i need to stop watching romantic movies.

Clichés: Chapter 2

Someone asked me to tag them in this so they could know when it was updated…but i’m a moron and didn’t write their url down. So if you wanna be tagged/mentioned when there’s an update, send me an IM or an ask. I’ve added a button on my blog that will allow you to read Clichés in chronological order.

Once your blush faded away and you were composed enough to not look like an idiot that was in love with their boss, you went to go talk to your other boss, the one that you weren’t majorly crushing on. Not that Jack Morrison wasn’t attractive with those stunning blue eyes and sexy blonde hair and fit, muscular body with arms that probably felt like heaven lying in… what was the point again?

You walked up to him just as that bitchy reporter was leaving. You could see the frown on her pretty face as she huffed and turned away, walking towards the elevator with purpose. Jack groaned once she was out of sight, those blue eyes you had just been thinking about rolling in annoyance.

“Didn’t think she was ever gonna leave.” He huffed, turning around and sitting on top of your desk. You moved to stand beside him, offering a comforting smile.

“How’d it go?” You asked him, eyes darting to the mug of coffee resting dangerously close to the corner of your desk. The coffee you made that morning was no doubt cold and gross by now, but if it spilled, you’d have to clean it up. Or the janitor, Jamison, would and he could be a little intense. Luckily Jack seemed to notice the mug on the brink of suicide and picked it up before he accidentally knocked it over.

“She didn’t take it well, but she’ll be out of our hair for now,” He informed her, “‘World’s Okayest Secretary’?” He read the text on the mug, deep chuckle escaping his lips.

“Yes, it was a Christmas present from Mister Reyes.” You recalled the memory fondly.

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241 channels and nothing to watch.

Hello, love bugs!

Dan x reader.
Warnings ⚠️ slightish smut?
Please send requests. Also, should I do a smutty part 2??

“Ugh I hate these stupid crappy romantic movies, I don’t need some ditsy characters to remind me how pathetic my love life is.” You say as you sit beside Dan on the couch. He was flipping through the channels and happen to stop on a romantic movie. You vaguely remember it and wanted to call it the notebook? Either way, it made you feel sick. You honestly wouldn’t have such a strong reaction if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re still fresh from a breakup from your long term relationship. Almost a full year of your life gone in an instant.

“You’re exactly right! You don’t need them, you have me for that.” Dan was trying to help make you happy again with his famous little smirk on his face as his dips his hand into the popcorn on your lap.

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Jealousy - Derek Hale

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Request: Could you do an imagine where you are on a party and some boys try to flirt with you and Derek gets angry an jealous? 💖 thanks you'really really talented 😊

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Excuse me

But can I just

Baby & Johnny vs. Joe & Caspar

Still cannot fucking believe this happened

Rhett & Scarlett vs. Joe & Caspar

Joe likes it, but doesn’t want to admit it

Rose & Jack vs. Joe & Caspar

Caspar: Are you going to undress me now?

Joe: No? What kind of video do you think this is?

Caspar: I thought we were playing Titanic

Joe: There’s young girls watching these videos, Caspar!

Yeah, but as soon as the cameras are off and the young girls aren’t watching anymore, we all know what happens… Also Joe never said he wouldn’t do it, he just said he wouldn’t do it now

Rose & Jack vs. Joe & Caspar again

We need to talk about their hands again




What have I done

I need to stop

anonymous asked:

what if it means cassandra and ezekiel are undercover on a date


fake dating is one of my FAVORITE tropes okay

and these nerds? oh god, would that be fun to watch or what

I don’t think either of them has had a serious romantic relationship before, so think about them just trying to imitate movies and stereotypes and going COMPLETELY OVERBOARD. like really-bad-nicknames-will-not-stop-touching overboard.

alternatively, imagine them bickering nonstop over what they’re supposed to be doing. “you need stand closer or else no one’s going to believe it!” “you’re being too affectionate! everyone’s going to know we’re faking it!”

either way, this ends with them almost getting caught in a place they’re not supposed to be and making out to hide from the bad guys, right?

On Boundaries and Harvard Law

Burt gives Kurt’s number to a total stranger. Based on this post. Also for my klaine bingo prompt “blind date”. Mostly father/son nonsense. Hope you enjoy :) 
Also available on AO3

Kurt hates that he has to work while his dad is visiting him, but when he’d told Isabelle he was staying over Christmas break she insisted he put some hours in since everyone else was taking off. He probably would have said no, but she’s actually paying him. Time and a half, in fact. So even though he really wishes he could have two weeks off to just hang out with his dad, he’s really not in the financial situation to turn down time and a half from his usually unpaid internship.

It’s his sixth shift since his dad got here, and thankfully his last. He’s almost done organizing some files for Isabelle when his phone buzzes. He glances at the phone and sees he’s received a text from his dad. Kurt’s eyebrows shoot up and he quickly opens it to read it. His dad has never texted him when he knows Kurt’s working, which means it must be important, and given his dad’s recent health scares…

To: Kurt
From: Dad
I’m sitting next to the nicest guy at Starbucks across from your office. Very handsome. Originally from Ohio, here visiting friends, attending Harvard Law. Showed him your Facebook profile picture and gave him your number.

Kurt stares, eyes wide and jaw dropped. He reads the text again, and again. Then quickly goes to type a reply.

From: Kurt
To: Dad
Dad you can’t just give out my number to random strangers.

The reply is instant

From: Dad
To: Kurt


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In a surprise turn of events, Captain America: Civil War is actually just about a bunch of domestic squabbles. 

Everyone’s living in Avenger’s Tower. Tony refuses to do the dishes. Thor keeps leaving his hammer places but no one ever sees him so mjolnir is just on the middle of the kitchen table or on top of the toilet seat or on Tony’s bed and everyone is like why and how??? And Vision swears it isn’t his fault and he’s getting pretty tired of having to move it from all these weird places all the time. Steve keeps suddenly realizing there’s a flower crown on his head. It’s happened like 10 times. And he’s pretty positive it’s either Nat or Sam’s fault. (It’s actually both of them). Tony won’t stop calling Clint ‘Farmer Barton’. 

All of a sudden there are passive aggressive sticky notes. EVERYWHERE. A prank war ensues. Things get out of hand. Steve brings his team up to the new facility to plan. He has to tell Wanda that, no, she shouldn’t mess with their minds, though it would be funny if they all of a sudden thought the world around them was animated. Vision has to stop Tony from sending suits to throw water balloons at everyone. The romantic subplot is a Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship between Vision and Wanda that divides the fandom because it was really adorable, but do we need romance here? 

Everything ends with Bucky reminding them all about the true spirit of friendship. 

So I ended up watching some Nicholas Sparks movie last night and let me tell you –.. it was probably the worst two hours of my life. Mind you, I’m a sap, and I normally love these silly romantic movies but I just don’t understand how Nicholas Sparks lands all these movie deals with stories that are all the damn same. And why is there always some random tragic death in them? I just don’t get it.. this man needs to be stopped.

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kurotsuki: "thinks you said when you were scared"


i combined most of these!!


03. things you said too quietly
06. things you said under the stars and in the grass
09. things you said when I was crying
18. things you said when you were scared

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Josh Washington Head Canons
  • pansexual or bisexual af 
  • has been to the bone zone with chris (who is bi as well) 
  • his feelings for chris were much stronger than chris’s feelings towards him but they are still best bros 
  • was mentally abused as a child by a family member. parents sent him to therapy to help cope. 
  • has been mentally ill (diagnosed anyways) since mid highschool years 
  • Hannah was also mentally ill (though she didnt go to therapy and was mever diagnosed) so she was supportive. Beth was protective af over the two of them. 
  • before the events on Blackwood Mountain Josh, Hannah, and Beth were very happy. (because i fucking need them to be pls) 
  • after the disappearance of his sisters Josh had less support and began to feel “crazy” for needing a therapist so he began to stop going. 
  • he didnt develop romantic feelings for sam until after his sisters disappearance but by then the he was in a very bad place and those feelings were warped into making sam the centerpiece of the prank so to speak • he came up with the idea for the prank while watching a scary movie he and his sisters had loved. 
  • when sam goes back to find him wndigo!josh doesnt recognize her, his transformation leaves him feral and he relinquishes his humanity with relief instead of holding onto it tightly like Hannah tried to. • he tries to kill sam 
  •  sam ends up locking him in the sanatorium and takes on the role of the stranger hunting the other wendigos down and killing them • she keeps wendigo!josh alive and feeds him deer meat in hopes it will bring him back to his humanity