i need to stor


saY cHeeZ!

GUEss whEr i LF Be?

IN dis GLoriOUs plaCe fiLLed wiD FOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! SO muSh fOOd it bEH caLLed WHOLE fooDz!

thaNks tEW mAh sErVicE daWg (nOt dEr sAMe as tHeripiziN dAg) ID taGs meH LFB keN inFliLtRaTe dER zOnes daT spEciFY NO DAGS. NOt sURe wHy no daWgs buT it bEH one o deM duM humaN ruLz.

reaZUN fER goiNg: MaH bESs biSH sTEfnAY saY dat iT bEH impoRtaNt fER meH tEw deaL wid pLaCEs fiLLed wiD peOpuL eN hiGh sTreSS sitChes eN dER wHOLe FooDz bEH one o dEM sToRes o stRess. YEwd thiNK thaT aLL diS FOOOD wULd maKE evERYbUDDY sMiLey eN buBBLin wiD jOY (liKE meH! SEW musH FOOD in ONE PLACE).

iN dis sToR daT nOT bEH dER caSe. PEEPs bEH brusHin bY maH fOOd caRT cHARiOT eN hustLIn eN bUsTLIn “I nEED tEW gET THrU tEW gET maH ORGaNIC BEETS!”
“gaNG waY I neeD maH sOY baSED nuTrishNaL saMMicH spREaD!!!”
” waTCH out I neeD tEw get tEw aLL daT CHEEEEZ!!!!”
(CunfessHun: DaT lasT wUn bEH mEH).

WeLL I thinK I passED dER sTress tesT o dEr wHoLe fOODz… OH waiT ! I meaN I dIdnUT pass! I neeD mOaR fOOD sToR pracTicE STAT! MaH fOOd caRT chariOT awaiTs!