i need to take real photos

I used to have a lot of trouble still do with procrastination and I realized that, in my new studyblr days, I didn’t know how to utilize my studyblr to help me and it was just another way for me to procrastinate and feel productive. If you can relate to this, you could probably benefit from this little dose of studyblr realness.

  1. Don’t use your studyblr just for aesthetics: studyspo is great for inspiration and motivation, and it’s probably what drew you to the studyblr community, but it shouldn’t be what makes you stay. You won’t be able to take anything worthwhile from your blog if all you reblog is photos of beautiful notes. Mix it up with masterposts and printables and photos of “non-aesthetic” notes.
  2. Don’t use methods that don’t work for you: if you absolutely cannot understand mindmaps but absolutely love the way they look, resist the urge to make them. You’ll only end up confusing yourself and wasting time. Only use note taking and studying methods that make sense to you. 90 percent of the time they’ll be things that you used before you made a studyblr. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t experiment with different styles and methods, but only stick to what works for you.
  3. Discipline over motivation: imho, the study community  overstates the importance and effectiveness of motivation. Don’t get me wrong, motivation makes studying more enjoyable when you have it, but more often than not you don’t. In the end, motivation isn’t what makes you study every night, or stick with self studying a language. You have to discipline yourself to study when you don’t want to, or work when you’re tired. My old French teacher used to say “Don’t fall into the trap of waiting motiviation, and just do it” and I feel like that’s super important with this. (1, 2, 3)
  4. Talking about studying isn’t studying: sort of related to number 3, don’t let your studyblr be another way to put off work. It’s all to easy to think “I’m blogging about studying; in being productive,” but it’s a dangerous thing to do. Studyspo is great, but don’t let scrolling through your feed become another method of procrastination.
  5. Take photos after you study: or during, but not before. I used to spend so long taking pictures of my notes, that I wouldn’t have time to study them. I still take too long photographing my notes to take picture, so I’ve started using a pomorodo timer. After 25 minutes, I’ll use my five minute break to take photos. It’s increases my productivity so much, and I’m not sure how I ever functioned without that system.
  6. Just get it done (and prioritize): honestly, sometime you just have to forget about trying to make your notes look pretty and just go for functionality over looks. Just let go of any studyblr ideals and do what you need to do. If you don’t have time to bullet journal and get your work finished, use an electronic calendar or don’t spend so long on your journal. Most importantly, be real with yourself. At the end of the day, you know yourself best, and you know what you need to do.

Good luck on your studyblr journeys lovelies, hope this helped!


got7 as best friends

Mark ; the chill best friend

  • always has your back
  • enjoys listening to you talk about your day or vent about your problems, he just loves being there for you
  • would also be super silly with you though, he’d show you this side to him often
  • always buying you food
  • would be the cutest by always complimenting you and reassuring you whenever you’re stressed
  • demands that you tell him whenever you have a crush on someone so he can see if they’re worthy of you
  • is always hyping you up

Jaebum ; the protective best friend

  • teases you so much, not a day goes by without him teasing you
  • yet he’s super protective and spoils you so much
  • will deadass fight anyone who messes with you without any hesitation
  • “You’re so annoying [Y/N].” “Kiss my ass.”
  • gets really shook whenever you talk back to him or show him sass
  • you two always make faces at each other
  • he always jokes around about how he doesn’t really like you 

Jackson ; the ultimate best friend

  • always reminds anyone in his and your life that he’s your best friend and that you’re his
  • makes super cheesy posts about why he loves you and how he’s so grateful to be your friend
  • is super clingy, always showing his love with hugs
  • you two are those super loud besties that annoy pretty much everyone
  • “Yeah, [Y/N] is MY best friend and I’m THEIR best friend.”
  • texts you every single day
  • buys you a bunch of gifts like matching necklaces, bracelets, clothes, pretty much anything that can show the world that you’re his bestie

Jinyoung ; the wise best friend

  • is always right, you can never win a fight
  • is super petty and sassy with you
  • but boy is he the biggest sweetheart with you though
  • loves looking after you (even if he never admits it) and is there for you no matter what
  • constantly gives you advice and is always there when you’re in need of someone to talk to
  • “No, but for real… I do love you. You mean a lot to me.”
  • you two always hit each other, it’s how you show your love for one another

Youngjae ; the cutie best friend

  • you two go on lots of platonic dates
  • never fails to make you smile with his smile
  • sends you dozens and dozens of photos and videos of coco everyday
  • you take so many pictures of him and he’s always more than happy to pose for them
  • playful teasing with one another is a common ritual 
  • sends you good morning and goodnight texts
  • you two are always smiling and laughing whenever with each other

BamBam ; the best best friend

  • pretty much texts you 24/7
  • always takes pictures of you and always asks you to take pictures of him
  • threatens to beat up guys who have crushes on you but actually teases the hell out of you whenever you’re with another guy
  • you two have photos of each other where you look super ugly or just hilarious and use them as reaction photos
  • “Do you think dogs can understand us? Like really understand?” “GO TO SLEEP BAMBAM.”
  • pretty much lives at your place, he’s always there
  • lots of long deep talks about life

Yugyeom ; the easygoing best friend

  • you two always bribe each other 
  • “What if I buy you a choco shake?” “Dammit, okay I’ll do it.”
  • asks you to record and critique his dancing videos
  • compliments you almost everyday
  • lets you wear his hoodies if you buy him food
  • you two have a habit of smacking, or kicking, each others butts
  • takes you out to eat quite often

anon said : Hi! can I request one of those list things with that you’re dating yoongi and are friend with BTS? Thank you!

  • when you first started dating Yoongi, he mentioned it offhandedly to the members and they freaked
  • like????? Yoongi????? dating someone?????? and NOT telling them????
  • it wasn’t that he wasn’t proud of you and happy to be dating you
  • but your relationship with him was very private and intimate in general so he hadn’t said anything before
  • of course they asked to meet you and Yoongi complied, actually very happy to show you off
  • when they first met you Taehyung was probably the first one to break the silence with a small “wow” before introducing himself
  • honestly they were all so shocked because you were so attractive????????? how could anybody possibly be that attractive??????
  • you’d most likely become quick friends with Taehyung, Jimin, and Hoseok simply because they wanted to tell you embarrassing stories about Yoongi tbfh
  • rip in peace @ them
  • they’d most likely try to get you to tell some embarrassing stories about Yoongi but there would be no way you were giving up your blackmail that easily
  • the boys would most likely add you to a group chat
  • you’d end up muting it because Hoseok and Taehyung would talk nonstop in it
  • okay but real talk
  • Yoongi’s lock screen and background would photos of you
  • probably really candid pictures too
  • plus he’d send you photos he took throughout the day and give you a short blurb describing the moments leading up to him taking the photo
  • he wouldn’t be into a lot of pda but when the two of you were alone, it’d be a completely different story
  • you’d be like “Yoongi, I really need to go to the bathroom” and he’d just pull you closer to him
  • “Yoongi, please”
  • he’d sigh before saying “fine, I’ll come with you” and you’re like “???tf”
  • like he’s literally so clingy??? but it’s always so nice
  • more often than not you’d call Namjoon or Jin to find out where your boyfriend was
  • “uhhh, well… I haven’t seen him since lunch time. I think he’s in his studio.” - Namjoon @ 01:14am
  • so you’d find some 24hr convenience store and pick up some food and head to the studio silently cursing Min Yoongi for always working himself too hard
  • all of the boys would find reasons to hang out with you
  • Hoseok wants you to watch him dance? you better bet you’ll walk out of the practice room able to dance along with him
  • Taehyung wants to take you out for karaoke? suddenly it’s eleven at night and both of you are having a battle to see who can hit the highest note
  • Jimin sits down next to you and starts talking to you? wow how did it get to be 10pm and where did this tea (figuratively and literally) come from
  • the list just goes on and on
  • lowkey Yoongi’s jealous of you spending so much time with the other members but highkey he’s glad you get along with all of them so well
  • The boys would always invite you places
  • if they went bowling you better bet you’d be the first one they called to make the teams even
  • the boys would all be so glad that Yoongi had found someone who loved him unconditionally and they would be happy to find a friend in you
  • Yoongi wouldn’t say he loved you much but he’d always show it whether it was sending you thoughtful messages throughout the day or inviting you into his studio when he was working, his face always lighting up whenever you appeared in his doorway
Cosplaying with your parents around - starting the hobby

Cosplay is a wonderful expression of creativity, but if you’re a minor still living at home, having a parent around can a tad trying. 

For some, getting their parents on board can be difficult. You may feel like your parents are giving you the “weird eye” and being generally unsupportive. If that’s the case, you might want to have a talk with them: 

Let them know what this is

Parents (or friends) may see cosplay as a childish activity that involves making Halloween a year-round event. You can help make them understand cosplay is more than that. Cosplay can be casual, it can be competitive, it can be fun, but it can also be serious. Regardless, cosplayers are passionate doing what they do and helping your parents see your passion will go a long way. 

You may also want to introduce them to the fandom that you’re cosplaying from. I know that my sister and I spent a while explaining the oddities of anime when we were starting on our first cosplays (e.g. yes, I know he’s got bright blonde hair and wears a neon-orange jumpsuit, but I swear he’s a ninja….) 

Explain the benefits of cosplay

  • Whether you are buying or making your cosplay, it forces you to use skills that will be useful in real life: working a budget, time management, negotiating/bargaining (if doing commissions), setting goals, and delivering results by a certain deadline.
  • Think of all the useless things you could be doing with your time rather than cosplaying: texting/tweeting, mindlessly surfing the Internet, lazing around the house etc. 

  • Cosplay has a thriving community with many friendly people - there are thousands of chances to meet new people, both online and in real life. Emphasize the networking possibilities. 

Make it clear that you have your priorities straight

Parents may be worried that you’ll go for cosplay over studying, chores, work etc. This cannot be the case - real world responsibilities come first. Let you parents know this and then follow through! I cannot stress enough that you need to prioritize smartly.

Get them involved

You might be surprised at how interested they get - also, you never know what tricks they have up their sleeves. For example, my dad loves taking photos, so now I go to him whenever I want some high-quality basic shots of my costumes. 

anonymous asked:

hi! I love your art! I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how to add variety to drawing characters. all my characters look like carbon copies of each other with different hairstyles. thanks!

I wish I could make an extensive tutorial about this but tbh I’m not an expert on the subject. I’ll try to give you some written tips though!

I think the main reason why lots of people have problems with variety is the fear (sometimes subconscious) of making your character look ‘ugly’.

First of all, something I’d recommend doing this, but instead of trying to achieve the ‘perfect face’, try doing a bunch of different ones and keep them! Also, here’s some actual tutorials to help you out (x) (x)

One very good exercise is drawing your friends, trying to capture their main features. Maybe their face is very long? They have big lips? Small eyes? This is amazing for lots of reasons because:

-you’ll practice a lot
-you don’t need to bother with lineart
-by staring at their photos for so long, you’ll see how different real humans look and you can use such features for your characters
-you can show it to them if you’re satisfied!!

I’d also recommend to look at how your favourite artists draw faces and specific features, you can definetely take some of them and merge them in your style!

This wasn’t much of a tutorial but I hope it was helpful nonetheless! Thank you for the compliments and have a good day!

Oh noes! Monsters have attacked, and drove all the tourists into the sea!

They’re either a creature entirely unknown to science, or a supernatural occurrence! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime thing to see–


Never mind, I guess they aren’t, ‘cause none of the vacationers… 

…who were holding their cameras the entire time bothered to take a single photo of the monsters.

What you got at Starbucks? The world’s gotta know, STAT. Incredible encounter with real-life monstrosity? No need to–…  

…wait, what’s going on with the height of this guy’s pants?

Forget the public not documenting a monumental scientific breakthrough, those pants are way more deserving of a post. Never mind this whole plot, I want a whole movie about that guy!

Elephant in the Room

Combination of Two Prompts: How would Batmom react to Teen Titans Robin and him not being in contact with them for so long? What would happen if she showed up at the tower? AND Dick calls Bruce and Batmom dad and mom for the first time after being adopted.

Words: 1745

AN: This was a pretty long one, but filled with fluffy feels, and I love it!!!

Your son is one of the best of his generation, and in your mother’s eye, the best. You understand why he left, you support his choice of independence, but an entire year without a call is simply too much. He stayed in contact for the first two, a random call here, and email, there, but then suddenly there was nothing.

          The only thing that let you know he was still alive were the news reports. Bruce, of course, follows every morsel of news. Though he’d never say it out loud, he knows that things need to be fixed.  You’d be willing to bet the Wayne family fortune that Dick knows the exact same thing.

          You can’t help but smile, after all, that’s what you’re here for; to beat sense into those stubborn heads. The security system is the exact same as the Batcave’s, and you’re surprised to find that your codes work.

          You let yourself in, and one quick hack into the system tells you that no one is there. So you wander, you take in the sights, and look around at the home your son has built for himself. You smile when you find his room. He’s changed his uniform a bit. There are no photos in obvious places or any real identifying marks.

          You leave the room for the common room and take a seat on the couch. You pull the photo album out and just wait. When the sound of footsteps and laughter sounds, you slip on the mask that’s needed; it actually goes rather nicely with your outfit.

          More than just his team strolls through the doors, it seems like every super powered teen in existence is there and Dick just stops at the sight of you. You stand up, and say, “I didn’t realize you’d be in the middle of a party.”

          He stiffens a bit and asks, “What are you doing here?” His voice is a bit hesitant.

          You grab your bag, and approach him. The closer you get the more you realize just how much he’s grown. You smile and say, “We need to talk.” He glances back at his friends and back to you, you just say, “I’ll wait in your room, I already know the way.”

          He watches you slide through the doors and Starfire asks, “Robin, who is that woman?”

          His voice is tight with emotion when he says “She’s my mother.”

          There’s a collective statement of “You have a mother?”

          Dick just glances at Roy and Wally, the only two not surprised and says, “Of course I have a mother.” Before he walks out of the room.

          He finds you sitting on the bed, sans mask. Before he can say a word you say, “No masks, you know the rules.”

          He doesn’t fight you on it, just removes his mask. You smile and open your arms. Sure enough he slides right into them. His head goes to your lap, and your fingers run through his hair. When the sobs come you know something happened, that there was a reason he hadn’t called.

          You let him cry, because sometimes everyone needs to, and you’d be willing to bet that your baby is long overdue. When he’s done, he slides on to the bed and tells you everything. He tells you about being held against his will by Slade, being forced to do horrible things, and then he tells you about the Brotherhood of Evil, and finally about Trigon.

          You listen as he pours out every pent up emotion, and when he’s done you don’t say anything about it. Instead you start on your own story, “Do you remember when you first came to live at the manor?”

          His brow furrows, “Of course.”

          You smile and remove a stuffed elephant from your bag, his eyes go wide at the sight of it. “You were so little and scared, and man oh man, did you remind me of Bruce. You two were the same age you know, when you lost your parents. You didn’t know what to make of us, and we weren’t really sure what to make of you to be honest. At that point we’d only been responsible for ourselves.”

          Dick smirks, “And all of Gotham.”

          You smile, as your hand strokes over the elephants worn head, “We’d never planned on kids, but when we saw you after that show, it hit us, you were ours. And then you started to grow, and you took on the family business with your dad, and I was just amazed, at how lucky we were to be blessed with a kid like you.”

          “You always made sure to keep my birth parents in the picture though. You’d talk about them with me, you’d take me to visit their graves whenever I wanted to. You even had that portrait made.”

          You grin, “That was all your dad, he didn’t want you to feel like we were replacing them.”

          “You didn’t I just got lucky  and got to have two sets of parents.”

          You smile, and there’s a moment of silence, “He misses you, you know.” Dick doesn’t say anything. “He bookmarks every newspaper article on you saving the day. Even has a subscription to the local paper. He’s very proud.”

          “He wouldn’t be proud if he knew what happened.” You smile a bit and he just groans, “How in the world does he know?”

          You smile, “He saw the footage from the top of the Wayne tower, you were stealing from.”

          “He didn’t come.”

          “He was on his way, already tracked Slade’s headquarters down and everything, when it suddenly blew up, he knew that your team had made things right. The Brotherhood of Evil was a learning experience too, and you saved the world from Trigon. When it comes down to it, you’ve done a lot of good Dick. And you’ve made a lot of friends too.”

          He smiles, “It’s the bi-yearly get together. Pizza party.”

          You groan, “Please tell me you at least eat some healthy things.”

          He smirks, “I make Alfred proud every once in awhile.”


          You pass him the elephant and he smiles and you say, “I never thought you’d leave her behind.”

          He shrugs, “I outgrew her.”

          You just smile, “When you first came to live with us you refused to let her go. Took her everywhere, for that first year.”

          Dick just smiles, “You guys homeschooled me for that first year. I didn’t have to let her go.”

          You laugh, “Still, you took her to all the Wayne foundation events, to restaurants, when we’d visit your dad at work. You even insisted that she be buckled in. You also insisted on taking her to that theme park. I was against it, I just knew she’d get put down somewhere, but Bruce insisted that everything would be fine.”

          “I’d been with you guys for about eight months at that point, I was at the tail end of my Robin training.”

          You nod, “Sure enough you left her there. You were in tears, you kept saying I have to have her, we have to get her back, she’s family. And then at some point you look up at me and Bruce and you said, ‘Please Mommy, please Daddy, we have to go search for her.’ That was the first time you called us Mom and Dad. It wouldn’t become a regular thing until a few months later, but in that moment your dad and I knew we’d move heaven and earth to make you happy.”

          Dick just smiles, “That was the first time he took me out as Robin. He called it the case of the missing elephant. He helped me track her down. Someone had thrown her in the trash on top of some nachos.”

          You smile, “I had to hand wash her, and then throw her in the washing machine three times to get all that cheese off. It’s amazing she doesn’t have any stains.”

          There’s a moment of silence before he says, “I’m sorry I didn’t stay in contact.”

          You pull him in for a hug, “It’s okay, baby boy. You can make it up by coming to dinner this Friday.”

          “Mom, I don’t know if I’m …”

          You cut him off, “He misses you Dick. You’re his son, and whatever that stupid argument was about three years ago, it’s forgotten.”

          “He really wants to see me?”

          You smile, “He talks about you all the time, how proud he is of what you’ve accomplished.”

          He smiles and says, “I’ll be there.”

          “Good, you can meet your new brother.”

          His eyes go wide, “You had a, but the papers didn’t say anything about …”

          You smirk, “His name is Jason, Bruce found him trying to take the wheels off the Batmobile. He’s in training right now.”

          Dick smiles, “Good, Batman needs a Robin, and I’ve been thinking it might be time to change things up. New identity for a new chapter and all that.”

          You lean down and kiss the top of his head, “As long as Dick Grayson remains that sweet, caring, and noble boy that I’ve always known, I think that sounds wonderful.”

          He kisses your cheek, “I’ll see you Friday, Mom.”

          You smile and leave his room, slipping on the mask again before you go. Waiting outside the door are all the teen heroes. You smile and say, “Speedy, Kid Flash, you have his back right?”

          Wally just grins and says, “Always Batmom, you know that.”

          You turn to the rest of his immediate team, “Thank you for taking such good care of my son. It’s good to see he’s made excellent friends.” They’re too stunned to say anything else. You leave the tower without another word. You reach home several hours later, to find Bruce waiting up for you despite the hour.

          “Jason asleep?” you ask.

          He just smiles and says, “Yep, he and Alfred baked cookies all day, and you know what a task master Alfred is when it comes to his kitchen.” He pauses before asking, “How’s our oldest son?”

          “Coming to dinner on Friday.”

          “He’s okay though?”

          You nod, “The picture of health, seems like he made some pretty good friends, too.”

Bruce just smiles and says, “Thank God.”

          You grab his hand, “Come on Caped Crusader, time for bed.”

          He come with you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and says, “Bed sounds absolutely divine.”


But really, the more I watch it the more I realise it’s not only a fantastic Ignis moment, it’s a fantastic Chocobros moment in general? REALLY LONG POST AHEAD + UNFINISHED GAMEPLAY WRITING BUT THIS SCENE

Lemme start with Ignis because duh (if you’ve seen anything out of me the past two weeks, it’s probably been Ignis related). He’s been pretty passive about losing his eyesight up until this point. He calls it a minor sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. When Noctis and Gladio fight on the train, Ignis says nothing, even though part of the argument is his own injury. He only tries to stop Gladio by saying his name; Prompto is the one who tries to break it up (more in a moment. anyway not that Ignis really could break it up rn but you know) He’s been optimistic enough about it, though. “I’ll manage somehow” when you invite him into the mines. “This is considerably harder than I expected” he says about fighting. But sometimes you hear the boys say something and Iggy just sort of sighs. They’re dancing around him, and his injury, and the argument, and this scene is where it culminates.

The first time he actually says that it isn’t okay is because of their friendship hitting a low point, rather than his actual injury. But he is so, so aware of that injury and how it has the potential to drag them down. He still says “I would remain with you all. Til the very end” because these are his brothers and he damn well plans to, but that said.

This is the first time we hear Ignis raise his voice, I think. Not including battle cries and the like. Which is saying a lot because this boy is very, very calculated on his emotions. (ie later on when Prompto falls off the train, you hear the very audible difference in Noctis’s voice vs Iggy’s) He’s Crownsguard, Noctis is his king, he will do anything for him, and believes he has no reason to complain even if he has gone blind. But that’s a Big Thing. His yelling in this scene exactly “I know full well!” is finally, finally his frustration coming out and it’s triggered because of their bickering (or anti-bickering, since they aren’t really… speaking much).

He says he is willing to bow out if he starts to slow them down, which imo is like asking him to suffer a physical injury all over again (he is Crownsguard, Noctis is his king, he will do anything for him) but he still will DO IT because he won’t be a burden.

He goes on to give Noctis what, I think, is a much needed confidence boost. “A king pushes onward always, accepting the consequences and never looking back” and in the opening sentences for the next chapter, it literally uses those same words to describe Noct’s reaction to Ardyn’s trick: never looking back. (Also never looking back is exactly what Ignis is doing right now, which is why the choice to focus the camera so much on his scars in that moment is AMAZING.)

He continues with that to tell Gladio that Noct will be king and he will rule, but “only once he’s ready”. And this is SO important. Gladio’s interaction with Noct is painful at least and rage inducing at worst (more below) but not only does Noct need to hear this, Gladio does, too. They can push Noctis into that throne but he will never be able to lead until he is ready, and that involves coming to terms with some very, very heavy stuff that’s been happening. Everybody doesn’t handle grief the same way and they’re all having a hard go at it in very different ways thanks to the events of late.

So all of this makes this the DAMN GOOD IGNIS MOMENT. But it’s also really good for the rest of them, both in mentioned ways and others, but since I’m apparently waxing poetic 

Prompto, Gladio, and Noctis under the cut ↓ (note: 150% zoom for easier reading)

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Boop..(tweethearts story)

{A/N: so this has been in my drafts because i gave up on it cause i didn’t think it was that good, but i finished it so enjoy…}

@lin_manuel is stressed….
*photo of lin huddled over many music sheets hand gripping his hair*

It makes me sad….his bags have bags….like a week long camping trip worth of bags.

He has shooed me away…lovingly…but sternly….

Hamfamslam: awwwee stressed lin is no bueno.

@hamfamslam i know…i think i have a solution
*selfie of your sneaky face*

Super secret periscope

*periscope transcript*
Y/n: shhhh…be very quiet
Y/n: *singing in the tune of best of wives* mr lin come back to sleep….
Lin: *very tired stressed voice* y/n…
Y/N: its gotten dark outside….i know you have to write it all down….just take a break that would be enough….you don’t have to write like you’re running out of time…
Lin: *turns smiling* hey…and hello interwebs
Y/N: they say hello…also to take a break before you end up like alexander hamilton…
Lin: alright…alright…turn it off and we can sleep.

@y/n has pulled me away from my desk…her in my clothes helped
*photo of you in lins hoodie and pj pants*

@lin_manuel it certainly wasn't​’t my singing…my apologies to pippa…

@y/n no it was your singing and you in my clothes

Best of wives and best of woman…
*selfie of you asleep on lin, his hand going through your hair*

Unlike the real hamilton…i have learned to listen to my wife and take a break….ain’t no maria reynolds gonna change that.

@lin_manuel okay tell twitter goodnight….you keep moving and i need my heater….

Good night
Find yourself your very own eliza
I found mine.


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Just dating Prompto Argentum things:

  • You are oh so lucky to have sunshine incarnate as your boyfriend, Prompto Argentum. He’s just so… Fresh. Outwardly, he’s funny, goofy, sweet and chipper, but its not like he’s some dumb blonde. Prompto also has depth, street smarts and understands the true value of smile during tough times. Anyone should be so lucky to have Prompto in their lives and you have him as your partner. Ohh I’m so jealous!

  • So before you date, there’s a point where the guys get really frustrated at Prompto for mentioning your name. He just wants to talk about you so much. All the time. Every day. The blond worries about what you think of him because he’s not cool like Noctis, he’s not super intelligent like Ignis and he’s not buff and charismatic like Gladio. What if you prefer any of them over him? Like, he can’t match up to that. His feelings for you bring out a lot of insecurities and it’s not until you’re actually dating that these negative feelings ease off a little bit. Remember to reassure him that you love him for being himself. You don’t want someone like Noctis or Ignis or Gladiolus. You want Prompto and only him! It makes the blonde really happy to hear it.

  • Oh boy, I hope you like getting your photos taken because Prompto will be very hard to stop. If you’re insistent he won’t show anyone else the photos, but he totally wants to take them for himself. Maybe just let him indulge in his photography of you. Let’s be real, they’re the best looking photos that you’ve seen of yourself. Your boyfriend is an amazing photographer and somehow manages to capture the best sides of you at the best moments. “I dunno, I guess I just want people to see you how I see you…” He sheepishly tries to explain one day. God, he’s so cute. He needs to be punched in the mouth with your mouth immediately.

  • Speaking of photos, so many selfies. So many! The ones with you and Prompto are really cute, but some of the best ones are honestly the ones where the boys are photobombing you with silly faces and poses. There are two that Prompto ends up giving you to carry around, one with just you and him at sunset in Lestallum and another where the guys are photobombing you with chocobos in the background. It’s the only photo you’ve see where Noctis is pulling a cross-eyed face. It’s fantastic.

  • Dates involving chocobos. Enough said. Don’t love the chocobo more than you’re boyfriend though. He’ll get a bit jealous! One memorable date involves going to the farm, meeting Wiz and allll the cute fat baby chocobos. You spend the day looking after them with Prompto. It’s absolutely adorable watching your boyfriend with the hatchlings.
    “Check it out, I’m such a chick magnet!” The blond snickers with an armful of fluffy yellow chicks. Maybe one is nestled in his hair on top of his head. Hhhhhhhhhhh so cute, another punch in the mouth with your mouth is very much required. 

  • So Prompto will definitely try to show off. He can’t warp like Noctis can, he’s not super strong like Gladio and he can’t come up with perfect strats like Ignis, but honey, you will not find a better sharpshooter around. Prompto can execute the most amazing shots during battle at amazing speed and incredible accuracy. It’s kind of terrifying and all kinds of impressive! Be sure to praise Prompto over his skills, he’ll loooooove it. It gives him so much confidence and he kind of melts when you gush over anything he does. Prompto is also really good at singing? I mean sure he just whistles or jokingly hums and sings tunes on the road, but sometimes you’ll catch him actually singing and holy shit if it doesn’t get you giddy at least a little bit, you are lying through your damned teeth.

  • He’ll confess to you eventually that sometimes he doesn’t feel like he belongs. For some reason, Prompto never quite tells you the whole story until he’s ready, but seeing the blond so down is heart wrenching. Be sure to let him know that despite how he feels, no matter what, he will always have a place with you.
    “I’ll be your home, Prompto. You don’t have to worry.”
    He can’t really believe it at first, but you can tell he’s grateful as he gathers you up in his arms and gives you a tight hug and a gentle kiss.

wynterrobin  asked:

Going on holiday with the batboys hc? ;) 💕

Robin, girl I love you. Yes yes yes. I’m going to do it for Rio too because I like the beach. (Although I did do a separate one for Jason already so…)

•this man is over-prepared
•he has like 5 bottles of sunscreen all different SPFs
•makes sure to get everything you need.
•doesn’t bring weapons because he wants to cherish this time with you.
•he brings a fucking speedo (you know who you are when we discussed this ;))
•you don’t know this
•you guys (unsurprisingly) make it through security and everything with no trouble.
•this man owns the beach.
•your jaw drops when he steps out in his speedo
•"Did you bring swimming trunks?“
•he learns how to dance Samba that day
•you take a video of him drunk Samba dancing
•you send it to Bruce
•he responds with “ :) ”

Jason (I did one for him already but I have one thing to say):
•two words…
•beach sex

•this boy is pale AF
•like he’s practically Danny Phantom
•he burns easily so you make sure to bring a strong sunscreen
•he plans everything out and makes an itinerary
•triple checks that you packed everything you need.
•the fought to Brazil is long and exhausting
•you two don’t wanna talk about it
•jet lag is real
•can’t forget the coffee :)
•breakfast on the beach
•he takes a nice ass photo of you during sunset
•it’s a relaxing vacation
•you two have never felt happier

•he packs his shit like a week in advance
•plans on saving some wild animals from traffickers
•"Damian I know we’re going to Rio, but it’s not gonna be like the movie.“
•"let me save some animals, Y/N.”
•boy knows his por👏🏽tu👏🏽guese👏🏽
•some people think he’s actually Brazilian.
•the beach
•oh man the beach
•while you relax, he’s challenging everyone to beach volleyball and beating them
•goes surfing
•somehow ends up in a coconut bra cuz this guy is wild

Yeee thanks Robin! I hope you liked it!

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Steve Rogers adapting to the 21st century would include

Originally posted by casstielnovak

  • steve having a dictionary for every new word he hears
  • him overusing “AF” but not knowing what it stands for
  • “thank you Friday, you’re helpful AF”
  • “Tony, i’m angry AF now!”
  • “Are you sure AF, Buck?”
  • him saying YOLO all the freaking time
  • “Cap, you need to wear a parachute!”
  • “C’mon Nat, YOLO!” *as he’s flying into the air*
  • him almost having a heart stroke when he sees Miley twerking
  • “Steve breath, c’mon, inhale, exhale”
  • “that’s just so …. degrading. Why would someone do this on tv? AND CHILDREN ARE WATCHING THIS???”
  • “why is this phone named after a fruit?”
  • “Tony, you need to take this one back to the shop, it’s used, look, the apple is bitten”
  • “who is this corn-man and why is he on tv so much???”
  • “he’s HYDRA! i know it!”
  • “you should have left me in ice”
  • him calling a 30-year-old his son
  • “what is uhmmm Facehook, Tony?”
  • “ohh interesting, so i can search anyone’s name and then i can contact them?”
  • “Clint, can you help me with this Lookbook thing? i’m searching for one of my friends but i can’t find him”
  • “what’s his name?”
  • “Timothy Dugan, he’s one of the Howling Commandos”
  • “Steve, he’s dead.”
  • “oh! sorry”
  • “Natasha, can you help me with something?”
  • “I need to choose a profile picture for this … uhm … *looking at the writing on his left hand* Facelook account. So which one do i choose: me in a cap suit or in civilian clothes”
  • “Bruce! i got 8 likes on my shield’s photo”
  • him pouting
  • “someone commented saying i’m not the real Captain America”
  • getting angry at the computer
  • “gosh, i’m tired AF i need to sleep ASAP”
  • Nat taking him to movie theater to see “50 shades of grey”
  • him having a seizure in the middle of the movie
  • really getting into selfies
  • taking selfies with Thor during missions, posting them on Instagram and captioning “freedom and justice are what we’re fighting for”
  • taking pics of random stuff that’s red, white or bule
  • “what? it matches my aesthetic”

So.. Eric is getting married! for real?!! ..
I just opened my PC on the easter holiday to find out about the news .. I just .. I guess many of us need some time to digest the news ..
so Eric was dating her for three years! so the rumors back then were right!.. but both denied it .. now when the news broke out again with evidence ,photos, Eric confirmed the relationship .. followed by a marriage announcement..  He always said that he’d hide any relationship unless he was taking it to marriage… and he finally is.

I’ve been following Shinhwa since 2004.. it’s a long journey.. & such significant change in Shinhwa is just.. overwhelming! .. like my babies are finally getting married! it’s ..a weird mixed feeling, a proud mother, a worried fan,.. it’s really a bunch of mixed feelings.. but anyway, Eric has been doing a lot for Shinhwa as an awesome leader & member .. He deserves happiness .. & he wanted to be the first to get married so here we go …

But can you girls imagine it?!! our leader is finally having his own family!! & soon having his own kids! Shinhwa Juniors! woah!! ..  Just imaging that Eric is getting married & all the members are around him in suits, but this time Shinhwa aren’t guests in someone’s marriage.. it’s their OWN marriage! .. woah!! waiting to see the funny stuff ShinDorks are gonna do & say on Eric’s wedding :)
p.s., hopefully the MCs now will stop asking that forever annoying question to Shinhwa ..

I really wish him a happy married life .. & I wish the other members will follow in his footsteps soon .. it’s okay for me that they do whatever they want in their private life .. as long as Shinhwa goes on .. Shinhwa is forever. Right, Eric? .. “Even if they’re married.. even if they’ve kids.. Shinhwa will go on”. I need to hear more of this confirmation plz .. & Eric just gave it in his announcement.
“and I promise to work harder with a settled mind for all the love you gave.”
He’s the man of his words. So my heart feels more secure now ..

Congratulations Eric .. you deserve happiness .. but please keep the child in you alive! be forever our kid leader. it’s an amazing virtue * & I hope u getting married doesn’t mean u need to act “mature”! .. just be the way you are.
love you Eric. My ultimate bias who’s been conquering my heart for 13 years is finally getting married. 

lokiallie2017  asked:

Do you have any tips for drawing because my friend judges my artstyle

Sure thing, my duder, I’ll try to help!

1. Use a lot of references. For everything you are not confident in, maybe hands, trees or poses, use photos from internet, I think you can find anything you need. If you can’t and it’s an ordinary object like hand or bottle, use real life references! You can make your own photos or just take the object with you/pose for yourself.

2. Never be too shy about asking your friends for posing, it’s very very helpful. Draw from life, even if you can’t do it with your friends, come to public places and watch other people sitting in a caffee or metro.

3. Practice as much as you can. The key to be successful in every occupation is hard work and practice. A LOT OF IT. If you have a spare moment, make some sketches, not a whole complete work, just some doodles. It can be really practical and relaxing at the same time!

4. Try to look at other people’s artwork and analyse the mistakes and the good sides of it. Try to figure out what do you like most about it and experiment with styles people use.

I think that’s the most helpful ways of getting better at art. But practice is like number 1 in the list of all the advices, practice makes perfect. Believe in yourself, don’t expect anything to work immediately and try hard. You can achieve anything if you are working hard enough. Good luck!! I hope you’ll be able to do everything you want!

anonymous asked:

Darling! Might I get 2P China LDR? If you still do them, of course. ^^

Y’all should call me Darling all excited more often, I like it))

2p!China/Xiao Wang-

  • He sucks at ldr and he knows it, so he works on it
  • In fact it takes quite some time and thought before he will even ask for a real relationship, but once he does he is absolutely committed and serious
  • Prepare for a lot of phone sex and dirty photos, you don’t need to retaliate but he likes ending them with ‘innocent’ captions. 
  • Example: Him shirtless next to his closet and asking what shirt he should pick
  • The phone sex is actually very creative, prepare yourself
  • When it comes to sending gifts he is a little…off. He forgets holidays and birthdays often, so you’ll need to remind him or else he’ll feel guilty. 
  • He would like you to come to him so he can show you off, to everyone really. and he can’t really cook but he wants you to try the best take out available…ha…haha
  • If he comes to you he is very insistent on doing nothing but being in bed. Not entirely sexual, he just wants to hang on each other and enjoy as much affection as you can. Clingy little shit. 
  • He sleeps a lot so you have time to so what you want, just wake him when you want attention
  • Due to what could be a horrid difference in time zones he willingly fucks up his sleep schedule to hell just to be able to talk to you
  • Video chats are a must, daily if at all possible. 
  • Is the boyfriend that will pause the game to text you back. A good boy. 
You Did What - Dylan Strome

Originally posted by martinjones

request:  Can you do one with Dylan Strome where you meet him for the first time and he falls in love with you so he breaks up with his current girlfriend to go out with you

I GOT MY LAPTOP BACK !!!!! so now I can update I’m so sorry this one really late

Dylan laughed as he walked in with Connor and Mitch to get there pictures done 

“Dylan your up next.” 

He fallowed the man into the room when he walked in her heard some laughing he looked up to see two girls by computers and the cameras on had dark raven coloured hair it was in low ponytail. The other girl had Y/H/C hair and it was in a high ponytail she had just some running shoes on and a jacket that had the Arizona Coyotes logo on the back when the other girl had a leafs one on.

“Okay Dylan right, My names Kat and Y/N here will be taking the photos.”

Y/n turned her head Dylan eyes went wide at how pretty she was her Y/E/C meet his brown ones all he could do was stare before she gave him a small smile and moved back to her camera

“Okay Dylan can you stand over here please.”

He moved to where Kat had pointed she came over and pushed his one shoulder so it looked like it was behind the other and she gave him a smile 

“She single you know and your heading to Arizona she does all their photo shoots.”

“what.. uuh no .. I wasn’t.”

“Oh please have the guys that have been in here have eyed her Dylan don’t play dumb.”

“Kat leave the poor guy alone and move so i can’t take the pictures.”

Kat gave Dylan  wink before she walked off behind one of the laptops.

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Acotar couples in real life part 3

You wanted more @bookienewbie so here it is ( not 12am, i need some beauty sleep lol)


  • Rebound.
  • On and off more than my light switch.
  • ShAdY aF


  •  Art gallery dates. 
  • Food fights. 
  • Love taking candle lit baths together. 
  • Photo booth pictures 
  • Sharing earphones on long journeys
  • Making out in between the dark book aisles in the library.
  • Late night picnics where they end up laying down and stargazing until they fall asleep.
  • Thigh hickeys. 
  • Feyre once decorated the whole house like Halloween, in the middle of March and dressed up as a witch to scare Rhys.
  • Couples yoga.


  • Cheesy pick up lines.
  • Shower sex 
  • Nesta once shoved Cassians face into his birthday cake when blowing out the candles one year. Rhys has a photo of it.
  • Netflix and chill. 
  • Road trips. 
  • Cant take him anywhere as he constantly makes innuendos.
  • Cassian uploads vines of him annoying Nesta with puns.
  • Neck kisses.
  • Constantly roasting each other.
  • Cassian comes home with 5 tubs of ice cream and cupcakes for Nesta when shes on her period
  • Loves tripping her up in public and just says “you just fell for me”


  • The biggest will they won’t they since Ross and Rachel. 
  • Playing crash bandicoot at 1am. Maybe or may not be in just their underwear ;) 
  • Mor loves making Az wear face masks.
  • Dates to the Harry Potter studio wearing their house robes.
  • Az once let Mor try to cut his hair. Lets just say it was a one time thing.
  • His and hers dressing gowns.
  • Az has to remove her makeup for her when they come home drunk.
  • Mor;” okay you know i love you, so please dont be angry. It just happened.”  Az; “ you adopted another dog , didn’t you ?”


  • Elain gave Lucien a baby shoe for his birthday to tell him she was pregnant.
  • Playing hide and seek.
  • Actual Lily and Marshall from HIMYM.
  • Love taking “which tv character are you ?”quizzes together.
  • Flower crowns.
  • Long walks on the beach.
  • Face times when they’re away from each other.

Part 1 Part 2