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Research... or Sleep?

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Plot: Heeey! Could you do a DeanxSister!reader imagine/oneshot?? She’s worried about the Mark so starts loosing sleep researching about it, and Dean realises and asks her why she isn’t sleeping?? And can you make it really fluffy?? Thank you!x

Character: brothers!Sam&Dean, Cas, sister!reader

Paring: brother!Dean x sister!Reader
I yawned for the 10th time in the last hour, I glanced down at my phone to see it was 5:00am already. I sighed because it’s been days maybe weeks since I heard about what the Mark of Cain is doing to my big brother Dean. Im worried about his health, his actions. I had to find the cure to remove that mark… soon. I got off the chair that I was sitting on and walked over to the downstairs bathroom. I closed the door behind me and looked myself in the mirror.

“God.. I look like hell.” I told myself, I turned on the sink and washed my face. I looked myself in the eyes, a wave of anger took over me and I hit the sink. “Damn it why can’t I find anything about the stupid ass mark!” I muttered to myself. I washed my face one more time before turning off the sink water. I then dried my face off with a towel and walked out of the bathroom and over back to my seat. I sat down and continued working, I have to find it.

I felt someone put something warm on my shoulders and I opened my eyes slowly, I yawned and got up, I grabbed onto whatever that was on my shoulders to make sure it did fall off. I looked around to see no one was around. I rubbed my eyes and looked around me I saw all the papers, books, and even my iPad still put on the table. I leaned my head on one of my palms of my hands and started to read through the books again. As I was reading I head footsteps. I turned my head to look who it was and it was Sam my other big brother.

“Oh your up.” I heard him tell me, I nodded my head at him and smiled weakly.

“Oh yea… I uh… you know got to get back to working.” I told him looking back at the books, I heard him sigh behind me and felt his hands go around me and closed my book. I looked upwards at him and he looked down at me.

“You know Dean maybe oblivious but he’s going to find out you are not sleeping at all, and that you aren’t taking care of yourself… I’m worried about you too (y/n)” sam told me. I shooked my head and looked back down.

“Sammy… we… i gotta find him the cure to remove that mark. He’s going to get more worse than he already is. And…” I trail off as I felt tears falling down my cheeks, “what if…” I muttered, I didn’t want to think about that but I just do, “what if he dies Sammy! What if we couldn’t find it in time and he dies. I’ve already lost you guys over and over again, I can’t keep being useless to you.” I confessed. I can’t be that baby sister that need protecting, I need to step up my game and protect them. It’s my turn. I felt a kiss on my head

“And what if you die? You’ve never died yet (y/n)… and you don’t want Dean to go crazy do you?” He said jokely. But I knew he meant it. I sighed and nodded,

“Fine..” I got up and walked to my room to sleep.

I slowly walked down the stairs and heard fighting, I stopped and listened to what they were saying.

“Sammy you do know that (y/n) is not sleeping at night huh?” I heard Dean say, I couldn’t see what they were doing,

“Okay so what if I did? She’s just researching Dean. She’s not going to die.” I could hear Sam say with attitude in his tone. I slowly walked down the stairs and bend down to the ground. I very so quietly crawled to the couch that was in the living room.

“That doesn’t matter if shes researching or anything, she needs sleep sammy!” Dean yelled, i stiffen at his sudden yell

“She’s 23 Dean she can do whatever she wants. You can’t baby her forever.” Sam told him, I agreed with that, I am 23 years old I’m an adult. But apparently Dean didn’t agree very much

“I don’t care. That crap doesn’t work for me Sammy. She’s our baby sister, and she needs to stop being stubborn and sleep when it’s late.” He told Sammy, I glance behind me to see Dean and Sam were pretty close to each others faces. “She’s going to get herself killed by the lack of sleep if she goes on a hunt with us and gets herself killed?” He added

‘What the fuck… does he really think that low of me? Yea I’ll be tired but I’m not gonna get myself killed shit.’ I told myself, my hands turned into a fist

“Dean, don’t you understand she’s worried about you, worried about the mark. She doesn’t want you to die she doesn’t want to lose you.” Sammy told Dean, trying to reason with him. But I knew under neath all that defending me, I could tell he’s kinda agreeing with Dean about me not getting sleep. But I don’t think it’ll work, Deans proudness is so high up his ass now.

“I don’t care! I didn’t ask for your concern, I didn’t ask for (y/n)’s concern! You both can just chill out and just stop with the research you can’t find anything about this mark. And I’m not important anyways. Plus we’ll need the book of damns which we.” I turned around to face them again. I saw point at him, Sam, and the hallway where me room is located at. “Got it taken away from us. So just give up already.” Dean stormed off, I looked down hot tears falling down my face again. I stood up fast something has snapped in my head, I scream

“You STOP IT RIGHT NOW DEAN!” I yelled at him, both my brother jumped at the sudden yell by me. Dean stopped and turned around to face me, Sam glances over at me.

“(Y/n) what are you–” I cut off Sam,

“Sammy I’m sorry but shush.” I told him clearly pissed off at Dean. I walked forward to get closer to them and opened my mouth again,

“Dean you stupid ass person. You think I asked for your permission to worry about you? You think I care that you don’t give a shit about yourself? I could care less how you see yourself, I don’t give a damn that I’m lacking on sleep. Because you know why? I care about you, youre my big brother, I need you to be okay. This mark was all Crowleys fault! And me and Sammy has to pick up from his stupid fucking mistake of making you get that complicated mark. I’m working my ass off finding a cure to save you, to help you. Because I for one is tried of losing you and Sammy every single time. I’m always broken, sad because my brothers are died or we fall apart because one of us need to cool off. I need you to see that I love you so much and I’m willing to lose sleep to help you out Dean.” I told him, my tears didn’t stop falling when I told him that.

“I didn’t ask for you too–” I cut him off,

“IM NOT STOPPING ON WHAT I ALREADY STARTED!” I screamed in there face and ran to my room again. I slammed the door behind me. And jumpped onto my bed. I soon after heard a 'whoosh’ I knew who it was, I looked up to see Cas.

“(Y/n)…?” He stared at me, I jumped up into his arms.

“Deans so stupid can’t he see we care about him. We don’t care what he did in the past… we need to find the cure to remove that stupid mark off of his arm” I told Cas I felt him rubbing my back but then soon after patting my back. I smiled at this he’s still an angel.

“Dean maybe difficult at times but you must understand (y/n) he just cares for you..” he told me, I pushed away from him and rolled my eyes,

“I get that Cassie… but… doesn’t he know that he’s important to… we all need him.” I told cas sadly, I sighed. I heard nothing from cas and turned around to see he wasn’t there. Must have went to tell Dean what I said. I laid back down, grabbed my pillow and just cried into it. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I felt my bed sink in, but I chose to ignore it. It was probably cas. But then I heard his voice,

“Dollface…” I stiffen at his voice and just ignored him. I heard him sigh and he played with my hair. “I know you’re up…” he told me. “I’m sorry dollface, I should have never said that about you, or say anything. Youre working so hard on this and I shouldn’t stop you for what you want to do.” I heard him sigh again, I slowly turned around to face him.

“Dean… I want you to know that you do matter, this mark..” I pointed to it, “it’s not for you. You don’t kill for fun. You never did. I don’t care what Crowley or that Cain dude say, you kill for saving people. Saving families.” I told them I crawled up into his chest and laid there. “I love you I can’t lose you again, I just can’t. Not even Sammy too.” I grabbed his shirt and small tears fall, “I love you Dean. Always have and always will. And I will save you…” I whispered the last part to him. I was losing consciousness I really needed sleep.. but before I blacked out I heard Dean say

“I know you will…”