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Kings and Queens. {Ch 9}

Summary: A Throne of Glass AU inspired by the Breakfast Club (1985). Five students come together for Saturday detention, and realize they are not all that different. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note:  Although I have loved writing every different viewpoint within this fic, I think that Lysandra and Aedion’s story has been my favorite. We’re over halfway through the story, with only six more chapters to go (and an epilogue). I hope you love chapter nine, let me know what you think! <3

Mom was asleep on the couch when I got home, the smell of whiskey lingering in the air. I knelt by the old, ratty piece of furniture to make sure she was okay, and to press a kiss to her forehead, before making my way up the stairs to escape the world within my own, familiar four walls.

As soon as I closed the door behind me, I opened my laptop, and the little, green circle next to her name was lit.

WarriorPrince1: hey

SnowLeopard: hey : ) how was your day?

WarriorPrince1: ….shitty. Yours?

SnowLeopard: Shitty? Why?

WarriorPrince1: Oh, you know. High school. People suck. Rumors suck.

SnowLeopard: Well, that I know. You want to talk about it?

WarriorPrince1: no. Let’s talk about something worth talking about. How was your day?

SnowLeopard: Oh, fine, I guess. I got pushed into a locker after slipping on a piece of paper in the hallway. Oh, I did finish my painting though!

WarriorPrince1: Really?? Can I see it??

SnowLeopard: Tomorrow, I promise. Mom and dad just pulled in the driveway. I have to log off before they come in. I’m supposed to be grounded.

WarriorPrince1: Rebel.

WarriorPrince1: Talk to you tomorrow, then. : )

SnowLeopard: I can’t wait.



10:45 a.m.

“We could walk together, you know.”

She scowled at me, I could tell even though all I could see was her back. But, her shoulders tensed, and her dainty, artists hands had become fists.

“May I ask why you hate me so much?”

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with the topic of marriage coming up on that last ask how would the proposal go

For davekat I have like 1,000 different scenarios in my head for it so this is by no means my be all end all hc for this but I always liked THAT ONE ROMCOM TROPE, WARNING THIS ENTIRE THING IS TROPEY AS HELL of them independently deciding It’s Time around the same time, and then stealthily trying to figure out the method on their own. Karkat would agonize over it, poring over human cultural material and quizzing kanaya relentlessly on how her and Rose’s proposal went down, how she felt, throwing ideas at her, referencing movies and romantic novels and all of it, while Kanaya just kind of sits there bemused like Karkat. I get this is important. But it’s almost kind just a formality because the answer is a given?? You know Dave he doesn’t need much I think you’re way overthinking this please stop pacing back and forth because your pacing is making me want to pace and I’m nebulously anxious just watching you ._. 

And Dave is just kind of like. Flippant about it externally to people. He drops it as a joke when Karkat isn’t around obviously to people to gauge their reactions in a “safe” way like haha what if I just dropped the question unceremoniously in the middle of some totally inappropriate place obviously I won’t I’m not even thinking about that OBVIOUSLY but wouldn’t it be funny if. And everyone is increasingly suspicious, Dirk is carefully like oh yeah, that would be… hilarious … totally, and roxy is like no you need to make it shittier and more ironic and lavishing ideas for this totally not actually going to happen but everyone knows dave is actually thinking about it proposal

They kinda sneak around it gathering opinions from their friends and family until basically EVERYONE knows this is coming any time now, one of them just has to break, everyone is dropping smug hints and anticipating the moment. Dave nad Karkat are getting increasingly nervous because they’ve now built this up into this big production in both their heads and are terrified of messing it up and meanwhile they’ve kind of been avoiding each other and each one is kind of worried about what THAT means from the other person because they can’t fathom the thought that the other one is doing the exact same thing they are

So finally Karkat is probably the one that breaks first and he sets up this whole romantic date night and dave is a fucking Idiot that can’t put together what this is leading up to because he’s too preoccupied by his own shitty plans and he spends the whole amazing heartfelt well put together date totally distracted and barely experiencing it at all and Karkat is kind of upset and like hey if this is totally awkward and sucks can you please just tell me so that I can call this off instead of enduring the excruciating reality of it a second longer than necessary, I knew this was way too much, god, Kanaya TOLD me this was way too much I am such an idiot!!!! 

and dave is like ??????????? no dude I’m just distracted by my own illogical existential terror sorry I’m shitting up your night, and Karkat puffs up all idignantly like ABOUT WHAT???? what could you possibly be existentially terrified by right now what the fuck is going on??? b/c he’s thinking about how weird and distant they’ve been and half worried Dave is about to like actually break up with him or something catastrophic and Dave is fiddling around with the ring in his pocket and is finally just like well fuck it if I wait another second to do this I’m going to die so sorry this is so shitty but uhhhhhhhh do you want to like???? and he pulls out this ring and Karkat is just GOBSMACKED

like are you fucking joking you spent this entire elaborate lead up I worked on spaced out because you were too preoccupied with how you were gonna do it to notice that I was in the PROCESS OF CONDUCTING MY OWN??? 

and dave is like oh…………………………………………shit and all the lights click on and he’s like oh god I ruined everything TWICE, incredible, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I could possibly ruin everything about this moment from BOTH SIDES SIMULTANEOUSLY holy shit and he’s just kind of standing there and he puts the ring back in his pocket and Karkat is wait what are you doing, I’m pretty sure that’s mine, are you rescinding your offer???? and dave is like wait are you accepting it??? 

and Karkat is like JESUS CHRIST that’s it

we’re starting this over

none of this ever happened

and he takes a deep breath and takes out his OWN ring and gets down on one knee and does the whole thing and Dave starts nervous-laughing halfway through but Karkat grits his teeth and pushes on and asks the question

Dave is just like in this southern belle accent, why mr vantas this is just all so sudden, I don’t even have permission from my family, what WILL my mother say??? and he pulls a very bewildered Karkat up back onto his feet just so he can swoon into his arms all theatrically and is like I guess we’ll just have to run off together and elope! I hope we can find an understanding minister somewhere out there….

Karkat figures out this is just some human bullshit and is deadpan like so that’s a yes. And dave drops the accent and is like uhhh yeah. yeah dude. very yes. And Karkat just melts with relief and is like oh thank fuck and they kiss a bunch and never ever ever ever ever tell anyone the whole truth about how it all actually went down and people needle them and speculate for months but nope, no one needs to know how terrible they are, thanks.

Clichés: Chapter 2

Someone asked me to tag them in this so they could know when it was updated…but i’m a moron and didn’t write their url down. So if you wanna be tagged/mentioned when there’s an update, send me an IM or an ask. I’ve added a button on my blog that will allow you to read Clichés in chronological order.

Once your blush faded away and you were composed enough to not look like an idiot that was in love with their boss, you went to go talk to your other boss, the one that you weren’t majorly crushing on. Not that Jack Morrison wasn’t attractive with those stunning blue eyes and sexy blonde hair and fit, muscular body with arms that probably felt like heaven lying in… what was the point again?

You walked up to him just as that bitchy reporter was leaving. You could see the frown on her pretty face as she huffed and turned away, walking towards the elevator with purpose. Jack groaned once she was out of sight, those blue eyes you had just been thinking about rolling in annoyance.

“Didn’t think she was ever gonna leave.” He huffed, turning around and sitting on top of your desk. You moved to stand beside him, offering a comforting smile.

“How’d it go?” You asked him, eyes darting to the mug of coffee resting dangerously close to the corner of your desk. The coffee you made that morning was no doubt cold and gross by now, but if it spilled, you’d have to clean it up. Or the janitor, Jamison, would and he could be a little intense. Luckily Jack seemed to notice the mug on the brink of suicide and picked it up before he accidentally knocked it over.

“She didn’t take it well, but she’ll be out of our hair for now,” He informed her, “‘World’s Okayest Secretary’?” He read the text on the mug, deep chuckle escaping his lips.

“Yes, it was a Christmas present from Mister Reyes.” You recalled the memory fondly.

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“...Good To Me?” (M)

Requested by an anon. For you dirty little sugar daddy loving sluts women out there. JKJKJKJKJK It’s short, I’m sorry. The do is not my specialty. (!) Warning: Smut| Oral my dudes

Originally posted by fy-mkitrain

Nafla X Female Reader
Request: The reader and Nafla are actual in a loving relationship, but people think he’s y/n sugar daddy. He gives her the world and she pays him back.

You wanted to be the one to spoil him. He was always the one spoiling you. You wanted to change up the roles a bit.

You met Nicholas at a club one night. This club wasn’t a club you were used to. You were a spoiled brat. Which meant you got when you got what you wanted, when you wanted. You were a Daddy’s girl. Daddy got you everything your little heart desired because he knew if you didn’t get what you wanted, you’d go crazy.

Your Mom tried to break your Dad from buying you everything, but he didn’t listen. You were his little girl. You were bougie. Everything you had, had to be at least a couple of hundred thousands. You began to work for your money when you turned eighteen.

Your Dad ran a huge international wine company. He had business in Japan, the states, China, Canada, England, and Spain. You attended business school and became Operations Section Chief of her Dad’s company. No one of course knew your Dad was, your Dad. Your great grandfather started the business but it didn’t get as big as it is today until your grandfather and Dad stepped in many years later.

But you working hard didn’t mean you still weren’t spoiled. You had men dropping to their knees to talk to you. You wouldn’t give them the time a day.

One of your co workers invited you out to this club. You didn’t know the name or anything about it. You dressed in very expensive, Gold Sleeveless Sequin Bodycon Mini Dress with matching high heels. Your outfit costed almost half of the club. Your handbag costed basically the whole club. On your shoulder you were carrying a Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka. (A/N: The price of that handbag is so damn crazy!)

You were disappointed. You being bougie, the alcohol was cheap as well. The most expensive one was some cheap red wine. It didn’t taste good at all. You found yourself sitting at the bar, by yourself gulping down the cheap wine.

“You okay?” You heard a voice next to you.

You looked to your left to see a man in sweats and a hoodie.

“I’m fine.” You answered coldly.

“Why are you being so cold? I asked how you were. Don’t be a b-”

“Bitch? Are you gonna call me a bitch? My handbag costs for than you make on annually! Call me a bitch. I dare ya.”

He only chuckled and threw a hand up toward the bartender. The bartender took that as a sign and came back with a beer. He handed it to the guy.

You rolled your eyes and took another sip of the cheap wine.

“Sorry for almost calling you a bitch. I don’t even know you like that. You’re probably a sweet girl. Let’s start over. I’m Nafla, but you can call me Nicholas.”

He put out his hand for you to shake. You stared at it a for a bit before shaking it.

“Y/N, Y/N L/N.”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

“You won’t believe how many I’ve heard that.”

“I’m not a creep. I promise.”

“Well, that’s what the creeps say.”

The two of you shared a laughed.

“You seem disgusted with your choice of alcohol.” He noticed.

“Oh, I am, I’m used to expensive wines. But it appears I have come in the wrong club.”

“I see. I promise next time I’ll take you to a fancier place.”

“Not dressed like that you won’t be.”

The two of you shared another laugh.

“I’ll dress any way you’d like me to.” He said a bit suggestively.

You blushed a little bit.

“In what way did you mean that?” You asked.

“I’ll dress in anything you want me to. A tux, sweats, no clothes at all.”

Your cheeks turned a deep shade of red.

“You’re cute when you’re blushing. You must be innocent.” He added moving closer to you.

“Shut up.” You whined playfully.

“I hope to get to know you more, princess.”

From that moment on, the two of you traded numbers. And he kept his promise. He took you out to the fancy place he could fine. He even dressed in a tux. You thought he looked adorable in his tux.

The two of you got closer and closer. There were times the two of you almost kissed but it was either your friends or his who came in the way of it. Everyone just thought the two of you were friends. But both of you knew how much the two of you were loved with each other. Finally you admitted your feelings and he returned them.  

It’s been around a year since the two of you started dating. There was nothing Nicholas loved better than spoiling you. Even if you didn’t need it or even want it. He just loved to spoil you. Sometimes he liked to spoil you in front of your friends.

Which caused all of your friends to think he was your sugar daddy. You hated the term. Nicholas wasn’t even that much older than you. Nicholas knew your hatred for the word, he didn’t mind the term.

This week, you were having a hard time. You had a presentation you had to present your Dad who was the CEO, and the Chairman, who of course was your Mother. It’s a family ran business. You’ve been in meetings and has had many presentations with either just your Dad or just your Mom. Never them together in all your years working there.

You were nervous. Not only were both of your parents going to be there, but the rest of the board would be there too. Some of them never took you serious because they’ve known you since you were a little baby.

It would have been easier if it was just your presentation, but it wasn’t. It was yours and the another employee.

Jung Yoo Sung, he wasn’t your favorite. The two of you had a rocky relationship. He was out for your position, and you. News runs around the business really fast. So the news of his schoolboy crush on you began to spread, you heard about it rather fast.

Luckily your parents didn’t hear about it. You and Yoo Sung had to work together on a new flavor for a wine. He was a good employee, but he liked to get off topic a lot and because of it, you didn’t have your presentation ready at all.

Nicholas knew you were stressed over the whole presentation thing. It wasn’t too often he’d visit you at work, but today he really wanted to. Your lunch break as coming up so he bought you some food from that new burger place down the street from your job. On his way over, he came across a new jewelry place. He saw earrings he knew you would love. 18K White Gold Canadian Diamond Drop Earrings.

He walked to the reception desk.

“May I help you?”

“I’m here to see-”

“Y/N, right?”

“Yeah, how did you know that?” He asked.

“I’m a friend of hers. She talks about you a lot. She’s in her office. You’ve been here before or do you need her office number?”

“No. I’m good. I remember. Thank you.”

He made his way to your office. He knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

He opened the door and closed it behind him.

“Nicholas? What are you doing here?” You asked.

“Are you really asking? I missed you. And I got so food for ya.”

“Why are you so good to me?”

“I try my hardest.”

He walked over to your desk and set the bag down on the desk.

“You look really stress. Need a massage?”

“I love you so much.”

He smiled. “I love you too.”

He walked behind your office chair and began to gave you a massage.

“Does that feel at least a bit better?”

“Yes. Please don’t stop.” You moaned accidentally.

He chuckled and continued to massage your shoulders.

“Okay, okay. That’s enough. Now where are those burgers?”

“Right here.” He reached into the bag and handed you one of the two. “Eat up.”

He pulled up a chair to your desk.

“Babe, let’s watch something on Netflix.” He said.


You went to the Netflix website on your computer and put on a romantic movie. The two of you finished your lunch.

About into a forty minutes into the movie there was a sex scene. You were about to turn it off but Nicholas stopped you.

“What are you doing?” You questioned.

“I want to watch this scene.”

“I’m still in the building. We can’t watch stuff like that here. What if someone see this?”

“Then I’ll take the blame for it. I did want to watch a movie.”

He continued to play the movie. You weren’t a huge fan of scenes like this. To you it was basically all the same. You didn’t want to watch it anymore.

You felt Nicholas’ lips on your neck.

“Babe~” You whined.

“Come on, let’s do something fun. Something a little better than a fake scene on a movie.” He whispered in your ear before kissing down your neck.

“Nic-ahh.” You moaned quietly.

“Come on, princess. I need you right now. You’re wearing the shortest skirt you have. Are you trying to impress me? Or this skirt for someone else?” He gripped your thigh. You gasped in shock, but you stayed in silent.

“Answer me, princess. Is this skirt for me or is it for that co worker of yours? What’s his name, Yoo Sung?” He asked again while his hand slowly went up your thigh.

“It’s for you. Only you, Nic-”

He slapped your thigh.

“What’s my name?”

“Daddy.” You answered.

He smirked against your neck. His lips finally made their way to your collarbone leaving marks.

You pushed him off of you. You got on your knees in front of him.

“You’re always so good to me, Daddy. I think it’s time I repay you.”

You quickly unbuttoned jeans and pulled down jeans and boxers just a bit for his hardened length to pop out.

“You’re already hard?”

“What? The scene was hot.” He answered.

You rolled your eyes. “But I bet you’ll enjoy this a bit more.”

You grabbed his cock, it twitched. He moaned quietly. You licked up his length before taking him deep in your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks and bobbing your head. Your tongue licked stripes up him as you found a good and steady pace. His hands went into your hair.

“You’re doing amazing.”

You continued your bobbing and used your hand to satisfy the parts your mouth couldn’t. Nicholas’ breath became rapid.

“Go faster.” He said, his voice hoarse.

And faster you went. He tugged on her hair slightly.

“Fuck…” He said suddenly, as he let go in your mouth.

You quickly swallowed up of his cum, making sure you didn’t miss a drop.

“Open your mouth. Did you swallow all of it?”

You nodded.

“Then show Daddy.”

You opened your mouth to show him. He inspected your mouth making sure all of it had disappeared. He didn’t see a single drop.

“Good girl. Daddy has to reward you.”

“Later Daddy. My lunch break will be over soon.”

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How would UF and SF Sans propose to their s.o?

Oh man, I had way too much fun with SF Sans. Somebody needs to stop me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

UF Sans
This poor nervous bean spent months planning out the perfect proposal. He’s desperately hoping you won’t suddenly realized how much better you could do, because he needs you in his life. He’s watched every cheesy romantic movie and read every book he can get his hands on to make sure this goes perfectly. He takes you out to the fanciest restaurant he can get a reservation for, and he actually dresses up for once. The poor guy is so nervous his entire skull is cherry red, but dinner goes off without a hitch. He’s too nervous to propose in such a crowded spot, so once you leave he teleports you to a nearby park for stargazing. At the end of the night he’ll get down on one knee, pull out the ring and….forget his entire speech. He’s gone redder then you’ve ever seen but he can’t make his mouth work right. He starts stuttering out a bunch of half finished sentences that don’t make sense. “Sweetheart yer my….the stars burst like uh….sweeter than dessert and uh…” He’s so lost in his panic he’s about to cry, there’s no way you’ll marry him now, he screwed it up all because he couldn’t remember one!
“Of course I’ll marry you Sans.” One look at your smile and he melts, instantly reminded of all the reasons he loves you, and how much you love him.
“Heh, thanks sweetheart.”

SF Sans

He feels like he needs to prove how capable he is, and how well he would be able to defend his S/O. It starts out innocently enough, he’s cooking more, even trying to increase the number of dishes he can prepare. This of course doesn’t go well, and he begins to get a little nervous. Then he starts to train around the house so he can make sure you know how strong he is. This results in a number of broken things, which only makes him more nervous. He resorts to asking Papyrus for help, which shocks him pretty badly. Papyrus of course gives relatively decent advice. “take ‘em on a date bro. show ‘em there’s more to you then just strength and puzzles. they already know you’re good at that, so show ‘em you can be romantic too.” Sans of course completely disregards this advice and tries something completely different. He’s going to fight the biggest, toughest monster he can find, right in front of you. He does this under the guise of taking you on the date Papyrus suggested. (Papyrus is about ready to cry with pride over how much Sans has grown up. Hold those tears Pap)

Sans has been tracking this one particularly large monster, vaguely reminiscent of a dragon, who happens to be nearly a twenty foot tall ripped woman. He think she’s probably Alphy’s distant cousin. Sans knows exactly where he and his S/O need to be to catch her on her way to dinner, when she’s most easily provoked. He doesn’t want to risk not having her attack him after all. Everything works out perfectly to plan, she even glances in their direction. Perfect.

“HEY, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE LOOKING AT THEM FOR? BACK OFF, THEY’RE MY S/O, GET YOUR OWN! OH WAIT, I GUESS THAT’S PRETTY HARD FOR A WEAKLING MONSTER LIKE YOU!” Suddenly Sans is slammed up against the wall of the cave by her tail. He throws his magic at her, but it bounces off like paper, and suddenly Sans is terrified. If he can’t beat them, they could very easily kill his S/O. He needs to get out of this and fast.

Luckily, his S/O is the smarter of the two, and calls Papyrus for back-up, who quickly throws his own attacks at the ceiling, causing a cave in right on top of the dragon. Sans himself just barely escapes the cave in, and dozens of monsters are caught in it. Sans is heartbroken. He barely hears you and his brothers lectures after being teleported home, he just sits there silently and thinks. I almost got them killed. There’s no way they’re ever going to accept my proposal now. I’m a failure, there’s no way I’ll ever be able to protect them. For the first time the Maleficent Sans isn’t feeling so Maleficent. All things considered, he’s looking downright depressed.

It doesn’t take long for his S/O to notice of course, and the moment they approach him alone he breaks down into tears and confesses everything. The cooking, the training, the fight, all the way to the proposal he no longer thinks you’ll accept. He ends up throwing the ring box at you before curling up and sobbing into his knees.

“You didn’t have to go through all this just to propose to me Sans, of course I’ll marry you. I’m not an idiot, I know you can be an impulsive numbskull, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” He looks up at you in awe and wipes his eyes, a losing battle if there ever was one, and hugs you tight quietly muttering “I love you too.” into your shoulder.

Excuse me

But can I just

Baby & Johnny vs. Joe & Caspar

Still cannot fucking believe this happened

Rhett & Scarlett vs. Joe & Caspar

Joe likes it, but doesn’t want to admit it

Rose & Jack vs. Joe & Caspar

Caspar: Are you going to undress me now?

Joe: No? What kind of video do you think this is?

Caspar: I thought we were playing Titanic

Joe: There’s young girls watching these videos, Caspar!

Yeah, but as soon as the cameras are off and the young girls aren’t watching anymore, we all know what happens… Also Joe never said he wouldn’t do it, he just said he wouldn’t do it now

Rose & Jack vs. Joe & Caspar again

We need to talk about their hands again




What have I done

I need to stop


Alright you motherheckers you see these four doofuses? One of whom looks oddly blurry for no particular reason?

I am down to ship any combination of these losers

Nick/Judy: Wildehopps
I’m up and down on this one, honestly. First I was like “oh thank god they didn’t kiss, more movies need to be centred around a strong platonic friendship rather than a rushed romance”. Then Tumblr gave me a buncha cute shipping content and I was like “Yeah, no, I can totally see this! Go Wildehopps!” And then Tumblr wouldn’t stop giving me shipping content so now I’m burnt out again ._.
But! Long story short! They make a great pair, romantic or otherwise! Go Wildehopps, I guess!

Sly/Carmelita: SlyFox
This pairing, on the other hand, is more… tumultuous. But that’s part of why I love it. I honestly enjoyed watching their relationship move through a rough patch in Sly 4! I want to see these crazy kids work it out. Somehow. I really love seeing them be nice to each other, but admittedly, part of that is because they’re so often… not doing that. :|

But that’s baby stuff! Let’s go offroad!

Sly/Judy: SlyBunny
All the cop-thief goodness of SlyFox with all the disregarding-personal-safety of Judy Hopps! This is easily the most dangerous pairing on the board. I think they would bring out each others’ reckless streaks, which in turn could result in a catastrophically destructive downward spiral. But man, what a spiral it’d be! Real fun to watch.

Nick/Carmelita: WildeFox
Nick meets Carmelita and is immediately blown away; not just by her looks, but her drive, her strength, the success she’s claimed in a world set against her. Carmelita, in turn, sees a funny and fiercely intelligent fox, striving to atone for (what is, in her eyes) 20 years of wasted time. Their worldviews would clash, but this is ultimately a very seaworthy ship.

But let’s get this heteronormative shit outta here! GOD TIER SHIPS:

Judy/Carmelita: HoppsFox
POWERCOUPLE POWERCOUPLE POWERCOUPLE. It isn’t easy being a cop, and as with most professions that shit only gets harder when you’re a woman. Judy and Carmelita understand that. They understand each other. Together they’re even stronger than they are as individuals, which is really saying something. They celebrate shared successes and lean on each other when they have to. (Sometimes this involves yelling. Never at each other. For them, it’s a team sport.)

Sly/Nick: Slick
Nick is initially antagonistic. Sure, he’s more sympathetic toward the raccoon that Carmelita was at first, but that’s not a free pass. And it’s not helped by how Sly delights in tormenting him. But as he sees more and more of the person under the mask - someone who’s kind, noble, even heroic - he starts to let down his own, proverbial mask.
…okay admittedly I got all of that, ship name included, from @hustlingvulpine. But they sold me on it! I totally buy it!

Aaaaaaaand now I’m resisting the urge to come up with dumb names for each combination of three



241 channels and nothing to watch.

Hello, love bugs!

Dan x reader.
Warnings ⚠️ slightish smut?
Please send requests. Also, should I do a smutty part 2??

“Ugh I hate these stupid crappy romantic movies, I don’t need some ditsy characters to remind me how pathetic my love life is.” You say as you sit beside Dan on the couch. He was flipping through the channels and happen to stop on a romantic movie. You vaguely remember it and wanted to call it the notebook? Either way, it made you feel sick. You honestly wouldn’t have such a strong reaction if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re still fresh from a breakup from your long term relationship. Almost a full year of your life gone in an instant.

“You’re exactly right! You don’t need them, you have me for that.” Dan was trying to help make you happy again with his famous little smirk on his face as his dips his hand into the popcorn on your lap.

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ID #41126

Name: Filipa
Age: 17
Country: Portugal

I would like a pen pal bc I love to talk and learn different cultures.
I dance a lot, I really love to dance but besides that I don’t want to make it a profession. I love to eat, food is my passion. No…….. I’M NOT FAT. I have two cats, my precious Chico (usually I call him pipi xd) and Quiquinnha ( i don’t know why I called her that). I love to watch movies, I like almost all types of movies, I don’t like those too romantic, just a bit of it is enough… I’m not fan of pure horror, I can watch a bit but if they are too scary… I need to stop or I will keep tremelling all night. I’m not a series girl, I’m seeyng Game of Thrones bc my friends convenced me, btw I’m loving it. I love animes… Inuyasha, Zero no Tsukaima and something Machevellism that is from this year are my favorites… They put weird words don’t blame me for not know the complete name. I like almost all kind of music, I don’t like metal and some styles of amusic more popular in Portugal that you probably don’t know. I love nature, I don’t get out a lot but I love green spaces with pure air and that stuff. I love the beach, the sky, the moon…
I’m fluent at Portuguese, I learnt French in school but It was 2 years ago I just remember the basic stuff or less… Sorry teacher you did your best. At English I must say that I’m not very good, not at all, but I will try to write well. So if you liked me give me a try :)

Preferences: I would like instant messanger pls.I don’t care about the age or genre, just be open minded.

How to get over a break up:

If you are currently dealing with a traumatic break up or you still have the memory of a loved one so close to your heart and think you might never forget them, these tips may help:

1. Stop any contact with that person.

Stop calling, sending texts or emails (includes disconnecting from all social media groups). Respect his/her/your own decision.

2. Stop looking for reasons why it ended and of what you could have done better or differently.

The only thing that matters is the fact that the relationship came to its end and it’s time to move on.

3. Stop thinking about what that other person thinks, does, wishes, plans, and feels.

The only person that matters is you. It matters what you think, do, wish, plan and feel.

4. Practice acceptance.

Commit each morning to fully accepting what is happening in the now. Believe there is a reason why this is all happening and trust that it’s for the best.

5. Do not hate or wish anything negative to that person.

Negative feelings are like holding a hot piece of charcoal expecting to be thrown at someone else. Only the person holding it gets hurt.

6. Allow yourself to feel and to grieve.

This was the most important one for me. Do not feel guilty for being sad or wishing things were different. Allow yourself to feel the pain of losing the person you love.

Do not hide your emotions; do not be embarrassed because you are hurting. It’s only worse to respond to a negative feeling (i.e. sadness) with another negative feeling (i.e. guilt). Just let yourself feel for some time.

7. Enjoy the sensation of knowing you did everything you could.

Maybe you fought for that person, or asked for forgiveness. Be confident that in the future you will never regret making the wrong decision and will never think about “what could have happened” because you made an effort.

8. Practice gratitude.

Make a list of everything good going on in your life that you’re grateful for. Include attributes that make you a special and desirable person. Keep adding elements to this list, including all the things we take for granted, such as our health, our education, our families, our friends, and our skills.

9. Embrace positive thinking.

Start each day thinking something positive, something that inspires you. Fill your mind with positive thoughts to counteract the negative ones.

10. Read.

Read books or articles related with this topic. (Don’t be embarrassed—no one needs to know!) Stop watching romantic movies and listening to love songs. Instead, read, read, read! Books can transform your life.

Even though a long time have passed since my break up, I still practice what I have shared with you. It’s not easy and it’s definitely not an automatic change. But the key is to start.

Only you can change how you are feeling. No one else can.

Remind yourself every day that life is good and that eventually the pain will pass. Life is happening right now, and there’s no reason to waste more days feeling sad about the past.

Change your perspective about life, loss, and pain; learn to view everything that happens to you as a positive thing, as a valuable life lesson and experience.

You can’t control someone else’s decision, so focus on what you can control: your thoughts, your attitude, and your reaction. 

We’ve all dealt with break-ups before. You are not alone on this. Don’t give up hope; give it time!

And remember:

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” ~Confucius.

ID #14531

Name: Filipa
Age: 17
Country: Portugal

I would like a penpal bc I love to talk and learn different cultures. I dance a lot, I really love to dance but besides that I don’t want to make it a profession. I love to eat, food is my passion. No…….. I’M NOT FAT. I have two cats, my precious Chico (usually I call him pipi xd) and Quiquinnha ( i don’t know why I called her that). I love to watch movies, I like almost all types of movies, I don’t like those too romantic, just a bit of it is enough…I’m not fan of pure horror I can watch a bit but if they are too scary… I need to stop or I keep tremelling all night. I’m not a series girl, I’m watching game of thrones bc my friends convinced me, when I was younger I watched a few that passed on TV. I love animes… Inuyasha, Zero no Tsukaima and something Machevellism that is from this year are my favorites… They put weird words don’t blame me for not knowing the complete name. I like almost all kind of music, I don’t like metal and some styles of music more popular in Portugal that you probably don’t know. I love nature, I don’t get out a lot but I love green spaces with pure air and that stuff. I love the beach, the sky, the moon…
I’m fluent at Portuguese, I learnt Freanch in school but It was 2 years ago I just remember the basic stuff or less… Sorry teacher you did your best. At English I must say that I’m not very good, not at all, but I will try to write well. So if you liked me give me a try :)

Preferences: I would like instant menssager pls, I don’t care about the age or genre, just be open minded

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Hi. This might be a little long but please bear with me as I really need words of comfort and advice. I recently realised that I am most probably aromantic (also asexual). It was an accidental discovery (i just looked up the word because I had never heard of it before) and it has left me completely devastated and distraught. I am in my early 20s and have never experienced romantic attraction or a desire for a relationship. I was always totally fine with that. 1/

Mainly because I genuinely never thought or felt like I was different to anyone. I simply thought I was perhaps a little more independent than others and preferred being single. But I always ALWAYS thought my time would come. That I was bound to fall in love one day. Being able to fall in romantic love was one of those things that I thought every single person on the planet was capable of. That some might not ever get to experience it but that everybody had that capability inside them. 2/

So to find out that that is not the case is beyond devastating. I haven’t been able to stop crying for weeks. On top of that, from an early age I’ve has obsessions with fictional romantic relationships. Particularly those found on tv shows. I’d always get super emotionally invested in the relationships portrayed on tv. When one obsession would end, I’d inevitably find a new one. 3/

Two years ago I found out about two cute boys in a boyband who many people believe, myself included, are in a closeted relationship. Since then I’ve been following their story and have a blog dedicated to their love. I’ve spent hours upon hours reading fan fiction about them falling in love in hundreds of different scenarios. And I’ve always felt SO MUCH. They made me feel SO MUCH. I was in love with their love. Nearly every long song I listened to I would relate to them and it was beautiful. 4/

The moment I found out about the word aromantic and that I could be it all those feelings were gone. They just stopped. I tried to read fan fiction and I didn’t feel anything anymore. Just immense sadness. I can’t listen to love songs anymore, I can’t watch romantic movies or read romantic fan fiction. And I am so overwhelmingly sad. I genuinely don’t know who I am anymore. The person I thought I was for 23 years just stopped existing the moment I looked up the word aromantic. 5/

I’m going to see a therapist in two weeks but I desperately just need some comfort support and advice in the meantime. Sorry for the length of this and thank you for reading. 6/6

First off - I’m sorry you’ve been going through all that! I understand that this is shocking, and there are many things which might suddenly seem bleak. What I CAN tell you is - many of us are familiar with your feelings. I’ve pretty much identified as aro since I was 19, and at times, I’ll still pause in the middle of my day and think to myself, a bit painfully ‘I won’t ever have what other people have.’

It sucks. Won’t sugarcoat it. It’s okay to be emotional about it. It’s valid. If you need to cry about it, no one can blame you.

But… let’s back up a bit and go over some things.

First I want to say - fanfiction, along with drama, TV shows, romance books and etc, is a long and domineering media form that has been collecting power since before Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet. Please understand that fanfiction is MEANT to make you feel like you’re in love with someone’s love. It’s its main job. I don’t want to compare it to a drug but… it’s kind of a drug. VERY FEW realistic relationships are like fanfiction relationships. Compare it to a cupcake which is 99% sugar. If you are attracted to sugar, you will love the cupcakes. But actual cupcakes don’t exist. You have like… real food. And sometimes it’s as sweet as cupcakes, but only for a little while. Mainly, it’s very different. 

What I’m trying to say is, actual romantic love does not equal fanfiction. 

Second - you said that you read the definition of aromantic and felt devastated. True, this could be because you are aromantic and will never experience romantic love. But… you’re in your early 20s. 

I feel like, too often, people use that in conjunction with the unspoken “I’m in my early 20s… my life is almost over. When I turn 28, I’ll sit down and never have another new experience for the next 46 years that I’ll probably be alive.”

….my main point is - you’re really young. Yes, you might be aromantic. You might not be. Maybe you haven’t had any romantic attachments yet. It’s entirely possible! The thing is, you might need a little more time to figure it out for sure. No one can tell you except yourself, but I’m just saying… don’t count it out just yet. If you’re as emotionally exhausted as you sound, it might be a good idea to just take your time and think about it after you’re in a more stable place.

Third - honestly, romantic feelings are not the glue that holds the world together. Many, many, many things that make life on this earth beautiful is made up of things that are not romantic at all.

Feelings of maternal love, when a mother will literally give up everything to make her child happy. Feelings of family bonds, when every time a baby smiles, a brother is so happy he starts to tear up. The friendship that binds together parentless children who promise to take care of one another. The love a homeless man can have for his dog, that makes him jump over the bridge to save it. The love that a teacher can have for her students, when she shows up at the police station at 3 AM and pays bail because she knows the students’ father drinks and she’s willing to cash out all of her savings to give him another chance at a better life.

Kindness, friendship, human promises to stay together is what holds this world from falling apart. We are literally all linked to each other through so many threads. The red string of fate is only one color out of the whole rainbow. Do you really think your other fingers are bare? They’re connected to so many people in so many different ways, and those people are just as willing to step up and help you up as a romantic partner would be.

Even if you are aromantic, your life has just as many chances to be beautiful. You will meet people who will be willing to put their life on the line for you. You have already met people who’ve sacrificed so much for you. You are with people now who care for you so much, in so many different ways. Those relationships aren’t meaningless just because they don’t want to give you roses. They’re just different, and they need to be appreciated just as much. 

Good luck with everything!!

And if all else fails, there IS a person would there for you. It might not be a romantic person, but that doesn’t devalue it.

Here’s a thing that helped me in a time when I was down:

(sorry, it has a picture of a moth on it)


On Boundaries and Harvard Law

Burt gives Kurt’s number to a total stranger. Based on this post. Also for my klaine bingo prompt “blind date”. Mostly father/son nonsense. Hope you enjoy :) 
Also available on AO3

Kurt hates that he has to work while his dad is visiting him, but when he’d told Isabelle he was staying over Christmas break she insisted he put some hours in since everyone else was taking off. He probably would have said no, but she’s actually paying him. Time and a half, in fact. So even though he really wishes he could have two weeks off to just hang out with his dad, he’s really not in the financial situation to turn down time and a half from his usually unpaid internship.

It’s his sixth shift since his dad got here, and thankfully his last. He’s almost done organizing some files for Isabelle when his phone buzzes. He glances at the phone and sees he’s received a text from his dad. Kurt’s eyebrows shoot up and he quickly opens it to read it. His dad has never texted him when he knows Kurt’s working, which means it must be important, and given his dad’s recent health scares…

To: Kurt
From: Dad
I’m sitting next to the nicest guy at Starbucks across from your office. Very handsome. Originally from Ohio, here visiting friends, attending Harvard Law. Showed him your Facebook profile picture and gave him your number.

Kurt stares, eyes wide and jaw dropped. He reads the text again, and again. Then quickly goes to type a reply.

From: Kurt
To: Dad
Dad you can’t just give out my number to random strangers.

The reply is instant

From: Dad
To: Kurt


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kurotsuki: "thinks you said when you were scared"


i combined most of these!!


03. things you said too quietly
06. things you said under the stars and in the grass
09. things you said when I was crying
18. things you said when you were scared

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Josh Washington Head Canons
  • pansexual or bisexual af 
  • has been to the bone zone with chris (who is bi as well) 
  • his feelings for chris were much stronger than chris’s feelings towards him but they are still best bros 
  • was mentally abused as a child by a family member. parents sent him to therapy to help cope. 
  • has been mentally ill (diagnosed anyways) since mid highschool years 
  • Hannah was also mentally ill (though she didnt go to therapy and was mever diagnosed) so she was supportive. Beth was protective af over the two of them. 
  • before the events on Blackwood Mountain Josh, Hannah, and Beth were very happy. (because i fucking need them to be pls) 
  • after the disappearance of his sisters Josh had less support and began to feel “crazy” for needing a therapist so he began to stop going. 
  • he didnt develop romantic feelings for sam until after his sisters disappearance but by then the he was in a very bad place and those feelings were warped into making sam the centerpiece of the prank so to speak • he came up with the idea for the prank while watching a scary movie he and his sisters had loved. 
  • when sam goes back to find him wndigo!josh doesnt recognize her, his transformation leaves him feral and he relinquishes his humanity with relief instead of holding onto it tightly like Hannah tried to. • he tries to kill sam 
  •  sam ends up locking him in the sanatorium and takes on the role of the stranger hunting the other wendigos down and killing them • she keeps wendigo!josh alive and feeds him deer meat in hopes it will bring him back to his humanity

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what if it means cassandra and ezekiel are undercover on a date


fake dating is one of my FAVORITE tropes okay

and these nerds? oh god, would that be fun to watch or what

I don’t think either of them has had a serious romantic relationship before, so think about them just trying to imitate movies and stereotypes and going COMPLETELY OVERBOARD. like really-bad-nicknames-will-not-stop-touching overboard.

alternatively, imagine them bickering nonstop over what they’re supposed to be doing. “you need stand closer or else no one’s going to believe it!” “you’re being too affectionate! everyone’s going to know we’re faking it!”

either way, this ends with them almost getting caught in a place they’re not supposed to be and making out to hide from the bad guys, right?

In a surprise turn of events, Captain America: Civil War is actually just about a bunch of domestic squabbles. 

Everyone’s living in Avenger’s Tower. Tony refuses to do the dishes. Thor keeps leaving his hammer places but no one ever sees him so mjolnir is just on the middle of the kitchen table or on top of the toilet seat or on Tony’s bed and everyone is like why and how??? And Vision swears it isn’t his fault and he’s getting pretty tired of having to move it from all these weird places all the time. Steve keeps suddenly realizing there’s a flower crown on his head. It’s happened like 10 times. And he’s pretty positive it’s either Nat or Sam’s fault. (It’s actually both of them). Tony won’t stop calling Clint ‘Farmer Barton’. 

All of a sudden there are passive aggressive sticky notes. EVERYWHERE. A prank war ensues. Things get out of hand. Steve brings his team up to the new facility to plan. He has to tell Wanda that, no, she shouldn’t mess with their minds, though it would be funny if they all of a sudden thought the world around them was animated. Vision has to stop Tony from sending suits to throw water balloons at everyone. The romantic subplot is a Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship between Vision and Wanda that divides the fandom because it was really adorable, but do we need romance here? 

Everything ends with Bucky reminding them all about the true spirit of friendship.