i need to stop making gifs of this video

I needed to gif this because his statement is so true. He’s just doing his job and everyone makes him the villain because of that. It’s so unfair.

I feel so bad for him, plz help me. I’ve spent WAY too many hours thinking about a character that is not even a real person on his own! It’s so ridiculous when you think about it but man, the feels I get when I think about him too much are overwhelming. It’s really exhausting, yet I cannot stop. It literally drains my energy and I can’t sleep at night. SO MANY FEELS!!! ;A;

Binge watching the videos of course isn’t helpful at all. I’m torturing myself. LOL

So the Saturday Night Live posted this 

and we all know that Jensen has stated on JibCon 2016 that its a big dream of his to host it here is the video, so lets get this on the road and make it real.
All you need to do is tweet the SNL twitter like so (@nbcsnl @JensenAckles #SNLHost) Don’t stop tweeting.

Lets kick it in the ass and crush this even if you don’t have twitter make one I think Jensen would love and appreciate it.

Listen. I get it. The sound that this precious little desert rain frog makes in this video is indeed one of the most grin-inducing noises I’ve ever heard.

I understand the appeal. I really do. But you probably don’t even need me to tell you that, for the most part, animals don’t make noises for our entertainment. Right in the description of the video, the guy who filmed this refers to what you’re hearing as a “defensive cry.” Nothing cries out in defense when it’s content. That this frog is repeatedly calling for help means someone is most likely prodding it in some way. That would explain why the camera starts moving once the frog stops making noises. Something has to be done to make it start squeaking again, and sticking a camera in its face did the trick the first time.

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