i need to stop giffing randy

Seriously, people are offended by South Park??! List of offensive South Park topics...

You do realize what show you’re watching, right? I haven’t watched the new episode yet, but chances are its problematic as fuck. If you haven’t noticed, South Park doesn’t discriminate who it makes fun of. They rip on everyone including themselves, each other, and their own show. 

South Park had offended / made fun of/ joked about…

  • Everyone in the LGBT community, Blacks, Whites, Asians, fat people, Jews, “sluts,” Christians (mostly the catholic church, the priest, pope etc…), Scientologists, woman, men, sexual harassment, Native Americans, Democrats, the entire country of Canada and its people, Gingers, gender reassignment surgery, poor people, cops, Apple products, Al gore, Bush, Obama, Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Magic Johnson, aids sufferers, ADHD, aspergers , Selena Gomez, Barbara Streisand, Tom Cruise, R Kelly, Kanye West aka Gay fish, the mentally handicapped, the physically handicapped, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Mexicans, doctors, lawyers, abortions clinics, mariachi bands, people who drive hybrid cars, San Francisco, the FBI, the CIA, the FDA, men with small penis, IT guys, cable providers, Katrina victims, Naggers, animal activists, the rain forest, zip lining tour guides, people from New Jersey, rednecks, vegetarians, gluten free dieters, Boy Scouts of America, 9/11, Pokemon, The Food Network, Broadway, teachers, psychologists, schizophrenia, disassociate identity disorder, Taylor Swift, Facebook, pot head towels, cynical people, people who overuse curse words, motorcyclists (aka Fags), wikileaks, Jessie Jackson, Michael Jackson, Steve Irwin, Yo Gabba Gabba, Miley, Justin Bieber, Jonas brothers, Disney, WWE, Billy Mayes, people who have publicly shit their pants, prostitution, Helen Keller, South Park itself, Walmart, the homeless, Mormons, rich people, white privilege, Anne Frank, gamers, Big tobacco, Michael Moore, home security systems, business start-ups, the redskins controversy, football safety, global warming, Oprah’s Vagina, Oprah’s asshole, Alcoholism, conspiracy theories, capitalism, cosmetic surgery, parents who purposely infect their children with chicken pox, herpes, people who have an ass for a face, whale wars, missionaries, Russians, the british ETC….

AND I made this list off of the top of my head. (watched alot of SP when it was on Netflix…good times good times.) If you actually get offended by South Park, then you doing it wrong and you need to stop watching


ohhh….I’m sorry, we can’t do anything to help you….


Unrelated side note: The South Park gif game is so F’in strong