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Working yourself up

Wilford X reader

Wilford stared down at the velvet, pink box like it was a shark, or a ghost of a person he’d shot which he now realises was probably inappropriate… he couldn’t help but open it and gaze at the silver ring it held inside, he’d get you a matching gold one for the big day to one up it. He placed the metal in his palm, smiling down at it.

When he heard three unexpected knocks on the bathroom door he’d almost dropped the ring down the toilet as he threw it about trying to stuff it back in the box and hide that too. “Will! I need to go.” Your knocking didn’t cease and as soon as he stuffed the box back in his waistcoat he opened to door for you.

You eyed him suspiciously. “What were you doing in there?” You asked. “You don’t ever even need to use the bathroom.” Wilford tried to play it cool. “Can’t a man just freshen up for his date?” He slurred, but he was clearly sweating head to toe which made you raise your eyebrow. “Are you okay?” He waved his hands in front of him reassuringly, but not convincingly. “Yes yes, don’t worry, everything’s fine.” He said, choking on his words. “And you’re not planning on dying tonight, are you?” He tried a whole-hearted laugh. “Nah.” He cringed, because that sounded way too casual but you interrupted “because I’ve been very hyped for tonight, and I don’t want your death ruining my fun.” His face shot to yours “Really? You’ve-you’ve been excited for tonight?!” He asked wanting to further ask ‘why? What do you know?! Have you already planned a no answer and just want to embarrass me in public?! And who told you? Did I tell you?!!!??1?’

You simply answered, to try and prevent him from having a stroke “Of course I have. I can’t have this date ruined after you spent so much on this outfit that you begged me to wear.” You said gesturing to it. “And may I say, you look absolutely stunning my lovely.” Said Wilford, giving you an Eskimo kiss, something he knew could melt you into a pile of laughter, the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard, and he’d been close to shooting people debating the fact. “Even good enough for such a celebrity, like myself.” He bragged trying to regain some smarmy confidence. “Now don’t get cocky,” you warned him “or you’ll have used all your 'cockiness’ up and I’m afraid there’ll be none left for tonight.” You said, smoothing down his suit as he gave an audible gulp at your proposition and your wandering hands. Some of the most exciting times in his life had been spent with you and now, up close, he gazed in awe at the person he wanted to spend the rest of his 'life’ with, telling himself he’d find a way to do that once he crosses that bridge.

“I mean it y/n” he told you truthfully. “You’re absolutely, 100 percent, beautiful.” You couldn’t help but blush at his confession “Thank you Wilford.” You smoothed out his moustache that had gotten slightly messed up from your earlier contact which made him hum at the sensation, you knew he loved it when you touched him there, a quirk you loved about the man. “Shall we get going?” He then got very excited and you had to snap his suspenders hard against his chest to stop him from swallowing your tonsils, but wiping his sweat from his brow and regaining all his confidence for tonight he offered his arm to you and, after using the bathroom, led you out the house…

life update? not life update? idk this isn’t even language related ignore me. but yeah everything for work is all sorted and i start on monday! i’m really nervous for the first day, especially as i don’t have my car yet and i have to be in a different city for orientation, so i haven’t figured out how i’m going to get there yet. ouf. but it’ll be alright. side note, i’m meeting my friend tomorrow afternoon and i’m going to help her pick out a dress and she’s going to help me pick up some pieces to help make my room feel a little more homely! i also have a chinese lesson on sunday ahhhh i almost forgot! okay. welp. hmm i need to study tomorrow too. i’ll worry about that later though. for now, shower and sleep.

that elegant form of messiness

boys who could wink after every sentence and you’d still be charmed each time.

girls who mumble out jokes that leave you rolling on the floor.

people who have an inexplicable air of charm about them, even when their movements are dredged in fault.

the admirable confidence that lies in every movement

[image description: Shuri and T’Challa grinning, standing back-to-back, arms crossed over their chests with their fists closed and the Black Panther symbol on the backdrop behind them]

screams a lot about these siblings and their secret/special handshake

So I’ll make a post about Mob.

So, I (maybe unsurprisingly) have a file dedicated to various instances when Mob’s thoughts or actions are rather dark. Which was started as evidence gathering mission to try and counterbalance the excessively saccharine treatment Mob tends to get and to recognise the interesting and multifaceted character he actually is…

Characters in the series often have difficulty recognising Mob’s opinions and emotions, and while we as an audience are well aware of his emotions, I’ve noticed people tend to overlook Mob’s actual thoughts on things if they don’t align with what people think he *should* think.  

Mob is someone who does the right thing, for as many people as possible, not because he can’t comprehend bad, or doesn’t realise it’s an option, but because he is someone who actively wants to be better. And that doesn’t mean he forces himself to like or forgive everyone who wrongs him (that’s unreasonable to expect of anyone - let alone a 14-year-old kid), sometimes it just means avoiding doing them actual harm out of that dislike.

and yes, sometimes someone has to step in before Mob is pushed over his limit - thank you Reigen and Dimple at various points in the series - sometimes Mob doing nothing in a situation is the best he can manage. Because it’s better than the alternative ie: 100% murderous intent vs Mob 0% and Reigen 1000%

Mob thinks his actions through a lot in the series (although he actually vocalises those thoughts much less). And he takes the time to think through actions and consequence thoroughly 

Which in the above instance freaks Reigen out, and also highlights a difference between them: Reigen says the right thing instantly because it’s the Right Thing to say, while Mob takes a… concerning amount of time to really take a look at what he would do first. And I love them both for different reasons as a result of this interaction.

Mob is conscientious and a good person. not because he lacks the ability to comprehend doing wrong, but because he thinks and works really hard to overcome those thoughts and be better. 

He thinks about doing the bad stuff, and then actively works really hard to avoid doing them.

And I love him for it.

Listen If Kiwi is the next single and there’s a video, I would enjoy it starting off at a bar and you see Harry ordering some fruity drink before he goes on stage to sing. Can a girl throw a drink in a guy’s face? I just want a bar fight to go on during the chorus. Then he walks out of the bar and heads down the sidewalk, and when it comes to “Such an actress, in a black dress” can he stand in front of a boutique/shop looking at a black dress on a hanger but when it pans from inside the shop it looks like it’s on him like you get me????
I just need him running around and having fun??
Can he accidentally bump into the bikes of a motorcycle group at “I’m gonna pay for this” and he has to run away only to end up back at the bar??
Listen this video could go so many ways and I’m living for it all


I couldn’t resist the urge to draw my reaction during this scene in Nadia’s Route so here we are. 

I also don’t know what colors to use for Valerius 🤔 so I just followed my feelings and went with colors that remind me of cold oatmeal. :\ Can’t wait to see what Valerius’s final sprite looks like though 👀  👀 👀  pls @thearcanagame