i need to try this again

theres a reason sonny makes vanessa’s coffee

(this is right before usnavi definetly calls nina for help with complex cinnamon mathematics, to which shes like “…you know i study english right? but its like a sprinkle?”)

Okay, everyone, in the event that anything politically-oriented gets posted on this blog again, I’ll be using the tag “star wars is political”

I’m tagging it because I know a lot of people come into fandom spaces to escape what’s going on in the world and I respect that.

I try to keep the non-fandom content on here to a minimum, so I don’t know how often that tag is actually gonna get used, but it’ll be there for people who need to blacklist it.

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I headcanon Tim with a bit of a stutter, it comes out a lot when he's thinking too fast and he's trying to say his ideas, when he's panicking, and when he's angry.

I can see that. Tim strikes me as the kid who works hard on being precise and articulate and normally is, but when he’s emotional or overly tired or thinking too fast for his mouth to keep up, it just all comes out in a burst of words and stutters and generally a mess. Once he kind of gets it out, he just kind of mentally cringes and tries to reshuffle and try again only actually understandable. Friends and family know when Tim slips into his stuttering gibberish a) he’s upset/tired and needs a little TLC and for the love of god put him to bed or b) listen to what he says cause he’s probably discovered something critical and is too busy processing it all to get it out cleanly.


Hello everyone. I am back from my trip home. I got back yesterday but I was so jet lagged from the flight I had to sleep for a long time. There was a lot of hugging and kissing and crying as I left my family, so I am feeling a little blue. I know I will see them again next Christmas but still sad.  

I also want to say thank you to all the people who stayed with the blog and sent me nice messages. I am going to go over all the messages I got, but it will take sometime as there are more than 300 messages.

I am going to try to start doing captions again but that might take a week or more. I need to get all the messages done and I have a lot of catching up to do for school. I also don’t have any pictures or captions written up. So that will take time to find pictures and do the captions while I do all the school work I have.

I want to say thank you to all the nice people that support the blog and make tumblr a fun experience for me.

Sorry that it took so long to come back. Sorry for the disappointment. 

Kisses XOXO

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Do you do commissions? I'm sorry if that's a dumb or disrespectful question, I'm new here and I'm really in love with your art style! Have a lovely day!

I do yes! but I haven’t opened them in FOREVER….. I’m really bad in finding time to do them but I will open them… eventually…. meaning hopefully when school is over which would be in april…. I promised during the break but i needed a break from drawing so I know I’m bad just slap me if I try to push it again :P

not to sound like a whiny bitch but after tonight’s episode I think it’s pretty clear how ridiculous the Kara/Mon-el pairing is. She asked him to go to the DEO because she needed them to know where she was heading, but no he followed her and then fucked it all up. When she pointed out his mistake he blatantly said “it doesn’t matter whose fault it is”, because obviously it was his. Kara getting electrocuted in front of his eyes and him laying there and watching? The epitome of selfishness. But obviously the last scene of him realizing that he wants to be a hero will once again shadow all the bad shit he did and will still be doing. I’m not trying to hate but if really they are planning on making them a couple, he needs to have a true glow up because homegirl deserves more than that. Actually she deserves her own storyline, the show is called after her for a reason, it’s Supergirl not Supergirl and selfish Mon-el.

Monday Morning PSA

I think I’ve finally got my head back on straight. I spent a much needed night away with my mom and aunt on Saturday and I feel like I’m ok again. That being said, I do have the motivation to write. With that, though, means that there will be some changes coming to the blog.

I’m starting to realize that my work has been suffering because I’ve been feeling like I need to write something to get it posted. Due to that I am going to try and get back to writing for me. Meaning that I will be writing what is inspiring me and that’s it – so there may be lengthy stretches of time between the posting of the next parts of series. All in all, I really think this is going to benefit all of us. I will be much happier with my writing and what I’m putting out and you guys will be getting the quality of writing that you followed for. 

On top of that I will say that there will be a lot more Cas/Misha on this blog now. My inspiration and focus has been there lately so that’s really all I want to be writing. I’m not saying I will no longer write Dean/Jensen or Sam/Jared, I’m just saying it probably won’t be as often as it was before.

I’ve also decided that once I complete the two challenges I signed up for I will no longer be signing up for challenges. I’ve noticed that they tend to stress me out because I have to reach a deadline and then I end up with writers block that trickles down into literally all of my other writing. So, no more challenges for me. If you tag me in your challenge posts I will gladly reblog them to signal boost.

One last thing and then this long ass post will be over. I’m going to be revamping my master list. I’m feeling like it’s a little cluttered and confusing so, once I make a few graphics I will be splitting it up into character/actor rather than the jumble its in now. Hopefully that will make it easier for you guys to find stuff.

It feels good to be back. 

I love you all! xoxox

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Ya know for chapter 17 of KS I want Bum drunk. Like. He starts throwing hands like drunk. He literally starts a fight with Sangwoo and hits him with his crutch and starts yelling about how Sang is gonna lock him in the basement again. No one knows how to handle him cause anyone that comes near gets hit with the crutch. Then the cops come to take him away, although Sang might try and intervene Yang just so happens to be there and sees how much Sang is trying to take Bum so he makes up some BS excuse about how they need Bum to spend the night at jail for his own protection and Sang’s. Sang then tries to say how he’ll go with him but his friends start to question why. While that’s happening Yang straight up kidnaps Bum to ask him about Sangwoo.

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It's truly appalling. Funny how it's the woman they're laying the blame on (when THEY were the ones getting their followers hopes up) and accusing her of essentially being so manipulative that she would be seen with the cast of the crown to fuck with David??? These people (person) need help. Or a hobby.

Okay. I don’t want to get all wrapped up in this discussion because, quite honestly, they are not worth my time and effort. But I do find it extremely disheartening how what is happening in the XF fandom is such a microcosm of the current state of American political leadership in terms of the normalisation of 1.) misogyny; and 2.) fake news. 

Two days following such a wonderful rally supporting women, we again have this bullshit blog trying to blame a woman for their own misleading information and fraud. The fact they are trying to damage the personal reputation of a woman who admirably campaigns for other women, who has a whole book coming up about how women need to support one another more - rather than take responsibility for their own actions and apologise - turns my stomach. 

We also have a U.S. president arguing the clear and obvious facts of the fucking crowd at this inauguration. It’s totally absurd. Yet, here we are on Tumblr, with people still eating up “alternative truths” about David and Gillian, denying what’s right in front of their faces. 

Though I agree in the philosophy of not indulging those who clearly yearn attention, I also feel I have to address this downright desperate and ludicrous attempt to reestablish credibility with this fandom. It insults our intelligence, the integrity of the celebrities involved, and tarnishes the decency of the XF fandom on Tumblr. I openly and loudly reject any association whatsoever with @ill-show-you-later. As far as I am concerned, they are an embarrassment in our fandom, a contradictory presence to the love, respect, admiration and support we generally offer David and Gillian, personally and professionally. They play no part in defining my community, my fandom, my X-Files, or my version of Gillovny. 

Patience My Loves!

Hey all!! I know I already apologized for being behind but again, please forgive me and I ask for your patience. I know everyone is excited for their favorite series/requests to get updated but I really am trying my hardest. I wish I could write and write all day or get things done in 20 minutes but it’s not that easy!

I also wasn’t planning on having a migraine all yesterday and the better part of today :(

Please understand that I still need to do things like eat, shower, spend time with my fiance and friends, study for my certification and work!! I really have been trying to write my butt off.

Thanks again for following me and supporting me and being awesome.


Sorry for, again, not getting to the story, lovelies. Since I’ve been so sick, I might need to hold off on trying to pretend I can update what I have listed to do and just do what I can manage. @_@; It’s hard to focus on a single request, it seems.

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My chest congestion got so bad last Saturday I had to call out from work and remain in bed, unable to nearly breathe.  It was causing such bad panic attacks on my part, my roommate was about to insist I go to the hospital, but I am a pain in the ass and when my wallet is low, I just can’t. I’d rather tempt fate than be in debt, to be honest. (This is why my lovers want to kill me sometimes lol).

But I am taking it easy. I know a few people think I am not, but I dunno—I am just stubborn. If I stop, lie in bed, and just try to heal, I get negative thoughts assaulting me, and I don’t know what is worse: lying there dying from whatever this is or having depression assault me.

@kardeshood I’ll add more to it when I am able, hon. I try to make these responses as brief as possible or under one page because if people want more, they can ask for an imagines/reader request where I go nuts. Also, I like to leave some parts up to people to fill in, but if you want more, I’ll get to it when able and reblog it. ♥

@afterglowingassassin I saw you tagged me in something, and I sadly didn’t get to it in time. My message list floods up sometimes, and it becomes a challenge for me to find things again on my computer as I don’t use my phone much for surfing (mainly because I want to avoid political stuffs and tumblr savior only works on my computer xD). I do thank you for the call out, hon. Super sweet. ♥

I’ll get to what I can this week, but I am not making promises right now. My apologies, loves—artwork is just a bit faster for me and soothing sometimes, so that’s where my focus has been, or little short stories.

Thanks again for your well wishes~.

~Oreana Galena

it feels nice but also hurts a lot to see pictures of my car still being reblogged around

the car is still in front of my house covered with a tarp im sure when its time to let it go imma be bawling like a mofo

what helped me deal with this was a shit ton of overwatch, anime, chatting with friends and i guess reading a lot of doujins

well, time to move on ahead and find more practical things to look forward to, like make myself feel better and care for my health better than how i used care for my car, maybe ill even workout and *gasp* care about 3d girls more

got my couple choices in next car now time to make monies and get it and try to do cool car things again hopefully soon but before that i need to refocus on school since i totally lost the drive to go to classes and to study, the escapism is real lol.

ill probably go back on here more once i figure out on classes and school things

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I need to see a psychiatrist, but in the past therapists and psych.s have said that they don't believe that I am autistic. I hate when they say that- it's actually horrible for my mental health for them to say such things. It confuses me and makes me doubt myself and the psychologist who tested and diagnosed me. I don't want to waste time making appts with a psych who will say that. What to ask when I call a new psychiatrist? Meds affect me strongly & they need to know that & take it seriously.

I understand why you would be hesitant to see a psychiatrist again. It’s hard to try again when past experiences have been bad.

I would recommend shopping around for psychiatrists. Start with some internet research. Your insurance companies website should provide you with a list of doctors who are covered in your area. Once you know who’s covered, start googling them. Vitals.com is a great site for seeing reviews and ratings of different doctors/psychiatrists. This will give you a starting place to weed out the bad ones.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list a bit, start calling different psychiatrists. Let them know that you would like to interview the psychiatrist to see if they would be a good fit for you. If you are immediately turned down for this request, that is probably not the right psych for you. Some may want to do phone or email interviews while others may want you to come in for an appointment but leave plenty of time for your questions.

When you interview the psychiatrist, ask them whatever questions feel important to you. I would suggest asking something along the lines of “What is your philosophy on autism?” or something of the sort. You can explain that you are very sensitive to meds and ask what their approach will be to ensure you are safe. Ask as many questions as you need to. 

If by the end of the interview you know that this person isn’t a good fit for you, thank them for their time, but decline to schedule a future appointment. You can always say “I have a few other interviews, but I’ll let you know.” if you’re uncomfortable letting them down directly.

If it went well, then yay! Schedule another appointment and start treatment. 

Finding a good psychiatrist can be really hard, but when you find the right person it’s totally worth it. 

Good luck!


I feel so empty and lost without you, you were supposed to be my best friend and maybe even more, but more and more now we go nearly the whole day without even saying hello to each other, and i cant live like this much more, you’re the biggest part of my life and yet it seems like you’re just trying to get rid of me. I just want you to say something anything to me even if it’s to tell me how much you hate me i dont care i just need some sort of answer, you’re breaking my heart again, as you always seem to do.

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Hey rey, I really need to clear things up with you the day I called you senpai I was trying to be funny because my girlfriend had just broken up with me again, I'm really sorry if I had said anything that may of hurt you when i was @/semi-sucks or @/f*cking-kiill-me i feel like the biggest peice of sh*t for doing what i did. the anon was my friend she told me a week after shes sorry too i don't think i can approach you anymore because of what i did.

boi. It’s fine! Don’t worry about it. I usually don’t really care much about being called senpai anymore *hugs* you can come talk with me whenever you want Semi. You’re my friend. And something dumb like this won’t change the fact that I like you! Don’t worry about it! ^^

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Why does jackbum need to be lowkey when jinson or markjin or even jackyeom lately dont hold back or need to be lowkey? Why must we jackbum fans miss out?😑 this kinda ship fanservice helps the popularity of got7. I really wonder what happened to stop jackbum PDA and why they stopped all of a sudden? Anyways it was soo good to see some jackbum moments again. I hope we get some more .

well if you think they have something indeed, you can think like me and some other people, that they are trying to be subtle. But if not, I don’t know what possible excuse would fit. As the pda, I think is going to be more rare from now on, so I’m prepared to all the comments like the ones that I received back then when I first made this blog lmao.

Commentary thoughts for GMM 1057

The first one I guessed the same as Link and when it turned out true I yelled “What?!” Loudly with him. It’s 5am and everyone’s asleep. Whoops.

I love the innuendos oh gosh. And commercials again. Did they binge watch boner pill commercials or something?

Link, man! Rhett was trying to HAND them to you!

Rhett slapping Link’s shoulder 💙

Link taking a text in the middle of the show. 💙💙

“spray someone gay” OH my god

“Gay spray. A good title for a bad idea” I hurt myself laughing and had to pause oh gosh.

“Punish me” okay Link

I need malic acid. I love sour things. I spit out warheads after the initial sour wears off and even then they aren’t that sour to me. I’ve on many occasions eaten sour candy till my mouth bled.

“He’s been through a lot” lol

All of the eye rolls from Link though.

… OH those mouth stretches….

I was kinda worried for him though. That is kinda on the slightly dangerous side. He literally poured acid into his mouth.
As I said before my mouth bled from that shit once.

But anyway…

Link getting them shoved in his mouth…

I hope he brushed the hell out of his teeth.

He was so cute near the end though. Honestly.

Keith and Shiro’s bond is stronger than we realize.

So after finishing season two not even 12 hours after it aired, and with many things becoming canon (aka Galra Keith), I had to go back to the first episode to watch it all again and actually understand every detail.

So we all know that Keith and Shiro were left stranded in a rocky planet full of lizard-like creatures that are not friendly at all. We see an injured Shiro, a distraught Keith and more importantly: both of them trying to desperately find each other. We see Shiro at his most vulnerable and Keith going through as many obstacles as needed: jumping across a void, running through geisers, almost dying…

He even has Shiro’s words in his mind all the time:

Let’s remember that Shiro BARELY remembers who Keith is, and their past together, in the Garrison or wherever it took place, is unclear. But Keith obviously remembers Shiro since the beginning, which is obvious since S01E01, when he rescues Shiro.

This conection, I’m positive, is bigger than what he has with Lance, Pidge or Hunk. I mean, sure, he has a bond with his fellow paladins, but hear me out: Shiro is his priority.

His connection and bond with Shiro comes from even before the other paladins even met.

Let’s start by one of the biggest moments: the Black Lion.

When Shiro is baldy hurt and in critical danger because of the alien lizards, the Lion, the one that was barely loyal to Shiro and even had an inclination for Zarkon, is still unactive while its paladin is near death. We all know Shiro had issues with his Lion that continue to develop, but what happens as soon as Keith tries to make contact with the Black Lion?

It recieves Keith. It lets Keith take control and safe Shiro. It let another paladin that had a totally different Lion hop in and take control.

You could say “yeah, Black did it for Shiro, it needed someone to control it to act and Keith was the only one, so it had no choice”, but let’s remember that Red could act without a pilot whenever Keith was in danger various times through the season. That either means that Keith has an outstanding connection to the Lions (which is totally possible, considering that he was the one to find the Blue Lion first), or the Black Lion recognized Shiro and Keith’s bond and trusted, I repeat, trusted Keith enough to control him, just as Shiro completely trusts Keith.

Which means that Shiro and Keith’s bond is gigantic, and perhaps one of the strongest within the paladins.

Also, the infamous quote:

There it is. It’s obvious. Shiro has all his trust placed on Keith, who he doesn’t even remember properly. And, oh, when did he say this? Right after he saw Keith and the Black Lion’s connection, and saw that Keith was able to lead the Black Lion without any issues, and now sees that Keith could lead Voltron.

And it’s not even a thing that happened once. It’s not just Shiro being delirious and wounded in a stranded planet with little to no hope of being rescued. He even says it again:

It is clear that this was no mistake. Shiro trusts Keith. He would place the huge duty of leading Voltron on him because he knows better than anyone of what Keith is capable, and makes sure that Keith knows.

That is the amount of trust they have in each other.

Second Moment: The Marmora Headquarters.

Now we get to see the bond from both sides: Shiro, worried to death as he sees Keith being beaten up over and over again, and Keith, still having Shiro as a predominant thought.

Shiro obviously doesn’t want Keith to go through the trials. He might die. Voltron would lose a paladin, and most importantly, Shiro might lose one of his most important conections to his past, Keith himself.

But then this scene comes up:

He smiles. There is relieve all over him when he sees Shiro coming to help him. And we know for a a fact that Keith Kogane does not smile often.

We are told that Keith is seeing his hopes and feares being materialized before him. I think the method they use is take the person’s biggest hope, and make that one hope throw all his fears at him. That would make anyone fall into despair, right?

And who is Keith’s biggest hope?


Takashi fucking Shirogane.

He is beaten up, has almost fainted, is losing hope, just wants the truth about his past and himself and where he comes from and who he is. But what does he want over all?

Edit: Shiro’s reaction during this moment.

So, yes, Keith is beaten up. He can barely stand up. He is weak, he is suffering, and Shiro, knowing he is in pain, intervenes without a doubt, and you know why? Because he knows how it feels to have your past torture you, to feel despair, to have your mind attack you, and he won’t let Keith go through that. So he forces his way through soldiers that could easily defeat him, as he is outnumbered, and places his own self in danger.

For Keith.

And as soon as he gets to Keith and has him with him, and he sees a soldier trying to attack Keith to take away the blade, it doesn’t even stop for a second and drops everything to go protect Keith.

To me, that’s who Shiro is: A man, broken and distraught by his past and his trauma, that will defend those he loves without doubting, even if it means that he will get hurt or die. He did the same for Matt in the Galra Prison: he placed himself in danger to save him. He did the same with Allura: he went back for her and got terribly injured in the process.

And now he does it for Keith.

Third point: Keith is growing.

This is an obvious point after he learned his Galra origins. Keith, either because of his new knowledge or because he now knows Shiro sees him as his right hand and possible future leader, becomes warmer, more open, even congratulates his teammates like Shiro does. He grows as a person and becomes more mature despite still being hotheaded:

This could be taken as him learning from Shiro, or trying to follow his advice to become a better person. Whatever it is, Keith is growing so much in a small amount of time. He is no longer a loner emo teen, but is opening to his surroundings and to new people, which we know didn’t happen before in his life since he is an orphan with almost no knowledge of his past, a loner, and a dropout.

If that is not what strong bonds do, then I don’t know what does.

More Moments:

Unlike Allura, who held a grudge against Keith for some episodes due to him having Galra blood in his veins, Shiro never attacked or was afraid of Keith. He knows his buddy is still there, that nothing has changed, and will still be there for him, Galra or not.

Keith is always checking, during battles, that Shiro is okay. He not only intervened in Zarkon’s laser at the end of season one so that he wouldn’t take the Black Lion, but he is, most of the time if not always, the first one to realize that Shiro is in trouble.

Shiro is the only one that says goodbye to him before their individual missions.

He is the first one and the most desperate to reach Shiro’s lion at the end of this season.

He is even placed as the focus of attention when they realize that Shiro is gone.

IN CONCLUSION: Shiro and Keith’s bond was extremely developed in this season and both characters, specially Keith, grew due to that bond. I hope that next season will give us more to this – specially the story of how they met – but this season did a great job developing both characters and making Keith not just a broody, emo boy with almost no time to develop.