i need to stop everything

what if


Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?
Soon that attitude may be your doom.


I got hit with the sudden urge to sketch some dysfunctional lawyers whilst listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. I’ve missed them.

note to self

- stop checking who’s watching your story compulsively, or at all
- stop checking if theyve read your message
- stop deleting posts and pictures when they dont get enough attention
- who cares if they can hear your music blasting through your earphones, turn it up
- stop comparing yourself to her. you are enough
- stop apologizing for being sick
- stop refreshing your notifications, my fingers are so sore
- ignore the urge to conform to their expectations
- stop talking, listen
- do not let people tell you to calm down
- stop trying to get them to want you , if they want you they will ask
- stop making the same mistakes
- stop feeling bad about thinking of his body against yours
- stop refraining from appreciating yourself
- stop explaining yourself
- create.
- you dont need people
- stop feeling everything so damn much

“Could it be about a break-up? Possibly. Or maybe about death? More likely.”

-The Sun about Sign of the Times

  • Hoseok: What is your favourite part of the English language?
  • Yoongi: The singular second person personal pronoun.
  • Hoseok: Wait, what?
  • Yoongi: ‘You’.

anonymous asked:

we were promised some story progress a few days ago. Everything ok?

yeah I need to stop with the promises, sorry about that

I mostly forget that this is a packed year for me

I am actually working on it of course, but everything’s still sketchy

I’m just gonna upload things when I can, no more fake promises


this stream was a complete blast thank you so much to everyone who came and hung out!!! we got some real great work in lmao…..


It’s ya boi ZERO

Beep boop these are just concept sketches but I like this kid’s design hmm~

A little backstory: Zero is AI!Lance’s prototype, the original original first AI that Pidge created. (Hoh, you thought that our regular AI!Lance was the first? Nope!) Due to a whole bunch of malfunctions and bugs, Pidge scrapped the prototype and created a better version, which is the Lance we all know and love now. (I mean she can’t get it perfect on the first try it was her first time creating an Artificial Intelligence, especially one of this caliber!)

She meant to delete the prototype permanently, but…a whole bunch of crazy stuff happened and interrupted the process so Zero was never actually fully deleted. He sleeps deep, deep within the simulator’s core data, only longing to meet Keith at least once, since that was the reason he was created. This poor kid. He’s really scary since he’s…a huge mess and just broken. Broken.

Idk if I’ll actually put him into the fic lol honestly there are too many Lances to keep track of (there’s four so far in this AU. FOUR!! I need to stop making different versions lmao) but I really like…this idea…….smol sweet flower robot boy………

  • Me: I need to stop obsessing towards my faves and everything they do.
  • Them: *breathe*
  • Me: *inhales* you are the cutest thing i love you so much and i would die for you and keep you safe and give you lots of hugs and lots of kisses and make you breakfast in the morning and i'd make sure you were always happy and make you smile and laugh *exhales*