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Coming home to you.

“And I’m not naive to think there is nothing wrong in your life. That there is nothing you are struggling with. There is nothing that is hurting you or haunting you. Because that would be unrealistic, the fact is everyone has scars and ghosts and regrets. Maybe you fell in love with a person or a habit that was bad for you. Maybe you trusted the wrong person. Maybe you lost someone you never thought you would lose. Or maybe worst of all, you lost yourself. I think we need to stop being so mean to ourselves, the voices of other people who are mean to us are hard enough to ignore. Just because you’ve made mistakes in your life doesn’t mean you’re tarnished. ”

Sunday Smut Spotlight: AU!Tom Hiddleston

Greetings, readers and authors.  (and readers who might become authors, and authors who want to read).  I’ve bumped up my tag list so large now that Tumblr chokes when I try to include it.  So I’ll be sending tags out to people for this edition in several short posts to follow.

We have a panty-melting, beautiful assortment of Toms this week for you to have fun with, and I hope you do. [WildWest!Tom showed up, too!] Please show your appreciation for our authors with like and comments, and do re-blog this post to spread the love.

First paragraphs of each story included with the links.

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[Index of all SSS editions]

WARNINGS: This is smut. Erotic fiction. Sex is involved. Taboo fantasies are involved.  18+, Mature Audiences, kiddies be gone, you have been warned.


Collateral by unseendancingqueen *added 2014-08-05*

Summary: Female Reader is carjacked by Tom and whisked away to a remote area until he gets what he wants, in so many words.

The rain beat down heavily on the pavement as you pulled up across the street from the coffee house you were meeting clients at on behalf of your boss. With 10 minutes to kill before the meeting, you decided to organize your briefcase and make sure all of the contracts were in order. You pulled the manila envelope from the backseat that contained the forms and as you turned to face forward in your chair, when you heard your car door open. You looked up to find yourself face to face with a stranger, who stared back at you silently with a slight smirk playing on his lips.


Say My Name by i-wish-i-was-the-moon

Summary: Being focused on her research and career has made Dr Watson a lonely and grumpy woman. What happens when her new colleague Professor Hiddleston, a cheery and handsome man, decides to befriend her?

If it weren’t so gross, it might have been cute. Four weeks into a new term, and the new professor of anthropology was being spoiled rotten. As a junior professor he had been given the most boring lectures, the ones where you had students sleeping through them. And yet, you were barely able to fit into his class room. Every time I peeked in, the room was filled with female students ogling at him and wearing way too little clothing considering the efficient air-conditioning. The Dean was in awe, and in the last staff meeting she had spent a good twenty minutes singing his praise. I had pretended to receive an urgent call to get out of the meeting before blurting out my opinion about cougars.


Absolution by so-easy-to-love-me

Summary: The encounter with a young priest turns both your lives around.

I´m not a religious person, but I have always liked churches. It calms me just to sit there, inhale history and that I´m feeling so little in the face of it. I like the massive, cool stonewalls that surround me like a safe haven. I like the silence, the subtle scent of myrrh and olibanum. The hypnotic chants that go along with the fulminating play of the organ. The heavy gold framed paintings and stone statues, both equally beautiful and often cruel in their display. I find it to be very awe-inspiring and very beautiful.


Mountain by coy00koi (multi-chapter in progress)

Summary: Audrey Munson escapes to a mountain, to hide from a murder she committed in self-defense. After almost dying of poisoning, she is saved by a dark, brooding loner who helps her, but chases her away, wanting to remain alone. However, she is unable to survive in the wilderness by herself, so she ends up being saved by him again.

The field seemed endless, heavy summer sun scorching the blades of grass and making it seem like a sea of gold, enchanting and torturing my senses.


R&R (Rest and Relaxation) by matchgirl42
Note: this story can now be found on Kindle [here]

Summary: Tom Hiddleston, one of the armed outlaws of the wild wild west known to the public only as the Golden Bandit, visits a saloon/brothel for some rest and relaxation.

The hooves of Tom’s horse sounded dull on the packed dirt. He kept his head down, the brim of his hat shading his eyes from the harsh sun as he rode into the town. God above but he was tired. Happy and rich after that last run, but tired. And ready for a drink and some rest. And some relaxation.


Dolores and Our Father by angelica-aswald

Summary: Alexandra McMasters just turned eighteen and is a few months of graduating from her all girls’ catholic boarding school. But when she gets detention for misbehaving in Father Hiddleston’s class things get out of hand when her flirting pays off.

There was being reckless, hell their whole relationship was reckless but this was insanity. The only thing that made it even crazier was the fact that Tom was actually contemplating the idea of it.


Tempus Fugit chapter 1 by laterovaries (multi chapter, complete. look at her fics page to find all chapters)

Summary: A time-traveling Tom, fallen out of love with his needy and spoiled wife, meets an exciting woman in the past.

“I just don’t understand why you have to go so often,” Marisol griped, her voice grating on his every nerve. He knew better than to try and argue with her. Arguing would only stretch things out into an eternity, then it would be too late in the evening for him to go.


Rosewood by ohhiddles-myhiddles

Summary: Father Tom, celibate for 12 years, succumbs to the attentions of a lusty parishioner.

It is a quiet Friday, much like any other. Parishioners coming and going. Some confessing their sins in his presence, others more comfortable with him just hearing their voices. Father Tom sits in his little wooden chair, shrouded in darkness save for the solitary light that illuminates his hunched figure. He passes the time by reciting silent prayers as he advances on his rosary. The rosewood beads give off a pungent aroma, reminding him of when he received it as a gift from the Pope - the memory brings a smile to his face even now.


Work-Related by neither-blue-nor-green
(multi-chapter, in progress, smut starts in chapter 3)

Summary: Sue doesn’t think too much of Tom, her associate at their law firm, until they begin to work together to help their threatened boss.

Sue downed a shot and slammed it on the bar.

“I just can’t believe he would be careless like that!” She hissed and gestured the bartender to fill her glass again.

Beth shrugged and sipped her Daiquiri. “He always was an asshole.” she said.


Untitled by theindomitablemegnolia **

[ed. notes] - I broke my rules. This isn’t smut. I’m putting this one in here because it’s unusual, and the AU!Tom presented here is unique.

Suddenly stuck in muck and mire, she tried to force the lump in her throat she couldn’t get to slide down her throat, the last thing she ever wanted was that last stupid sentimental tear to streak down her cheek. She batted her lashes and rolled her eyes fighting that dewy precipitation keeping it lubricating her eyes as it was intended and not paying homage to something, she did not even want to acknowledge. It wasn’t even like she was jealous or even cared, but it just rubbed her emotion raw where it chafed that the ignorant and the dull they too have their story to tell, but do they always have to seem so happily blissful in their utter ignorance.


Coffee & Liquor by lokiwholockfactory (‘arisanite’ on ao3 - 3 chapters, complete)

“Oh come on darling,” he said in a cheerful tone. “Forget about that last task, Una will take care of it –“

You were fucking swimming in stress that day, considering that your supervisor didn’t come in that morning – and you received an email with his tasks delegated to you, saying that he had to rush himself to the ER due to an unscheduled appendectomy… but you didn’t want to believe him since you were aware of Richard bragging how he got drunk and had his appendix taken out without topical anesthesia two years ago…


English Lessons by sinfully-lustful-darling

Summary: A new faculty member at the English department gets to work right away with his assigned teaching partner

There was rumor buzzing around our faculty lounge that there was going to be a new edition to our English Department. The women couldn’t stop talking about him, the men were trying to act nonchalant. I had seen him walking the halls with the Principal that morning and found myself doing a double take. He was wearing a black leather jacket, white dress shirt, black tie, trousers and dress shoes. He was tall, his hair looked like he had just stepped out of the shower a few minutes prior (like I needed that thought this early in the morning) and from what I could see, he was definitely a looker.


Shooters by sunny-is-sherlokid

Summary: You aren’t really enjoying yourself too much at this male strip club, until a tall Englishman in cowboy boots introduces you to a new way to drink some shots.

You couldn’t believe you had let your friends drag you in here. You look around as the lights, music and smells assault your senses. The man on the stage was good looking but a little too muscly for your tastes. You friends though, seemed to think he was just right; they threw tens and twenties up on the stage and as he came over to collect them he slid his g-string down to give them a peek of what was under.


Mating Habits by haveahiddles (redvelvetrose on ao3)

Summary: Paleontologist Tom is extremely well-versed in describing the mating habits and sex lives of the specimens in his department.

Free museum days were fantastic. True, they were meant mostly for school kids on summer break and not for full grown adults with jobs; but she would take what she could get. Fridays were the free day at the Chicago Field Museum and ever since her office job had switched to summer hours, giving her Friday afternoons off, she had indulged.


An Officer and a Whore by tomslegsarekillingmeslowly

Summary: This is no 'routine traffic stop’

“Fuck! Are you fucking kidding me?” you yell as you see the red and blue lights behind you and hear the siren. This is exactly what you didn’t need right now. You were already running late for an appointment which is why you had speeding in the first place. Fuck, fuck, fuck.


Professor by britishmenaredestroyingmylife

Summary: Ginny can no longer keep hidden her true feelings toward her philosophy professor.

I walked with purpose through the darkened hallways of the philosophy building.

I’d been thinking about it, fixating on it, for far too long now. I was in love with him; I knew it and I was almost certain he knew it. I didn’t know if he loved me, but tonight I was going to find out. No more games.


Service Me by ladiesloveloki

Summary: Selenna, a server in a restaurant, has a customer that demands that only she serve him. Little did she know just how much…service…he would require.

He was here again. Like he was every single night for the past seven months.

The tall man was sitting in the darkened corner booth of the restaurant, sipping a coffee with an empty plate in front of him. His long legs were stretched out under the table in front of him. Had someone else been sitting with him, he would have taken up all their leg space.


He’s a Pirate by sierralaufeyson13

Summary: Six words: Sexy times with Pirate Tom Hiddleston.

“Come below as soon as you can darling,” Tom had told her, kissing her fingertips lightly before leaving her at the helm of the Empress, adding, in a silky tone laden with a sensual promise, “I’ll be waiting for you …”


Half Moons and a Peach Tree by furiedheart (ao3)

Summary: Injured athlete Chris Hemsworth and physical therapist Tom Hiddleston

[Ed. note] - this one is quite long and mostly romantic, but there is some lovely sex between Chris and Tom. A treat for the hiddlesworth fans.

Sometimes, the memory of the pain was powerful enough to make Chris grimace. It made him start, no matter what he was doing, terrified it was happening all over again. And lately it seemed like he’d been doing a whole lot of nothing. But once that sharp flash of fire hit his brain and buzzed through his synapses, it was like an outrage, the way he would tense up, breathing heavy, hand shooting out to steady himself before he realized, sweat spotting his brow, that it was only a memory. And then other details would return to him, details he wished would disappear into that dormant part of everyone’s brain, the part no one used, to stay there and die. But the ceiling lights in the bowels of the stadium hallways flashed in front of his eyes as if he were back on that gurney, cold concrete walls whizzing by and feeding his pain and fear, pushed along by the medical team and a few of the assistant coaches, who were striding beside his rolling gurney, shouting words at him that he couldn’t understand through the misery. Teeth gritted, all he could do was concentrate on his panted breaths, helpless.


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  • White person: Why are you so angry? People say things sometimes because they don't know any better. Why don't you educate them instead of yelling at them?
  • Kat Blaque: Here's this really polite video I made about why you're wrong and I hope it helps you understand.
  • White person: I don't want to watch a video, I want you to personally educate me now.
  • Kat Blaque: Ok, well I guess I can do that. You don't seem like you understand so here's a 5 page description of my points.
  • White Person: Wow that was way too long for me to read. I'm sorry but if you want me to be educated on this, you have to be willing to speak to me politely. I feel so attacked right now.
  • Kat Blaque: Ok.. well here's a video.. matter a fact, here's another video i made if you have any other questions. These take me like 20 hours to edit and I work very hard at them and I do it so that you can understand these things.
  • White Person: Ok, so I watched your video and I don't agree. You need to stop dividing people by race. That's racism. I'm white and I grew up poor and I really don't appreciate being told that I have privilege. You have privilege. You're black and affirmative action only supports you. I lost my job because a black got it instead and they were under-qualified.
  • Kat Blaque: How do you know they were under-qualified-seems sorta racist. Also, Affirmative Action only helps white woman in 2015.
  • White person: Wow, are you really attacking me because I'm a white woman? Wow. You people are part of the problem. Nevermind, I'm so glad I have black friends who are nice to me. You seem so angry, you need help. We're all human. all the same.
  • Kat Blaque: I'm different and I don't really see a problem with celebrating that.
  • White Person: You're part of the problem. Whatever. EQUALITY!!
  • Kat Blaque: .....