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Attention Team D - We Need To Come Together

As you know, we are coming up on a very important date.

November 30th

It was the day that changed a lot of us and was the beginning of Team Delusional / Team Defiance (which will hereby be known as Team D)

We have been waiting patiently for answers and we have yet to get real ones. We have been given clue over these past seasons but never shown true proof of her survival. 

Some of us will wait, others are ready to call it quits but I say, we need to take one last stand and let these producers and writers know that WE are still here and we’re not happy about what happened.

So many unanswered questions still remain about her body, what happened in those 17 days, who really shot Beth and so on. We have been supporting this show in hopes of some answers but we have not yet received a thing.

My suggestion is a one day campaign. A rally of Beth fans who will let their voices be heard and hopefully heard some sort of response from those of power on the show. 

My suggestion is this:

On Thursday, November 30th, we tag the producers and writers on Twitter and Instagram posts with our chant to Bring Back Beth. By keeping our message clear and positive, I hope that with enough of us, they will understand that we are not happy and need them to give us answers.

This is an all-day campaign. Once every hour, once every half hour, whenever you remember. Write to them and tell them our message.

#Bring Back Beth

List of Producers and Writers:

Twitter: (tag them in post)

Scott Gimple - @ScottMGimple

Robert Kirkman - @RobertKirkman

Angela Kang - @angelakang

Official Walking Dead -  @WalkingDead_AMC

Instagram: (tag them in photo)

Denise Huth - @golightlyish

Greg Nicotero - @gnicotero

Official Walking Dead - amcthewalkingdead 

Messages to Write:

Bring Back Beth

Give Us Beth or Give Us Closure

We’re Still Strong

Who Really Shot Beth?

Where is Beth’s body?

Images To Use:

Feel free to create your own pictures or message but please keep it positive!

Instagram and Twitter profile must be public, so make a new account if you need. 

Please tag and reblog this post so we can make it as successful as possible. 

The date we do this is November 30th, whatever time that means for you. So if you are in another country, do this on that day, the day that changed it all for us!

Thank you!

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I saw Manson died and I know you're a really big fan of his music. I wanted to make sure that you're okay.

||: oh, nonnie
while this sentiment is really sweet of you, you’ve got a little bit of misinformation.

charles manson =/= marilyn manson

charles manson is a cult leader who orchestrated some pretty heinous murders in an effort to start a race war, was sentenced to death but had his sentence commuted to life in prison when california ruled the death penalty unconstitutional, and died in a hospital after a lengthy illness in prison. he doesn’t deserve the sympathy or the concern.

marilyn manson is a shock rock artist who took his first name from marilyn monroe and his last name from charles manson… for the shock value and to have a light/dark aesthetic to his persona and a thesis worth of other things that i’m not really going to get into. and despite the fact that people like to blame his music for mass shootings and other violent acts, he’s never committed a murder or orchestrated one. he’s also alive and kicking and only 48 years old.

i really do appreciate the concern, nonnie. but i’m not upset in the least about a man like charles manson dying <3  

The Perks of Being Pregnant, Part II

Sometimes when Carl came home early from lessons, he joined Michonne on her daily walks around the Safe Zone. Despite being pregnant, it was very important to her to get her exercise in any way she could. As the months had passed one by one, her workouts had dissolved from high intensity and impact to a stroll on the sidewalk.

“Thanks for helping me into my shoes.”

“Don’t mention it,” Carl said, smirking. “It must suck not being able to.”

“Oh, I can do it. It just takes me an hour,” she joked.

“Have you and my dad decided on a name yet?” he asked curiously.

“Nope. The latest contenders are June and Melanie,” Michonne answered. “What d’you think?”

“They’re better than Tracy,” Carl said. A couple of seconds passed as they shared an amused laugh.

“How do you feel about being a big brother again?”

“I did want a little brother, but two little sisters is awesome too.”

“They’re definitely gonna tag team you,” she ribbed him lightly.

“Yeah,” Carl said, thinking over the scenario, “maybe you and my dad need to have another. Give me a brother and make it equal.”

Michonne’s mouth dropped open and she fervently shook her head, though she was deep down amused he would suggest such a thing.

“Hang on, let’s get me through this one before we go planning the next,” she said, her hands resting on her rounded stomach. “Not sure when I want to do it again. I miss walking. I’m tired of waddling.”

Carl snickered at her words as they reached the next street corner. He suggested they take Gilmore street rather than their usual route down Washington. Michonne shrugged and let him lead the way, becoming immersed in thoughts about how much she abruptly craved some chocolate.

“Maybe we should stop by Aaron and Eric’s,” Carl proposed.

Michonne stared at him questioningly, but again obliged. They walked down the well-kept front path surrounded by healthy grass and flowers, and Carl held out his arm for her to take when they reached the porch steps. He knocked lightly on the door, and almost immediately, after only about the third one, Aaron appeared with a very wide smile.

“Carl!” he said cheerfully. “What are you doing here?”

Michonne knowingly glanced between Carl and Aaron. Their acting was awful, the two not very good at keeping up a charade. She decided to go along with the scheme at play, whatever it was, and asked for a glass of water.

“Yes, come in!” Aaron said eagerly. He widened the door to give them access.

Michonne and Carl walked into the home to the ambushed screech of “SURPRISE!”

Eric popped out from behind a closet door. Father Gabriel, Enid and Tara stood up from their hiding spot near the sofa. Carol, Daryl and Rosita appeared in the doorway of the dining room. Michonne watched as one by one more friends came out of hiding places, beams on their faces.

“What is this?” Michonne asked, scanning the scene.

Rick appeared last with a pleased grin on his lips, walking out from the kitchen with a delicately frosted cake in his hands.

“We’re throwing you and the baby a party,” Rick announced.

“That’s what you were up to today?” Michonne gasped, surprised.

“I had to or else you’d catch on,” he remarked, laughing gruffly.

“You said you didn’t want a shower,” Tara chimed in. “But we’re throwing you one anyway.”

“Yeah, and it was tougher than I thought getting you here,” Carl said.

Michonne’s eyes drifted beyond everyone to the stack of presents on the table. She was so shocked she could hardly figure out if she was smiling or gawking with her mouth hanging open. Once more her volatile hormones set her on another emotional roller coaster ride. This one was tears of joy. She teared up and thanked them all for the brilliant surprise.

Rick set down the cake and put his arms around her, touching her cheek before kissing her softly on the mouth.

“The cake’s chocolate,” he whispered into her ear afterward, as if reading her mind. “And don’t worry, I didn’t bake it—Carol did.”

A watery laugh left her, and with that she joined the others in celebration.


Even while pregnant, Michonne couldn’t sleep past sunrise. She woke most days by 6 A.M., something she lamented, as she’d been instructed to get as much sleep as possible. She opened her eyes to the morning sunlight flooding in through their bedroom window, and she was startled to find a pair of wonderful blue eyes watching her.

Rick was awake too, lying on his side and facing her with one arm tucked under his pillow and the other swathed protectively over her stomach as usual. The smile which came to his lips spread to his eyes as well, the shade only growing bluer.

“Morning, beautiful,” he said quietly. His thumb ran over the protruding nub that was her belly button. He was incapable of not touching her in some way, especially while in bed. “You really shouldn’t wake this early.”

“Morning, handsome,” she said playfully, wiggling closer into him. “I couldn’t help it.”

“Yeah? Why?”

“That leftover cake is calling my name,” she said jokingly.

His smile widened and he sat up, lacing his fingers with hers to help her up.

“Then we better get you some,” he said sweetly.

“I was kidding,” Michonne told him, though with each passing second the idea of a slice sounded more and more amazing.

“Nah, c’mon, it’s happening.”

She shouldn’t have been astounded at this point, but she was, that he loved her so endlessly in ways she never imagined. There was not a single doubt in her mind; he was the best man she had ever known, before and after the world came to an end. She gave in to his provider nature, knowing it made him feel good to help her feel good. She let him pull her to her feet and together the two left the bedroom for the kitchen downstairs.

“So, I was thinking,” Rick said thoughtfully once they were in the kitchen.

“Okay, about what?” she asked curiously, leaning into the counter.

“I’m still confused,” Rick said and he shot her a sideways grin from the fridge, “you never told me what’s so bad about Tracy?”


Christmas Spirit

Prompt: Roman sings Christmas Carols nonstop and if Logan hears one more rendition of “Jingle Bells” he is going to lose it (this is from the anon who sent a big list of prompts. this is the best way I can think of doing it instead of just answering it) 

A/N: @kryspytacos @honeyglazedchicken *throws this at you two* I hope you’re happy (love you) 

Read on Ao3 

Pairing: LAMP (could be read as platonic or romantic) 

Warnings: None (let me know if i need to tag anything) 

Tag list:  @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @dan-yuna

Dashing through the snow

In a one horse open sleigh…

Logan stared at his book, not taking in any of the words. The letters were starting to swim in his vision…or that may have been the book shaking slightly due to Logan’s tight grip on it. Roman’s voice carried throughout the house, making it impossible to get away from the infuriating songs he insisted on singing all day every day.

It wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but it seemed that no one in the house cared about that. Ever since Halloween, Patton had started baking Christmas cookies, Virgil had been looking for trees they could put up (not that Logan would ever let them get a live tree again, not after last time, but he supposed the other boy hoped), and Roman…dear lord Roman. He hadn’t stopped singing Christmas carols. He could be heard singing in the shower, while they were eating, even after everyone had gone to bed. Logan could swear that he sang in his sleep.

It was infuriating. No matter where Logan went, he was bombarded with Christmas. Just this morning, Virgil and Roman had started to bring in the Christmas decorations, Roman belting out whatever carol happened to be on his mind.

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What's your headcanons on stydia on social media? I feel stiles would go on rants alot on Twitter.


Lydia– Only responds to comments, never makes them. Keeps her pictures updated reasonably steadily, but doesn’t caption them. Just tags who needs to get tagged, gets in, gets out. 

Stiles– Forgets he has a facebook, mostly because he doesn’t have a lot of family. Posts three times a year. Usually it’s something stupid. He uses FB messenger a lot, though, especially before he and Lydia exchange numbers and he has to use it to contact her.  


Lydia– The true queen. Instagram was designed by and for Lydia Martin. She pops on and makes that app her bitch. Queen of the silent likes. Queen of the silent judgement. Every moment, every picture, every filter, every selfie, is perfect and paints a picture of exactly who she wants to be. It’s where she lets her control-freak flag fly. 

Stiles– Doesn’t really use instagram except to silently stalk people who live better lives than he does. When he starts dating Lydia, he actually does start posting whenever they’re in the same place during college, but most of his instagram is pictures of her and the occasionally pictures of Scott and his dad. Stiles is, like, never on his own insta unless he’s smacking a kiss on Lydia’s cheek or vice versa. 


Lydia– Study-blur. She reblogs pictures of bullet journals when she uses her tumblr once every six months. See you in another six, she says at the end of an hour and a half. 

Stiles– A fuckin’ mess. Has a crappy blog with a crappy theme, just reblogs pictures of weird shit, memes, the occasional fandom post (and a hell of a lot of Star Wars kick-up when new movies come out) and pop-punk song lyrics. The true definition of a piece of shit. Really only nightposts, so all of his friends are Australian and all 500 of his followers literally think he is from there because of the hours he keeps. 


Lydia– Uses it because she likes the brevity of life updates, but will unfollow you in about two seconds if she gets annoyed by you. Follows more accounts about politics, news, pop culture, and snarkiness than actual people she knows. Twitter makes Lydia laugh through her nose, which is not an easy thing to do.

Stiles– Does not grasp the concept of twitter. 140 characters was bad enough because he just had a chain of five tweets in a row talking about how hard he’s been trying to find where his dad has hidden his Christmas gifts. When the 280 characters come along, it’s the same five tweets but now he already knows where the gifts are so instead he likes to rant about topics he knows almost nothing about, usually because he’s impassioned but slightly because Lydia will break her tacit rule of twitter silence and break in and fuck him up if he says stupid shit and it amuses him greatly. Twitter is the place Stiles goes if he needs to goad his girlfriend somehow. Meanwhile, the rest of the pack watches with a mix of exasperation and amusement as they bitch each other out on their timelines while simultaneously playing footsies under the table. 

Whoever wins the twitter fight gets 140 minutes of oral time, divided the way they choose. Scott used to be the judge until he found out that the prize was his best friend going down on his other best friend.

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What do you mean Scarecrow fans afraid of needles are interesting thaTS A VERY CONCERNING TAG MISTRESS

omfg I needed that laugh!!

Mischievous Answer: I’m keeping track of all of your fears so i can exploit it with my new toxin.

Honest Answer: I really do find it interesting, a character like Scarecrow is based around fears. There’s even a comic where he turns into giant spider. He literally lives to spread terror, and yet I know fans that have been helped by his stories and comics. Maybe he’s a bit insulted at the idea, but the sane part of him is proud to know he’s helped others conquer their fears. (like needles)


Tag Game!
Tagged by @moptophero

Answer these 11 questions:

1. What pets do you have (If any)?
I own a cat named Kaida, and a german shepherd named Candy.

2. Who is/are your favorite OC(s)?
Damn, I have several. I have Star & SparklerGuilherme Oliveira de Souza, Demian D’Myra, Gabriel Pratch & Ricardo Mendez, ChloeMilady Em, Ru Dao Lun, Mônica Layn, Veronica, I mean…

I also have new and old ones I need to draw.

3. Whats your favorite food?
…f… food. Just, food. Give me food. Kthx.


4. Weather Right now:
Chilly/cold and amazing.

5. Last video game you played?
Pokémon Ultra Sun.

6. Dogs or cats?
Both (but mostly cats).

7. What is your most prized possession?
Hhh… everything I own? I’m trying not to be as attached, although I am? I will say that I rarely ever leave home without my star necklace or my journey scarf necklace. One of them needs to be on me.

8. Whats your motto?
Tem que rir para não chorar. = Got to laugh so you won’t cry.

9. What position do you sleep in?

10. Do you play any instruments?
Mechanical pencil.

11. Indoors or outdoors?

New questions:

What do you like to do in your weekends?
Sleep and play video games when I’m not drawing.

Favorite movie?
The Goonies.

If you could turn yourself in a single wild animal (it’s reversible, keep calm!) which one would be?
Cat or unicorn.

If you could take care of a wild animal legally, which one would you choose?

+4h power naps, or 10min naps?
Neither. I’ll just go to bed and actually sleep.

Favorite colors?

Are you a morning person?
Even though I’m a very irritated person in the morning, yes I am a morning person.

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

Fictional character you would love to hang out platonically?
Jessie & James & Meowth. Just, imagine

Fictional character you would love to hang out romantically?
LÚCIO CORREIA DOS SANTOS. Spark, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Aveline Vallen, Hange Zöe, Mako Mori.

Did you ever been in a school fight?

Tagging: @fool-errant @quinleything @high-prince-vanity @ashes-acedia @chronicwhimsy @vkiera @cucubert @jimenko @makoto-is-a-good-boy and everyone else that wants to do this!

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I finally finished Punisher and can we please talk about Frank constantly protecting all the women around him?? 😍

ahhhh yay!!!! YES!!! LET’S DO!! i love contrast in things, and this was such a nice contrast. frank castle, the punisher, like…he smashed billy russo’s face into shards of glass. but frank is so protective of the women in his life. frank punishes the guilty. and we saw him do that violently. and then we’d see him say “atta girl” or “sweetheart” to some of those women, and the affection for karen, the calm presence for sarah lieberman, the COMPLETE ADORATION of his wife maria, and the fatherly protection of lisa and leo. just <3 i love it so much

Calling all Tolkien fans

I’m an illustration artist needing some inspiration; what are some of your favorite Silmarillion scenes? I adore this book but don’t quite have the time to revisit it as a whole right now. If any pieces I do as a result of your suggestions turn out I’ll tag you in them if/when I post them!

Thanks, Tolkien Fandom.

PS, I mentally call Tolkien fans the Shield Wall because it is so tight knit, ready to answer the call to arms, and has a deeper-than-words common thread that you don’t see many other places.

So thank you, Tolkien’s shield wall!

I attached 2 of my pieces so this post wouldn’t get buried as quickly in the Silmarillion tag, but don’t think for a minute that it’s about fishing for compliments or some such nonsense.

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Your tweet "@SamHeughan What do we have to do to get a selfie of you with the wifey" was tagged #askcait instead of #asksam. I hope hope hope he answers this one specifically to show he sees you, no tag needed :)

LMFAO oops I’m so dumb. Let me fix that 

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if your reaction to 'hey maybe this isnt a very nice thing to do' is 'lol sorry you got offended' then you might need to reassess how you treat other people. don't answer this ask, i dont want to draw any drama towards you/start any witch-hunts for what i assume was a pure-intentioned pun-name for an M!A and not an actual jab. i just thought that you should know how it came off to other people and how that reflected on you. this isn't supposed to be an attack, just a heads up for your sake.

i’m going to answer this ask anyway, because i do appreciate it.

you assumed correctly. i’m not trying to fight anyone with my tag names.

i’m not cis. i’ve dated trans people. i rp actual trans people. i know what to look for and what not to do. you guys should be pouring this energy into actual transphobia, not a m!a tag that’s a song title.

ya’ll need t0 calm your tits.

i’ve been called out on portraying things offensively before when it’s how i personally experience things. so i’m not taking shit unless what i’m doing is an actual problem.

i’m not here to be a people pleaser. i’m here to roleplay.

and if you can’t handle song lyrics as a tag then you’re better off unfollowing me.


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So I️ was browsing Doctor Who tag and I️ saw that River has a dedicated week 🙄 It’s then that I️ realized that the Doctor’s Love should have a week dedicated to her. So I️ was thinking there needs to be a ‘Rose Tyler appreciation Week! If anyone deserves one it’s Rose Tyler. A week full of Rose Tyler fan arts,Edits,manips,fanfics and more!

I thought there was a Rose Tyler week? Maybe I’m misremembering? Maybe there were in the past and we didn’t this year? I’m not sure

Generally there’s more Rose stuff around her birthday April 27th. But there’s no reason we can’t do something sooner ;)  I’m all for a Rose Tyler week any time lol 

V’s Route Chatroom times + general Info (Spoiler Free)

I’ll keep this post updated!! ALONG SIDE OF ME PLAYING!! (Should be finished for now. Unless someone can confirm the amount of guests you need for the good ending.)

Hey Hey, so Cheritz has thrown V’s Route out for us android users yesterday. iOS users have to wait a couple more days, unfortunately. But I guess iOS users have the advantage over Chatroom times for now. 

If you have general questions, my ask box is always open and I’ll try to answer as much as possible. If you guys have any spoiler related questions, I’ll be tagging it as “v route spoiler” so you can maybe block that tag, or I’ll see how I can make a cut, so you do not see anything you don’t want to. 

I also wanted to use this post to thank you guys for following and supporting me with this. I’m really glad I can help you guys out. ♥

General Info: 

Another Story is really expensive. 

  • Unlocking Another Story: 300 Hourglasses
  • Phone calls to V and Saeran: 10 Hourglasses
  • Missed Chats: 15 Hourglasses
  • Unlocking the next day: Ranges from 150 - 300 Hourglasses. (I’m extremely salty about this one.)
  • The Common Route contains A LOT of story. There’s a lot of Visual novels. 
  • It seems unlike in the other routes, you need 17 Guests in order to get the good ending, instead of 9 / 10 (I’m not 100% sure how many. I’m still kind of looking for confirmation on this one, 17 looks like an awfully odd number.)

Email Answers Guide by @ haengbokaeyo

V’s Route Tips Day 1 - 11 (10)

Calling times by @khaleecia

First Day: 

23:25 +VN

Second Day:

1:19 + VN
7:50 + VN
12:00 +VN
13:57 +VN
15:24 +VN
18:26 +VN

Third Day: 

00:31 +VN
12:22 +VN
18:24 +VN
20:11 +VN
23:07 +VN

Fourth Day:

2:34 +VN
8:15 +VN
12:00 +VN
14:41 +VN
17:36 +VN
21:53 +VN

GAME BRANCH - Congrats if you made it through!
(I’m genuinely glad I made it ahaha)

Fifth Day: 

00:03 +VN
02:00 +VN
7:30 +VN
10:52 +VN
15:11 +VN
17:59 +VN
19:36 +VN
21:00 +VN

Sixth Day: 

02:43 +VN
12:33 +VN
14:42 +VN
16:19 +VN
18:23 +VN
20:00 +VN
22:02 +VN
23:11 +VN

Seventh Day: 

2:32 +VN
6:55 +VN
8:46 +VN
11:51 +VN
13:16 +VN
15:38 +VN
19:24 +VN
21:39 +VN
23:11 + GAME BRANCH VN! 

Eighth Day:

00:44 +VN
01:59 +VN
09:27 +VN
11:00 +VN
17:52 +VN
22:00 +VN
23:16 +VN
23:24 +VN****

Ninth Day:

00:56 +VN
02:43 +VN
06:21 +VN
09:04 +VN
12:07 +VN
14:11 +VN
16:39 +VN
18:35 +VN
21:49 +GAME BRANCH VN (??)******
23:24 ******

Tenth Day:

00:46 +VN
02:32 +VN
06:21 +VN
08:38 +VN
14:05 +VN
16:12 +VN
21:53 +VN

Final day:

12:00 PARTY!

(??)***** I am not sure if that is correct. I was looking up my history for V’s route. Somehow, I’ve gotten the same chat twice in there, for whatever reason.