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Have you considered doing analysis on more recent material from D&D, like 5e? I'd be very interested to see your take on the stuff in Volo's Guide to Monsters.

Alright I know this is a question from like six months ago at this point but it’s something I wanna bring up, is that like, I’ll get to stuff that isn’t AD&D in a nebulous “eventually” kind of way. Like, due to college and other life shit going on (which is the reason posts on this blog can be so, *ahem*, sporadic) a lot of my non-AD&D books are several hundred miles away, so it wouldn’t happen until at least I get those back. Like, there’s a bunch of 3.5 stuff I really wanna cover, at some point in time, including/especially the Player’s Handbook, where half-orcs are literally the only player race that gets a net -2 to their stat spread, whereas everyone else is at a net 0. Like 3.5 at least seemed to know a little more about what it was doing in terms of realizing that maybe not every single orc is irredeemably evil, from birth, but the farther we get away from it the more the cracks show, as with AD&D. Like, there’s a whole splatbook in 3.5 about playing monstrous humanoids, which was in many regards a step in the right direction, and in many others, not, because in most respects the rules for playing monsters sucked because of empty “monster” levels that were supposedly to balance the “hideous” power of playing, say, a bugbear, or a minotaur.

In fact I’d have to work out how to make it work in my formatting, and not make it take literal days to read, but I’d like at some point to make articles about some AD&D splatbooks, too. Maybe be like an overview with the excerpts being the “best hits”, so to speak? I dunno. Maybe break them up into groups, or chapters. I still need to consider it. The Book of Humanoids, from AD&D, at least, has a roughly similar entry style compared to the Monstrous Manual, so that at least should be pretty easy to get that ball rolling.

And say what you will about 4th edition, I thought the removal of negative racial stats was a good idea, because it made certain races more optimal for this role or that, while not making them totally unusable in any other role, just merely sub-optimal. Though honestly I will admit the very heavy combat focus of 4E kind of makes analyzing its fluff a little bit of a losing proposition, in my opinion? Like I remember looking through some 4E Monster Manuals and being like “??? This is just stat blocks”, with maybe a token paragraph, or somesuch.
Though I liked how they provided player stats for a handful of monsters in the back of every monster manual, if you wanted to be a bullywug, or a gnoll, or what-have-you.

Now, 5th Edition, from everything that I have seen, read, and just within the last couple of weeks personally experienced, is really, really good.
…Like I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to analyze a lot of the fluff, I don’t have many 5E books, but as a game it’s really tightly designed and has a whole lot to offer in terms of like, player customization and choice, and making every class feel like they’re doing something useful within their role, and not having as bad a time power balancing the wizards versus everyone else as compared to 3.5, especially, and without having to resort to the “everyone has kinda-sorta magic” solution of 4E. It feels like it’s simplified without being dumbed down? And I just, like it a lot, already, and I haven’t even done much in it. Like, the classes, the archetypes, I think it’s really cool. And they do have playable minotaurs, even, thanks to a PDF off the Wizards of the Coast website.
…They’re Dragonlance minotaurs, but flavor can be mucked around with, when you’re a DM. It’s liberating that way. 
As for Volo’s, I haven’t read it myself, but I have a friend who has, and he’s told me I’ll especially want to take a good long look at its take on kobolds, which, I’ve heard, suuuuuuuuuucks.
Like, they get a whole mechanic based on groveling like sniveling cowards?? A racial mechanic?? So any/all kobold PCs could do this??
I mean, minotaurs always having a melee weapon available on account of the horns, that makes sense, because unless they’ve been cut the hell off, every minotaur’s going to have horns to headbutt people with, right? I mean, in theory a minotaur could be born naturally hornless, like polled cattle in real life, but I digress; the whole point about a racial ability is that it should be something universal, that anybody of the species has the capacity to do, usually based on an integral physical trait, like the dragonborn and their breath weapons, or the half-orcs and their ability to go down swinging because of their adrenaline, or whatever it is. But groveling and cowardice?? For shame, Volo. That’s some anti-kobold libel. You’d better hire a top-notch barrister, Volo, because whatever international organization for kobold civil rights exists in your setting is going to be breathing down your throat any minute now.
Of course, if it’s Forgotten Realms, like a lot of 5e fluff seems to be almost implicitly, then he might get off scott free, but, er…

Uh, but yeah, stuff that ain’t AD&D is coming, eventually.
I suppose it’s that AD&D stuff is almost like, low-hanging fruit? Like it talks so matter-of-factly and cut-and-dry with no room for nuance about a lot of these races that of course they don’t stand up to even the barest of scrutiny. :P
…Although come to think of it, I could at some point do a little analysis of the 5E playable minotaur, like I did with the 5E aarakocra, and see how I like their fluff.
Which I suppose would just devolve into a review of the Dragonlance setting’s interpretation of the minotaur, since that’s what the 5E minotaur explicitly is? But…?
Centaur article should be along pretty quick, by the way. ^^
I totally wasn’t inspired to do it because Orisa came out in Overwatch, or anything. 

10 facts about me

10 facts about me - tagged by @saltyauntsuga - beware of oversharing

1, i am originally from vietnam, i have been studying art stuff since sept 2012 - 4 years of traditional painting and now doing illustration in the czech republic - before you ask what will i do in the future for a living, i will answer - be a hermit and hope my older brother can send me food support once in a while

2, i speak vietnamese, english and czech, not as fluently as i would like to but i try to. czech is very hard, when i need to write something formal i need help from friends, and i don’t really have anyone to talk to in vietnamese it gets rusty

3, i love cats and all fluffy animals in general, i also love namjoon the most in this entire world

4, i have tutored a boy in english through some agency - forabout  8 months? it’s some kind of a volunteer stuff so no money. the families (clients) are financially weak so it’s a way to help them

5, i have been living away from parents since i was 10 - i visit home once a year in summer - i lived with kinda weird (abusive) uncle and aunt for like 4-5 years and then i have been kind of living with my older brother since 15 and from 17 i lived in dorms, but then i met a great family that half-adopted me in and it’s been great, better than the years i was with the uncle lol only if he wasn’t my mom’s brother i’d decked him when i see him when i was older and realized what he did was shitty

6, i like matcha, a lot. and i love vietnamese black coffee, i generally don’t like coffee with milk or cream.  i don’t really like chocolate, i love spicy food.

7, i don’t drink alcohol or smoke, i can stand neither of them, i get in contact with any kind of smoke i’ll cough my lungs out. yesterday my friends coaxed me into drinking something and i was like yeah let me order a margarita and after that 1 drink my head was throbbing and got dizzy like mad. so yeah, no alcohol please. i get super red from just a small beer.

8, i don’t enjoy a lot of music - mostly it’s just hollywood undead, vocaloid and some k-pop for me. i also can’t fully enjoy stuff after just 1 time of watching it, i can’t process everything so mostly the first time i watch sometime it’s purely about the visual. like if it’s pretty and appealing visually or not. shallow, i know.

9, i have a best friend and we have been talking and stuff for 8-9 years now, i never met him though. i am waiting if we can meet on the 10th year of friendship lmao. 

10, my memory is like, bad, so i forget A LOT of stuff, pardon me for that. please never hesitate to remind me stuff from time to time, thank you.

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Battle Theme : The Final Song ~ Black Song, White Scales ~

Battle intro : “I beg of you… must there be no other way?”
Victory : “And so I am the victor… yet mine heart weighs greater than ever before.”
Defeat : “The end… how long have I wished for it? But now, when I desire to live… f-forgive them, beloved.”
Taunt : “You are tiring… let us end this charade without bloodshed!”
Reacting to Taunt : ”We needs not do this..”
Tie : “And so it is as this…”
Perfect Victory : “If this will end suffering, then so it shall be.”
Final Finisher : “May the Lifestream welcome you home.”


Assist : “Together we are stronger.”
Your muse down during Assist : “I-I’m sorry… I am not strong enough.”
Using item : “Needs must be met…”
Healing/Buffing : “My strength and will are yours!”
Tag Team Special : “Let no one stand before us; bloodshed can only end if we work together!”

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Admin Answers

I was tagged by the lovely @fruk-de-lys and I am but a humble servant. 

Nickname: Pumkaboo (Too many variations on the word pumpkin– Mom.

Favorite Color: Red

Last Song I listened to: The Beauty and the Beast movie soundtrack

Favorite TV Show: Damn son. This is too hard. I need sub-categories. Bee and Puppycat is my favorite cartoon. Psych my favorite comedy.

First Fandom: I was inducted into the DC fandom at the ripe old age of 5. 

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, track, acting, roleplaying, being awesome.

Books I’m reading: Dracula, Unaccustomed Earth, The Globalization of Ethics. 

Worst thing I’ve eaten: Corn. Fucking corn. 

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8 Questions Tag :)

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Rules: Answer the eight questions and then write eight new questions of your own


1. Favourite food? 🍱

I DONT ACTUALLY KNOW LMAO I JUST LOVE EATING but probably rice?? idk help

2. Ult bias group?

BTS yay

3. Most important object that you own?

what kind of question is this HAHAHA idk but I think my wallet?? its legit right

4. Favourite song at the moment?

Monsta X’s Beautiful I guess? and ofc my never ending love for I Need U ahaha

5. Last movie you’ve watched?


6. What colour would you dye your hair?

I wouldn’t exactly want to dye my hair but some natural light brown highlights would be cool

7. Favourite video of SF9?

this is a hard question HAHAHA I think it would be their Fanfare Let’s Dance? I mean that video got me into the fandom so yea

8. Do you play any musical instruments? If no, which one would you like to learn? 

NO IM PERFECTLY TALENTLESS IN MUSIC, I think the guitar or the piano would be cool I guess?

My Questions:

When did you get into kpop and how?
What made you decide to have a tumblr blog?
Favorite color? 
Favorite animal?
What are your interests? (or favourites)
If you have the chance to visit any 5 countries, which countries would they be?
Would you prefer music or movies? (i love this question idk why its interesting)
What would you like to achieve (or experience) before the age of 60? (like bungee jumping or visit the north pole)

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That plus size reader one shot got me. Gah, I needed something like that. Thank you for writing that. And thank you for being freaking amazing! Also, I was wondering if your Forever Tag list was open because I'd love to be added. If not, totally cool. Love ya!!

Thank you for reading it! And for the super sweet message! I do have a forever tag list and there are 5 spots left. One of them is now yours! 

Get Into My Car

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RULES: Answer honestly and tag 20 blogs you want to know better!

Relationship status: In a relationship.

Favourite colour: Pink, red and yellow, but really, if it’s bright, I like it.

Lipstick or chapstick: Neither, most of the time. Occasionally concede to lipstick or lipgloss if I need to, like the time we put on part of The Trojan Women for our first years and I landed up playing Helen of Troy, which was alarming (how do you play the face that launched a thousand ships??) until I remembered that Helen (in Greek tradition) would have been awesome even if she wasn’t beautiful (ok, not technically true, because of the association of beauty and goodness, but Helen was much more than her looks). Don’t get me started on how much I like Helen.

Last song I listened to: Josh Groban’s Remember

Last movie I watched: Help, I have no idea. I think I’m going to have to find one to watch so that this can have a different answer the next time I do one of these.

Top three tv shows: Anything by David Attenborough. Given that he’s made a lot, I think that fills the top three spots handily.

Top three characters: Er. Um. What sort of characters does one find, exactly, in a nature documentary?

Top three ships: Nature documentaries are not really made for shipping.

Books I’m currently reading: Just finished a re-read of The First Man in Rome, and am moving onto The Grass Crown. I haven’t read them in years and it’s so interesting to come back to them with more knowledge of the first century B.C., and find myself agreeing or disagreeing with some of the painstaking research that went into these books. They’re still tremendously fun to read, and, oh, how I would love to teach a course that looks at the collapse of the Roman Republic - oligarchy, corruption, civil wars, social wars and foreign wars, dictatorships, demagoguery, treason trials, and all the tremendous personalities that drove the Republic to the brink: Scaurus, Marius, Sulla, Pompey, Cicero, Caesar, Clodius, Antony, Octavian, and all the rest.

Name: Nope.
Nickname(s): Kate.
Zodiac Sign: It swims.

Height: 5′7″

Orientation: I had to dig the compass out for this, but the answer is almost due west (282º if you want to be precise). Except that makes no sense because the sun has been rising in the south-west and setting in the north-east then?? 

Favourite Animal: Hrrmmm. I couldn’t possibly imagine.

Average Sleep Hours: Not enough to be healthy. I’ve never been good at sleeping.

Cat or Dog Person: Why choose? I like both. Cats do have the advantage, though, however slight. Particularly the Maew Boran/Thai landrace type cats. 

Favourite Fictional Character: Lucy Pevensie, Hermione Granger (she was me, I was her, loaded down with books, taking more subjects than strictly possible, oversized teeth, and a mane of untameable brown hair), and because I was reminded of her with the lipstick question, Helen of Troy. 

Let me tell you how much I love Helen.

(Don’t let me tell you, but it’s too late, here I go.) 

When we meet her in Book 3 of the Iliad she is literally weaving the story of the Trojan war (weaving is closely associated with story-telling in Greek literature; also the Fates spin life threads; Helen’s porphyry cloth is the colour of blood and shows the Greeks and Trojans locked in battle, so follow the implications and associations and ahhhhh), she sees through Aphrodite’s disguise as one of her attendants at once and tells her that she’s done being her plaything (alas, the goddess cows her, but damn it, Helen stands up for herself), and in Book 6 she breaks the fourth wall of the Iliad to say that the purpose of all their suffering is to make them subjects of song for men to come. 

In much of our surviving Greek literature she’s usually shown as sharp-witted, manipulative, with a forceful personality; she argues for her life persuasively in The Trojan Women; she sees through the disguise of Odysseus when he infiltrates Troy, she recognises his son Telemachus the first time she sees him; she can imitate the voices of many of the wives of the Greek heroes hidden in the wooden horse (ok, this is not that hard when Agamemnon’s wife Clytemnestra is her sister, and Odysseus’ wife Penelope is her first cousin); she deals with a grumpy Menelaus and a sad Telemachus in Sparta by drugging them in the Odyssey; she’s so much more than a pretty face. I love her. She’s a complex, powerful woman who is so often reduced to her looks and played for a victim in modern takes on her story, but she was not seen that way in the original tradition. She was the subject of a hero cult along with her husband Menelaus, as both were worshipped (but mostly Helen) at the Menelaion near Sparta; she was held to have struck the poet Stesichorus blind when he insulted her, and restored his vision when he composed a poem rehabilitating his reputation. Did I say that I love her? Well, I love her. She’s awesome.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Light sheet on hot summer nights, duvet in spring and autumn, duvet with blanket over the top in winter.

Dream Trip: I’d like to go back to the Pryors and to Shackleford Banks again; I’d love to visit other areas with free roaming horses (the Australian Alps!) and just spend a solid week with each herd taking photos.

Blog Created: Eh. Three years ago? I don’t know. After I bought the mare.

Number of Followers: More than I expected. It baffles me that so many people apparently like the fat Arab pony and the occasional moments when I sound like I’ve swallowed an encyclopaedia.

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lovelylittleraindrop  asked:

I desperately need the answers to 45, 70, and 98. I would ask number 82, but the answer to that question is you, babe.

45. Spicy food: like or dislike?
Like!!!! It just depends on how spicy. I can handle a lot, but I can be a baby, too, if it gets to be too much! 

70. What song is stuck in your head?
Literally any song by A Day To Remember or Paramore. you can catch me humming If It Means A Lot To You (ADTR), or All I wanted (Paramore), 
BUT, the last couple days, I’ve had Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran stuck in my head. It’s influenced the 40′s fic, fo sho tho. 

98.When you imagine yourself as really, really relaxed and happy, what are you doing?
This is gonna sound so depressing, but I don’t even imagine myself relaxed. Happy, though. That’s a different story. I can’t wait to visit you, and @magic-and-timetravel and @zeannastardust and hopefully even @harleyqueen7 when I get up to canada. Or taking you to a Con to fight Chris Evans. Vacations, meeting my friends. That makes me happy.

82. Who is the prettiest person on tumblr.
EW YOU SAP STOP IT. It’s obviously you, babe. ;)

send me some numbers!

11-Q Tag!

I got tagged by the lovely @shibakamiko <3<3 thanks for that hun this is a really cool tag and good questions :D

Always post the rules. Answer the questions asked, then write eleven new ones. Tag eleven people to answer your questions as well as the person who tagged you.

1. What is that one scenario you absolutely love seeing/reading in the fandoms you like?
- When it comes to tickle fanfics: One Person being to small to reach something and the other one teasing them (I have such a high-difference-kink I think I need help lol) When it comes to “normal” fanfics I’m a sucker for any Whump (I’m a bad person I know) or two character meeting for the first time and then becoming friends (cough Spideypool cough)

2. Fanfics, fanarts or both?
- Both!!!!! I love fanfics but people fanart is soo good and so important!

3. Quick! You’re going on a desert island for a month, and you can only take one person and one object with you! Who and what do you bring along?
- Tony Stark and some old missile parts, I believe in that man, he has experience with deserts and he had mastered this once so Tony your my man in this one

4. What do you think inspired you the most to make you who you are today?

- Ohhhh that’s a tough question…. maybe this sounds a bit silly but I really think that certain characters in anime, movies and books but also people I met on the internet really inspired me to do what I do and enjoy doing it.

5. When you think “happiness”, what are the first things that come to your mind?
- Being able to do what I like without being pressured or having to feel guilty or bad for it. Like being able to be yourself and others just accepting it.

6. Do you believe in true love?
- I never really felt anything I would describe with the word love towards another person (I love my family and friends don’t get me wrong I mean the romantic way of love here) but I really like the thought of true love, it’s really sweet and gives you a happy feeling when thinking about it :D

7. Ooh! You found Aladdin’s lamp! Your three wishes?

- Meeting one of the Sherlocks, Benedict or Robert I love them both, happiness for my family and me and a bunch of dogs. I need more dogs in my life.

8. Would you choose the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, or the Cloak of Invisibility?
- Hmmm… I would choose the Cloak of Invisibility. I know it sounds pretty lame compared to the other two items but they could do way too much damage when used wrong and I know myself goof enough that I would do something really stupid with the Elder Wand or the Resurrection Stone so the Cloak of Invisibility it is

9. Special offer: you may travel to one fictional place of your choice! Where do you wanna go?

- Haikyuu could be awesome, One Piece too but I think I would probably choose the Marvel Universe. (Lots of cool/hot dudes there)

10. How do you see yourself in ten years?

Oh goood I have no idea to be honest

11. One word that would define you best?
- Vicissitudes

Okay now my eleven questions for you guys:

1. If you would have to take part in an illegal car race which fictional character would be your partner in the race and why? (Can be from a movie, book, anime, series, really anything)

2. If you have to live from only one kind of food for the rest of your life, which one would that be?

3. A place you want to move to?

4. If you could have any creature or animal as a pet what would that be?

5. What is worse, nor being able to see or not being able to hear?

6. Do you like superheros/antiheros and if you do, who are you three favorite ones?

7. Assassin or Jedi?

8. If you would be the kid of a god from any mythology (greek, roman, germanic, etc) who’s kid would you be?

9. Bulbasur, Charmander or Squirtle?

10. If you had any superpower which one would that be?

12. Any fictive character you would love to have as a friend?

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|| Because I am such a busy person and it can often 
   take me a very long time to answer drafts, @missbarrow 
   and I have mutually decided that the tag ‘|| Flashback’ 
   will be used for the following purposes:

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     ♠ To provide the followers (and these authors) a much- 
        needed source of Cabal/Leo fluff 

     ♠ To provide further context into the thoughts, motivations 
        and feelings of our muses.

As always, anons are accepted ic or ooc for questions,
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Storm in the Room.

New episode listing for February 23rd!

Episode Description:
Steven goes into his room in the temple to look for answers.

Finally! I’m so excited about seeing more of Rose’s Room. Or I guess I should call it Steven’s Room now. Can it show him the past?

I can’t handle this.

anonymous asked:

ooh what are your Hunk hc's??

oooh nice i’m gonna have so much fun answering this ok nice thank u anon bless u

- he can’t spend money on himself for shit!! not even necessities!! he’s like: (stares at the grocery list of food items he needs to Survive™) “ok but like…. i have a plum in my fridge at home. i don’t need all of this? i’ll be fine” he does need it. he won’t be fine. lance has started tagging along when hunk goes grocery shopping bc he just won’t buy anything for himself otherwise!! he’ll buy gifts for his friends without a second thought though. like. he won’t even plan on it he’s just like: “oh my god that’s such a shiny knife. keith would love that.” he knows keith has too many knives already and probably doesn’t need any more but? it doesn’t stop him from knowing that keith would love that knife specifically. he’s gotta buy it for him. he’s just gotta. (he was right. keith did love it. he’s so great at gifts.)

- he’s a Cat Magnet™. he sits and then there are ten cats using him as a bed. they’re on his shoulders, on his chest, his lap, his face. he doesn’t know who they are or where they came from. he doesn’t question it. he just lives like this.

- he loves painting his nails and he’s really good at it! he works hard to make them all perfect but he doesn’t really mind much when they get messed up.

- sometimes he zones out when people complain to him and when he finally zones back in he’s just like “dump him.” as if he were paying complete attention. even if what they were complaining about had nothing to do with anything that that would possibly solve. his friends always accept that as great advice though.

- he honestly… has the best puns. whenever someone (besides lance. lance is the only exception. no one knows when they established that but they’ve just accepted it by now) insults his puns the entire team is on them like “what the fuck did you just say? we have a giant robot that could kick your ass! we have five lions (part of the robot) that could also kick your ass! yea… you better be careful… asshole.”

- the true Mr. Mystery. reveals nothing about himself, acts like he has nothing to hide. no one suspects a thing

- he can play any instrument by ear! like he’ll just pick it up and bam. it’s perfect. pidge has had five years of piano lessons and could never hope to be as good as he is. she’s not sure if she should be totally pissed or completely in awe. he can’t read music though

- he just has that aura™ that tells you he’s a nice person that you should totally befriend. he doesn’t have to approach people to make friends, because they all approach him

- also he’ll totally talk to cashiers for you if you’re too anxious. he’s a ball of anxiety himself but like? he’s just “screw you anxiety i’m helping my friend and there’s nothing u can do about it”

- anyway i love him

anonymous asked:

yoi thing where every time victuuri do the diddly doo makkachin starts scratching the door and whimpering because he thinks victor is hurting yuuri from the Noises™ ... a good doggo

“Victor,” Yuuri moans, hands gripping the bedsheets.

Victor tangles one hand in Yuuri’s hair and keeps the other firmly on his hip, holding him in place. He leans forward and kisses his way down the back of his neck and then his shoulder, nipping on the blade. Yuuri groans again, burying his face in the pillow to try and muffle his noises. “Yuuri, I–”

There’s a whimpering and scratching from outside of the door.

Victor stills, slightly, and Yuuri moans again, shifting his hips backwards. “Don’t stop.”

“Makka cried,” Victor explains, and squeezes Yuuri’s hip. Reluctantly, he pulls out, and Yuuri whimpers, entire body shuddering at the loss. “Hang on.”

“Makkachin is crying?” Yuuri asks, paying more attention now that the words have set in. “Is he okay?”

Victor pulls on boxers, wincing as he does so, and then swings open the door. “Makka?”

Makkachin leaps onto the bed, lands on top of Yuuri and starts licking his face. “Makkachin!” Yuuri yelps, scrambling to cover himself with the bedsheets. “Makka, now isn’t… Now isn’t a good time…”

“I think he was worried about you,” Victor sighs, petting his dog on the head. “What with all of the noises you were making.” At that, Victor grins, and Yuuri laughs, cheeks tinted pink.

“He came to protect me from you,” Yuuri jokes. “Good boy. But can we please continue where we left off?”

“Shoo, Makka, we’ll come play with you in a minute, I promise. You’ve got your new toy in the kitchen, don’t you? Your new distraction?”

Makkachin looks unimpressed. He’s still watching Yuuri, tilting his head to the side with confusion. As though trying to confirm whether or not he’s okay. “I’m fine, Makka,” Yuuri promises. “Your papa was just… Um…” He glances at Victor, desperate for help.

“We were playing, like how you play with your toys,” Victor promises, then gestures for Makkachin to get down from the bed. The dog does so, still unconvinced. “Now we need to… Finish playing. Please.

He doesn’t leave the room. Victor buries his face in his hands. Yuuri gives Makkachin a pleading look. “Makka… Go see your toy. I’ll be quiet, I promise.”

Eventually, Makkachin obeys, but two minutes later there’s more scratching on the door – this time, though, Makkachin thinks Victor is in pain.

The hug wasn’t straight!

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I have been watching this scene on loop because something felt weird about it ever since I saw this the first time. 


It’s so loopy, head-spinning, uneven, anything but straight unlike when John hugged Sherlock at the wedding. It was simple then. The camera just faded out the everything in the background and focused on them because it was a very important and emotional moment.

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But when you look at the scene from The Lying Detective, the camera affect, the lopsided movement is eerily similar to the scene from The Abominable Bride when Moriarty talks about the fall and the landing. 


I NEED ANSWERS. pls. someone. 

Tagging people who might help.

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you know the thing about antis is that i really dont care about the fact that you dont ship something, i guess you’re kind of annoying because you tell me what to do. or not.

look man i’m shipping otayuri or shaladin or idk what fictional ship you think is gross, for myself.

not for you.

okay not everything is about you. its a hard concept to grasp i know. but. its not about you. you have to get used to it, but its just not about you okay? its just not. super sad i know.

i ship it, for me, and for the people who do enjoy it.

not the ones who dont ship it.

not for you to hate on it.

not for you.

in other words stop being petty and think everything is directed to you.