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I’m just saying

Eric Richard “Bitty” Bittle would absolutely destroy the competition if he ever competed on cutthroat kitchen because he would seem to be this sweet little baker to the other contestants and then it would switch to the personal commentary and he would have this terrifying smile on his face and he would just say “my boyfriend is an NHL star and I have my own restaurant I don’t need the money I am going to win this” and then he just comes out and kills every challenge and is still this sweet little baker boy and everyone is stunned

when bitty wins he just smiles and congratulates the other competitors and he still acts so sweet and innocent and says he’s gonna go donate everything to charity and everyone loves him

alton brown has never been this impressed and scared in his life

Zen’s Trash 300 Follower Giveaway!!

Yay! I’ve finally reached 300 followers! That means it’s time to party! And give things away! 

1st prize: RFA VIP Package

2nd prize: 1000 word fic (at least), with a prompt from you. The special part? MC will have the name you choose.

3rd prize: One of these adorable as all get out buttons. First person drawn gets first pick, and so on.


  1. Reblogs and likes count as entries. I don’t care how many times you reblog, but try not to be spammy
  2. To get first prize you HAVE to be over 18. Sorry guys, but sending expensive things to minors is iffy :p Should you be under 18 and get drawn for the first prize, you’ll be bumped down to second.
  3. No giveaway blogs
  4. You have to be following me to win. New followers are cool, but please don’t unfollow after. That’s not cool, I’m pretty fun.
  5. I reserve the right to add rules if need be

The contest will run until February 28th at Midnight MST. Why so long? I have to wait for the package to get here before I send it off!

So my mom found this contest this woman was hosting, where “Autism Moms” could win a cruise by submitting a video about how hard their life is raising their autistic kids. If the premise alone was not gross enough, many of the videos were sickening. One woman filmed her adult son stimming privately, doing innocent things like flapping his hands, and sped it up and overlaid “yakety sax” on it, and then looked at the camera at the end and said “as you can see, I really need to get out of here”.

My mom left a comment on the contest page, that was very polite, saying how this contest was encouraging a bad attitude, and they should think about how their kids would feel if they saw these videos, and if they must do a contest like this it should be about whoever showcases how wonderful their autistic kid is in the best way.

Well, they simply deleted her comment and went on with the contest.

I hate Autism Moms.


There’s very, very little that is redeemable about these Vinsmoke men in this scene and I’m always looking forward to seeing Oda dive a bit deeper into their characters.    

Little do they know that their pre-game will result in their death unless the brother who on any grounds can just walk away from all of this intervenes.  It makes you wonder what Sanji would be like if he’d been the same as his brothers.  With his tactical mind, maybe the Germa would be a powerhouse that doesn’t even need a political marriage of convenience with Big Mom’s crew.

I’m going to need Oda to tell me who would win in a drinking contest against the Vinsmoke brothers and Zoro.

🎃 And The Winner Is...?

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🎃 And The Winner Is…?

“Promise you’re not going to cheat?” you pouted holding your carving tools.

“I promise Jagi” Dean grinned.

Having a blindfolded pumpkin carving contest probably wasn’t the brightest idea. But you and your boyfriend have a carving contest every year, so why not raise the stakes? What’s the worst that could happen? Did you really need all your appendages? In the five years, you two have been together you both managed to win two and this was tiebreaker year.

Luckily Dean had the hindsight to cut open the pumpkin and remove the seeds before the blindfolds went on.

“Alright, 5 minutes to carve the pumpkin and winner will be decided by the first trick or treater. That way it’s fair. I was robbed of my victory last year.”

“I won fair and square.”

“Yeah right! Jiho crowned you a winner and that was bull.”

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Bright Lights

based off @sterekseason ‘s post for the 25 days of Sterek and the prompt “neighborhood holiday decoration contest” 

read on ao3:  http://archiveofourown.org/works/8721568

“Scott, can you and Isaac grab the lights from the attic? We need to get decorating tonight.”

“No, you mean you need to get decorating. I don’t understand why you feel like you need to compete with Derek. He wins every year.”

“No he doesn’t Scott. He absolutely doesn’t.”

“Hate to break it to you Stilinski but he does win,” Isaac said as he shuffled his way into the kitchen.

“Shut up, both of you. Now get me the stuff. I’m gonna run out to the store and grab a few more things and I will be eternally grateful if you two could have all the boxes down and by the front door.”

Stiles needed to win. It was his and Derek’s 4th year in a row of trying to outdo each other and Stiles needed to go big.

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Help needed!

You know I try not to use this platform for requests, but my husband entered to contest to get a new coffee machine and he needs as much likes as possible to win. Now, if you can help me by clicking on the link and give it LIKE into the instagram post, I’d be forever thankful.

Help Lena get decent coffee 2k17? Please?


Also, feel free to reblog this post and ask your friends if you can… I’d appreciate it!

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Exscuse me, but my brother and I would like to enter a contest for starbot dubs, and therefore need a comic to dub. While searching, we stumbled upon this, and although we might not win the contest; I would like to continue dubbing it for fun. So, in short, may we please dub this story? Credit will be given to both the askbkog and the artists.

GO FOR IT! You only need to credit this blog, no need to credit us artists individually, unless you really want to. We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Anyone is more than welcome to dub the comic. :D

As I mentioned in an earlier ask, we get tons of asks/replies calling Chara “she,” so just to clarify, this Chara uses they/them pronouns and is biologically male. Of course, you are welcome to use any interpretation on the voices you like! Good luck!

Look what the cat dragged in - Taeyong/Ten

Group: NCT U
Members: Taeyong + Ten
Genre: Smut, threesome
Warnings: sexual content!, threesome, oral, facial

you can find the request here

You squinted your eyes at the yellow ones that were looking back into yours. You were not going to back down, but he just kept staring at you without blinking. You felt your eyes dehydrate and they started to sting. The uncomfortable feeling was too much and you couldn’t help but blink. The cat meowed triumphant.

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What are the things you don't like about your own type?

ISTJ callout post

- being proud of our efficiency but actually being inefficient as fuck: doing the same outdated work processes over and over in hyper speed is not efficient. I don’t care Susan if you would win a speed contest in using a fax machine, sending it per e-mail is still better and maybe you should learn how to use a computer for once

- speaking of which, I hate that this stereotype is true but boy are we resistant to change.
Go to any ISTJ and tell them that something needs to be changed: you can see their whole body clenching up, their eyes now targeting you as if you are the enemy

- honestly, I don’t know where the idea comes from that ISTJs can be easily manipulated. Have you ever tried working with one? ISTJs are stubborn bastards. Sweet talk doesn’t help at all. If they don’t like something, you can’t convince them otherwise and nothing moves. Tert-Fi-“I’m always right” combined with Si-dom patience enables them to always have the greatest persistence. They don’t even do anything, they don’t argue, they just sit there like the immovable object that they are, waiting until everyone else is too bored and gives up.

- just tert Fi in general

- especially male ISTJs usually have a super boring/ugly fashion sense that makes my 3-fix eyes bleed. (The only type who is worse in that regards is INTP.) even the ones that think they know something of fashion play it safe (black, white, grey and navy) and are too afraid to try something more unique

- the more comfortable we are in a social setting, the more whiny and demanding we get: “the room is too cold”, “i don’t like mushrooms in my meal I have told you before”, “the present you got me is awful, I’d rather have a giftcard instead”

- the complete inability to flirt. I don’t know how many chances I ruined because I just didn’t realize someone was hitting on me. When someone says “hey you look nice, want to meet up for some coffee”, my stupid ISTJ-brain thinks “huh, why coffee? I don’t like coffee.” and any romance is dead immediately.
I’m convinced the only reason ISTJs haven’t died out yet is because other types just dragged them to an altar and because “being reliable” is still high on many people’s “dream partner traits” lists. (We are dumb but at least we have “being reliable” going for us, so hurray?)

- being happy with mediocre lives. Damn that is frustrating to see from the outside. You can have the most amazing, intelligent, competent, decent-people-skills-having ISTJ but they still don’t want to make any career. And when you talk to them and suggest “hey there is this great opportunity you just need to apply for it they would love to take you” they will be like “ugh, no thx, I have actually thought about working only half-time”. Why?? Why don’t you crave more? Why don’t you have any passion except for your weird-ass hobbies??

Laying in the grass in Central Park pretending you’re sleeping

New York, NY 10023

This past weekend I was walking from the Natural History Museum to my next weekend hangout plan and I starting ruminating about a little naive mistake I made years ago. It started out as a slight pity party, nothing too crazy. As with any good rumination sesh, after a couple of blocks I soon I felt like I should submit my life story to win “top tragedy” in every contest, where I would win all the awards forever and ever for the rest of time. Needless to say I needed a quick cry, stat!!!!!!! Luckily, being so close to the park, I laid down in the grass, threw on my sunglasses and quietly cried it out. I pretended like i was sleeping, and nobody even noticed the slow trickle of tears down my face as they ate their picnic cheese plates and talked about their upcoming vacations and annoying bosses. After about 20 minutes, I got up and went about my day, totally refreshed and thinking maybe I wouldn’t win ALL the life tragedy awards, just some, probably most. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, i really need some help! In my class there is an assignment worth 200 points where i need to make a video describing my mission in life. Now, id do this alone but there is also a contest and if i WIN, i get an extra credit bonus of a hundred points and i REALLY need that. Like a lot. The picture above is what my video itself will be about and it has to be between one and three minutes long. Now my idea is, if i can get pictures of a BUNCH of my fans holding signs that say “Hi Pilot!” Or “Hey Pilot! Greetings from (place)” I get more points if its video but if youre only comfortable with a picture i can work with that. It only has to be a few seconds long, you waving with the sign, you smiling, like that! If you wanted to do a longer segment talking briefly about how i may have achieved my goal in relation to you i might be able to use it. My video WILL be shown in a class so please be comfortable with that. Rules: Please take pictures and videos in landscape mode so it doesnt have the black bars on the side! -please include your name or username to be credited along with submission (again it will be seen by like twenty people). If you want to include your state or country for me to credit that would be ideal. -if you want to film you talking to get me extra points dont make it more than thirty seconds long, if its longer i may make a longer video for my fans and not for the contest. - please submit videos and pictures to iamthelastpilot@gmail.com by november 15th! I know its lame of me to ask but I REALLY NEED TO PASS and i think if we work together we can make this rad as balls. Please please consider doing it! (The better the quality of the image the better the grade so if there is even something small you can do to make the quality okay please do!) Please help if you can and have time! ( if you take a video on location somewhere please include where! Not all videos will have their original audio, so if if you include you saying “wassup pilot from russia!” Or whatever i will try and include it so make sure there isnt loads of background noise if possible, i can work with it if there is)


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Hey guys :)

seeing as I’m about 30 people away from 4 thousand, I thought I would do something special.

So. Underneath all the rules there is a link to a google forms quiz.


-you must be following me

-you can only enter once


-must reblog this with the blog you enter with


-(not needed) tell some people about the contest if you’d like



there will be three winners CHOSEN BY A RANDOM GENERATOR 

-first pick: wins a ship, a personal imagine with that character and a moodboard, plus a follow from me

-second pick: wins a ship, and a moodboard, also a follow from me

-third pick: wins a moodboard, and a follow from me

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good luck :)

When you make a margarita, you need to first make a margarita and concentrate on the tequila, and then add accents and garnish that match the color and flavor of the dish. So you wanna, like, complement it; it’s like complementing with wine to your food. You make sure that the drink that you have is an enjoyable experience so that it matches up, so it creates a flavor profile, and then in your mind the presentation is like 50% of the meal; they always say that, so you wanna make sure that the drink complements that. So I had orange accents in there. A normal margarita, you would just: tequila, triple sec, a splash of lime juice, BLENDED, always blend it! No one likes margaritas on the rocks; they’re crazy if they do. And then after it came out, I added splashes of orange soda down the sides so it just created a color gradient of orange from the top to bottom, denser on the bottom, and it added just a…it added a splash of sugar that made it an award-winner, and I won an award! And then you garnish it with a slice of orange, and now I’m done, thank you. I won an award.

Reb-and-wrath Giveaway!!!

Alright guys so as a thank you to everyone I’m going to be giving away two little packages to two lucky winners that will be chosen by random. Everything is brand new and I bought it with my own money. The rules of the giveaway are as follows:

1. MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MINE. You need to follow this account (Reb-and-wrath) in order to win

2. Must live in the United States. I wish I could send it to anyone but I’m only a poor college student

3. Must be 18, or have a parent’s/guardians permission since I need to have your address.

4. You may like this post, and You can reblog it as much as you like, I’m not going to penalize anyone for it.

5. Please don’t ask me to rig this contest, it’s going to be fairly done and I’ll use a website to randomly pick someone.

6. Giveaway ends October 6th.