i need to take newer pictures


Are you implying you have a friggen cow?????

     First off…this made me laugh, holy smokes xD
     Second off, I do, in fact, have a cow! My dad raises them - he’s got about 150-ish of them on a ranch, and of course double that to include calves. And sadly he loses a few every year, and this time around, I’m playing mom to the first one who lost her mama this spring. She’s staying here at my mom’s in a section of our property where I can bottle feed her and keep an eye on her.
     And since I’m already babbling I’ll tell you she’s fat, sassy, and heckin’ adorable. I’ve only got pics from when she first got here about…eh…about three months ago? And she’s grown a LOT since then.
     But yes, in short, I do have a cow. And I’ve had cows pretty much all my life out here in rural Washington, lol

     ^^^ That’s Polka Dot. Named courtesy of her speckled nose!

How To Buy Your First Professional Camera

Written by Ema // Photo by Bean

If youโ€™re an aspiring photographer and considering taking your photo game to the next level, you might be looking for a professional camera. When I was first searching for a camera to buy, there were so many choices it made my head spin. Not only that, all the cameras cost a lot, which put a lot of pressure into finding the perfect one because I didnโ€™t want to end up wasting all that money. If youโ€™re freaking out about buying a new camera, donโ€™t worry about it. Every photographer was once a beginner and hopefully this article will help you buy the perfect camera for yourself. ย 

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First, a thank you. Thank you all for being so supportive of my recent photography. Your feedback and suggestions and well wishes have been really appreciated. I love photography and I love sharing it with all of you. 

My mom is doing really well after her back surgery. She is walking without a cane or a walker. She is doing some light housework. She is standing up straight and true. I can’t believe how much progress she has made in so little time. She still has to wear a brace for a little while longer, and I know that bugs her, but it’s all for the best. 

My dad is right now at this moment having a medical procedure done on his leg. His feet aren’t getting enough blood circulating to them. A side effect of diabetes. So they are putting a stint in his vein in order to correct that. This is try number 2 for this procedure. The first attempt was cancelled because the technique they were using required a dye be injected into his bloodstream… and this dye was not playing well with my dad’s kidneys. SO… this attempt they are going to use ultrasound to find the vein and stick the stint in. It’s all a bit nerve racking. Waiting to hear if the procedure went okay. Then we wait to see if the stint worked at improving circulation. Then we wait to see if the other leg needs to be done. Waiting, waiting, waiting. 

Me? How am I doing? I’m surprised to say that I am having some good days here and there. Or at least I am having good parts of days. Good hours I guess would be more accurate. Every once in a while my depression lifts and I find myself doing things. Accomplishing goals. I know it’s now much compared to the average joe, but it’s been a big deal for me. For about 9 months I was completely and utterly stuck in bed not accomplishing anything. I thought for sure that was my life and feared things would not improve. But these good hours. These moments of accomplishment… they give me a little hope. 

And Otis? He’s always good. Just a big old goofball. I need to take some newer pictures of him. But here is a golden oldie from 2 years ago. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Vernon! What kind of bike do you ride? What are some good trails in the Burbank/Glendale area? I love bike riding and want to get more into biking in the East Valley; most of my trails are on the West side of the San Fernando. Griffith Park as a fuckton of great trails, I'm sure.

I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to ask this question! I have three bikes! They all have their own little job in my life, so let’s get into them:

2014 Motobecane Super Strada. This is my workout/hill climb/get hella mileage bike. Shimano Ultegra 6800 rear derailleur and STI shifters for those smooth-ass gear transitions on a budget. I probably rack up the most saddle time on this bike. It’s been feeling a little sluggish lately, so I might have to bring it in for an overhaul.

State Bicycles Black Label. My newest bike and my first foray into fixed gear bicycling. I mostly use it for commuting/cruising/whip skidding to impress the fixie girls and tend to get really nice compliments whenever I ride it (look at that cool-ass butter knife-looking carbon fork). I switched out the pista drop handlebars for pursuit bars (pictured) because AESTHETIC, but might switch those out for compact drop bars sometime down the road. Since I took this picture I added SPD pedals because I despise toe cages and also I like being a little clipped-in bike punk.

1987 Cannondale. This was the first serious road bike that I bought for $250 from a guy in Pasadena. I initially used it as a commuter from my old place in Hollywood to my job in West Hollywood. It had good components for the time it was built (Shimano 600 downtube shifters with touring rings in the front) and whoever owned it before me took really good care of it. I started riding it on hill climbs for workouts and eventually decided that I needed to get something newer/faster - which was when I bought the Super Strada. I’ve since converted it into a touring bike for camping/carrying heavy things and am hoping to take it out this Summer for a multi-day bike camping trip.

To answer your other question, my favorite paths out in LA are:

-Griffith Park Observatory/Blacktop
-Nichols Canyon
-Elysian Park
-LA River Bike Path

Sorry for such a long post! Here’s a bonus hardstyle picture: