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Day Off

Warning: Slightly NSFW, hints at stuff but nothing more.

Prompt: Hey I love all your writing! I’ve been working like crazy and I feel I like I’m dying if I’m doing honest. I was wondering if you could write something where Jason notices his SO working too hard and he forces her to take a day off with him, tons of fluff. If you can please! Thank you and I love you 💖

Requested by: @cecygee

    The first thing you realize when you wake up is the fact that there are hints of light streaming in through the curtains. The second thing you realize is that there is no blaring alarm going off in your ear. The third and final thing you realize, is that your boyfriend is so curled around you that there is no way to get out of bed without waking him up.

    You try a few different moves, but nothing works. Jason’s arms are around you, his head is resting on your chest, and one of his legs are thrown over both of yours. Finally you give up on being nice and start poking him in the side. His eyes don’t open, but you watch as his lips quirk upwards.

    “Jason, I need to get up and I know you’re awake.” Your eye twitches when he let’s out a fake snore, “Seriously, I need to get to class.”

    You watch his eyes open slowly. He frowns at you, “No.”


    He nods, “No. You’ve been working too hard. You’re getting maybe three hours of sleep a night, and you’re exhausted.”

    You scoff, “You don’t show this kind of concern about Tim.”

    “I’m not in love with Tim, I’m in love with you. And part of being in love is making sure that you take care of yourself. Now you make sure I don’t go out after being shot, and I’m making sure you rest. Missing one day of classes won’t kill you.”

    You purse your lips and stare at him, “I do not appreciate this.”

    He kisses your neck, “Yes you do. Admit it, it was nice not waking up to that stupid alarm.”

    “What did you do to my alarm, Jason?”

    “I threw it out the window. You can thank me later. After we get some more sleep. It’s only eleven.”

    You sigh, “Jason.”

    He kisses you, before rolling on top to straddle your hips, “If you’re really not tired we can find other ways to pass the time.”

    You raise an eyebrow, “I thought I was supposed to be relaxing?”

    He smirks, “You are.”

    Smiling you decide that one day off won’t kill you and might actually be very interesting. 

Every time I see anyone worried about their interests getting them mocked or making them seem unattractive I want to throw shit. Especially if they’re out of High School.

Guys, you’ll seem more attractive and just generally be happier and more active if you aren’t terrified of what people will think about you if you wear that dumb anime t-shirt. As long as you’re making an effort to not be overbearing or an asshat, and keep your interests to an acceptable level for the event you’re attending, you are completely fine. You’ll meet more people, you’ll find that maybe instead of being an introvert you might actually really enjoy talking to other people, you just needed something else in common or have the conversation on your playing field. Instead of saying “oh haha yeah, i uh… i totally like sportsball too!! haha” where everyone can very obviously see you have not a single clue or interest in what they’re talking about, toss in what you were ACTUALLY doing on that Sunday night instead of watching football.

Now, on the other hand you do actually need to not be an asshole in general. See: tumblr bronies. If you’re overbearing with your hobby, no one’s gonna appreciate it. You wouldn’t show up to a job meeting in Eagles’ color body paint and a foam finger, don’t wear that goddamn ahegao shirt, or the politically provocative pony shirt. People aren’t persecuting you for your interests, you’re just being annoying.

Social anxiety is okay, it’s something a lot of people struggle with, but it’s a failing that everyone that has it needs to take steps to fixing. If you really just don’t like talking to people, more power to you, but if you’re the guy that says “i like anime so i guess I’ll just be a virgin forever haha”, quit it. Improve yourself, love yourself, and you might find that maybe life isn’t exactly the horror show you’ve been telling yourself it is.

We’re not here on this Earth for long enough to be scared of what we like.

Y'all need to chill

Listen, it sucks that Ross is having to leave, I loved him as Reggie too. However, y'all are acting like whiny brats over this. Ross has other things that he’s signed on for and that not the show runners fault nor is it Ross’ fault. They probably won’t cast a white gut to play Reggie so calm down. I’m seeing people that are full on saying that they aren’t going to watch the show anymore. Like what the hell? Be upset, but Ross what a minor character this season and, again, it’s not anyone’s fault. I could see you guys being pissed if he was fired but he wasn’t!!!!! Scheduling conflicts got too much in the way and that’s the business. As an actress I understand being over booked and having to leave a production. It sucks and on one wants it to happen, but it does unfortunately. Ross wouldn’t want you guys to be disrespectful about this decision or be rude to the next Reggie. So joke about #notmyreggie for a minute, but then seriously guys, move on. Nothing was malicious. If you’re a real fan of the show then you’ll continue to watch. If your going to leave the show because of something no one could prevent then you were never a real fan to begin with.


I haven’t actually watched Call the Midwife in so long ahh! The end of the semester has been kicking my ass but good news, this is my last week of class & I only have 2 finals next week! So I’ll be able to relax a bit and go back to being ctm trash™ later next week + I also convinced my mom to buy the books so I can read those when I get home too. Anyways, I have a break in between my second and last class & instead of being productive/working on all the assignments I have due this week I’m going to watch 4.06 (I closed my eyes and picked from the episode guide lol) because it’s been far too long! 😭👏🏼📺 ✨ here goes nothing, I’m officially back to annoying you all with my commentaries™ 💁🏼

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listen i have tv shows to watch tonight so if they could hurry up with the upload and put everyone out of their misery that’d be great

i’m really nervous and ik there’s no reason to be but it’s happened anyway

a thank you

I’ve just recently hit 222 followers which I think is a cool number. I wasn’t planning on making a milestone post like this (if I was then I’d have done it at 200 which is an arguably cooler number) but I did want to take the time to thank a very lovely person and figured this was the occasion for it.

I started this blog in February and only got into the supernatural fandom a short while before that (though i’ve been watching the show on and off for a few years now). @pixikinz welcomed me into the cult fold with constant and consistent kindness.

She has been extremely encouraging and generous towards me (a little too much tbh, i dont deserve it i am a garbage human [i dont even take the time to capitalise my “i”s]) and she is this way with just about everyone else.

Always there when I need a chat, always there when I need to shoot the shit. Showing me the ropes from the get go and supporting this silly little thing I do called fanfiction. I’m grateful I stumbled on her in this massive online world and im grateful she decided to befriend me.

Because of her I was able to meet other lovely people, that’s you guys.

This post isn’t much. What it is, is an overdue and well-deserved thank you.

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Korean Entertainment Reporters Talking About BTS

(Subtitles available in Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish. English subtitles are not totally correct, I’ll add a new version of English subtitles later. In the meantime, I have translated a few highlight points below.)

Update: Added English subtitles (choose English (United States) to turn on).

(The video features 2 Korean reporters, reporter Jung Hyung who is currently an entertainment reporter, and reporter Kim Hyung - a former entertainment reporter and is currently a movie reporter.)

1. Jung Hyung: “I interviewed BTS before and also after they became this popular, and recently I came to their concert too. At the press conference, Rap Monster said that they want to go on an US stadium tour next time, and they want to invite the reporters who have been watching their growth to the stadium.”

2. Jung Hyung: “I talked about this on our channel once before. There’s a really cute story which is, BTS couldn’t get first place on music shows for a while. So before they release ‘I Need You’ and ‘Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa’, they said it’s their wish to win first place on a music show. I asked them “If you win first place, is there anything you want from your agency?” and they answered that they want to have a foot bath massager. They said if they win first place this time, the company must buy them a foot bath massager. And after that BTS really won first place with the album.”

Donggun: “Did they get it?”

Jung Hyung: “They didn’t. But I guess they can buy one with their own money now.”

3. Jung Hyung: “BTS is one of the groups that make us happy as we interview them. Especially Rap Monster and Suga, these two talk about music a lot. It’s not easy to keep on talking about music when interviewing idol groups. Because idols overall are like works, their visuals, from top to toe. Normally there’s quite a lot of things to talk about besides music, so we don’t really talk about music much. But since BTS produce their own album and write their own songs, they really love talking about music.”

4. Jung Hyung: “There’s a thing that made me impressed. The recent press conference took place when BTS was caught in many issues, like the ‘Not Today’ lyrics controversy. They must have predicted that there would be questions for them, so they prepared this much A4-paper document. (3:09).”

Donggun: “Who? Which member?”

Jung Hyung: “Rap Monster.”

5. Kim Hyung: “Surprisingly, entertaiment reporters get boycott a lot too. Like we are asked not to ask this and that kind of questions even at press conferences. Or if they feel like a question will be asked, they avoid it and act according to the script. The MC would pass that question and the celebrity would use a prepared speech. Or they tell the reporters before the press conference. Even though BTS became world stars, they prepare so eagerly for questions that bring them disadvantages. It’s hard to see such case.”

6. Jung Hyung: “One of the reasons that BTS win favor from people in the industry and reporters is that they understand the relationship between celebrities and reporters are like partners. Some people think reporters attack them, but BTS understand and think of reporters as the ones who help them. With that kind of partnership, as they grow bigger and bigger, us reporters are proud too.”

7. Donggun: “Is there any group that can receive high praise for their personalities like BTS?”

Kim Hyung: “I don’t think there’s anyone like BTS. I mainly work with the movie field, so when I heard today’s topic is about BTS, I asked the music field reporters, BTS fans and my friends ‘Why do you like BTS?’. The first thing they replied was because BTS are kind. You know they are a group known for their performances, but the first thing people answered was that they’re kind and have good personalities. They said BTS are so pure that they can’t be called top stars, and that it’s their charming point.”

Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/03 (p10-11)

The second part of the episode commentary by Mitsurou Kubo! I have now fixed it with all the italic & bold parts as in the magazine (in the magazine they are actually bold & bolder). If you have any questions please send me a private message and I’ll reply when I have some time.

You can find the first commentary about episodes 1-6 here.

Just a note: when she quotes lines from the episodes I’m not using any of the “official” English translations, I’m translating them as I would translate them myself, so they might not be like you are used to hear them, but I think you will understand which lines they are anyway.

The translation is under the cut because it’s long.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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I am so done with this show. This is not what I started watching #Supergirl to see. Supergirl is not a babysitter. Having her look after some guy while HE has a hero’s journey betrays all that the show proclaimed itself 2 be from conception, to marketing, to the strongest ideas it had on display in Season 1. This show is about women and was supposed to stand out from the rest of the superhero shows by being built around one. It didn’t need a male lead going through a hero’s journey. That’s what Arrow was, that’s what Flash is, that’s what Nate’s entire story on Legends of Tomorrow is! But now somehow Berlanti Productions, Warner Brothers and The CW have decided it does need a male character going through his origin story and that it’s female lead just isn’t going to cut it because they rushed her origin too quickly, a decision THEY are responsible for and didn’t seem to be too worried about at the time.

I can’t support this and I have *literally* zero interest in watching this show waste its time on this character.  I’m out.

AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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  • Usnavi: Good job, Sonny.
  • Sonny: Thanks, dad.
  • *silence*
  • Sonny: ...Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Vanessa: You just called Usnavi 'dad'.
  • Sonny: What? No, I didn't! I said 'Thanks, man'!
  • Usnavi: Do you...see me as a father-figure, Sonny?
  • Sonny: NO! If anything, I see you as a 'bother figure' cause you're always bothering me!
  • Benny: Hey! Show your father some respect!
  • Sonny: I DIDN'T CALL HIM 'DAD'!
  • Usnavi: No, Sonny, I take it as a compliment.
  • Carla: It's not a big deal! I call my girlfriend 'Mommy' sometimes.
  • Sonny: *points to Carla* Guys! Jump on that!
  • Daniela: Old news! You calling Usnavi 'daddy'-
  • Sonny: HEY! 'Daddy' is NOT on the table here!
  • Pete: You still called him 'dad'.
  • Sonny: NO, I DIDN'T!
  • Usnavi: Well, I believe you...
  • Sonny: Thank you!
  • Usnavi: ...Son...
  • *pause*
  • Usnavi: Do you want to talk about it later, over a...game of catch?
  • Sonny: ...I'd like that.

(Jimin’s crush comes over to his house to help him out after he suffers an injury that leaves him with limited use of both hands.)

Warnings: 6000+ words of smut, Jimin POV, I’ll let you guess what kind of smut takes place

“I can’t believe you managed to injure both of your hands on the same day.” Hoseok’s girlfriend, Sophie, stifled a laugh while she said it. “I can’t tell if you are dumb or just unlucky.”

 Jimin sighed.  He had been stupid and drunk when he and Jungkook went out into the street to play with fireworks.  One went off too close to his hand, burning his right palm requiring a trip to the emergency room where his injury was cleaned and bandaged.  The doctor gave him a lecture about drunk people and explosives and how fortunate he was not to have blasted off his fingers.            

While exiting the hospital, Jimin immediately tripped over the curb and landed with his full weight onto his left hand resulting in a small fracture and return trip to the emergency room to get a splint to immobilize his other hand.   Now, every time Jimin saw someone, he had to suffer the embarrassment of explaining what happened. People had a hard time not laughing when they heard how he managed to get hurt twice in one day.

 “Does it hurt much?” you asked him.

“Not really. As long as I don’t bump into anything or use my fingers too much, it’s okay.” At least you seemed to be genuinely concerned about his well-being. That’s one of the reasons Jimin liked you, you always seemed caring and sincere.  The other main reason he liked you was because he thought you were incredibly hot.  There were plenty of nights Jimin stayed up fantasizing about what it would feel like to be with you.  He wanted to ask you out, but had been waiting until there was some indication that you were even the slightest bit interested in him.  He was starting to think that maybe he had a chance with you, but he felt neutered with his injuries, unable to do things like casually touch you and see how you would respond to his advances.  Jimin resolved to make a move as soon as he had full use of his hands again.

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My thoughts on 13 Reasons Why Characters (Contains Spoilers)

Hannah Baker: I hate everything that happened to Hannah.Those terrible scenes just grabbed my heart and crumbled it into dust. She went through so much and felt like she had no one to talk to. Majority of her friends just betrayed her except for Clay Jenkins. The only thing about Hannah that I found messed up about her was that she pushed away the one person that actually wanted to be there for her. 

Clay Jensen: I felt bad for him, having to hear about the awful things done to the person he loved and watching him struggle to try and get justice for her. I just wished he was able to overcome the fear he had when talking to Hannah and told her how he really felt. There was that moment where he was a dick to her when she tried to talk about the car accident and he completely shut her down. 

Tony: Ever since the beginning i got this mysterious vibe off Tony and i didn’t really like it but i realized it was all for Hannah and honoring what she wanted, I’m really glad he decided to show Ms. Baker the tapes even though I was dying for him to tell her sooner.

Jeff Atkins: OMG WHY?!? JUSTICE FOR JEFF TOO! He had absolutely nothing to do with the tapes and all he wanted was Clay to be happy and to be with Hannah. He was such a sweet guy who definitely didn’t need to go. 

Jessica Davis: I loved her, then i hated her, and then I felt really bad for her and like Hannah I hope Jessica gets the justice she deserves. I really liked her at the beginning, she was such a cool person and her and Hannah were so so similar. They had that friendship, where you can consider each other sisters. But then I hated how she automatically blamed Hannah instead of Alex for the list that he made and then blamed her for end of their break-up. She didn’t even try to listen to Hannah. And I hated that she didn’t want to see justice for a girl who was once her friend. But then it all started to make sense and it was because she was fed a soup full of lies by her boyfriend. 

Justin Foley: I feel like Justin Foley actually does have a good heart but he just didn’t make the right decisions. I loved how much he cared about Jessica but what he did to her was completely awful. But, it killed me when he called out to his mom after her boyfriend just choked her son and she just walked away. And what really also got to me was when he told Jessica about almost jumping and said he couldn’t because he was thinking about her almost made me forget about what he did but then Jessica told him off, and I remembered the pain he helped cause her. It’s clear that what he did was eating him up inside (as it should) and now he just has to live with that

Bryce aka dickshit: FUCK HIM. HOPE HE CREMATES IN HELL. If you watched the show, i’m pretty sure this is all I need to say about that disgusting animal. 

Courtney Crimsen: Hate her. Hated her. And still hate her. I understand she didn’t want people knowing she was lesbian but that was no reason to throw Hannah under the bus. Coming out is hard, especially when you go to school with a bunch of judgmental, immature idiots but that’s still not a justification for what she did. And then i absolutely hated her when she tried to stand up and protect Bryce like he wasn’t a rapist who raped not only Hannah but Jessica too. I get she was lying to herself about him not be a rapist so she wouldn’t have to consider herself a lesbian but she just needed to finally admit the truth to herself. 

Sheri: I liked her and….. i don’t hate her. She should’ve called the cops but I understand her reasons her hitting and running a stop sign. She was scared. But she should’ve never left an slightly intoxicated Hannah there after she offered her a ride. But i do feel like Sherri has her heart in the right place by hanging around the old man who got in the accident and by finally going to the police. 

Alex Standall: I hated him for making the list and letting Jessica be mad at Hannah for it. But he was the only one who actually had a brain in the ‘lets take Clay down so the world won’t know about all the horrible things we’ve done” group. He was the first one to actually wanted to tell the truth and accept the punishments. He was also a sweet character and I really hope he isn’t dead. 

Zach: I thought he was sweet too. But i didn’t like how he didn’t speak up for Hannah and actually take into consideration that she needed help, but i can’t really blame him for the fact that he was scared and it’s hard to know that there’s something wrong with someone and actually being able to help them. Knowing that there’s something really dark about a person and just freezing up with fear and not knowing what to do. And what people do in situations like this is they take the easy way out and just ignore it and act like it never happened. But i truly think he actually liked Hannah. 

Tyler: Fucking creep. Seriously he should have his camera shattered into a million and one pieces. And i know this is just a theory but i just wanna put this out there and most of you are probably thinking this too but i’m pretty sure Tyler shot Alex. He had all those guns and he took down Alex’s picture. It makes sense. Anyways, i don’t understand why he was trying so hard to try and get into the  ‘lets take Clay down so the world won’t know about all the horrible things we’ve done” group. I think he’s a psychopath and that side of him will unravel in season two of this show.  

Marcus Cole: I thought he was actually a nice guy when he asked Hannah to go out with him and then once he came and hour late and sexually assaulted Hannah that’s when I hated him. He cared wayy to much about his reputation. 

Ryan: self-centered douche bag. The only moment i’ll applaud him is when he shut Courtney down when she tried to deny Bryce was a rapist. I saw his point on having her poem open to the world and about her struggles reaching out and connecting to other people’s problem but it was personal and he should’ve asked for permission. 

Mr. Porter: What’s the point of having a guidance counselor if they’re not going to help guide you out of your problems?? I’m happy he felt bad for not being able to stop what Hannah did to herself. Out of all these people, he was the only one that actually gets paid to help people out of their problems   

A very long time ago @jennthereaper and @simplyn2deep both sent me this prompt, and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long, but the other day I was finally inspired to take a stab at it. I hope you enjoy!

From The Way You Said “I Love You” 

#26 Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave

Please, Derek, please, I–“ Stiles chokes back the beginnings of tears and clutches harder at the sleeve of Derek’s jacket. He’s on his knees, having tripped in his scramble to get to Derek from the other side of the loft. “I love you, okay? And I’m sorry I didn’t say it before, I’ve been a coward about this whole thing, but I love you. And I know you love me too. I know you do, and I need you not to leave like this, fuck, Derek, please don’t do this.”

Derek stares down at him for a long time, heart clenched in his throat.

And then he looks up at where the other Stiles is pursing his lips in a hard frown as he watches the scene.

“It isn’t real?” Derek asks for the hundredth time since the other Stiles, the real Stiles, showed up in this apparent dreamscape.

Stiles shakes his head stiffly.

The Stiles on the floor is still pleading with him around tears, but the noises of his despair are starting to fade, as if Derek were now hearing him from a distance. Even his heartbeat, a sound that Derek has been clinging to as an anchor for what feels like forever, begins to disappear.

Derek swallows and steels himself against feeling anything more than determination to get through this newest mess.

“What now?” he asks, tone clinical and firm.

Stiles answers him in a similar tone, his expression betraying nothing about what’s going on in his own head. A far cry from the Stiles that Derek first met a couple years ago, terrified and mouthy and young. “Now you wake up.”

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I know I am a handful.
I need reassurance and sometimes I’m emotionally empty. Everyone has their highs and lows. I’ve been to some dark places, but I’ve been to some heavenly places as well. But I just want someone who chooses me too.
I don’t love mediocrely or half-assed.
I want to love you unconditionally. I’ll always choose you, even if there are days or a time you can’t choose me. I want to love you on the good days, the bad days, even the days where you’re unsure. I’d stay with you at odd hours just to know you’re okay, it doesn’t matter the time, I’ll be patient with your soul. I’ll listen to you, if you’re crying, angry, even silence if you have nothing to say. I want you to be able to tell I love you, but if you need reassurance I want to be able to give you that too.
I want to show you that passion exists within the small things. I’ll fall in love with your little things. Your freckles beneath my fingertips that connect like constellations which forms you into my universe. The color of your eyes, the way they focus and watch me. The curve of your lips, that tell a story. I don’t want to fall in love with you, with the touch of my hand but in fact with my soul.
You’ll be cherished, regardless of your past.
And every spark, flame, or current has a chance to burn out, or to stop. Because love is anything but perfect. And neither are we.
but we can grow together. become better individuals. And if it ever comes to an end at least we took the risk to fall in love. And maybe we found a piece of ourselves.
And I believe you won’t need a holiday like valentine’s day to feel my love for you, because I’ll try my hardest every day to show you, maybe through ink spilled pages, love letters to you of whom I’ve yet to meet. And when we collide, I’ll try not to make it such a cliché.
—  S.S. Ink stained pages of love letters to someone I haven’t met yet.