i need to study omg help

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Can I have some headcanons for poly tfp Shockwave and Soundwave helping their s/o study for finals? It's that time for me

Omg good luck friend, I believe in you 

Shockwave, Soundwave, and s/o (poly) TFP

Both of them would take it very seriously when you brought it up. They would want to know what specifically you needed help studying for, that way they could help you properly. Once they knew the material, Shockwave would make little practice questions that Soundwave could display on his facescreen 

Shockwave might teach things too fast, but eventually he falls into a teaching pace that works for you. Soundwave is actually a pretty good teacher for someone who uses khan academy videos and no actual voice 

Once finals actually happen, both of them are super proud of how hard you studied are really rooting for you. No matter how well you do, afterwards they take you out to get some celebratory food (even though they can’t eat) 

Dan and Phil ruined my life tbh

Anyone in the phandom:
“theese two guys saved my life I was depressed and they made me smile”

and they are happy when there is a new video

“It is freaking 4am you can’t upload a video now, okay? are you kidding me? What is my life?
I should be sleeping and I spent all the week watching your videos instead of studying for tomorrow’s exam
Dan and Phil actually ruined my life omg I need help… STAHP GUYS”
*clicks on the video*

Anonymus asked: Omg 34 with Joshua because that’s SO HIM

A/N: I hope you don’t mind i did this as a bulleted list instead of an imagine or scenario anon, i just thought it flowed better this way

34 “I’d love you if you weren’t so nice to me all the time.”

  • So Joshua’s the school president
  • You’re just trying to live your life and graduate
  • EVERYONE KNOWS esp you
  • Therefore your life is filled with him trying to help you when you really don’t actually need help
  • He heard you complaining about studying? He offers to be a study buddy
  • You didn’t like the music last played at a school dance? He finds out your preferred genre and plays only that at the next one
  • You forgot your lunch? He gives you his homemade one and buys the disgusting cafeteria food because he doesn’t want you to have to eat it
  • One day he sees you sprained your ankle and is like mY PRINCESS… LET ME HELP
  • He sticks by your side all day, making sure you get to classes on time and that you can sit down
  • You’re just like omg seriously josh im fine its only a bandage and crutches but he INSISTS
  • At the end of the school day he sees you just having a stare-off with the stairs
  • All of your classes were on the second floor and now you have to go home
  • You had gotten up the stairs fine but obviously going down is harder than going up and you’re trying to figure out how to do this
  • OF COURSE josh tries to help hes like do you want me to support you or what
  • Youre like no no its okay
  • Suddenly his eyes light up and hes like
  • You’re like JOSHUA thats a terrible idea im too heavy for you
  • Hes like no youre not I can do this get on my back
  • And you’re like omg joshua hong i am an independent human i can DO THIS
  • Hes like noooooo im serious what if you trip and fall???? It happens to the best of us
  • So finally you give in and hop on his back after he puts your crutches at the bottom of the stairs
  • And like youre amazed at how strong he is because he doesn’t really look it but like ???? damn son youre lowkey jacked
  • And hes carrying you down the stairs and hes like yES IM DOING IT IM GONNA GET THEM TO MARRY ME THIS IS GREAT
  • But joshua didn’t take into account the puddle of juice that someone mingyu spilt on the last step so when he gets there he SLIPS and you both fall on your asses
  • And now youre hurting all over and obviously joshua is v embarrassed this boy turns bright red and starts apologizing like there’s no tomorrow
  • And you just kind of sigh and say
  • “I’d love you if you weren’t so nice to me all the time.”
  • Hes like I… I know. I just want to take care of you because… you’re special to me
  • And this kind of softens you and you’re like… lets reset. Wanna pick me up on Saturday for a movie or something where there’s no distractions? Just us?
  • Josh is just like !!!!!! YES i mean… that would be nice (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • You’re like okay i’ll see you then and he literally skips off like you made this kids day

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i just gotta say i've been studying german for a few years now and your english is great i wish to be just as fluid in your language one day <3

Du lernst Deutsch? Wow, das ist toll! Ich weiß, dass Deutsch eine sehr schwere Sprache zum Lernen ist. Falls du mal Hilfe brauchen solltest, kannst du mir gerne schreiben.

You’re learning German? Wow, that’s great! I know that German is a very difficult language to learn. If you ever need help, you can always message me! :) 

(And omg, thanks, I’m still not really satisfied with my English, but it gets better!)

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omg you started learning Korean after I did so now I have confidence that if I actually stick to a study schedule I'll be good haha I've been learning for a year and I'm still at a very basic level ;-;

it’s ok bub!! people learn at different paces so it doesn’t really matter how long it takes for you to get to a certain level, as long as you keep learning + improving ✌🏼  please don’t hesitate to message me if u ever need a convo partner or help with some grammar/vocab, i’d love to help out!!


SOOOOooo…..uh :y here’s a collection of self-indulgent stuff that I’ve finished recently! The last was inspired by this pic (it just screamed audrey and anna to me, i’m sorry (ok, not terribly sorry…))

*cough* (((((I do these self-indulgent pics with the argument “it’s for pose practice!!” ……..and that’s how they get past the sketch phase………ok but really, I think they have been great practice, I recommend it! ;))) hehe)))))


Needed to post this. Even if it is not complete of Karma this episode deserves it. As we can see karma as Nagisa as well are in the front like if they were ready to help if something happen.

Nagisa’s reaction broke me 😭💔 omg look how even his classmates needed to stop him he is so broken and still can’t believe of what Kayano is doing.Now I really ship them so much >~< they are so cute together. Also it was showed that Kayano was the one who made Nagisa’s 2 tails omg that’s why they had the same haircut >< that’s so cute, and it is showed that Kayano was close to Nagisa kun 😔.

Omg look at them so happy studying together 😭😭 (love the way that Karma is sitting lol btw)

This episode really made me a fan of Kayano. I am really impressed.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu season 2 episode 14

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My friends and I were going to go to japan for easter break from seoul and I was wondering how you usually go. Do you take the plane or the ferry? lol we need help

OMG I fly for sure! When I was studying abroad we almost took the ferry from Fukuoka to Busan but decided not to. I’ve seen videos of the ferries though and they look nuts! They’re a lot faster than I thought.  But yeah, Jeju, ANA, and Korean Air tends to have good deals for flights! If you’re going to Osaka and are willing to fly a possibly-sketchy airline you can check Peach too :)

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omg u would b a great obgyn, so many of the current ones have almost no care for/understanding of csa victims, plus if u became an obgyn u could perform lifesaving abortions if u wanted to/if u knew how to. have a nice night/day pal!!!!

I literally would love to be an OB/GYN I’m highly considering it. I love the study of obstetrics and I’d get to see a child grow or even help someone who does need an abortion or help anyone with uterine/ovarian issues. Seriously considering it 🤔 thank you though this gives me a ton of confidence!! Love ya bud have a nice day/night


Upgrading to LadyNoir trash….

Fav kiss types: Hand kiss and forehead kiss

I also love scenes with them being adorkables while hanging out at the tower…. they just pull at my heart strings 
(Chats hair went a bit weird….. I did it by memory rather then getting a reference [because I’m lazy sometimes]….. but It is just a quick silhouette…. soo…. ehh)

{Also I’m trying to find a fanfic that I like read only a few days ago but apparently didn’t save in favorites. Dispite how much I loved it. Basicly the two asses revieal and Adrien basically gets adopted by Mari’s pearents and he has a trunck of cloths and stuff in the house because he stays over so often and then they study at his house and omg it just adorbs and it like has 9 chapters or something and omg I need to find it again.
If you know what I’m talking about pleaz help T-T}

sawamura ask miyuki to help him study (in miyuki’s house/apartment idk) because finals will coming soon (miyuki already graduated). they’re going out and miyuki have a little rule for ‘em. everytime he calls sawamura as ‘eijun’, sawamura must call him ‘kazuya/kazuya-senpai’.

oookay i really love miyusawa;;; and this is killing me;; it’s hard omg;;

–SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH WELP;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


160515. So, yeah, I’m finally back. I went through a hard time about studying and stuff, I had nine group projects to do and omg ;;; It’s so difficult to deal with people even if you are talking about psychology students. I was really stressed out and I cried a lot. I don’t know how to work with people who don’t want to do things correctly. However, now I have only five and I’m still alive, so I think I can do the rest of them. The semester is almost over and I don’t want to get bad grades because of stress. I need to pull myself together ฅ(๑’Δ’๑)

I Need Mental Help

Omg okay so in Social Studies we’re starting this project where we’re making a parody of a song based on the Revolutionary War and I’m like:

Lying Is The Most Fun Britain Can Have Without Passing A Tea Tax

I Pass Taxes Not Tragedies

There’s a Good Reason These Laws Are Passed Colonies, You Just Haven’t Figured It Out Yet

The Good The Bad And The British Empire

Britain’s NewTax

Tax Tea, Then We’ll Talk

Death Of Great Britain

Don’t Threaten Me With A Tea Tax

Let’s Boycott Tonight

Britain Beckoned Taxes On Tea and Molasses

anti-stalia: “oh my gosh the way malia learns how to be human from watching how kira acts is so adorable. i ship them so hard!!”

anti-stalia: “i love the relationship between malia and lydia. lydia and kira both help malia a lot with her school work and studying for tests. malydia and malira all the way!”