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Rosie, you deserve someone who loves you with every beat of his heart. Someone who will always be there for you, and who will love every part of you,especially your flaws. I know Katie needs her dad. I don’t want to intrude. So if this is all wrong, just ignore it and I promise. I’ll never broach the subject again. Greg’s not the man for you, Rosie. Twice I’ve let you slip through my fingers. Let’s stop being afraid and take the chance. I know now I can make you happy. Call me if you feel the same way. 

                                                                                                 Love, Alex.

You need to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.



Fate gave me some terrific superpowers, and I realize now that it’s my duty to use them… without doubt… without hesitation! And that means Spider-Man is going into action again! I’ll fight as I’ve never fought before! Nothing will stop me now! For I know at last that a man can’t change his destiny… and I was born to be… Spider-Man!   - PETER PARKER

Exhaustion ~ Peter Parker

Request 1: Please can I request something?? Where the reader is worried about how worn out Peter is becoming, so when peter visits Reader after a day of being Spider-Man, he falls asleep on her legs. With a lot of fluff please 😊💙💙💙

Request 2: Akdjkskdd this may be a weird request but may you write a scenario where reader and peter are just friends but their talking a nap together and reader starts calling out his name sweetly while sleeping and he notices? Thank you In advance!! 💕

A/N: I decided to combine these requests since they were kind of similar, instead I’m just going to have Peter call out the reader’s name so I can combine these requests

Word count: 866, (this one is pretty short)

Relationship: Peter Parker x Female!reader

Warnings: Lots of fluff!

Ever since Peter told me about him being Spiderman I’ve been worried sick all the damn time. It’s only been a couple weeks since he told me, but all I can think is what if he doesn’t come back. How could I live, he’s been best since I can remember, and I know for sure without him I’ll crash and burn. I trust him and I know he’s strong, but there will always be people stronger. Lately, Peter has shown up at school every day exhausted. I mean I would be too if I only got 3 hours a sleep a night because I was fighting off bad guys, but even if he’s superhuman he can’t expect to live on almost no sleep and be able to function. I’m getting extremely worried about him. I was sitting on my bed doing homework and around 9:00 I heard a few knocks on my window immediately knowing it was Peter I darted to the window. I swiftly opened the window helping him inside. He took off his mask revealing a very tired looking Peter. He had bags under his eyes and it looked like he could barely keep his eyes open.

“Peter you look exhausted” I exclaimed frowning at him, as I grabbed his hand pulling him and sitting him down on the bed.

“I’m fine, I promise” he assured grabbing both my hands.

“Peter, no you aren’t, when is the last time you got more than 3 hours of sleep” I pushed. He bowed his head down and stayed silent.

“Hey, look you don’t need to worry about me,” he said breaking the silence

“Well you know I’m going to” I replied getting up and grabbing him some clothes he had left here. “Get dressed we’re going to watch a movie and actually hang out for more than one hour, my parent’s arent home so we have the living room to ourselves” I spoke as I walked out of the room, so he could get dressed. I made my way to kitchen grabbing a bag of microwave popcorn and threw into the microwave. I pressed the popcorn button just as Peter walked out of my bedroom. He strolled over to me, and he all of the sudden wrapped his arms around me pulling me into a hug. He snuggled his head into my neck, and I could feel his hot breath. I slowly rubbed his back, and we stayed like this until the microwave timer went off. I pulled from the hug giving him a warm smile, which he kindly returned, his goofier like the Peter I loved more than anything. I took the popcorn out of the microwave and poured it into a bowl. I grasped the popcorn and Peter wrapped his arm around my waist and we made our way to the couch. I plopped down propping my legs up in the foot rest. Peter sat down next to, and I opened my arms so he could snuggle into my chest. Usually we didn’t cuddle, but I knew he was tired and overwhelmed and I’m assuming he just wanted to be held, He definitely didn’t stop me, because he snuggled into me.

“What do want to watch,” I asked slipping a piece of popcorn into my mouth.

“Let’s watch Jurassic World” He responded smiling up at me.

“Well, I do love Chris Pratt” I laughed. I reached for the remote and turned on the TV, and went on demand and clicked on Jurassic World. The popcorn was gone about 20 minutes into the movie and after that Peter somehow ended up laying on my lap with me playing with his hair. About an hour into the movie Peter was out. I smiled down at the sleeping boy as I heard him start to call out my name which was absolutely adorable. They sound like small little innocent whimpers. Eventually, he stopped calling out my name which to be completely honest saddened me because it was so cute and heartwarming. The movie was almost over and I could feel my eyes start to droop and it was becoming difficult to keep my eyes open, so I shut my eyes and soon I fell into a well-needed slumber feeling safe and unworried for the first time in weeks with my best friend right at my grasp.

Ugh, this is horrible I’m sorry!

The Marvel Universe doesn’t stop growing and we need reinforcement to keep track of it (especially considering I have some issues with tumblr lately)!

You’re a fan of Marvel and in particular of the female characters? You want to spread positivity and female representation? Join us!

It’s even better if you’re up to date on all the most recent works (Inhumans, the last Agents of Shield seasons, Spiderman Homecoming, Thor Ragnarok, etc…) because I’m late and I need backup on that!

Your job will be to keep the queue full with edits and news about the female cast and characters from as many Marvel movies/series as possible. Since this will require a little bit of your time, in exchange you have the advantage to be able to post your work on womenofmcu (+15000 followers) at any time, without needing to send it to the queue first, so you can get maximum exposure.

To join us, click here to find the requirements and the application form. If you have any question before thinking of joining, you can send an ask or contact me (lunaemoth) by chat. Don’t hesitate, there is no silly question. =)

Writing a book in 5 steps

Do you feel stuck? Has procrastination stopped you from achieving greatness? Are you unable to focus on writing for some reason? Worry no more. With this post I’ll help you transform a story idea into a whole book in a few months.

Get ready! It’s time to shine!

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Step 1: Set a schedule and a deadline

Even if you have no deadlines to meet, create one. Don’t EVER write without a deadline. Having no deadline gives you no sense of obligation. Deadline is commitment. So, what day is today? Give yourself three months to finish the first draft. You can do it. 
Also, create a writing schedule. At what time of the day do you feel most focused? Find the best time and a good amount of hours for writing. Write everyday.

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Step 2: Choose the story idea

You have a schedule and a deadline, now you need a story idea. If you already have one, go to step 3. If not, here’s an exercise to help you find an exciting new story idea.

Create 10 book titles, just 10 random titles you can think of.

For every title, create two possible stories. You’ll have 20 story ideas to choose from. Pick your favorite. Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect one, perfection doesn’t exist. Development is much more important than finding the “right“ idea.

When you are ready, let’s move to step 3.

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Step 3: Bones

In step 3 we will develop your idea into a full-length story. Let’s start by answering the most important question:

How does your story ends?

If you know how the story begins and how it ends, you can come up with a few basic scenes that MUST happen for the story to go from point A (begin) to point B (end). Don’t worry about details, just outline important events from A to B.

Now you have the structure of the story, or the bones.

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Step 4: Development

Now it’s time to give life to ideas. Nothing gives more intensity to ideas than visualization, because if you picture something in your mind, it starts to exist. So, visualize yourself meeting with your protagonist (and other characters as well). Talk to them, ask them questions, imagine their appearance, manners and clothing. Imagine yourself visiting your protagonist’s house. Imagine yourself talking to your antagonist too, ask them questions. Imagine yourself walking around the fictional world, take imaginary photos.

Imagine yourself as the main character. See what they see, feel what they feel, fear what they fear. Imagine their story as if it was happening to you. Imagine some of you protagonist’s memories.

You can also imagine the story as a trailer, or as a full movie. You can imagine it as a finalized book and the cover art. You can imagine random people reading it, or asking for your autograph. Really, you can imagine anything.

Be a daydreamer. :D

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Step 5: Writing

The right moment to start writing is when you know how the first scene should go. You don’t need to have a clear planning of everything. If you know the first scene, you have enough.

For the writing process, I have a few advises: 

- Stop watching music videos for a while, they will shift your attention.

- Don’t open thesaurus, save that for editing.

- Write the first word that comes to mind, don’t try to be fancy, be practical.

- If you have problem with confidence and anxiety, imagine that someone else is writing the book and you are just watching from a safe distance.

- Don’t try to write the perfect first paragraph, you’ll probably change it later.

- Write as much as you can and as fast as you can, the first draft will be terrible, but no one will ever read it. So write with the flow.

- As you write, scenes will look longer compared to when you read them. That’s completely normal. When editing comes you’ll be able to fill the gaps.

- Follow your instinct, if you feel that something is wrong… something is probably wrong.

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So, are you ready to start?

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Posting this video again cuz Worth it!!

The first time I watched this movie, I thought of Camren when I heard the part of “the universe is rooting for us” and also for the relationship so lovely and genuine between them. After watching the movie, I was really interested to know who the mind behind those ideas was. My curiosity and admiration for that work made me explore Braxie’s channel a little more and then I understood better where the idea came from and how it was done. Then I also saw a video of Zoe (who does Ellie in the movie) explaining how it was done and also giving a general idea of how it was recorded. After learning more about the story of the movie, I wanted to watch it again, but now with my eyes really open to the story being told. I fell in love with the movie again, and this time without comparing with any other couple. I had to look for the director of the movie and tell her how much I enjoyed her story and all her art, cuz she besides directing the film, writing, recording, editing, is also a singer/songwriter. Anyway, to summarize, Braxie is pure art and I really enjoyed seeing such a young girl producing all that content.

Braxie (@thisismynotnormallife ), I can only wish you all the luck in the world with your movie, with your music and your art. I hope you never stop producing content cuz the world needs it, more art made with passion. Your soul is beautiful! You are made of art! I can feel that! Oh… And tell Zoe, Alex and all your friends that they are amazing for doing this with you.

Guys, it’s worth watching the movie, listening to the soundtrack, listening to Braxie’s own songs and enjoying her art. For those who have been waiting, the movie now also has subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish.

Enjoy Warmish!


Jeff, you helped me learn something about film making today that I think we all need to apply to life. It’s okay to plan some stuff, and it’s okay to figure out what we did wrong. But our plans are randomly going to fall apart and our lessons are randomly gonna be wrong. And if we just keep the cameras rolling and shoot a lot of crap eventually Annie is going to reach down her shirt and pull out a laser bomb. I didn’t write that, we didn’t plan that. God made that happen. God made this movie, and it’s dumb. And we’re dumb for being in it. Life is a big dumb, pointless movie with no story and an abrupt ending where the hero gets shot by Dracula in the middle of a lunch order during an outtake. But somewhere in there, every once in a while. (Annie reaches down her shirt) So we keep the cameras rolling, and we edit out the parts we don’t like, and we stop thinking about Chris Pratt so much because it is not healthy.