i need to take a nap after that preview

davidmont  asked:

My friend I'm in love with these new goodies!! 😘♥ By the way I hope you get healthy again soon! 💪💪💪 And I hope you get your money back!! Kisses and hugs! ♥♥♥

Thank you David! I actually have quite a few things to upload. Now I just need to take previews and work out what I want for Simblreen and just a regular post. 

But for now I need to texture the science table so it’s recolorable and finish up a project I’m working on for @potato-ballad-sims.

I’m getting better day by day. Still get tired really early and have to nap after that. 3 more days of antibiotics. I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to take those anymore. 2 weeks worth of it is really doing a number on the old bod. Wooooh! :D

And the bank situation is hopefully going to work itself out. Looks like I caught it in time before it actually cleared for most of the charges. 4 are still pending and if they go through I have recourse with Uber and the bank. But they should bounce back and not get charged, we cancelled the debit card before everything went through. Thank goodness!