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I SWEAR if this doesn't wake isak up and make him realize that Sana is in desperate need of a friend right now I'm gonna sue. @julie We know you know we know you look at tumblr, we know you read the headcanons, please stop heaping pain on Sana.let the boy squad x sana rise already goddammit! I am tired of people not paying attention to her! *shakes phone and screams*


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Cinder x Mercury: "Just this once."

“Just this once.”

She shook her head, but she didn’t stop him when he carefully unbottoned her dress. 

“I’ve seen worse”, he said. “And you’ve seen my legs, so no need to make a big deal out of it. But you’re in pain and I can help you. So let me.” 


oh yes, i am very about this

  • “Luckily Neil left home before he progressed past cutting up hunks of dead animals.”
  • listen guys, Neil was taught how to use a knife before he could even hold an exy stick. Neil knew knives way before he fell in love with game, and while that’s not a fact that he loves, it is a fact that is wholly true.
  • (plus, he’s the Butcher’s son - knife fighting is something written in the beat that thumps inside his chest, in the blood that flows through his thick veins, the ghost of every body he ever had to defend himself against. for him, wether he likes it or not, knowing how to use a knife is like knowing how to breathe).
  • now, Neil is a GOOD PERSON generally (okay, he probably just doesn’t care about people enough to be actively BAD). he wouldn’t hurt someone unless they were trying to hurt someone he loves. and he would never use a knife unless there was literally no other option 

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2014 right before they leave the camp to kill the devil, future!Dean/future!Cas

“So you like past me?” Dean leaned against the doorframe of Castiel’s cabin. Cas had heard him coming but he didn’t turn around. He was packing his stuff.

“What do you want, Dean?”

Dean was by his side faster than Cas had expected and touched Cas’ shoulder to make him turn.

“I want you,” his eyes were wide, his breath smelled of whisky. Cas shaked Dean off and put his gun into a holster.

“All of a sudden? Come on, Dean. Are you jealous?”

Instead of an answer, Dean shoved him against a wall, pinning him with his body, forearm pushed under Cas’ throat.

“I want you to look at me the way you used to. The way you look at HIM!” Dean’s face was desperate, as if he was starving, starving for Castiel. It made Cas’ stomach into knots.

“We have no time for this. We have to kill the Devil, remember?” replied Castiel, staring right into Dean’s eyes. But his voice was much weaker than he intended and much less confident. Dean’s gaze was too intense. It reminded Cas of better days, of hungry kisses, of hope that had disappeared slowly from Dean’s eyes.

Dean let off Cas’ throat and slid his hand gently to his neck.

“Yeah, exactly. It might be our last night…”

“Still the same old pick up line.” Cas closed his eyes and Dean leaned to him. His breath was hot on Cas’ cheek as Dean whispered into his ear.

“I need you, Cas. One last time. I know I’m not the one you used to love, not anymore.”

Cas’ eyes popped open. He stared into Dean’s pained face.

“I never stopped loving you, asshole.”

Dean’s eyes slid shut and he let out a soft sigh with a small smile spreading on his face. A single tear escaped from under his lids and rolled down his cheek.  Even blind, Dean’s hand found the edge of Castiel’s shirt and slipped under the fabric to touch the hot skin of his abdomen.

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//Absolutely torn. Starlight would more than likely keep herself locked in her room for days on end for weeks possibly, until she's cried herself dry. After she finally starts emerging from her room bit by bit it'd take her a long while before she's even interested in talking to her friends or even trying to make new one's. Maybe after a few months she'd start to be able to function normally, but she still wouldn't be able to forget about Trixie. But, that's just my own little headcanon ^^

((o u c h i e this is very painful

but yeah, that seems pretty realistic

I can imagine Twilight and the others trying to make her feel better and just realizing that they need to give her time y’know? 

I imagine after all the initial pain it’d be really bittersweet and she’d still tell others about all the times she had with Trixie omg speaking of that if she had kIDS aaa;;

i’ll stop it hurts))

The things that come to mind at work:

The Martian Madness event can’t be concurrent to the cultists and Tablet being on the map right now, so my friend and I went to kill the cultists but lose intentionally to the Lunatic (we don’t want to start The End without our third member present) ago that we could start the Martian event.

While dodging about for several minutes to get to know the Lunatic mechanics, I really felt like his sound bank wasn’t necessarily evil-sounding…. It actually sounded…kind of sad… like pain and profound regret.

The cultists also don’t attack you unless you attack first.

So, headcanon time: the cultists aren’t there to summon the Moon Lord. They’re trying to hold it back. When you kill them, their ward weakens and the high cultist needs to step in to intervene, but it’s too late. In an effort to stop the inevitable, he absorbs the power of the tablet in hopes of keeping it in check, but it’s too strong.

So he goes insane and attacks you out of a combination of fury and madness, and killing him releases the power he tried to seal.

First time (reader who self harms) with Tate

request(s): 1. could you do a head cannon of Tate and readers first time?

2. could you do a first time with Tate where Tate find out you’ve self harmed?

a/n: i thought these would be cool to put together, warning self-harm mention


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  • you are incredibly nervous when you tell tate it’s your first time
  • hands shaking and bouncing on your feet
  • “good, i want to make you mine”
  • he is sincere despite the player tone he uses, he loves you more than anything
  • but… he’s also a horny teenage boy
  • he waits for your parents to leave after dinner one night
  • you come up to your room to find black roses all around your room
  • “tate, wow i- thank you” “you don’t need to thank me for a single thing”
  • tate gets all silent and slowly steps toward you
  • he kisses you, stroking your hair 
  • you want him, no need him badly, so you pull him by his shirt to the bed
  • things get more intense and he goes to lift your shirt
  • “are those.. cuts on your hips”
  • you nod, embarrassed and ashamed
  • tate pulls back for a second “you are beautiful, i don’t ever want you to hurt yourself again.  do you understand?”
  • those dark eyes tell you he means it, convincing you
  • tears leak out as you nod
  • he continues to undress you
  • he kisses all over your hips
  • over each and every cut
  • lots of mouth play so he can stay near the injuries and show them love
  • feeling extreme pleasure, especially when he shows love to your scars
  • when you finally do it, you wince from the sudden pain
  • “are you alright, we can stop,”
  • “NO!  i want you, i need you,”
  • pain shifts into pleasure as he thrusts
  • him whispering sweet nothings in your ear
  • “you are so beautiful, you are amazing, i love every part of you”
  • feeling a tight feeling in your stomach
  • “TATE” screaming his name as you finish
  • he screams, “Y/N” and then flops next to you
  • leaning on his arm he pulls you close
  • tears form in his eyes as he takes in your whole body
  • “i love you”

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Can you please do a Scm guys reaction to mc dying because of child birth.👌

I had seen a lot of fanfic about MC passed away and their child survive. So I am going to do it slightly different. The gods lost both MC and their child.

“What do you mean by you can’t save both of them?” Your God shouted while the rest of the gods tried to hold him and calm him down.

“Your wife lost too much blood and your child suffocated by the baby cord that wrap around his neck.” The midwife tried to explain in fear.

Few days later and base on his POV
Alone in my secret garden since the day I lost both of them, I can’t believe this place will once again belong to me alone. I dream of bringing our child here together with her but I lost both of them. She taught me how to love but once again I am scare to love. Loving someone is so painful and I love her so much that it hurt now. Why give me the knowledge of loving someone and take away more from me? I can’t even being alone now. My heart feels empty. I really need both of them. I closed my eyes and tears flow down my cheeks.

I been practicing cutting the rabbit apples for days since the day I lost both of them. I finally managed it but I soon realized that she won’t be here to share my joy anymore. She promised to start a family with me but I lost both of them instead. Why aren’t I given the chance to experience the love of a family? Am I fated to be alone all this while? However, why let me meet her and give me hope to have a family, then took everything from me? This is worse than not knowing in the first place. I missed them so much and I can’t help break down crying.

I locked myself in my room since the day I lost her. The king had locked my power when I tried to turn back the clock. All I want is have both of them by my side. Why doesn’t the king understand? I feel so useless for not able to save them. She taught me the meaning of true love but I can’t even love anymore now. My heart is dead when I lost both of them. How can I join them in another world? How can I see them again is what I repeating asking in my mind.

Looking at the photos in front of me, I can’t believe that these are all the memories I had for her. I were so looking forward to have a family photo taken after our child was born but this will never happen. I can feel my other side start showing more often but I don’t care anymore. She is not here with me anymore and thus it does not matter. Why is our love such a short life? They had done nothing wrong at all. It is not fair to take them both away from me. Why so cruel to them? I think I might go crazy for missing them.

I wake up and saw many wine bottles on the floor. I grabbed the filled bottle nearby and start drinking again. I can’t believe I lost her twice. This time, I even lost our child. Why give me hope that we can be together again and then took them away from me? Why had I done to deserve this? The fact that they had done nothing wrong as well, but why took them away from me? All I want is to be with my love ones. Is that wish of mine so difficult to be granted to me? I continue drinking in the hope to seek an answer which I know that I will never find.

Since the day I lost her and my child, I can feel my curse is back. I can feel my strength getting weaker and weaker. I guess that it happen when I lost the will power to live anymore. I shut myself from everyone and staring at the fishes that swimming in my room. I can’t help but recall the time we spend here together. I even dream of bringing our child to swim together. Maybe it is good that my power is weakening, I can join them soon. Wait for me, I will be meeting both of you soon and I closed my eyes to wait for the day to come.

I locked myself in her apartment since the day they both gone. I have been wondering if she will still be alive if I just continue watching her from far. She could be still having her life as she wanted. I am not only causing her death but our child as well. He did not even have a chance to see the world at all. Everything is my entire fault. Why punish them instead of me? They don’t deserve it at all. I hate being a god and I am so useless that I can’t help them. I sat on the bed and start sobbing.

I been working days and nights nonstop since the day I lost her and my child. The rest of them keep asking me to take a break and I refused. I can’t stop thinking about her and my child the moment I rest. It just hurt so much that I am not even dare to take a break. Why showed me the meaning of hope and love, then took it away from me? I rather back to cold blooded than losing both of them. How can erase the pain in my heart? Wait, I need to start working again. I only slow down for a minute and I already missing them so much. It is so hurt and I trying not to cry but not sure for how long.

Some disabled Amis headcanons:

-Joly with a prosthetic leg, who tends to keep it hidden because he was teased as a child and people give him funny looks and treat him differently - until he meets Les Amis, who treat him just the same as ever, with the occasional helping hands if he needs it.

-Blind Joly, who is constantly making jokes - “I think I see a problem here - well, I don’t, but you know what I mean.”. Bonus points for cute guide dog, extra bonus points for a little guide pony.

-Mute Marius, who in theory can talk but never does and never really has, who knows sign language in multiple languages as well as being able to read and write others.

-Deaf Courfeyrac, who has the most wonderful genuine laugh because he has no idea if it sounds weird or not, so he’s never wanted to change it, and has just a slight lisp to his speech when he talks which just serves to make him even more lovable.

-Bossuet who is in a wheelchair because of an accident but is still as bright as ever, always saying things like “Well, at least now I can’t be forced to participate in sport, I never did enjoy it.”

-Marius in a wheelchair because he was born paralyzed below the waist, who is glad to have people who finally don’t treat him like a delicate child or a horrible burden.

-Grantaire with congenital analgesia (pain insensitivity) who needs to have Joly look him over at the end of every day to make sure he hasn’t accidentally hurt himself without realising.

-Enjolras with hearing aids who sometimes makes a point of staring at Grantaire when he’s making unhelpful comments, and deliberately turning them off until he sees him stop talking.

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Hi! I read a while back the AU of guardian ghost tadashi.. But imagine tadashi being helpless when hiro is in need cos he's a ghost, and can only watch as a bunch of crooks trap hiro in an alleyway, or if hiro got himself hurt, or overhead someone with bad intent against his bro and can't do anything to stop the inevitable.

why don’t yoU RATE MY PAIN NOW

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Pregnant mc and ddiwt guys recalling the time that they had sex which made her pregnant

Haruki helps you to the bed for a rest. It has been 37 weeks of your pregnancy and you are definitely getting clumsy due to the weight of the baby in your tummy. Sitting beside you, Haruki starts rubbing your tummy gently.

“I can’t believe the baby will be coming soon.” You said sweetly.

“Yup! It seem liked we just have sex in this bed. I still remember how you asked me to fasten my pace at my hips.” Haruki teased.

You can’t help but blushed. Suddenly you feel something wet coming out from below.

“Haru… I think my water bag break.” You cried out in pain.

“Don’t panic, I going to drive you to the hospital now.” Haruki quickly grab your bag and slowly lead you out of the house. He tries to remain calm but he is actually very nervous.

Sitting on the sofa, Ryuzo is reading a book to the baby inside your tummy. Both of you can’t wait to see him soon. It will be another 2 more weeks to your estimate due date.

“I still remember that night how we got so passionate that I pushes you down on the sofa here.” Ryuzo chuckled.

“You were so pushy that night.” You exclaimed.

“But you like it when I am pushy right? You are basically clinging on to me the whole time.” Ryuzo chuckled again.

You suddenly feel a sharp pain at your tummy and you scream out loudly.

“The baby is coming out.” You cried out in pain.

“What? It aren’t suppose to be early. What should I do? Yes, to the hospital.” Ryuzo panic.

He then grabs your bag and lifts you up. He carries you to the car and drive to the hospital. It is so obvious that nervous is written all over his face.

Ichigo is placing his ear at your tummy. The baby inside seem to be responding to his voice too.

“_____, do you still remember how many rounds we did that night in this bed?” Ichigo teased.

“I can’t remember.” You blushed.

“Do you want me to remind you? I can’t wait to feel you again.” He whispered into your ear.

Before you can respond to him, you feel your panties is wet. Your water bag just break.

“We need to go to the hospital now.” You cried out in pain.

Without any delay, Ichigo carries you out together with the bag. He drives you to the hospital and along the way ask you to endure the pain.

Takeshi wraps his arm around your shoulder while watching the TV on the travel show.

“We should go back to the hotel where we have our honeymoon. We can make our second baby there.” Takeshi muttered.

“I love that place. It was so romantic.” You replied sweetly.

“We are so passionately that night that we did not stop until the next morning.” Takeshi chuckled.

“I think holiday can wait. You need to get me to the hospital now.” You suddenly scream out. Your water bag suddenly break and you are in pain.

Seeing that, Takeshi immediately run to the room and grabs your bag. He then slowly carries you to the car and drive you to the hospital. He can’t believe the pain was such unbearable.

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this idea might be a bit weird but can you pls write an patrochilles au where patroclus is reincarnated and achilles curse wasn't to die but to live unhappily but immortal without his lover like all the other heroes and then he meets patroclus again but patroclus doesn't remember him? I love your headcanons by the way!

oh my god i went so overboard on this and i am weeping.
  • it was the easiest decision in the world for achilles to go to war. it was either stay home and let his powers waste away, or go to troy and live forever in glory. bit of a no-brainer. and once he was a god he would stop at nothing to elevate patroclus along with him
  • the seers warned that immortality would be a curse, but achilles didn’t believe them. not yet.
  • then patroclus dies, and every part of achilles dies with him, every part except his physical body. he slaughters hector. he goes out to the battlefield day after day, fighting the champions the trojans send against him and cutting them down one by one. paris shoots him full of arrows and he hardly notices
  • troy falls and afterward achilles sails back to greece. he doesn’t go home to phthia; he can’t stand the thought of returning alone to the place where he and patroclus spent so many happy years together. instead, he wanders from city to city. at first the people cheer him as the great hero, but his palpable and dark misery is enough to forestall celebrations. soon he can enter a town and be greeted only by whispers
  • patroclus isn’t reincarnated immediately. it takes upwards of 50 years for his soul to find a new body, and when he finally comes back, he’s the son of a poor shepherd in ithaca
  • achilles is passing through one day. the boy-who-was-patroclus is about 16, fair-haired and lanky, but when achilles sees him at the agora there’s something unshakably familiar about the way he carries himself, the way he walks. achilles reaches out to touch his shoulder before he even realizes he’s doing it
  • as soon as he looks into the boy’s eyes he knows it’s patroclus, and the entire world stops. he chokes out, “patroclus?” but the boy is completely disinterested. he pushes achilles’s hand off his shoulder, tells him his name is agapetos (beloved, his name is beloved), and walks away. for years achilles doesn’t try to speak to him again, but he does settle himself in a cottage on a hill where the sheep like to graze. it’s enough to see him. it’s enough to know patroclus exists in the world.
  • patroclus agapetos is on achilles’s hill with his sheep when a huge storm strikes. achilles looks outside to see the sheep huddle together and their shepherd looking soaked and miserable, and, well, achilles isn’t going to not invite him inside
  • agapetos looking at achilles and saying, “you seem familiar,” and achilles daring to hope that patroclus’s memory might have survived, before agapetos crushes him once again by identifying him as “that man from the agora”
  • “you called me some strange name. why did you do that?”
  • “you remind me of someone i once knew very well”
  • they talk as the storm rages on. there isn’t much else to do. achilles tries to pretend he’s not absolutely desperate to know what this apparent stranger’s life has been like, but nonetheless he’s a spectacular listener. agapetos surprises himself with how much he feels like he can tell achilles, it feels almost like they’d already been confidants for years
  • after that day, whenever agapetos is nearby he stops by achilles’s cottage. in time, something grows between them, something different but strong and good
  • patroclus’s memories never return, and achilles never tells him. he keeps troy and their past to himself to spare patroclus’s new self the pain and the burden. but agapetos doesn’t need the memories. it’s patroclus’s soul in that body and patroclus’s soul will always, always yearn for achilles’s
  • years pass. centuries pass. patroclus is reborn again and again
  • every time, achilles finds patroclus. and every time, patroclus chooses achilles