i need to work on hands badly

I know I’m behind 2 weeks or so, I’m sorry~ Uni won’t let me breathe ‘till now that I’m finishing my semester, I promise to work hard on this thing and probably yall will get 3 pages this week if everything goes fine and if I don’t lose my motivation :3c so, wait for news and updates! probably you can see some wips on my twitter or snapchat~


Prompt: You rescued my cat from a tree, but you also feel out the tree afterwords. I’m so sorry this is all my fault are you okay . You’re still cute though? (From the Pet AU prompt list by @cxptains-imagines)

Warning: None.

Word count: 1383

This is the first work I’m putting on Tumblr, ever. So, feedbacks will definitely be appreciated! Also, shoot me a request if you want!

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Okay I know hardly anyone who follows me is an Artemis Fowl fan but. I can’t stop thinking about Artemis ending up dating/befriending someone (human) who pushes back against his aristocratic tastes, and gets him to watch something like Star Wars

And Artemis is expecting to sit there bored for hours because obviously the science is nonsense and the plot is simple 

But he gets weirdly invested in it, because he’s been through so many bizarre, end-of-the-world, fighting-against-supervillain scenarios himself that he just identifies with the characters really badly

(I mean he’s still critiquing it, but it’s more along the lines of no Luke for goodness sake hand Leia the gun she’s a better shot than you are or no that deception is not going to work you need a better plan or this is ridiculous they need to go the other way)

(whoever’s watching it with him is slightly unsettled by how focused he gets about it)

and Artemis, it turns out, can get really invested “ridiculous” science fiction of a certain calibre because you don’t understand this is my life

doodled a Pottersona for morning warm up ‘cause why not (this is the patronus if you missed that wild ride)

aka. that one weird Slytherin who hangs out with the Hufflepuffs all the time, breaks her wand like every week and despite the rumours is not actually a metamorphagus, just exploded a badly made potion all over her hair when she was a first year and now it changes colour all the time 

has been known to walk around on the great lake pestering the giant squid for conversation by conjuring stepping stones

I want to be in a relationship so badly.
Not because I can’t be alone, I’ve been single for a year and a half.
Not because I need someone there for me, I have friends.
Not because I need a relationship or the constant attention.
I want to spoil someone.
I want to curl up in bed after a long day at work and just play with my girls hair and have her lay on my chest.
I want to be able to talk about my deepest darkest secrets.
I want to walk down the street and hold someone’s hand.
I want give all this love I have in my heart that’s going to waste

Stolen Moments: Take It Away (Clexa) SMUT

Lexa walked down the hallway, her coat bellowing behind her as she thought through her day and the stress she had endured. As much as she loved her people and believed that peace was the only true way to break the cycle of killing, it was not easy for her to make others see it. 

Lexa was so deep in thought that she didn’t see Clarke coming around the corner until she had already grabbed her and pulled her into the shadows. 

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My bad habits: take my makeup of last thing before going to bed rather than first thing when I get home, hate using cable ties so I shirk my responsibility and make the Saturday staff do the electrical ticketing, never call back people when I say I will, my room littered with empty glasses and beer bottles, leave myself 15 minutes to get ready for work when I need 25, can use the metric or imperial system but cannot transpose between them, binge watching Star Trek deep space 9 and I don’t even have a crush on bashir like I did the first time I watched it in secondary school, always have really badly chipped nail varnish, bring home too many mugs for my bottom drawer (moving to Bristol) that we now have far too many mugs in circulation, apparently pronounce ‘sorry’ and 'surrey’ the exact same way, use my knife and fork like a left handed person when I’m right handed, don’t tell boys that I don’t like them romantically (zach, Ryan, now luke), and insist on the Oxford comma (is this the worst most terrible addition to my list?????)

rowanred81  asked:

Those facial animations for ME:A... O_o Also, the single trans character just outs herself and rattles off her deadname? Uh, no. Bad BioWare. Bad. Dunno if I'll get it. I'd like me some Mass Effect, but there seems to be a lot of work needed. Might get the new Nier game instead.

Get NieR: Automataaa! It looks like it’s the booomb!!

yeaaah, I for one will definitely not get ME A until it’s like 15 € second hand. I dunno what happened with this game, it literally doesn’t look finished? I guess the lesson is “do not look forward to games about space conquest ever again” lol.

I didn’t know there was a trans character. Is it the character that was voiced by Jamie Clayton? Sorry to hear the writing for her was handled badly :/

Imagine #38

“C’mon Puddin’, let’s set your mind on new boundaries.”Harley cooed while her fingers pressed skillfully on your shoulders, rubbing the sore muscles with delicate but precise movements which almost made you melt under the females touch.

Grunting, you bit your lower lip and stare at the blonde only to grip her wrists to stop her, adding you need something else to relax you, something just like her body working up all against you.

“Ah, I know what my pudding likes so badly~”The female cooed, a smile forming on her perfectly painted red lips, skipping to the platform in the middle of the room while her dress rode up her knees, a hand placed on her left hip while the other reached for the steel bar.

The playful smirk still evident on her lips before she swayed her body to some imaginary music she was imagining in her mind while you sunk back into the leather couch, gripping the side of the material while biting your fist and watch the blonde give you the best show of tonight.

A/N : Alex is in desperate need for some new requests, I’ll continue HighJack Your Brain but I might end it on part 3 or probably 2…as for my motivation, it all crumbled down, I had exams this week and I did nothing at math, so forgive me if I wont post anything the next week after I see the results.


Steve had noticed how down in the dumps you had been when he came back to the apartment after his training session.  He had asked you what was wrong, and you had exploded into a puddle of stressed tears and miserable sobs.  Taken by surprise, Steve wasn’t sure what else to do but to hold you while you cried over how your hours at work had been cut, how you felt like you rarely saw him anymore, and your worry about if you were even wanted anymore.  That final thing made him hold you to his chest a little bit tighter.

“I’ll always need you, Y/N.”  He murmured as a hand ran soothingly up and down your arm.  He hated that he had allowed for you to start to feel this badly.  “I know that I’ve been busy with the team, but I should’ve been here for you more than I was.”  At this point, your crying had subsided to simple sniffles here and there.  “You should never have to feel like that, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t here for you.”  He pulled away from you slightly, enough to look down at your face and smile softly to you.  “Let me make it up to you.  We can go out to a nice dinner.”


To my lovely and incredible followers, I want to say thank you. You helped me stay determined to keep working really hard on my webcomic, my publishing house orders and my commission.

But even if I wanna keep it up, my body can’t endure stress and lack of sleep anymore ( and let me tell you that I really try to sleep !). I’m exhausted and my drawing hand hurt really badly, and since my boyfriend come over here for 10 days I’ll finally take a well deserved vacation.

For thoses who ordered me something I promise I’ll get back on it as soon as my vacations are over. But sincerly, I need some rest.

Art© @little-noko

Undertale© @undertale

Listen, I want Magnus’ to say the word bi so badly in S2, but i dont want it to be a big thing, because honestly we need to normalise LGBT+ people in todays media

like in most shows where there’s a LGBT+ character, finding out their sexuality is always huge thing, there’s usually a whole episode dedicatied to it, which is great like yeah i likle it, and it works for the show a lot of the time

but if magnus says that he’s bi in a flippant, off handed sort of way, it’ll mean so much in normalising bisexuality in the media, show that it’s not the huge thing, that it’s just a sexuality, like being straight

i want magnus to see alec shirtless or something, and just whisper to himself “god im so bi”

or for someone to say something about magnus and alec’s relationship, and call magnus gay or something and he just turns to them, flashes them a smile, and says sweetly “im bi actually”

i just need this, i need LGBT+ people normalised on tv, please give me this

After rewatching s1 of Psycho Pass yet AGAIN, I’ve come to realize just how often Kougami was in the hospital or bedridden for a time. Then I got to thinking how it would have been nice if just for ONCE, the tables would have been turned and Akane would have been the one in the hospital bed while Kougami comes to visit her 

It would have been so adorables

Like just picture it

Akane’s just sitting in bed, all bored and wishing she could get back to work already. Suddenly Kougami walks in, hands in his pockets and the typical poker face on. They talk for a bit and Akane confides in him how badly she wants to get back to their current case and tries to get out of bed even though she’s not fully healed. Kou sees this and just gently lays a firm hand on her shoulder and says something like

“You need more time to rest, Inspector. There’s no reason to push yourself so hard.”

hnnghhh if I weren’t so lazy, I’d write a fanfiction of this

A word about Project Home and tomorrow, Friday 29 April.

I’m sure by now some are getting thoroughly annoyed with me and truly, I really don’t mind (LMAO). Project Home has made so many people happy, it’s made so many people smile (not the least among the Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall), and that is irreplaceable. It’s SUCH a good thing and I can’t tell you how badly I want this to be a success.

That’s why I’m sending out a request signal to everyone who reads this. We need all hands on deck tomorrow. We’ve all been working SO hard this week and we’ve seen some of that hard work really pay off, and I know it’s easy to get tired and maybe disillusioned for a second because there are always things competing for our attention in this fandom. 

But tomorrow, I’m asking something I never ask, because I don’t like infringing on people or “telling them how to blog”. I’m asking us to come together, unite, and really push HARD to get Home to #1 on iTunes Worldwide, get it back to the top of the Billboard Trending 140, and get it some worldwide radio play. 

The boys see these things, they see what we’re doing. It blows them away and makes them super happy, and you know what? That makes ME happy. I can’t say what tomorrow will bring or what will happen. I can’t make predictions. But I can hope that we can remember what it used to be when we didn’t let the daily drama overshadow our love for the boys and the boys music, and I’d love to see that again, even if it’s just one day or one week or what have you.

That’s my request. No one has to listen. I just wanted to put it out there.