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I was rewatching the most recent Underverse and I noticed something. When Xtale! Chara took note of the fact Ink's vials were full, he said something along the lines of "So you're taking this seriously." At first I had looked over this, but after watching again I realized what they meant. We know Ink needs those vials to feel, and he didn't drink them so he can't feel emotions. And, without emotions in the way, Ink can think more logically WITHOUT regretting any decision he makes because of it.

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All mysteries are being solved yayyyyyyy

Leo and Sagittarius

There’s a lot info about them below but it doesn’t mean I love them more than other zodiacs. It’s just, you know, both of them changed a lot and I wanted to show you why.

(text about each of them + some info about Gemini’s death ‘cause it’s so complicated to separate one story from another jeez)

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The ancestor of that burning turnabout spirit – Ryuunosuke Naruhodou!

Dai Gyakuten Saiban needs more love!! you can watch an English-subtitled playthrough of it here (case 1 first ep. here!)

dunno which con i’m bringing him to yet, but if there’s any Ace Attorney events i’ll sure to be there as the DGS representation we all deserve lol

You know, when someone dies we often keep a token of theirs.  Or treasure more something they gave us.  It helps make us feel them and remember them.

What I’m saying is the trench coat was fine LAST time.  If I have to watch Dean (or Sam) cradle that potato sack of a new trench coat I will need to sue SPN for crimes against fashion.

Root through his pockets Dean, find a picture or something.  Not the trench coat.   It would be nice for symmetry  but apparently the wardrobe department are either being over-controlled or sniffing glue when they choose Castiel’s outfits.

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Aero, could you say some reasons to watch Gintama? I'm trying to convince my friends and I think something written by you would be more effective since you are an amazing writer \o/ ~if you've already done something like this, please ignore me~

I’ve posted stuff like this before, like this here, but that’s no reason to ignore you! I’m always happy to answer people =u= 

Reasons to watch Gintama:

  • Comedy/humor – It will make you laugh
  • Diverse characters 
    • Inclusive of trans, nonbinary, bi, etc.
    • Has Katsura – one of the most unique characters that’s more intelligent than most, is kind and giving and funny, enjoys crossdressing, and can kick your ass any day of the week
  • Slow burn – The plot doesn’t reveal itself until later in the series, which gives you ample time to get to know and love the characters
  • Well constructed characters
  • Distinctive and interactive world
  • 4th wall breaks
  • Dick jokes
  • Crossovers with other well known anime/mangas
  • Focus on relationships
    • Yorozuya – The bond Gintoki builds with his adopted kids, Kagura and Shinpachi
    • Shinsengumi – The strong companionship and devotion between them
    • Yorozuya and Shinsengumi – The slow and well done relationship that gets built between the two groups over the course of the series
    • Gintoki and Otose – How Otose found Gintoki in a graveyard and brought him back to life in more ways than one
    • The Joui 4 – the intense relationships between Gintoki, Katsura, Sakamoto, and Takasugi 
    • The dynamics between Kagura, Kamui, Umibouzu, and Kouka
    • The Kiheitai
    • The conflict between the Joui and Utsuro/Shouyou
  • The lack of romance and focus on friendship/bonds instead
  • Strong female characters
    • Kagura, Otae, Tsukuyo in Yoshiwara in Flames, Sarutobi, Otose, Tama, Catherine
  • Kyuubei – They get a bulletpoint all on their own because it’s difficult to even put such a fantastic character into any category other than fucking amazing
  • The villains
    • Most villains in this series are not evil just to be evil
    • Villains and their motives are often explained and the viewer/reader gets to commiserate with where they’re coming from and why they’re behaving the way they are
      • Disclaimer: This does not excuse their behavior, of course, but insight into why a character does something is way better than, “Bwahaha I am evil just because!”
  • Array of different arcs
    • Genderbend, body swap, memory loss, etc.
  • Valuable lessons 
  • Stereotypes get broken a lot and it’s wonderful
  • Excellent sidekicks
    • Mutsu, Elizabeth, Sadaharu, Abuto, etc.

So, there are some for you! There are a lot of reasons to watch Gintama! Please do it, you won’t regret it! 

i need to follow people!

i just went through an unfollowed 500 or so inactive blogs or ones I’m not into anymore so i need to follow more people

lemme know if you post:
throne of glass or acotar
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liberal shit bc I’m liberal af
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books in general

Things I love about Heiji and Shinichi
  • Boy oh boy where do I begin?
  • Maybe the way Heiji’s face lights up whenever he realizes Shinichi is around
  • The casual way in which they act
  • Seriously like that screencap of Heiji lifting Conan by his shirt? Do you think he’d let anybody else do that?
  • Heiji will do literally anything if Shinichi asks
  • Shinichi acting aloof but absolutely caring about Heiji
  • Every time he shows any form of affection Heiji is basically drunk on it
  • Being protective of each other
  • Being supportive of each other
  • Getting into dumbass competitions but not letting it impact their relationship
  • I’m gonna add more I just need to go back and reread/watch literally every scene with Heiji and Shinichi
jikook is fanservice and

I’m going to say it because it’s true.  IT is for US to see so it’s fanservice. However, if you are so blind you can’t feel and see the real chemistry these two give off you are too young to understand what it looks like and just need more experience. I have watched at least 90% of the content BTS has put out there since the beginning in 2013(and any show/fanmeet/interview I can find on them too and I was a late fan member(like 5 months ago?).  Jimin quickly became the one my eyes would focus on after watching the same video for the 3rd time(my bias duh).   From my previous posts you can tell what  I think about that.  It became real obvious when I started hitting 2016 content that jikook interaction made me stop and go WOW what is this. so then I went back and rewatched everything again and that’s when you catch everything that wasn’t so obvious like it is now.  After that I started searching on tumblr and youtube and discovered ARMY who are secretly FBI and there was even more to support this relationship.  If you don’t want to believe in this then don’t, all power to you but don’t knock down any BTS member because of it.  You are not a real fan nor a decent human being if you pull that BS. All BTS are amazing talented individuals who deserve love and respect from us.

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Okay I just really needed to share a quick walkthrough of Link pulling Rhett's hair with someone (and couldn't decide whether an ask or a message was more appropriate). If you rewatch the gif way too many times and watch closely, you see his eyes roll up, a quick sigh, then him stiffen up, then finally Link is pulling "too hard" and then finally Rhett makes him stop

okay but honestly rhett was so into link petting and then pulling his hair like those cheeks do not lie that man was in heaven

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How would the Allies react to a clingy s/o? Not clingy in the sense of "I need to know where you're at, always." But more like if they we sitting on the couch (playing video games, reading, watching tv, etc.) they would always want to sit in their lap. Or put their feet up on their lap. Or at the very least, hold onto their shirt to feel somewhat close to them because tbh, I'm always seeking love and validation.

I also need constant love and validation despite being a rad girl™ so don’t feel bad.

Oh goodness he loves it! Alfred would give every cuddle in the world and let them be beside him through everything.

Matthew loves to be loved, and he loves to love. It’s a great arrangement for him.

He’d think that it’s cute that his s/o likes to sit in his lap and hang onto him.

Honestly, it’d get on his nerves at a certain point. Arthur loves his s/o and would do anything for them, but for the love of god

Yes! Love him! He flourishes when someone adores him!

You can use this big boy as a fucking jungle gym if you want. He doesn’t care because he’s a giant teddy bear. Love him.

you know, I thought if I’ll watch the rest of 10 season’s episodes that I didn’t watch (ones that don’t include Missy and not the first one) so I won’t be so angry. there is no Missy, hah… but fuck.
I mean, okay, well, yes, people can love anything they want to. just… just there is no the Doctor. there is a man who calls himself the Doctor, who doesn’t give a fuck about people, who spends time talking about a kind and good, who abuses Missy. he locks her in the Vault and makes her wait for him like a dog. he doesn’t care about murders, the death of people, his best ‘friend’, nothing at all but himself. sorry. but it’s true. he’s talking about the same things as before but he doesn’t understand them.
a child is gone - but he moves on.
a man is dead now - but he doesn’t even notice.
an alien creature is a danger - he needs to save her.
why? I thought at the first that it was only for one episode. but I can see it now. it’s all about that some creatures are hungry. and hungry seems evil for others. 'cause it’s killing people. all that season is about that killing is not wrong, that bad men are not wrong, they are just alien. not human. see? the Doctor is alien. and he kills people.
maybe, I’m not the one who deserves to talk about that but it’s wrong. the Doctor tells that sometimes he didn’t have another choice, but all I saw - he cares about things, not people. and sometimes people (like Missy) become his things. things only he can play with.
he’s not a gray character. he’s not kind. he’s not a good man. he’s not a God. he’s a self-concentered abuser with a habit of saving some people for feeding his ego.
I love the show, I love the Doctor. but Twelfth’s gone into this and it’s sick. all that show is poison now. and I don’t understand how people can’t see that. it’s all about egoism, fear, self-destruction, god complex, abuse, obsession, imprinting, oh, god… I wonder why I’m still watching it at all. it’s like a wandering across a mad man’s mind and it’s tearing me apart.
it needs a better analyze but I feel sick about this. 'cause I can’t tell every time that he’s not good, he doesn’t care about someone, that he doesn’t know who he is and what he supposed to do and he needs someone to tell him that… it’s in every scene, in every episode. the whole point he’s empty and he’s hungry and he kills people and he’s alien and he hurts everyone in that show. it’s not about living it’s about surviving in every possible way and the only way that the Doctor has now is the death of others. it’s in the script. he’s Valeyard.

What’s it like to be married to Jensen Ackles

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  • You worked as an painter
  • He recognized you, because you painted a mural for one of the producers home
  •  “Are you Cinderella? cause’ I see that dress coming off at midnight” “Is that a new line for Dean” “You just bruised my ego”
  • “I know a way to make it feel” “How” “Do you still have Dean’s hand cuffs?” “Oh you bet I do”
  • Being a close friend to Misha and Jared

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50,88 with chanyeol pls ^^

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

Once more, your boyfriend had lost the keys to the apartment. You were watching as he was trying to sweet talk his way into the building. “If you let me in, I’ll shower you in kisses everyday for a week,” he promised sweetly, which you replied to with a noise of disgust. “Did you just hiss at me?” he exclaimed. “Y/N!” he shouted, looking back to the camera. “Tell me you need me,” you smirked, enjoying his face screw up as he tried thinking of his next plan. 

 “If you don’t buzz me in right now, I’ll make you watch as I throw every drop of ice cream onto the pavement,” he warned. 

EXO reacts to their S/O having a rough day and needing comfort

Please feel free to request anything~!

Hope you like it Anon!



He would feel awful just watching you fall down onto the couch exhausted and with a frown on your face. He would pull you into a tight embrace and the scent and warmth of your boyfriend would make you feel so much better. You two would be so comfortable, you’d both fall asleep on the couch, forgetting about your rough day.

“Aww Jagi, i’m sorry you had such a bad day, come here, ill make you feel better…”

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Fall down seven, stand up eight - Chapter 1

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: nothing at this stage except for talks of slight abuse, burns, swearing, it’ll get better i hope (also no bucky yet wtf)

Word Count: 2433

welcome to the first chapter of my new series! hopefully this doesn’t blow! just a fair warning there will be smut, not in every chapter because that isn’t realistic but have no fear: you’ll get your fix ;) also this is technically an au cause it doesn’t really follow an already standing story line so just go w it. 

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I have watched some of the interviews with Z & T (together, alone, with the SM group, LSB, Disney BTS) and yeah you need to be absolutely blind not to see that those two are definitely in their own bubble even when they're with other people. Yeah they are friends , but there is something more and someone that says they don't see just doesn't want to.

Yep. Even some non-shippers notice it.

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"I didn't mean to leave you alone for so long- come here I missed you" Affection starters? With Hamliza?

Alexander hated storms. And more than he hated storms, he hated being alone in storms. So when Eliza said she needed to go out to get something, it took everything he had not to completely break down as she headed out into the rain. It was a mild enough storm, there wasn’t much thunder, wasn’t any lightening, but the rain still hammered against the windows enough to make him uneasy. 

He tried to drown out the noise by watching television, but every so often a roll of thunder would reach his ears and his grip on the pillow would tighten. So when he heard the front door open, he leaped to his feet and darted down the stairs. He caught himself just as Eliza looked up, her hair plastered to her cheeks. Immediately she noticed the frantic look in Alexander’s eyes and held open her arms, offering a weak smile. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you alone for so long - come here, I missed you.” 

And with that Alexander was in her arms, trembling only slightly being near the still open door, but relaxing as she wrapped her arms around him. 

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There's this guy that wants to message with me (sexting, nudes) to build up some confidence until he comes to my city in october. Should I ask for an allowance or just money for the sexting times? Also, good tips for texting and sexting? Thanks a lot!

I think an allowance for just texting isn’t very reasonable because he won’t want to give you much. You could try, but you would probably make more money charging per nude and for sexting than asking for an allowance. Saying he needs to “build up confidence” sounds like he may be looking for free nudes so watch out and always get the money first. For sexting, you can look up a script online and just copy and paste. It saves so much time and effort.

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You need to start posting more creative nudes. I'm getting bored and am going to unfillow

lmao unfollow and go watch porn