It’s a wonderful series!

To Pass Through This Night by DawnsEternalLight
Words: 4,147
Summary: When Dick was captured by the Syndicate he died, for a short period of time, but he still died. It’s a fact he kept from his closest friends and family to protect them. When Damian and Tim find out he has to face not only them, but the emotions he’s buried from the event.
My Comments: It’s a forever evil fic. Like, you don’t even know how much I love this, especially because it involves the whole family’s feelings, not just Dick’s.

Even When You’re Down by DawnsEternalLight
Words: 4,628
Summary: Jason is expecting pizza at his door, not a very sick Dick Grayson. When he can’t figure out what’s wrong with his brother he turns to the only person he can, Bruce.
My Comments: Ahhh I love sickfics so much, and this one did not disappoint! Jason and Bruce coming together to care for Dick was amazing to read! To be honest, @preciousthingsareprecious​‘s fics are all amazing, and I’ve read so many of Dawn’s works. These are just my absolute favorites!

Stubborn by audreycritter 
Words: 20,359 (4/4)
Summary: Dick is usually the one taking care of everyone else and he’s bad at asking for help.So bad, in fact, that he never even actually asks– but Jason shows up anyway.And then Dick returns the favor. And then they both do for Tim. And it’s just going to keep going from there.It’s probably Alfred’s fault. When your butler mom calls and says, “Go check on your brother,” you don’t argue. You just do it.
My Comments: The first chapter absolutely killed me. It’s a sickfic, with each chapter focusing on a different batkid. It’s so well written, and it’s one of my all time favorites!

The Mechanics of a Hug by incogneat-oh 
Words: 4,154
Summary: “So,” Tim ventures. “It's… what, a cuddle pollen?” Bruce just shrugs. “Something like that.” 
My Comments: It’s funny, it’s angsty, the dialogue is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend this author’s fics (all of them, really) a thousand times over. This one is just my absolute favorite that I’ve read a bajillion times.

World’s Apart by Fernandidilly_yo 
Words: 37,169 (3/?)
Summary: Dick’s world is falling apart. With all the heroes and Batman gone, the teen thinks this is the end, that is until Dick miraculously end up in an Alternet Universe where the world is whole and there’s a family waiting for him.
My Comments: This is an AU that absolutely BREAKS MY HEART. There’s so much description and it’s such an amazing story. It has a lot of potential, and besides the occasional typos/spelling errors, it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever read. I’m looking forward to more!

Locked Away by AutumnHobbit 
Words: 3,021
Summary: anonymous asked: would you consider writing dick being asked to empty jasons locker at school after jason dies?

“Uh, Wayne residence,” he said, cringing after the fact at how hoarse his voice sounded. He scrubbed a hand over his eyes in frustration.
“Um, hello. Is, um….” the female voice trailed off hesitantly. “Is Mr. Wayne available at the moment?”
“I’m afraid not,” Dick said, trying harder to channel his inner Alfred. “Can I take a message?”
“…Yes,” the woman said. “It’s….well, it pertains to his son, Jason.”
My Comments: THIS IS SO SAD. I still love it, because it shows a side of Dick that we don’t see often. We see Dick happy around his family, angry, frantic, but never this grieving boy mourning the loss of a brother, and it’s heartbreaking. There are a lot more quality fics by this author, as well.

there is a design, an alignment by irnan
Words: 584
Summary: Dick’s just had brain surgery. No wonder it hurts.
My Comments: This is so sweet. But, of course, Bruce can only seem to show affection to his kids when they’re hurt or unconscious.

exactly how this grace thing works by irnan
Words: 22,710
Summary: Dick gets de-aged. You’d think this would be a routine thing.
My Comments: Honestly, this is the fic that convinced me to stay in the fandom. It’s the fic that I will always aspire to write, quality wise. It’s an amazing piece about a de-aged Dick learning to accept the family that’s suddenly thrust onto him, and his family, in turn, learn things about him that they didn’t know before. The whole fic is amazing.

Who We Were by ZiZzy
Words: 105,025 (33/?)
Summary: When the Graysons fell their son went to his great-uncle to be trained as a Talon. Four years later he is rescued and taken to live at Wayne Manor. But, he is not the talkative boy he once was, in fact talking at all is a bit of a problem… A series of connected oneshots about how the Batfamily is formed when the older brother is not quite who he was meant to be.The timeline of each chapter is in the A/Ns.
My Comments: It’s a little hard to get used to this fic, since most of them are read like one-shots in the same AU, but this fic destroyed me. Dick is so adorable, and he’s going through so much, and Bruce is so understanding. The last couple of chapters had me in tears.

Half Lost, Half Found by takadainmate
Words: 23,632 (4/5)
Summary: Driven underground, Batman fights to keep Nightwing alive. There is a fight. There’s always a fight.
My Comments: I always recommend this story, but it’s amazing. There’s a lot of tension between Dick and Bruce, but they have to work together in order to survive. Sadly, this fic hasn’t been updated since 2013, but it’s only the last chapter that’s missing. It’s still a great story, even without it.

Family is a Crisis by Lysical
Words: 4,172
Summary: In their family there’s always some sort of crisis going on.
“Probably a fashion crisis,” Jason muttered. “He probably dragged us all here so he could show off some chartreuse and fuchsia monstrosity.” “You aren’t making a new costume again, are you?” Damian added, nose wrinkling. “I thought we all agreed you were staying away from colors.”
My Comments: This fic is hilarious.Seriously, as much as I wish Tim was in it, too, it is the perfect sequel to the one scene at the burger joint in Batman #16.

Grade School by KagSesshlove
Words: 100,098 (13 fics)
Summary: Imagine that Damian goes to a regular school full time. And has to do things that normal grade-schoolers have to do. This is his life now: pretending to be a normal 10 year old at school all for the sake of the public. But, honestly, the public would rather he not.
My Comments: When I first found this fic, I think I started screaming at @stepichu to read it, too, I was so excited. I think I actually read it twice in one week? Please read this entire series. It’s hilarious and serious and just plain amazing. Sometimes the characterizations are a little exaggerated, but I still love it. It totally adds to the story! And the best part is that it was just completed!

the man with guns for eyes by 8sword
Words: 22,056
Summary: “Don’t blame him, little D. He gave me a choice.” “He always makes it a choice,” Damian mutters. “If you’re the one who makes the decision, it’s your fault if it’s the wrong one.” (Dick comes back from the dead.)
My Comments: Hm. Okay, on the one hand I really like reading this fic, because the boys are all forced to talk to each other and try to work things out. On the other hand, sometimes this fic leaves me reeling. There’s a lot to get through in one sitting, and sometimes I have to break it up.

With Friends Like These by ChimaeraKitten
Words: 4141
Summary: How Artemis got to know both Dick Grayson and Robin before finding out they were the same person.
My Comments: This is a YJ fic, but it’s really good. Like, I didn’t know I needed Artemis getting to know Dick Grayson so badly until I read this. There are also some other really good fics by @chimaerakitten​, but this one is one that I fell in love with.

Crowded Enough by CaraLee
Words: 18,744 (15/?)
Summary: An AU built off of the titular line from the pilot episodes of Young Justice. Dick Grayson comes home from the events at CADMUS to the enjoyment of his various siblings, friends, and sibling-like people. Now extended: One chapter per episode of the first season. Plus a few extras.
My Comments: I love this so much. Each chapter is gold.

Save You by ArsenicInYourPudding
Words: 6538 (4/4)
Summary: The three times Wally West made sure Dick Grayson lived to fight another day, and the one time he didn’t have to.
My Comments: Warnings for suicidal thoughts/actions. The bromance between Dick and Wally in this is amazing, and this fic got me through some tough times. The whole thing always has my crying by the end, no matter how many times I read it.

That’s just on ao3, and it’s getting really late, so I needed to shorten this a bit. I will say that you’re welcome to look through my bookmarks on ao3 and my story favs on ff.net if you’re looking for more. There are a lot of amazing fics out there that I didn’t mention. I probably will come back to update this sooner or later.

edit because I don’t know how I forgot these:

Interval of Shadow by CaramelMachete
Words: 41,403 (15/?)
Summary: Nightwing, Robin and Red Robin take on Clayface. Nightwing does not emerge unscathed.Is this the end of Nightwing’s career? How will the rest of family react? Will Dick recover, and what should he do if he can’t?
My Comments: My goodness, this fic is honest to god amazing. It shows the struggle Dick goes through and how his family scrambles to be there for him. The interactions between everyone is so spot on, and if you haven’t read this, read it. And then come scream at me or @caramelmachete about it.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by anon_nom_nom
Words: 3,614
Summary: Prompt from yj_anon_meme:
Okay, so I always thought that the reason DCAU Dick turned into such a bitter little thing was because he only ever had Batman, and sometimes Batgirl, but he never had his Titans or his Wally or anything.So I would like so see something where Robin is starting to show early warning signs of this, maybe just frustration after a really bad night on the job in Gotham with Batman, and him actually having his team there to help him deal with it.In which Robin has a bad night, discusses poetry, and gets a massage.
My Comments: This is a YJ fic that shows the struggle that Dick goes through as a partner of Batman, and I find it super realistic. It’s really fluffy with a hint of light angst, and all of the characters are spot on.

Fear by tristen84
Words: 18,622 (6/6)
Summary: While on a stake-out together, Robin and Kid Flash have a frightening run-in with Scarecrow. Dick-Wally friendship.
My Comments: Another YJ fic. If you want Wally and Dick bromance, like, this is the fic. It’s a really good story, too, and it shows just how much both Dick and Wally care for each other. It’s a good read.

I’m probably still forgetting some, but these are all amazing, too, and please check them out!

The Catch: Part Four

                Part One II Part Two  II Part Three


You and Bucky were destined for each other, and everyone seemed to know it but you. The day you met Bucky Barnes, you grew closer with your platonic relationship - that is until one night in the heart of New York, things change. While weeks pass of denying anything could ever happen between the two of you, you realize that unconventional love is the best of all.

Notes: Fluff, Angst, Small amount of Smut

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BTS reaction to you feeling insecure about your thighs

Request from Anon:  Hi pls can you do a BTS reaction to their gf being insecure about her chubby thighs? How would they make her feel less insecure?

A/N: Thank you for requesting this! I really hope that none of you feel insecure, but if you do that’s okay. I just wish that everyone was happy with themselves, because you’re all beautiful. 

Also I go by the saying that thick thighs make the dick rise. ;)

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