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Lucky One

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“She was then, and still is to me, the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Summary: It’s crazy how you think you end up bumping into someone out of coincidence or sometime it’s just fate.. You were planning just a normal trip to Korea to see you favorite Kpop group of all time BTS… But what will happen when you start seeing than more than you were originally planning to?

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Yoongi slowly knocked on the maneger door and as you were right behind him you felt your heart beat out of your chest…

Stay calm..

“Come in!” you hear from the other side of the door and Yoongi gives you one last look and without thinking any more of the situation, you just nodded your head and the two of you entered the office.

“Yoongi! Wha-” he stopped his sentence as soon as he made eye contact with you and then looked down at you two holding hands…

“What is this?”

“Y/N and I are official..”

Anything could happen at this point…


“Excuse me?” The manager blurts out confused and then just off face expression you could tell he wasn’t happy.

“Yoongi… Can I speak to you alone?”

“No.” Yoongi says with no hesitation and you just glanced at him with widen eyes.

What is he doing?!

“Yoongi it’s o-” you were caught off.

“Whatever you have to say to my face, you can say to Y/N’s face as well.” Yoongi says harshly and just from you standing in the room… you could feel the bad tension between the two..

“Fine, you guys can’t be together. I won’t accept that.”

Great… You two came into the office to hear the same thing Yoongi heard before. What were you two expecting? A yes from this man?

“You don’t have to accept us all you want, but I’m still going to see her regardless.”

“I w-”

“In the our contract, it says we are able to go out with whoever we want and it shouldn’t affect me or the music industry at all.”

You froze as you heard those words slip out of Yoongi’s mouth… Was he really talking about to his manager? Was this really going to work? 

You put all you attention to Yoongi’s manager and continued to pay attention to his face expression and body language.

His eyebrows raised up and you looked over to his hands and noticed on clench together.

Yoongi had a point… The contract spoke for itself.

“Alright, but the day you find out she’s only using you for the fame or using you for your money than don’t come crying to me.” the manager says as he gets up from his seat and before Yoongi could say anything, he walked out the door leaving Yoongi and you there alone.


You felt Yoongi looking at you and for some reason you felt this feeling that Yoongi was probably question you in his head.

“Yoongi.” You spoke softly and he looked at you.

“If you’re wondering if I’m using you for your fame and money… I’m not.”

Yoongi probably won’t believe you but it was true. Even if Yoongi wasn’t in a famous Korean group traveling the world, and you were to see him at a store.. you would of still found Yoongi attractive.

It had nothing to with the money of fame.. 

Plus on top of that… the more the two of you spent time with each other, the more you got to know the real Yoongi and to be honest… you truly like the real side of him.

“I know.” Yoongi says pinning his forehead on yours and to be honest you were shocked that he was actually believing you word over his own managers words.. 

“He’ll get through… Might take him a while to accept our relationship… But we can make this work.. and he’ll get over it eventually.” Yoongi says staring directly in your eyes.

Something about that moment caused your heart to speed up. You truly did like Yoongi.. And to have him think your relationship can get through your manager… Meant the world to you..

“So… what now?” You asked awkwardly looking down at you feet and the next thing you know Yoongi lifted you chin with his finger and a small smile appeared on his face.

“Well.. Will you officially be my girlfriend?”

How could you say no?

You wrapped your arms around Yoongi’s neck and slowly yet passionately pulled him to a kiss and pulled away.

“Does that answer your question?”


~7 Months Later~

You were back home. Back where you were raised and born. The trip to Korea was the time of your life. But you had to handle things back at your home town. You had to go back at work and you had to get your life sorted out.

It’s been a month since you last seen Yoongi. 

Yoongi was back on tour with the boys exploring the world and there you were at your job missing his grumpy looking face.

“Doesn’t this all just feel like a dream?” Your cousin says as she sits on your bed. You continued to scroll down on your phone.

“What does?”

“You being with Yoongi…And me being with Tae.”

You stayed quiet and began to think back in time when you used to fangirl over this boys in your bedroom. You smiled and looked at your cousin.

“It’s crazy… But… Crazy things happen everyday.” You said smiling and your cousin was about to reply back till her phone suddenly rang. 

“I have to take this,”

You were going to stop her but she pointed the phone in your direction and it was her boyfriend calling. Of course your cousin wouldn’t listen to you over your boyfriend. You smiled and you watched your cousin walk out to the hall.

You grabbed your phone and no text or call from Yoongi…

Usually… When taehyung called your cousin…. Yoongi called you… But today that wasn’t the case..

“Is Yoongi busy?” You mumbled to yourself and you threw your phone on the side.

Whatever. Maybe he was busy.. Just get your life together and he will call soon… 


“Come on! Can’t we just go out and explore the city like old times?” Your cousin continues to blab on and on trying to force you out of your house but you just stared at her and sighed.

All you wanted was Yoongi to call you. You didn’t even want to go out. What was the point? You missed your boyfriend.

“Can’t we just stay here and watch movies or something?”

“You do that all the time.”

“No I d-”

“Yes you do, yesterday what did you do? Go to work and come home and wrap yourself in a blanket and watch K-Dramas. The night before that you did the same thing and t-” 

“Okay I get your point.” You mumbled and your cousin giggled and grabbed your hand.

“Please. It can take your mind off missing your boyfriend.” Your cousin pleads and you just sighed and nodded your head.



She threw her arms around your neck and pulled you into a hug. One night out at the city won’t hurt.



“Make sure to dress up,”


“Cause why not.”

You were going to question her more but you just shrugged and did as you were told. 


“Just like old times,” Your cousin smiles as she hooked her arms with yours. 

“I guess.”

She stopped walk and put all her attention to you. She grabbed a hold of your shoulders and looked at you in your eyes. 

“I love you but you need to learn to stop moping around and be happy Y/N like before.”

You sighed.

“Do you think Yoongi wants to see this side of you?”


“Exaclty. Now suck it up and let’s have fun!”

You couldn’t help but to smile at how cute your cousin acted and you followed along.


“Where are we going?” You asked your cousin confused as you to stepped up to an unfamiliar elevator.

The two of you were at your favorite mall. But there was an elevator that you never even paid attention to. Where did this elevator lead to? Why was your cousin taking you here all of sudden?

“Oh hush, it’s a surprise.”

“A surprise?”

The elevator doors opened and you two stepped in and your cousin pressed the only button that was there.

It didn’t say the floor or anything… Instead it was just an arrow that pointed up. Was this safe?

“Um…Where are you talking me?”

“Sh. It’s a secret.” 

You gave one last look at your cousin and stayed quiet.


At last what seemed to be a forever elevator ride, the door at last opened right in front of the two of you and you two stepped out slowly and you began to look around..

The mirror seemed to give a beautiful view of the city and the hallway was narrow and simple. There was no drawings, paintings or nothing… Just giant windows that showed the view of the city and a pair of wooden door across from you.

“What is this place?” You asked your cousin glancing at her and she just smiles. 

“You love to ask questions don’t you?”

“Well I kinda have to.”

She rolled her eyes and grabbed your hand and dragged you to the pair of wooden doors that were staring right back at you. You watched your cousin grab the doorknob and gave you one last look before she slowly opened the door.

You two walked in and there was no one there except a waitress with the menu in her hands looking at the two of you.

“Welcome! Are you Y/N?”

You looked at your cousin confused and then back at the waitress.


“Perfect! Follow me..”

You did as you were told and you two walked to a table that was right in front of the glass window with the view of the city and a candle light in the middle of the table. You looked side to side and realized your cousin was nowhere to be found.

“Um w-”

“Please take a seat.” the waitress says as she smiles and hands you the menu. 

You were about to ask a question, but instead the waitress just look at you and smiles and walks off leaving you confused and speechless.

What was your cousin up to? 

You looked down at the menu and you looked at the name of the food.. one by one. As soon as a you saw something that caught your attention, you looked at the price and your eyes widen. What the hell?! Why was the food so expensive? Did they sprinkle some fairy dust on it or something?

You sighed and gently placed the menu flat on the table. You looked outside the window of the view and sighed again.. If only Y-

The lights all went out and your eyes widen. You began to look side to side and questions continued to float in your head one by one. 

What is happening?

You continued to look around till…

You noticed a light point at a specific spot and your eyes widen when you seen Yoongi right then and there looking directly at you.

You noticed the way Yoongi closed his eyes as passionately played the piano. You watched the way he moved his fingers as if he was speaking to you through the sound of the piano.

You smiled and you couldn’t help but to get up from your seat.

One by one you got closer to Yoongi and the piano he was playing with. Just then when you finally reached the piano and he stopped playing, he slowly looked up and saw you standing right then and there smiling down at him.

No words were needed.

Yoongi got up for the seat and you two were so quick to pull each other into a hug. Your arms were wrapped his neck and his arms were wrapped around your waist. 

You couldn’t help but so smile as you two continue to embrace each other. You felt like you haven’t seen Yoongi in forever…

“I’ve missed you.” You whispered to Yoongi and he pulled you tighter in the hug.

“I’ve miss you too… I won’t be going anywhere.”

Everything was perfect…

Yoongi and you were back in each other’s arms and happier than ever before… 

Sometimes happy endings do come true….




November 2nd, 2014; 2:20pm

I shouted your name across a crowded room to a stranger,
almost called her baby.
For to often that is what your name was replaced with in conversation.
Baby, Babe, Goose, Sweetie, Cutie.
I shouted your name across a crowded room to a stranger and the breath I used tried to take my heart out with it.

For a while I didn’t sleep.

I would hope it was all a bad dream and wait to wake up to a familiar face
Or a “Good morning Sugar”.
Then I found out that when I fell asleep you were mine,
so I started sleeping all the time.

I stared at pictures of us smiling together that weren’t even taken that long ago and tried looking for the unhappiness you said you had. I searched through all the “good night"s and "good morning"s looking for where your love may have gone.
Maybe it fell through the cracks of the distance, but you used to tell me that the distance wasn’t shit and that loved conquered all.
You made me believe you. You made me stay.
But you lied and left saying the distance swallowed what was once us. You made the miles between us more important than the love we had, even though you told me it didn’t matter.

I still don’t understand how you could fall out of love, become unhappy, and let distance swallow you in three weeks. 
After nine months of love, and two months of living together
You let three weeks destroy us.

With how harsh you were I don’t understand why I still feel like fighting.
I sent you love and you told me it was a justification to our end.
I sent you love. You chased me away.

I hate you. I keep trying to convince myself that these words are true. I repeat them until I’m so consumed by anger I almost believe it.

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you,
I love you.

I can’t apologize for trying to erase you.
You can tell me all you want that it won’t help the pain, and about how you are so experienced in heartbreak so you know the pain.
You’ll never understand though, because you’ll never know what it’s like to lose you.
You’ll never know the pain of having you say that words of love and adoration are justifications to an end.
Because you don’t know how fucking amazing you are.

I shouted your name across a crowded room to a stranger, but with how we are now the stranger was probably you anyways.

James Potter was a normal seventeen year old bloke. He was sporty, spotty and spontaneous. And today, the spontaneity brought him to a library. His mother had decided to move house after the death of his father, ‘far too many memories, she said; they had recently settled, fairly calmly, into their new home. James planned on spending the summer exploring the area, whilst his good friend Sirius (who also lived with the family) planned on perusing the local women (and men, though he wasn’t quite up to admitting it to his mate who’d known for far too long).

James strolled, burgundy chino clad, into the library. His thin white shirt was rolled up to the elbows, showing his tan arms, and the top button or two was undone, revealing the top of his bronze chest. If it weren’t for his bespectacled face and his curious expression, the sporty lad would look quite out of place in the expansive, book filled building.

He walked quietly in, and looked rather sheepish while he did so, before navigating to the crime novels and thrillers using his worryingly extensive but very useful knowledge of the dewey decimal system (which he had taken it upon himself to learn as a very nerdy ten year old).

He fingered the spines gently, inhaling the scent of those books he so adored. Stephen King, Henning Mankel, Elmore Leonard, Patricia Highsmith, Ruth Rendell, Arnaldur Indridason… all the greats. He settled on an old favourite, The Talented Mr Ripley, and then walked off in search of a comfortable chair.

He spotted a sofa not too far off, but it already had another occupant. “Do you mind if I sit here?” he asked the curled up figure.

The person looked up, startled from the plot, “Oh, what? Yes, of course! Sorry, sorry…” she sputtered.

“Quite alright, The Crow Road does that to a person,” he said, nodding with a little smile to her own book.

“Tell me about it, I’ve been reading this all day!” she replied, politely enough, then turned back to the novel that gripped her so.

James chuckled to himself and flicked open his own story, being careful not to bend the spine as the book was in the public domain; if he were at home it would have been cracked years ago.

He read half the book, and was sitting for a good few hours, before the girl beside him sighed. “Are you alright?” he asked.

She nodded mutely before adding, “It’s just that feeling you get, you know? When you finish a really good book and you don’t really know what to do with yourself afterwards.”

“Tell me about it,” replied James, looking at the woman before him properly for the first time. She had vibrant auburn hair that shimmered like leaves in the autumn, and she wore high waisted jeans with a green blouse (tucked in) and some spit shined brown brogues. He decided right then that she was beautiful.

“I’d better be off then I suppose, I’m Lily, by the way.”

“James,” he said, and shook her hand, “I probably ought to go too, I promised I’d help a friend with some school work, but he knows how distracted I get…”

“I’ll see you around, I guess,” she said, happily.

“I’d like that,” he replied.

- - -

“Sci-fi today, Lily?” asked James the next day, finding the young lady once again curled on the library sofa. Today her hair was pinned up and tendrils trailed everywhere, she had on some culottes and a camisole.

She looked up at him and beamed, “James! I didn’t think I’d see you this soon!” she said. “Yeah, Midwich Cuckoos today, bit odd but I like it.”

“Nice choice, I’m reacquainting myself with Aud,” he said, holding up The Time Traveler’s Wife.

“I cried,” was all she said in response.

They settled again, she finishing before him, and he scuttling off to help Remus with music homework, whilst he in turn gave science knowledge.

- - -

 ”Mi dispiace, io non lavoro qui, ma probabilmente si possono trovare libri per bambini laggiù,” said James to a tan woman who had come into the library with a tired expression and a crying toddler. His gangly arms went off in wide arcs, gesturing as he spoke to her.

Lily watched, amused and awed, as the woman smiled gratefully at him, kissed his cheek, and then walked off to where she assumed he’d directed her.

"Really?" said Lily, as James sat back down.

"What do you mean, really?” asked James, confused.

“You speak Italian?”

James blushed. “Yeah, and some French and Spanish too,”

Lily just let out a low whistle.

“Oh, come on, yes, I went to private school, laugh at the little posh boy,” he said, putting his hand up as if ready to be mocked.

“Why would take the mick? It’s impressive!”

“Really? Maybe I’ll drag you along to the holiday home in Italy one day then if you’re so impressed by my showing off,”

“Careful, James, I’ll hold you to that!”

- - -

“So James Potter, in the weeks gone by, I’ve learned that you love to read, can speak conversational Italian and can cook a mean Bolognese,” Lily said, for once putting her book down. Today it was The Fault in Our Stars. “But what do you love, like, really love?” she asked him.

“Rowing,” he replied, without missing a beat, “and playing guitar.”

“Rowing?” she asked.

“It’s my sport, it was made for me. Most people play footie, but what with the Thames so close, and my dad having been on Oxford’s team, it just seemed right,”

“That’s beautiful,” she said, getting the smile on her face that he had seen on her face in the weeks gone by only when her favourite characters feel in love. “I’m afraid of water,” she said, with a sigh, “which is a shame because I love to watch the sports,”

“Well, if you ever need someone to help you out on the water, I’m your guy,” he said, with a smirk that she’d learnt hid suggestion.

“I’ll think about it, for sure,” she said, and they both smiled, somewhat coyly, at one another.

- - -

“Fifty Shades?” said James, his voice a strangled squeak.

Lily blushed profusely. “Speak of this to no-one Potter, ” she replied, before heading into the shelves and reappearing with a much less raunchy title.

James didn’t exactly know what to do with himself.

- - -

“Lily, this is a good mate of mine, Remus, he needs my help with an assignment, do you mind if we camp here? I don’t want to disturb you or anything…” said James.

“Oh, no, it’s no problem at all. Nice to meet you, Remus,” said Lily.

“The same to you, I’ve heard a lot about you,” said Remus, smiling gently. James hit him for the comment and Lily simply blushed.

By the end of the afternoon the assignment lay untouched on the table and Lily had made a new friend.

- - -

“Lily, what is… you favourite colour?”

“Hmm, blue, yours?”


“Alright then, James, what is your favourite… chocolate bar?”

“Toffee Crisp, for sure.”

“Really? Me too!”

James grinned and then rifled around in his satchel, he procured two toffee crisps. “These are Remus’ favourites as well, and these were for him, but I don’t think he’ll mind too much…”

Lily grinned and, somewhat guilitily, bit into the chocolate. “Thank you, James.”

“Don’t mention it. No, really, don’t, Remus’ll never forgive me.”

He earned a laugh from her for that.

- - -

“I can’t believe you’re reading that!” said Lily.

“What? Why?”

“I just… ugh! I’ve had enough of you James Potter.” Lily stormed out.

James looked, dumbfounded, at his book, a self help guide on getting women’s attention. He didn’t realise, not quite yet, that Lily was jealous.

- - -

When James went to library the next day, a small bunch of peonies in hand, Lily was nowhere to be seen.

- - -

When Lily arrived the day after that, she was disappointed but unsurprised not to find James.

- - -

Lily went the day after, foolishly hopeful, only to find another black haired boy in the place of the one she had come to know and be comfortable with.

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I, uh, was expecting someone else…” said Lily, seeing that she’d disturbed the boy, and she began to back away.

“No wait, Red! It’s Lily Evans, right?”

“Um, how did you know that?”

“A dumbass coward with whom I am reluctantly acquainted has been, to my understanding, a complete jerk to you…”

“Oh. You’re Sirius Black aren’t you? James’ friend… I really don’t want to talk to him…” at this thought, Lily turned to leave again.

“I am the aforementioned friend, but I’m here of my own accord. James, being the whingy little bitch he is, has been lying at home eating toffee crisps and order-in Italian food speaking of nothing but this chick he met in the library. I’m simply here to a) see if she’s worth it - which you are by the way, that skirt is divine - and b) to apologise on my friend’s behalf for his ignorance and cowardice.”

“Wow. Um, well… I don’t really know what to say…”

“I’d really like it if you’d say ‘I’ll be at Cafe Libre tonight at seven wearing my best dress to reconcile with the probable love of my life who is also a massive idiot’ but it’s not required word for word,” said Sirius, grinning with a strange affection for the girl he’d barely bet.

“Oh, um… alright?”

“Fabulous, James will see you there. Oh, in case you have doubts, he has written soliloquies about the colour of your eyes. That’s not true, I just need him to stop moping. Bye for now, Red,” Sirius Black left like a whirlwind. He was dynamic to say the least, and he was long gone before Lily had gotten her head around what he’d said.

“Oh shit,” said Lily, very audibly for an unassuming library goer. “He was reading it for me.” Lily physically slapped her forehead, regretted it a moment later, and then ran right out the doors. “Marlene!” she screamed into her phone. “He does care! He’s moping! We’re going on a date!”

“You better get your sorry arse round mine sharpish. He may be in love with you already but I’ll be damned if I don’t give you a makeover anyway!”