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Get to know me meme: Favorite music artists: [2/10] Halsey

“That’s what I’m trying to encourage here a revelation of kids who are fucking cool and poetic and creative and deep and dope and are fucking happy and love themselves. That’s all I’m trying to do here. To show you that being happy is not lame and everyone needs to get that picture so we can stop romanticizing negative feelings and negative behaviours and toxic mentalities”



That’s what I’m trying to encourage here; a revelation of kids who are fucking cool and poetic and creative and deep and dope and are fucking happy and love themselves. That’s all I’m trying to do here. To show you that being happy is not lame, and everyone needs to get that picture so we can stop romanticizing negative feelings and negative behaviours and toxic mentalities

Empress Michonne, get these women in formation please

Imma need Empress Michonne to get the rest of the team family queens and princesses in formation. I know they want to F stuff up, but they need a cool head and a plan. Michonne, you need to get back to Alexandria and handle that.

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Princess (cuz she hasn’t made queen status in my mind) Rosita needs to have several seats and stop trying to die.

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Queen Sasha needs to stop following suicidal Rosita.

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Princess Tara needs to tell them about Oceanside. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy.

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Princess Judith just needs to stay the adorable cutie that she is.

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Queen Carol needs to get her shit together and stop trying to run away and hide, (although she did kinda start doing that this week).

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Queen Maggie is preggers at the moment and had her husband brutally murdered in front of her and she has a cooler head than Rosita, come on now. Queen Maggie can help plan from Hilltop, she needs to stay her behind there and finish growing that baby (and keep slapping Gregory around too).

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Once Her Royal Majesty Empress Michonne gets all the women on the same page, things will run a lot smoother, and everyone else will fall in line.

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I'm Not Here For Love

You know…lately even though my bio says clearly “Don’t swipe unless you’re looking for a sugar baby” vanillas still swipe and that’s cool. But what aggravates my soul is these men entering my messages trying to convince me I’m way too beautiful for this lifestyle. Like wtf are you? A goddamn therapist? Life coach? What? Like they keep telling me how I just need somebody to love me and spoil me with affection. I let a man do that once, and ended up with a broken heart and $6.73 to my name. But the minute I stopped using my heart and started using men my bank account balance went up (and so did my credit score thanks to Daddy) my skin started glowing, my edges came back, I got in shape, became debt free. I mean the list goes on. Love isn’t gonna pay my bills. Not saying I’ve lost hope, but I’ll be 23 next month and I’m still not where I wanna be in life. So fuck all that. There’s a $ where my heart should be and I don’t think that’s going away anytime soon. Money, Money, Money. That’s all I care about right now. I have dreams and goals and shit I’m trying to accomplish and mr vanilla man, your “love” isn’t gonna help me get there. #DrunkRant

The Devil’s Temptation

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Title: The Devil’s Temptation

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,125

Warnings: Fluff?

A/N: Things happened today and I apologize for getting this out later than usual. Things here are just not looking up and shit is crazy, but no worries. I will not stop writing. Hopefully I can write enough tonight to have some different fics than Gabriel. I’m trying guys, I am <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

The wind whipped through your hair on the cool fall night.  You tucked your hands into your pockets.  You told Sam and Dean that you were going for a walk.  They didn’t need to tell you to be careful; you knew demons were everywhere now.  Your eyes traveled to the abandoned house you were about to walk past.  Your eyes scanned over the property.  You saw what looked like an old friend of yours, standing in one of the windows.

You didn’t think twice about dashing towards the house and barging through the door.  The person you saw was on the second floor of the house.  You padded up the stairs carefully.  You kept a hand on your gun just in case.  As you reached the top of the stairs you could tell the atmosphere was different.  If it wasn’t for the flickering light down the hall, you would have turned back and left.  You slowly walked into the room with the flickering light.  The door abruptly shut behind you, causing you to spin around.  As much as you tugged on the door’s handle, it wouldn’t budge.

“It’s nice to see you again [Y/N],” Lucifer mused.  “You seemed pretty concerned about whoever you saw in the window.”

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Sorachi meets the readers, question corner 233

<Question from pen name Seimoto Chinkyoku san from Gunma>

Hello and nice to meet you. I think that now someone like you SOrachi sensei, will laugh at me, but I aim to be a mangaka. But i am not able to give characters good names. What can i do?


I understood that you are not good with names reading your pen name. This is where noobs always fail. You just pushed it putting together kanji that you thought were cool or you liked to create a fantasy name. In order to create a good alias, you don’t need to stay firm to reality. I think the most you try to gather cool things, the most they stop to be cool, and the lack of some sense, it shows a lack of some smartness too. For example with food, names like “ hamburgerramenomerice” don’t show some fragment of smartness, it only says that you like to eat a lot. While things like”ramen ramen ramen ramen” denote lack of character and that you eaten ramen 4 times. Names are just like food. It’s not about things you like, but considering some balance, names need to distribuite calories too. Said that how do you put balance and calories to make a good name? We have to think about it all together.

Something really cool: when you tell someone they need to stop buying cosmetics from companies who test on animals and try to show them videos or photos of animals in laboratories and they say “I can’t watch that, it’s too disturbing. I don’t know how you can show that to us.” and then they buy a chanel lipstick, a L’Óreal foundation and say “they’re going to test on animals anyway, might as well buy it”.

It’s so cool, guys.

vetra is my gf. that is all. 

So can we discuss the fact that Neville’s family seems to have been kind of abusive to him?

Like, the poor kid being afraid of his grandmother aside, his uncle was totally cool with the possibility of murdering the kid to find out if he was magical or not. He literally dropped Neville headfirst out a window because his wife offered him meringue once.

And it doesn’t sound like anyone else in the family was bothering to try and stop it.

Idk, I’m rereading Philosopher’s Stone and that passage in chapter seven really jumped out at me….

“Seventeens reaction to other members signaling him tips on how to ask you out. ”


To be completely honest with you Seungcheol would not be able to keep a straight face, plus he DOESN’T need help asking you out because he’s the most confident bean ever! He’s going to keep his cool until he sees the members trying to gesture at dumb things like holding up chocolate hearts, teddy bears, posters on what to say, etc. After seeing the members gestures his cool exterior would just crumble and he would be a smiling and giggling mess without a doubt. Yah…I-I can’t do this right now..W-we have to reschedule this because I-I can’t stop laughing~” 


Jeonghan is as cool as a cucumber when he’s asking you out and he’s definitely not going to be phased by the boys making stupid looks at him. He is focused on one thing and one thing only: You. He’s trying his best to not look like a fool or you’ll reject his offer to go on a sweet sweet date. Even if Jeonghan does slip a chuckle it’s only because he’s secretly nervous about spending alone time with you. Will you go..to the movie with me tomorrow night..? ” 


Joshua is the type of boy would wants to look cool, sometimes is cool, but normally comes off as a doof. In this situation he’s being a complete doof because one he’s asking the girl of his dreams to gO on a date with him, and two his brothers from another mother are making the dumbest faces at him and he can’t take anything seriously right now. The boys will honestly make or break this chance of him going out with you. During your face to face Joshua honestly can’t help but giggle and chuckle making you even more than confused. He stops his ask in the middle to confess that the boys had been trying to help him ask you out.  To be honest…the boys are behind you trying to help me..uh..do this


At this point he’s so sick and tired of the boys trying to do this every time Jun gets even near to a girl. Jun is honestly just trying his best to avoid eye contact from you and the boys because if he looks at the boys he’ll get annoyed or laugh; if he looks at you he’ll crack under pressure and just melt into a puddle of ice cream. Please don’t look behind you…” 


Honestly Hoshi is so nervous at this point he’s willing to do anything to help his nervousness go away or just copy what the boys are signaling him to do. So what does this child do? He’s kind of jamming out to little tunes in his brain to try to chill his nervousness and also look a little cute to make you laugh. The more you laugh the better sign of you saying ‘Yes’ to his movie date offer~ 


He seems like the type who is cool no matter what, but this kid cracked when he saw his brothers doing dumb gestures and kissy faces. Like did they really expect him to kiss you while he asked to go on a movie date ? That’s honestly moving a little bit too quick in his personal opinion and mine as well. Wonwoo just burst out laughing in the middle. C-Can we..do this another time?


Woozi currently has no patience for these boys and as he’s speaking with you he’s trying to shoo the boys away with his eyes, but they don’t seem to ever listen. The boys would begin to get on his nerve and he would blatantly just  ask: Can..we just do this another place..? The setting isn’t right..haha


Seokmin is secretly taking small bits and pieces of what the boys are doing and putting it into the situation and things are working out perfectly ! He can tell your really into it by the giggles and chuckles that you are giving him. After scoring the ‘Yes’ from you he’s going to give the boys a big thumb up for the help and of course a huge thank you. 


Instead of taking any of their advice like his hyung Seokmin had, he’s going to wing it. However he doesn’t allow the boys to distract him by sending them a thumbs up showing that he is confident and able to do this by himself. I mean Mingyu is a big guy now and he can do things on his own! He will still forever stay a smol giant though hehe. 


Instead of having the boys show up and surprise him, he give them all a talk before stating what he’ll do and when and that it’s best for them to stay away. Even though he is taking this harsh a approach to the boys, he does of course take any type of advice now from the boys and plans to maybe use some of it when asking you out. 


(For the record none of these kids should be dating or asking anyone out) 

Seungkwan doesn’t even give them a second stare once he spots the boys except give them a quick ‘OK’ sign showing he knows what he’s doing. Plus having the boys here will surely mess up Seungkwan by making him a thousand time more nervous. Luckily the boys listened to his plead and back off the situation a little bit. 


(For the record none of these kids should be dating or asking anyone out)

Honestly Vernon is offended that his brothers would think he needs help in asking out a girl, but at the same time he can see where they are coming from. He is indeed one of the youngest members of the group, but at the same time the kid has a lot of game. He basically ignores the boys for the rest of the week because he’s salty about them trying to interfere.


(For the record none of these kids should be dating or asking anyone out)

Being the small child that he is you would think he’d listen to his hyungs, but on the other hand of course not because he’s a little hyper munchkin. Instead of watching/hearing out his hyungs pleas, he takes his own routine and uses his sweet baby charms to ask you out. Dino has no problems giving you the ol’ eye smile. 

Omigosh my lovelies !!!!!!!!!!!!! ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑) How long as it been? Forever that’s how long. I just pulled up a good ol’ reaction and I hope you guys are still there to help support me and love this reaction ! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ I poured a lot of effort into it so please do enjoy this reaction a lot ! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Have you guys been eating ? Have you all been sleeping enough hours ? Have you guys had a nice summer ? And most importantly, did you guys miss me ?( •⌄• ू )✧ Well I hope you guys having been keeping healthy and doing well while I was gone ! Please do give this reaction lots and lots of love because I would really appreciate it ! 


skyparents through the seasons:
  • Abby in S1: i have one kid, my only child, my precious baby's been in lockup for a year and now she's on the ground, i need to join her and keep her safe!
  • Abby in S2: ok now i have about 40 kids left and they are in mount weather, they are in danger and i need to get them out! don't try to stop me or meet my wrath!
  • Abby in S3: well they're not kids anymore... but i'm still their mother... and they sorta doubled overnight WTF, how am i gonna feed them all? i need to check they did their homework before bed, and did i do the laundry already??? *sweats*
  • ---
  • Kane in S1: so these kids are our labrats...
  • Kane in S2: ok, not labrats... but also not kids, we sorta got an army here now, cool
  • Kane in S3: I'M DAD NOW. my kids. yes, you too, and you, and also you. my precious rebel babies, all of them. MINE!

Concept: Bruce doing the parent thing and getting his kids’ names all mixed up.

“Dick- I mean Damian- no, I mean Tim, come here.”

“Barb…Cass…Stephanie? Stephanie.”

“Jason, stop that. No I didn’t mean you Jason, I meant Dick.”

“Helena- no, Kate- no, I do need Helena.”

“Which one are you again? Terry, that’s right, you’re Terry.”