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Tips on 100mph thoughts

So I commented this on @therealjacksepticeye‘s video and realised some people here might like it too.So here you go…

Hey, I have a few tips for people who struggle with being unable to focus or sleep due to their thoughts going 100 mph.

So most people have a thing that clears their head and calms them down, it can be a book, food, games, YouTube videos or even just a shower. Try discovering what you calm things are and use them when needed.

For the restless hands, try wearing a hair tie or elastic around your wrist. Take it if when you feel the need, fiddle around with it and put it back on your wrist when you’re done.

When trying to sleep, try focusing on one thought. This could be a song, or a problem, or just something that happened that day. Let that thought die out. In the case of the song, let it end, the problem, solve it or check whether it’s really that much of a problem. When it’s an event, just relive the memory. In most cases this will help clear your head.

Another thing I like to do is start my dream. I think up a story, what it looks, feels, smells and sounds like and live it like a dream. Eventually I fall asleep (or just call it coma for all I care, it’s sheer nothingness and it might as well be time travel to the next moring) and sometimes even end up lucid dreaming.

So to recap:

- learn what clears your head and use it

- wear a elastic or have a coin to keep your hands busy

- focus on one thought and finish it to clear your head

(- start your dream before falling asleep)

I hope this was at least a little helpful to someone. Have a nice day.