i need to work i need another week to work on stuff


Sooooo, as part of my writing group, we’re supposed to make goals for ourselves for the rest of the semester. Mine is to get back into writing every week, either on my LoZ fic, or working on one of my games. So, two things:

1) Always happy to do prompts. I’m not super good at romance (unless it’s me and Taegen), so while I’ll take ships, they’re not going to be good. It doesn’t even need to be on the characters I used before; I just need to get in the habit of writing more with a lot of different stuff. And working on one shots usually helps me with theories, so here goes. If I get enough requests for this, I may make another side blog just for it, but for now, I’m only doing SSO requests, so I guess it works here.

2) I’m happy to review works if you want constructive criticisms, but understand I am a brutal critic. I will never attack the writer, that’s just wrong, but do expect a lot of red marks on the work itself. To be fair though, the more I’m interested in a work or care about the writer, the harsher I am. Because I want you to get better. And while it’s nice getting compliments, I can tell you from my publication experiences that it won’t make you better. 

Soooooooooo, that’s it. I have so much art and I might be developing some mental something (or so Taegen is telling me, but he’s still not a shrink), and school, channel, the podcast starting soon, game designs, and…God, I’m so busy with life. Eh, it’s a good busy.

~ Echo

Week 3: Mongoose, Express, databases, and victory.

We’d definitely been cramming in massive amounts of data and concepts before week 3, but it felt truly insane for most of the week. We ended up with a Mongoose and Express assessment that I did pretty well on, but not as well as I l would have liked. But I was soon to redeem myself. We traveled to the American Museum of Natural History for a scavenger hunt. Our team was hard-core, sending out scouts to find clues while coding like maniacs back at our home base in the dinosaur area. We emerged victorious, thanks to excellent clue-finding and speedy coding! So that was a needed ego boost and fun diversion. Now for Code and Stuff As Will Break Her, Installment The Third:

Don’t forget to use body-parser in your Express app. You may be like me, thinking “everything is working fine–do I really need another library?” That’s well and good until nothing works and a simple install of this helper fixes everything. Suck it up and embrace it. And while you’re at it, make sure to specify whether the “extended” property is true or false when you bring in body-parser. We accidentally left that out, which also causes problems.

–Similarly, don’t forget to include chai’s “should” when you include chai. None of our tests were working properly until we realized we had left that one essential line out when incorporating chai.

–Finally, as I’ve mentioned before, “catch” and “then(null, done”) are your friends! Don’t forget to use them whenever you are chaining promises together. Even after my admonitions last week, I slowed myself down by forgetting them a few times in the Friday assessment.

That’s it for now! Week 4 awaits. I really am having a great time, even if my brain is crying uncle, or at least cousin, at this point.


I’ve been staying offline as much as possible the past couple of weeks, which is the exact opposite of what you’re meant to do when you’re nurturing a fledgling writing career, but some sad personal stuff has made socializing and working on the current projects slow and difficult.

Doesn’t make for very exciting updates either. I’ve been making slow but steady progress through prepping another book for publication (release date not confirmed yet, so it’s a secret right now but I’ll spill the beans soon) - which involves revising it, re-writing what needs re-writing, copy-editing, tinkering and polishing, and working with my ridiculously talented cover artist (a process made only sliiightly easier by virtue of cover artist also being my fiancé) while also plotting the next Caller of the Blood book.

I am so psyched to start work on the next CotB book! But right now I need to make sure the current project is wrapped and ready to go, before I can dive into CotB5.

I am not someone who is artistically fueled by despair and personal tragedy; I am someone who is fueled by unicorns and donuts, so this week has been rough, but I’m clawing my way through it. When not squeezing blood from stone (aka WORKING) I’ve been coping with life by making endless amounts of vegetable casserole and plowing my way through Ilona Andrews novels. There is something so damn satisfying about knowing you have a fridge full of food and half a dozen urban fantasy books you’ve never read.

So yeah, the Kate Daniels series has been my go-to form of escapism these past couple of weeks. I know I am several years late to the party on these! I read the first book when it came out, but couldn’t really get into it for some reason - I can’t recall why now, not exactly. But I picked the series back up again this year and have been enjoying the hell out of it. Kate’s voice gets stronger and stronger with each book, but what I love most is that the books are funny, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.

Laughter is good and necessary; laughter gets us through. Losing ourselves in stories for a little while, being able to forget some of our worries or at least shift our focus from them for a while, gets us through. I am so freaking grateful to all the writers whose stories get me from one day to the next, and in awe of the fact that my own stories are out there doing the same for someone else.

Now, time for one of life’s greatest pleasures - reading a book over dinner :)

Im so incredibly overwhelmed by all the shit i have to do. I cant process all the things i have to do. i have no idea what i have to do but i know i have stuff to do. 

i can’t process things very well right now. but i know im busy and mad. ive been working so hard and no one cares. they are too busy complaining about how hard they’ve been working. I have skipped my break everyday for a week and a half. i don’t get even 5 minutes to myself. But i refuse to take someone else break so i can have one. It would not be fair. Apparently im the only one who feels that way. 

Everyone else is happy and and excited and not stressed out to the point of tears. and it makes me so angry. 

Not to mention valentines day which is another big ball of shit. Im always all alone. Im so so tired. 

Im So tired

i need a hug, i need people to be nice to me. i need to feel important and appreciated but i feel so bad for wanting that. 

Tired and sad.

Venting procrastination

Wtf is wrong with me right now? I’m procrastination and if you know me that is so not like me!!! I can’t get my shit done!!! I never finished last weeks school work and it was due sunday so I’m guessing I will get F for those grades, I haven’t even started this week, I have three big project I have to do for school, plus three big project I’m getting paid to do, aslo my mom ask me to help her with something so another project that I have to finished by friday because it’s grandpa’s bday present. I just need a break!!! I need a vacation this is getting to be to much for me!!! I work everyday this week but friday and sunday, I work 12 so I have to skip sleep to get this stuff done. I should be sleeping now because I work tonight but instead what did I do? I took a shower, gave Jayla a bath, washed my clothes, cleaned the house, washed my bed and so on. Cleaning and feeling cleaned always helps me feel relaxed. I’m just complaining and venting here but blah why can’t I contraire!!

i am (unsurprisingly) running a bit late again and i have some school stuff i really need to catch up on SO i’m probably just going to skip a week because i need to put school first unfortunately and i’m stressed

i am working on the fic i was supposed to post on sunday and will continue to do so to hopefully post it by next sunday, rather than getting myself worked up about posting it asap so i can write another 1k to post on sunday

i’ll catch up with the writing during my next school break in a few weeks

in the meantime, feel free to send me prompts~