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Cis-Swap Challenge: Isaac Santiago Taveras –> Isis Sancia Taveras

Hello ^_^; I was tagged in the Cis-Swap challenge by @simerse, @boxofsims, and @lyrea. There might have been others too, but I took so long to do this that I’ve lost the tags in my activity feed *hides in shame*

Fhfdjkfks anyway I decided to cis-swap Isaac! I call her Isis, hehe, and damn she’s a stunner! Anywayyyyy, thank you for tagging me you wonderful people you!! *GROUP HUG* <3333333333

I’m pretty sure most people who wanted to do this have already done so, but just in case, I tag @slytherinpixels, @winterspixels, @doka-chan, and @nisukiye to do this challenge, though of course if you’ve already done it or don’t care to do so no problem! *slips back into the hell of grad school* >.<

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If i remember right, the sailor moon RPG had massive stat gains. I remember laughing at something like "You gained one level, attack went up by 15. " Apparently Sailor Mercury is one of the best characters in the game though, as one of her attacks completely ignores defense. Though her solo chapter was by far the hardest, and they really should have had her traveling with someone else, or had some npc help. LIke, some sort of squirrel joins you and then helps you beat that boss.

It took me by surprise that her chapter was so difficult, because the rest of the game is so intuitive and accurately scaled to fit your skill level. Mercury is a great character for defense, except when she’s forced to play alone and thERE’S NO ONE TO DEFEND

re-designing my old PZPTH OC 👌🏻 👀

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ahhh thanks for answering! Can you make a full tutorial? Thank you!!! :)


I think it’s best to start with Allura’s coloring, since this one’s more tricky. 

I think this would also be a very interesting tutorial for those who want to edit/gif POC but fear they might accidentally whitewash them due to the ligher effects. Well, fear not, because there is, in fact, a way to make everything pretty and pastel and still make your character’s skin tone as dark and consistent as it originally was.

So here’s the gif we’re going to start with.

And with the effects applied, it looks like this:

As you can see, I managed to make Allura’s entire surrounding pastel, including her eyes and clothes, without making drastic changes to her skin color. Her skin is slightly more reddish and darker, but that’s because of the coloring rather than the lighting-effects.

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Pyra, from Xenoblade Chronicles 2! 

Despite needing a few tweaks, I actually really like her original design! I think its cute, especially the scarf things. But, I think it would look better if it were more of a jumpsuit to match Rex, so i changed it up a bit.

Like most, I’m really not pleased with them hiring a hentai artist who just recycled the designs of the female characters (Pyra included) from previous works to do character design. The outfits I actually don’t think are too bad, but its a real shame at least 2 of the characters are almost copies from other works. That said, I like how bright and fun the anime style is, and though I’d change a few things I still mostly like the way the characters look. I’m disappointed that people are already hating on the game for a few poor design choices, especially when everything else in the game looks great. So many positives but all I see are the few negatives, and the game isn’t even out.  Plus, that soundtrack is amazing!