i need to stop with painful headcanons


「  I wish I hadn’t let you go. 」

It comforted him to imagine her. Thinking of her, of holding her hand, of more colourful days, Shishio would drift into fitful sleep. But peace didn’t stay long these days. Somehow, even in dreams, reality always seemed to intervene. He would awaken to the silence of an empty apartment, and to the bitter aftertaste regret tended to leave in his mouth.

OKAY THIS GIF thedizzydoctor MADE IS GIVING ME HELLA FEELS (please go look at the whole set oh my gosh) AND I NEED TO YELL ABOUT IT

can we talk about the foreshadowing here? please? because this whole scene has such heavy overtones, especially considering that this is what uprising opens with

there’s bruce’s v/o about what the hell is going on and tron’s dead and all that, and then there’s THIS.

because it’s really not hard to imagine this exchange between beck and rinzler, is it. it’s not a massive stretch. and tbh? if i hadn’t already known tron was in uprising, and i hadn’t recognised bruce boxleitner’s voice (immediately, although it was his tone that said tron instead of rinzler) i probably would’ve fallen for it in terms of “shit, rinzler’s already happened”

but back to the gif. 

“You won’t hurt me.” says Rinzler, knowing how much Tron meant to Beck. Knowing how much they both [wrongly] fought to stop him becoming [perfect]. Using Beck’s reluctance to hurt him as an advantage, because he’s Rinzler now, not Tron, he’s [better] and he’s not bothered about collateral damage. Clu gave him his directive: finish the Renegade; finish Beck. Anything else is just in the way.

Tron hadn’t given up Beck’s name, he knows that much. His memory glitches when he tries to access anything associated with his rectification, and the corrupted, static-ridden half of his vision buzzes against his nerves. Clu says the gaps are self-inflicted.

“You won’t hurt me,” Rinzler says to him, sickeningly familiar amusement lacing through his broken voice, and deep down he knows he’s right. Beck’s good, but he’s not Tron. He never was.

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Get your fuckin spot on hannigram headcanons away from me Erin. I didnt need to know that about Will, now I cant stop. Send help. The first of many tears has bed shed. Fuck those anatomically correct paper hearts *sobs*

Stupid Hannibal and his stupid paper hearts I already knew I wasn’t going to survive season 3 and this did not help.

Apparently I cope by sharing pain.

Much as the chrysalis was nestled inside the heart, Will knows he has still found his way into Hannibal’s. o_o

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You and BNF really need to stop making SteveTony fans cry with all these sad shipping stuff. Omg.

brandnewfashion we are a menace. The public fears us. >:D

If it makes you feel any better, I often make myself cry with my own headcanons? I am in pain too my friend. But, alas, that is the life of a shipper. 

We both post irredeemable fluff too though so that should balance it out :D

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raven reyes

  • How I feel about this character: she is the sun and the moon, she is everything, none of those kids would be alive if it wasn’t for her
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: bellamy and clarke and wick
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: jasper 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: tbh she and bellamy are totally perfect for each other
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: i wish she wOULD STOP BEING TORTURED/PUT THROUGH PAIN 
  • my OTP: bravenlarke (i think that’s what it’s called? idk i ship bellamy/raven/clarke
  • my cross over ship: i ship her w allison argent and they’d probs be the best of friends lbr
  • a headcanon fact: i think raven has a hard time letting people in or admitting that she needs/cares about other people. she tries very hard to make sure she doesn’t get hurt but in doing that she usually ends up still getting hurt

send me things for this post

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"I think you need help."

At her statement, Drew glowered before brushing her hand aside. “I’m fine!” He replied through clenched teeth as he forced himself back onto his feet. It was clear to see that he had to use more energy than normal to just stand by his labored breathing, doing his best to ignore the pain in his ankle. He wasn’t going to let some fall get in his way. He couldn’t…not after he’d come all this way to find it. Slowly he began adding weight back to his foot as he attempted to walk forward.

“I have to…find that Shiny Stone…for Roselia.” He uttered between each step before stumbling but thankful he caught his fall. A small swear escaped him before he continued. “She wouldn’t give up on me….so I’m not going to give up on her….if you can’t see that…why are you even here?”

{ Well after that headcanon pain that was Lu’s childhood, it’s time to cry myself to sleep for bed. Totally torture Lu and the mun while I’m gone. I’ll reply as soon as I wake up since tomorrow is another lazy day for us both. I’m also going to continue with those in depth relationship pages too. I also might hug senpai and then slink away with regret because I need to stop being weird and annoying. Night all ! }