i need to work i need another week to work on stuff

Message: Next week is a very important week for getting my degree after graduation! 😇  Thursday is dissertation day when we have to perform two solos of our choice to all the teachers and practically the entire school so I’ve been working hard at learning my solos and I’m happy to say I know them both now but I know I’ll be nervous. My last half term break is coming up soon a long with the last weeks of school and I need to get all my stuff together so I can move on to that dance company with a degree in case I ever get injured and can’t dance, the degree would open other doors to me but don’t worry I’m pretty up to date with my work but I just might need to take a hiatus next week to concentrate although I may still reblog stuff, I don’t think I have enough shots left for another week anyway. I’ve been watching Revenge today after my saturday class, damn! It’s getting so good and I’m stealing lots of dramatic ideas for Black Widow in my story. 💕

 Replies: treason-and-plot replied to your photo “The Crumplebottom family, 1975”

YAY! My wish has come true! XD

Like magic!!! *.*.* Next time I go in game I’ll make shots for a 1970s storyline! I won’t come around to It for a while but I’ll go to the 70s era, just for you!! xD I want to do It also so thats cool! Last time I went It was a crazy disco scene! <3 

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it’s very weird how like…all my personal work n projects are sort of…conflicting w each other for time slots. like school isn’t in the way anymore and work is some days but not others but actual Socializing while cramming other tedious things in is like…so overwhelming?? how and when will i Do all these things i am trying to work at i’m almost stressed even though they’re all mine and i have no deadlines or requirements. i just want/need to do them all on my own

retail and freelance work gets in the Way of my creative pursuits and in the way of the portfolio work i’m trying to do in order to eventually not need to work retail or freelance anymore what kind of contradictory irony bs…when jobs get in the way of you bettering your work to find a better job, when you are Inhibited from finding other work by your current work. fuck capitalism actually and fuck me for picking my job industry

in another universe i’m not a piece of shit who failed 2 classes and is now desperately trying to make it up while avoiding calling her father who will probably yell at her and she’s probably not panicking about it ALL and sobbing quietly on the couch.

but one of my professors looks like she’ll let me take an incomplete and turn stuff in. hopefully i can send the papers to the other professor and he’ll let me pass???

that’s all i need. i just need to pass. 

and i meant to get shit done this week but i’ve been so fucking exhausted from work that i hadn’t had the energy to do any of it. 

here’s hoping i can get things done this week.

for today, tackling the script i need to work on programming for and listening to the mountain goats to make me feel better i hope.

3250 Week 3

Wow this course could take over my whole life! I find that I am spending hours in the discussions, there is so much to consider! Unfortunately I can’t afford to spend as much time with these discussions as I would like, there just isn’t enough hours in the day! :) I find that I am avoiding the assignment work by just taking another look at a discussion and then an hour goes by .. Time to focus on some course work ..

Todays focus for my week 3 reflective writing assignment is active learning. Getting my students to see why they need to understand a certain concept isn’t always easy. Students question, “Why do I need to know this stuff”? How do we get them to see the links to real practice? How do we make the content of a course relevant to the learner? I think my instructional strategies digital project will be about creative learning activities that help students to see the relevance of what they are learning. 

The amount of work these last 3 weeks…its so stupid. I’m finishing up an essay for my history class which isn’t so bad (though I didn’t read the book..) and then I need to prepare for another debate in the leadership class I have as well as the speech I have next week. I have essentially 6 ceramics projects due and its insane how much she wants us to do in such a short amount of time, as well as the dumb ass paper. 

Hopefully I want to get this paper done today, go in and finish at least one ceramics project and start the other two, catch up on the sketchbook and stuff as well. 

And acen is this weekend so I really need to catch up cause I won’t be able to work on homework at all.